Intek B&S needle/seat float install

mvronOctober 12, 2011

How do you install a new needle/seat in the carb float? There is a tab in the middle of the float arm. Is that pryed up to get at the needle/seat? I'm just installing the needle/seat to the existing carb float.

Appreciate all your help

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" There is a tab in the middle of the float arm. Is that pryed up to get at the needle/seat?"

NO, you remove the float hinge pin so the float comes out.

Walt Conner

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OK.. Thanks for the info. I assume that this will open up for the new needle/seat. Is there some kind of locking mechanism on the float pin to hold it in place? Will do this tomorrow. Thanks again Walt - first time doing this.

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I put it all back together and this is what happens. It runs and dies only with putting gas in the air filter - not even with starting fluid. It seems like the primer bulb is not doing anything. Gas is getting to the carb with the new fuel line and clean tank. I installed a new needle/seal with the current float. Question, the little seal that comes with the needle goes on the top of the needle - correct? I installed a new gasket between the air filter and the carb. I attached the wires correctly from the engine to the carb. Put a new float bowl gasket on and cleaned the float bowl nut jets with a wire(two holes in the bowl nut). Just seems like no fuel is getting to the engine. Ideas would be appreciated.

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I got the mower running. The final problem was the needle seat. I pulled the old one out and inserted the new one. Before I did all this stuff I put the carb in a parts cleaning solution overnight. I knew the needle seat was the problem when I put everything back together and I got some gas in the carb when I pressed ther primer bulb.

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Congratulations!!! BUT:: Does it work right? Does it run? You didn't say that. Does it run right? Does gas leak out on the floor when it sets overnight? Do you have a fuel shut0ff valve in the fuel line?
And most of all: Do you have an operable fire extinguisher handy to where you are doing the work? Sounds to me that you need one! RJ

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It runs perfectly. It dosen't leak gas on the garage floor. I have a purchased a fuel shutoff for the mower - a good idea because most don't come with one. All is good. Painted it. Looks like new. Put it to bed till next year. I'll use my 25 year old Honda for the rest of the year.

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Putting it to bed for the winter is following these steps for Me: 1. Run the gas out of the carb until motor quits. 2. Changing the oil. 3. Make sure all the stuff is removed from the underside of the deck. 4. sharpen the blade 5. remove the spark plug and squirt oil/lube into the spark plug oil/pull the start rope a little to spread the lube 6. put the spark plu back in - and you are done.
Squirt some WD-40 or the like on/in the cables and the underside of the mower.

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