Stripped & seized oil drain plug help!

kevinkeliOctober 11, 2008

My garage sale Snapper V212 mower (which has a 1987 Briggs Max series 4hp I/C engine) has a oil drain plug (square shoulder "protruding", not recessed type) that is stuck in place, and the 4 points of the plug are slightly rounded from what appears to be vise grip slippage. The casting design of this deck makes it difficult to use a crescent wrench,which wouldn't work anyway due to the strippage, and a standard socket slips. The oil dipstick says drain/fill, but any ideas on how to get that plug out of the bottom of the engine?? Maybe a special 4-point socket?



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If all else fails, try an oil suction gun, available at tractor and auto supply stores.
If the corners are rounded off badly, maybe you can have someone drill it carefully and use an "easy-out" on it. This along with vise-grips, too.

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Why not use a vise grips to remove it and replace with a new hex headed plug?

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A 3/8" extension fits it perfectly if I remember correctly. Put the extension on it and use a good adjustable wrench to turn the other end. As far as oil changes go it's easier to tip the mower over.

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Either leave it alone (if it's not leaking) and dump old oil by tipping as rdaystrom said, or get a vacuum pump as rusty said (my favorite method). This will come in handy on your autos and trucks too. Later model mowers have an extended oil fill tube to avoid getting oil on the deck when tipping to dump, but yours may have the short fill housing with no dipstick. The pump really works great on these because you can actually see the bottom of the crankcase. I prop up the the hot mower on the ramp to my shed so the oil fill is at the low point, then vacuum out the oil. This is so quick and clean you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it all along.

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If you're still willing, hardware stores sell a tool "socket" to remove stripped bolts. It digs into the bolt head. It has worked for me.

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