Mushrooms growing in soil

flo9February 17, 2014


For the past two years mushrooms keep popping up in my soils. This is from top soils and I have used 3 different brands, and this year started adding compost. Here's one type and there's 2 or 3 types I've seen and a few beginning to grow next to the big one. The big ones center is pink... not sure if it shows in picture so well.

I'd dig it if someone can tell me what type of mushroom this is and why I keep getting them. I haven't added fertilizer in any start seed pots. I heard many years ago that if mushrooms grow on your yard that this is an indication you have great soil. Any feedback? I tested the soil PH on some things and indicate 6.7 but I haven't tested all nor that soil where the shroom is.

I'm sure the reason that mushroom got so big is due to my giving up on the seeds and had a pan with other seeds on top for 3 days. I just checked them and saw this mushroom and another beet has germinated.
The mushrooms only survive for about 2 days.

I began using toilet paper this year to start seeds in since far cheaper and also bio-degradable.. it works VERY well. That crap chit they sell for like 10 bucks to start about a dozen seeds in take years to break down... this is a fraction of cost and works....Incase anyone questions.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

this is why i would suggest you use a media... instead of a soil ... or a compost ...

and also why i would sterilize my media before using ... see link

i dont know the name.. its irrelevant ..

you are getting them.. because you are using 'unfinished' compost in your gizmos ...

mushrooms are one of natures decomposters.. and when you use an unsterilized media.. that has vegetative material.. and mushroom spores.. when you add water.. you get shrooms ..

see link for a very easy way to sterilize your stuff

when i did seeds... i started things in flats.. one line per plant ... and transplanted into 6 oz solo cups at the first true leaf stage ... i sterilized the cups also ... and wrote name on them with sharpies.. and reused them every season after a wash in 10% bleach ... i sliced the bottom edge in 3 place on each cup for drainage ...

below is a pic of a couple hundred under common fluorescent shop lights ...

oops... forgot.. this is the name that plant forum... some of them might get upset i am actually talking about plants [or argue that a mushroom is not a plant, rather a fungus.. lol] ... i hang in the annual and perennial forums should you wish to further this discussion .... might find some other peeps there who can help ...

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Media...??? you lost me. I've never hear that before regarding soil.

I sterilize all of my pots before using.

I've heard about burning soil before bringing inside to kill critters. Again... this has happened for 2 years and this is the 1st year I've used compost.
I HAVE gardened for about 10 years,.... nothing big, but have and haven't gotten mushrooms before with soil I've bought.

I recognize this is an "identify the plant".... a mushroom is a fungus.... I already knew this... but felt the most appropriate place my picture and questions is in this forum is to be is here. I'd be glad to re-post it elsewhere or if a mod feels more traffic and attention to my question could be more vocal somewhere else. And there's a lot of forums here.

Don't judge one to be a numbskull or uneducated automatically. Yet who gives 2 chites if one didn't know??? This is a learning center and sharing and asking questions from those experienced...... for many thousands of years we all learn from each other. Who ever started this forum obviously has recognized this.

Damn... 2 times in 5 threads I opened tonight including my own Ken... you have ripping/degrading feedback... not cool. Take your chit somewhere else, eh.

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PS... I still use solo cups etc... just old seeds and seed exchanges I'd like to know what is going on first. many neighbors can validate I bleach out garden pots etc.... it's a pain in the ass to do and cleaning them. But I save money and help the environment.

That toilet paper has no reason to explain mushrooms nor the sterilized pots... it's the soil. This has happened with brand new pots and cups too.

I'm not at all peeved mushrooms growing regardless edible or not.... I'm just wondering why it occurs etc.... And yeah I'd like to know what it is. I don't plan to eat it. Again.... I heard in past it's a great omen to your soil.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The term is 'medium '.....a growing medium. Media is the plural of medium.

Your mushroom is a very common little fungus, Parasola plicatilis. I call it the Japanese Parasol mushroom, lol. It's one of the harmless fruiting bodies found in many types of potting media and also in the yard and garden.

These organisms are extremely beneficial in an outdoor setting because they act as decomposers. We don't like to see them grow in our potting mixes, though. The active working body of the mushroom is below the surface of the won't notice the threadlike mycelium and hyphae unless you dig. The decomposing occurs year round but the fruiting bodies (mushroom caps) emerge only occasionally.

Within the confines of a container, on going decomposing activity will turn the medium to muck. That can be deadly to containerized plants.

In the outdoor soil, these types of fungi are essential. Their relationships with many different species of plants are extremely important and contribute to life as we know it.

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So rhizo ... if it were you... would you return the soil? Some of garden plants are indoors and most to be outdoors once frost and all that is behind,

I'm not seeing the mushrooms in my large 1-5 gallon pots.... just the starters, but same soil brand. And eh, I've never come across these many ever before.... only in "dead" pots other years. Only this year and I'm using organic top soil.. a new brand for me.

Is this going to be toxic for the food I grow to eat??

I appreciate your feedback.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

These mushrooms are not toxic at all...they'd be considered edible if they weren't so fragile and not at all harmful to anything that you may grow.

As far as your choice of planting medium goes.....bagged top soil and compost seem doomed to failure. Check to see if the bagged soils have a warning on them about not for use in containers. Top soil and compost turn into something pretty awful (for plants) after sitting in a pot for a little while. They turn sludgy and mucky. Great for the garden.....not for containers.

This is why soilless potting mixes were formulated a very long time ago. Growers needed something that remains porous and fast draining for months and months. Remember, oxygen is just as important as water is to plant roots.

As to your question about returning what you've purchased....that depends upon how convinced you are that you can grow healthy and lush plants in the stuff. I wouldn't take it back if you're worried about the mushrooms harming your plants. If it was inexpensive, I'd broadcast it over my garden or lawn.

If you're interesting in learning more about growing in containers, you may want to visit the Container Gardening Forum. You are also welcome to email me.

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It wasn't the cheapest they sell... might be the most expensive top soil. I'll quit adding the compost. It has to go in containers in the apt I live in.

The mushrooms are nearly driving me bonkers... they're growing everywhere now and they grow super fast. I've NEVER seen anything like this before. I'm not sure if I have a bunch of fairies living here with me.

I've used top soils before in containers before with success. I have at least 6 bags unopened and 1 compost. I thought I've heard of others using compost in containers before.

Anyways... thanks for your help.

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