Snapper Hi-vac riding lawn mower, circa 1983

rustyj14(W/PA)October 25, 2009

I'm wondering if i might have a legitimate gripe about the mower mentioned above.

Today, after chopping and picking up many leaves, this thing finally decided it just wasn't going to do any more work, so it just sat there and jerked a bit, but wouldn't move very far!

I bought the machine, new, in 1983, and have used it all of these following years, and this was the thanks i got from it--after i gave it garage space and never made it sit out in the weather! I even gave it several new drive belts in those years! And faithfully changed the oil. I even gave it a newer engine, and now, here i am, with 6 zillion leaves to pick up, and nothing!

You fellers wouldn't think maybe the rubber tired drive wheel just might have lost its cool, and just gave up, would ya? Guess I'll have to look at it, tomorrow, and maybe invest in a new one--wheel, that is!

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I would try changing the drive disc it not real hard to do and that should cure your problem if the transmission itself is not bad.

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Well, my friendly lawn mower guy said i need the drive wheel in the back, so i ordered one, and it will be in soon. I guess i can't really complain--its been a good investment, and out-lasted a plethora of other machines. Only thing--it is my main leaf picker-upper, and the leaves aren't waiting---!

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i have the same problem mines a 76 model on its 3rd motor and it just went down and the leaves are piling up better fix it cause a new one costs way to much

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