Suzuki TV5002 on a Toro Commercial Mower. How to clean the Carb?

baronvdbOctober 9, 2012

Hey guys,

I know a lot of you have this engine and I've never cleaned out a carb before so I'd like to get some advice what to do. I've read that getting some sort of carb dip is best but I should remove any plastic parts first.

Also, is there a trick to getting the carb off this engine? it seems pretty difficult to undo the linkage and rods to get it of the engine. Any tips would be appreciated.

I have two of these engines and I'm planning on cleaning both carbs to get them running right again. I already repainted everything but the deck (not sure if I should spring for the sandblasting b/f i rattle can that).

Any tips appreciated.

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Let me say this: If you are the adventuristic type--go buy a hundred dollars worth of tools, or more, throw caution to the winds, and set out on the road to either success, or failure!
Go pay the store where ya bought it, and pay them to fix it. There are oh, so many, pitfalls in venturing out to do what you describe. So many things that can, and do, break as you try to take them apart. And, the things that usually break, are the things that ya just can't buy by the piece.
Ask me how i know that! Rusty Jones

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two stroke engine? If you haven't already I would first try cleaning it without removing the carb. Buy can of carb. cleaner and some additive. Read the instructions on the cans and try that first. Not familar with that engine or carb. but if it's similar to honda style carb. you an remove the bowl and clean the area under the bowl and sometimes the main jet without removing the carb. If that fails then venture into dissassemble providing you has success in the pass. IF not make sure you take pictures before and during the process so you can get the linkage and carb. assembled and installed correctly two strokes are usually simpler in design and maybe easier than four stroke overhead valve designs.

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I've actually already removed the carb from one of the engines. i took pictures of the linkage and I also have another one of these engines still together so i can use that as a reference as well. The engine I'm working on now wasn't running right anyway so I'm not really risking anything but trying to get the carb super clean and trying again.

My problem now is finding a really good carb dip/soak. I've read on various forums that ACDelco Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner X66p (GM part 12302500) is the best stuff around but so far I haven't been able to find a place that sells it. Anybody know where I can buy it?

Anyway, any tips are appreciated. I'm going to try and tackle this project full force pretty soon.

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wallyworld and autoparts stores have carb. cleaner in can. Kinda pricey. I would just try carb. cleaner in the spary can for 3 bucks "following the instructions on the can" this includes the safety instructions also. I rarely have to soak anything, spray can cleaner works real good for me utlizing the the red nozzle attachment getting in the small orfices dissassembled. If you use the spray can protect you eyes case it may spit back when you try to clean out the small passages.

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