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atp22October 5, 2011

My craftsman lt1000 will not start. When I turn the key it sounds like a machine gun. I replaced the solenoid. Battery has full charge. I have 12 volts coming into solenoid, but do not have 12 volts coming out to starter. When supply 12 volts to starter tractor starts no problem. My only guess is that the solenoid is not getting ground from the saftey switches. Any help much is appreciated.

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If you haven't done so already, have the battery load tested and clean the battery terminals with a file. You need a sound battery, clean terminals & a solid ground to make this work. You can test your safety switch theory by actually grounding the opposite terminal from the trigger wire.

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My batery is putting out 13.2 volts. I cleaned the terminals and the ground. Which one is the trigger wire? Do you mean the ground on the solenoid?

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OR you can jump from the large starter solenoid terminal where the cable from the battery attaches to the small starter solenoid terminal that comes from the ignition switch. IF the starter runs now, battery, connections, starter solenoid and starter are OK. Does sound like voltage drop caused by corroded safety switch contacts to me.

Walt Conner

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"My batery is putting out 13.2 volts." That only means that you have a high surface charge and has no bearing with what will happen under load. Yours is a 4 post solenoid. + battery, to starter, safety line- ground input and a trigger wire which feeds 12v to crank.

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Ok. It may be battery then. I tried starting it today and it turned the flywhee, a little.

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