Passing GAS

rcmoserOctober 25, 2013

Going to be big push for battery powered riding lawn mowers in the near future... What's gearhead to do with all the time left over after the big plug in?

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Maybe, maybe not...It makes sense to buy & operate a car with battery power supply, because you are going to use it every day, and, over time, there will be savings on fuel cost and repair cost, that offset the initial cost of the battery power pack. However, a lawn mower, garden tractor, snowblower, and similar outdoor powered items get used 10 or 20 hours a year. Even if fuel cost rises to 10 dollars a gallon, it would still make sense to buy and operate a gas mower. A commercial landscaper would be able to save money using a battery powered mower, but only if it has good performance and can be recharged between jobs.

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I'm out on battery powered OPE. I have yet to experence a product with the power equivalent to its Dino powered counterpart, not to mention the cost.

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