The old sewing machine

calliope(6)February 6, 2007

My house is a study in two cultures. Alongside the modern is the traditional I refuse to part with. This is my old treadle machine. It stands open in my kitchen for quickie mending jobs, threaded and ready. A modern machine sits up in my sewing room. It's funny as the monitor sitting there is part of a modern security system. The best of both worlds.

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Looks like my Mama's sewing machine. When I was little I had the privilege to dust the black ornamental iron work, using a soft brush.
As I was told it was not a "chore" but a privilege, no one ever had to nag me to do the job.
Wish I had remembered that when I was a Mom, perhaps it would have saved a lot of hassles.

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Beautiful. Would you happen to know where I can get a bobbin for my Wheeler & Wilson D-9 treadle machine? I am interested in getting a bobbin for use to commission a local machine shop to make some for me. I do have one bobbin for my W&W D-9 treadle but I use my machine often for making quilt tops and I'm reluctant to use my only bobbin as an example for the machine shop. You have a beautiful machine and I'm sure you enjoy it.

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That is a very nice machine. I recently received my ggrandma's Franklin Treadle, and was wondering if you might know where I could get a manual for it.


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As a matter of fact, I think I can help you Connie. I'm sorry it took this long to answer, I haven't been over to the gallery for some time and just caught your post. See the link below. I have never ordered anything from this place, but keep it bookmarked in case I need to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old sewing machine parts and manuals

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