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houcadOctober 11, 2008


I have a crafstman 46" riding mower that was starting fine the last time I used it. It threw the drive belt which it has been doing a lot lately. It was parked for a week where it died and sat through some heavy rain uncovered.

I got the drive belt back on ok and I am sure it is on correctly. When I tried to start it, it wouldn't turn over at all. I checked the battery and put a booster on it to see if that would help but still nothing. I checked and bypassed the seat switch and the brake switch, checked the fuse etc. I replaced the solenoid and the safety relay, obvious things that could keep it from starting. I get power to one side of the solenoid but it just won't engage. I think the last thing I can try is to replace the clutch safety switch. I am not sure how to tell if the clutch is actually engaged. Does anyone have any trouble shooting tips for me or any other advice for getting this thing started?


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If your engine got any or lots of rain down inside the top flywheel cover, you might have rust formed on the ignition coil legs and also on the magnets on the flywheel, as well as water in other "not good" places. Try parking it in the sun for a day to dry it out. Then remove the flywheel cover, and check the flywheel magnets for rust. You can locate them with a screw-driver. They can be sanded with regular sand paper or emery cloth. Next, if that fails, and if you have the required 1/4 inch socket set, remove the coil, sand the legs where they are opposite the flywheel. Using a business card for a spacer, slide it between the flywheel and the coil legs, lightly tighten the screws, then turn the magnetic section around and under each coil leg, Loosen the screws, listen or feel for them to slide down against the card, then tighten the screws, turn the flywheel, and the card will come out. This is the method for resetting the coil gap to flywheel.
Note: After parking it in the hot sun for a day or so, try to start it, before removing the coil, etc. It might surprise you. And then, when ya get it started and running, hop in yer car and go buy a nice dark green plastic tarp, so if ya have to leave it outside, it won't get rain in bad places!

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