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Geoff1972August 8, 2012

Ive had my front lawn removed by a bobcat. there is still Kikuyuy and cooch runners under the ground.....Ive just finnished digging it all up but there's still plenty there! can i use a pre-emergent herbicide (Simazine) to kill the runners as it grows through the ground? and will this kill the new lawn/Turf im about to lay over the top?

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A pre-emergent does not kill anything, rather prevents germination. I'm not familiar with the weeds your talking about, but if they can sprout growth from the remaining roots, then preM is going to do nothing for you. Also, preM will also prevent your new lawn from ever starting and wasting all your $$$.

Off the top of my head I believe most preM want about 6 weeks before you can sow seed.

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...again not familiar with the weed, but you probably should have applied a non-selective a few weeks prior to removing with the bobcat. This would have allowed it to die and kill the roots.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You're going to have to give a zip code or something. Google doesn't know of Perth, WA. Are you on the east or west of the Cascades?

What kind of lawn do you want to have?

Here is a picture of Kikuyu grass trying to take over a highway. Give it another week or so and it would. Kikuyu is a very aggressive plant. If you are familiar with kudzu in the south, Kikuyu is of similar aggression.

Lovely isn't it?

Cooch grass? Do you mean couch grass? Couch is another name for bermuda or, more especially, what we call coastal bermuda. It is a particularly hardy, stemmy, and notorious weed.

As Ibanez said, you missed the boat on herbicide. In order to kill off the Kikuyu and cooch, you need it to be growing and fairly healthy. If it is sickly then it is not going to absorb the herbicide properly and may not die.

And preemergent only works before seeds germinate. It prevents new seedlings from taking root. Your weeds are well rooted and will not be affected by a preemerg.

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Im in Perth Western Australia.
ive been given some turf from a bowling green. Im not sure of the veriety, but i do know its a Cooch grass.

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Here in the states we use a non-selective folage killer like ortho weed b gone. You can google it for active ingredients to see if anyhting is available down under. As was stated it needs to be applied to the leaves of active growing folage to be effective. The only remedy I can think of for you is to put down plastic for a couple of weeks and kill the roots with heat. dchall may have other suggestions, Best to you.

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dchall, he is West of the Cascades, S.W. really, by about 9+k miles.

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Thanks for ya help grass1950.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

dchall, he is West of the Cascades, S.W. really, by about 9+k miles.

I know, right ! That's hilarious. My last huge blunder was thinking that Valerie from Russia was a woman. It's not VAL erie - it's vuh LARRY.

So, Perth, huh. Stone the crows! Oz. Okay. Deep breath. I'm gettin there, gradually.

Weed-G-Gone is a selective weed killer. It selects for broad leaf weeds like dandelion and clover. It won't touch his grassy weeds. I know there is something that will kill Kikuyu grass because the highway department uses it on roadsides in CA (California, not Canada).

Okay. Still trying to reorient myself. You are going into spring now, right? What kind of sod are you planning to put down? Just checked your weather. Does it really never freeze and really never get into the 90s there? I'M MOVING TO PERTH! I thought I wanted to move to LA (Lake Arrowhead, not Louisana or Los Angeles) when I retired. I can live out behind the black stump.

Can you post a picture of the Cooch grass? I'm thinking it must be either bermuda, which does not do that great in cold weather like y'all have, or creeping bentgrass, which does great in cold weather.

For now you should be watering the grass and weeds as if you wanted them to live. The weed killers will work better if the plant is relatively healthy when you sneak up and blast it.

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Geoff1972 certainly feels cold in winter/spring. I spose the coldest morning temp would be around 36 and day time temp of 64-72, midsummer occasionally it would climb to 113. but usually around 97.(I'm not used to referencing Fahrenheit)

Yes we are heading into spring.

Cheers, ill get some pic's up when im back in Perth.

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Ok. I'm done, too many brain farts. I meant round up (non-selective) but wrote weed b gone. David, just funnin with ya,I thought he was in Washington state too.

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It's very cold in Perth, so that might be reason for your grass might be not growing well, or you can use artificial grass which is available in the market, and then maintain it properly.

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