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don_socalFebruary 2, 2010

My truck is a '68 International travelette (their name for a crew cab) that was originally a 1200 3/4 ton two wheel drive. They are hard to find brake drums for so I found a 1300 4wd with a trashed body that had good drive train and put the axles and transfer box in. The front bumper was added then.

That lasted for a few years then those drums wore out, again hard to find. I found a '66 1300 4wd in a junk yard with good drums and used them, still have that one too. It even has a cow catcher on the front bumper.

Those drums went bad and I took the rear axle from my '67 Dodge power wagon so I would have the brakes. One of the drums broke last month and they are hard to find too. I found one in a junk yard that still had some metal and now am running. But when it rains it pours. The transmission lost the part that keeps it in park so needs a new part. At least it is not a full rebuild.

A good thing I found out while looking for brake drums is ford F700 front disc brakes will fit on my axles. That means I can adapt them and have disc brakes all around as soon as I can afford the parts.

I tell people that ask to buy it that they will likely bury me in it. I get asked about twice a month.

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That is quite a truck! And I don't have a *thing* for them, either; but I have a question: is it from hard use and wear and tear that the drums wear out? (If that's a dumb question, please ignore.) :>)

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Not a dumb question at all. I have had the truck for twenty years and use it to pull a trailer for my tree business. The trailer weighs a ton and a half and sometimes there is more than two tons of trash in it. The brakes get a hard work out so having the disc brakes will be a big help as they stop better and the parts are easier to get parts for.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

And just how old is the GMC parked in front of the beast (and I mean that as a compliment)? DH is begining to whine about his '95 F150 with just under 100,000 miles.

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---Sorry I took so long getting back---afternoons are spent with DGS, had to clean fresh snow off walk when I finally got home with---guess what?---yeah---more food for the A's, then 1 1/2 hrs FEEDING/walking the A's,! Made coffee to keep me going, with lotsa sips of coffee in between!

It has been clearly 3 years since I've seen ANY kind of International, running or not!

Of course, yours is a jewel, Don! Look at her! She's gorgeous! Double D (for DOORS! GUFFAW!), butt's not
draggin', and she's got a make-up case right in the the bed!
I like her Ubangi lower-lip pout---kinda fetching, don't you think?

Seriously, Don, you can tell you two have had a
long-standing relationship, built on mutual respect for the job at hand. You can't just grab anyone to help you with the work you do---it's too dangerous and the clean-up alone, could drive a lesser being to drink---believe me, I know about THAT part! You can reach a point where you have to weigh what's more important, sleep, or taking a shower and eating--sleep wins....sometimes with boots still on..

I hope you can get her going again, so you can ride the roads with your pride and joy!

Thank you so much for posting this! I've enjoyed it immensely!
(I'm assuming your drought has broken, right? Give 'Missy' a hug for me!:o)

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Don, that's one good looking and hard working partner! Hope he get's better soon. Love your sticker.

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Don, that looks like a real work truck and I'm impressed that you've kept it working. Like tibs, I wonder what the little red truck is that is in front of you'r baby.

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Don, after clicking on your link I was spammed with car adds.
Do you know what is going on?
See the link below.

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I have fire fox with add block plus so do not see any adds or links to any thing other than the normal Garden Web stuff. They use to use google adds that will match things with the context of the post and that could be what is happening.

I believe the GMC is an '85, it belongs to my step son and he also has a small Chevy Pick up extra cab. It is in the back round in a couple of the pictures.

It took two hours to get all the stuff out so I could take it to the transmission shop. I found things I haven't seen for a couple of years but I knew they were there. Admittedly there were a lot of food wrappers and water and gator aid bottles in the mix. Have to clean it out every couple of years weather it needs it or not. Gets a bit too homey in there at times.

I found 3 pole saws, 4 pole pruners, 7 extensions for them, 4 loppers, 8 ropes, 3 saddles, 3 pair of spikes, 5 shovels, 3 polaskis, 4 machetes and a cane knife, 3 digging bars, 3 rakes, 2 brooms, 1 scoop, 2 pitch forks, 27 burlap tarps, a soil sampling auger, 2 root feeder tools, 3 chainsaws and a blower, gas and oil for them and a 5 gallon gerry can, a tool box with drawers full of tools and 2 extra trays of tools, a couple of Thomas guides and various tools and parts on the dash board. I am sure there is more I overlooked.

The guy at the shop said it would take a day to fix. He has been in business a long time and thinks he has the part that is needed in the back amongst the things he has collected. People that keep stuff knowing it can be used some day are my kind of people.

I have been doing smaller trees lately and am doing more consulting also. 40 years of climbing has been hard on the knees and other various parts. No more big ones unless I can use the ladder to get up there. Then gravity is my friend working my way back down. Here is the last job I did before the rain. It is a sycamore.

After that I did some pine trees about the same size that I finished Sunday Now I am working on crepe myrtles and fruit trees plus a four trunk giant bird of paradise. Here is a pic of a larger one of those I did a couple of months ago.

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