Fibonacci Scarf

west_gardenerMarch 31, 2010

Hopefully there is a photo of the Fibonacci Scarf I knitted in 3,5,8 sequence. There are three dark blue rows, 5 middle blue and 8 light blue rows. I mirrored the scarf by reversing the sequence to 8,5,3 in the middle of the scarf.

Because there were both even and uneven rows, I knitted it on Double Pointed Needles, (dpns) so I could scoot the work to either end.

I carried all three colors through the whole scarf. The yarns kept twisting around each other and I spent as much time straightening out the yearn as I did knitting.

But it was a fun experiment.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

That is a beautiful scarf! How did you come up with this idea -- was it your own pattern?

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Thanks for the comment about the scarf. I used the fibonacci sequence to design the scarf and yes, it's my own design. I get such a kick out of designing and creating something from a math sequence.

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