Can't Completly Kill My Grass....

AssTyme(5)August 13, 2014

I'm trying to kill off a 15'x40' area of mixed grass in my yard. I've been trying for over 2 months now. 10+ gallons of Roundup & Spectracide (even mixed at 14oz per gallon) the grass keeps coming back. On some spots it's came back and nothing seems to phase it. Any ideas here I want a 100% kill and reseed this year and it's getting late.

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It looks like you have Sedge grass coming back Ortho backs a product just for sedge as for the Round up it way not be sticking to the leaves/blades on it they make a product to add to it so it adheres to waxy type plants . It might also be Bermuda grass check to see if it has rhizome type roots if so it will take several applications of round to kill it and I wouldn't mix it to strong or it might keep your new grass from doing well . Sedge is a paler or yellow green than Fescue or Kentucky Blue

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