surge on toro ccr3650 snowblower

eric_2007October 16, 2008

I have a toro ccr 3650 snowblower that has a extreme surge both under no load and when i push the paddles against the sidewalk. Im sure it a carb problem. I know the engine is simular to the lawn boy duraforce engine. Has anyone ever drilled the jets on a toro r tec engine to help this problem or is that only dura force and what size bits would i use? Ive done the usual cleaning jets and body, replace gaskets and flush tank but didnt help.

thank you

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indy452(NC Kansas)

Thats interesting. I've not heard of the r-tek surging. These are similar to duraforce but the r-tek is piston ported which is a better situation IMO. And I thought they had larger jets that the dura.

My question is; Does it surge under load? Some two cycles just surge naturally under no load. But get them in the real snow and the powerstroke kicks in, and surge is gone until you have a no load situation.

If it surges under load then you do have a jet problem. Thats about all I know about them. Others have much more technical knowledge about this particular engine.


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the surge takes about 5 seconds to go from normal speed to slow then picks up again. if i leave the choke on it smokes and runs rich but no surge. If i hold the govenor link slightly above normal rpm you can still feel the engine want to surge so feel its internal in the carb for sure. The fuel filter and fuel have been replaced. I cleaned all the jets including the small one just below the air intake between the thottle plate and choke. Im guessing the only solution is a new carb but want to verify im not missing something prior to spending $50.00

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