Weak spark

welderbytradeOctober 10, 2009

I have a tecumseh 12.5 OHV the connecting rod was broke so I took it all apart to replace it everything went well until I tried to start it back up it is cranking fine but has a very weak spark .I replaced the magneto and still weak spark . Also if I remove the ground wire from the magneto it still has a weak spark any help would be appreciated

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To help us understand, what are you describing as a weak spark?

Sometimes, a spark may be almost invisible. Position the spark plug wire about 5/16 inch away from the cylinder head (use duct tape to hold it). A dark area such as a closed garage is a good place to perform this test. A nice pull on the starter usually results in about 500rpm. If the ignition system can deliver a spark with this test, the ignition system should be good.

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Check to make sure the air gap is set correctly between the flywheel and ignition coil. Without a model and serial number I canÂt say for sure what the correct gap is, but it is normally around .010"-.012". Also make sure the coil is installed in the right direction, some have an arrow on the coil showing the direction of engine rotation.


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