Honda hrx vs toro super recycler

hogan_njOctober 9, 2012

I need a new mower. What do you think is a better mower the super recycler or Honda hrx217hya? I mostly mulch mow. I realize the Honda is more expensive but I don't mind paying extra if it last and does a better job cutting the lawn.

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I.M.H.O both are very good mowers. I've never owned either but have seen good reviews on both mowers.

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home_grower(SoCal Z9 S18)

I just bought a Honda HRX217HYA and it is a great mower. I had a Craftsman 6.75HP one speed self propelled that was 5 years old but in great shape. I gave it to my brother which was a good excuse to get the Honda.

The biggest feature is the brake lock. One pull is all you need for the whole mowing. With the variable speed I mowed my medium size yard in half the time it took before.

The 190CC is plently of power. My grass was about 8" tall since it took a few more days than expected to get it delivered. The Honda didn't even hesitate. I did a 30% mulch 70% bag and it took three bags for both yards where it would have been 5 or 6 before. I couldn't even see any of the 30% mulch so I think I will increase it next mow.

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home_grower(SoCal Z9 S18)

I thought I would also add that going from a front wheel drive to rear wheel drive takes a little getting use to.

Before I would push down on the bar and let the front wheels spin when cornering, with the rear drive it keeps going. ;)

The mower

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Never had a TORO so I cant say much about it but I do own a HRX217HXA and I love it. I mow my lawn in the 100% mulch setting in the conditions home grower talks about and still barely see the mulched blades at all.

It is a big mower though and the blade brake/wheel engagement bars take a bit to get used to but other than that its a pure winner.

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Bought my Super Recycler (Model 200465) in 1996 and use it on my medium size yards. Mowing is one of my hobbies as my next door once stated, so you knowâ¦I mow a lot and my lawn is the best kept in the neighborhood. Throughout the years, I did minimum maintenance (by myself to save the cost). I changed oil twice (I check every year but it always looks clean.) I replace the cracked fuel cap and some missing nuts and thatâÂÂs it. Starting is always easy with 6.5HP Brigg&Stratton engine; it only takes one pull. Last summer the tranny went south. Because the rest of the machine is still in great shape soâ¦I pushed. It was killing me but I gain some muscles. A month ago, I decided to give it a try looking at the tranny (never done it before in my life.) It was not scary as I though it was. After clean out the very dirty grease, I spotted a worn out shifting claw (my own term.) I order that part online ($7 but the S/H=$8.) Last Saturday, I struggled for and hour to rebuild the tranny, clean out the original air filter, replace the oil (the second time of it life because I flip the machine upside down fixing the tranny), sharpen the cutting blade, and refuel it. After pulling the original cord once, the TORO came alive. The almost 17 year young Super Recycle function flawlessly and gave my lawn the first perfect cut of the season. I thing I will give it a new set of wheels next and it will serve me for the next 10 yearsâ¦at least.
My next door bought a Honda mower after trying mine for a couple of times. I really donâÂÂt know how good it is but his lawn is one of the worst on my street and the fancy Honda with the plastic deck couldnâÂÂt bring joy to him mowing. I think he lost his head making that purchasing decision. I had own 3 Honda products: 1985 Accord, 1991 Civic SI, and 2008 Accord. Honda products are not durable as people thought. They are just affordable and easy to deal/buy. I had to use a lot of duct tap to keep them up during their lives. My 1998 Grand Cherokee is still going strong with the least cost for maintenance and no big issues as of 4/18/2013.

The purpose of this posting is to give the most honest information about the mowers. I hope it help someone out there making a $700 or more decision. I am an Asian American and I donâÂÂt work for or sell TORO products (but they can give me a discount on my next mower if this message help there sale.)

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Honestly though, it's honest info in YOUR case. The fact that your Jeep is the least problematic vehicle you've owned clearly highlights you have been a person that experenced the exception, not the rule. Jeeps are historically about the most problematic of vehicles ever offered in the US market. Some run great, the majority though do not and its one gremlin after the next with them.

Obviously you love your Toro and that's great but again your neighbor owning a corvette makes him no more able to skillfully race around the Nürburgring Nordschleife than him owning a Honda mower mean he knows how to turn on his lawn sprinkler. FYI, 30% of dodge vipers don't make it home from when they are bought brand new at the dealership. They get totalled.

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My next door neighbor has a '97 Grand Cherokee and really hasn't had many problems with it. Luck of the draw I guess. A lemon with a $500. mower is one thing and lemon with a $30000. to $40000. vehicle is something entirely different.

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