don_socalMay 25, 2009

Went through old pics and found a few that served...

Uncle Burton with Gma and Gpa Dads side

Dad and Mom

Uncle James Mom'side

Uncle Bob Dad's side

Uncle Bob Mom's side

Cousin Kenneth Mom's side

Cousin Esther Dad's side

Richard and Sandy Nephew and Niece

Sandy Niece

That waist line I want back

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These are wonderful photos Don. How did you happen to get all of them? Did your parents have them,did you take some of them? It's fun seeing you back looked like a pretty cool guy,just like you do now.

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Disks my family has been sharing of old pictures. Bringing this up for memorial day.

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Don, I loved seeing the old pictures of your family who haved served in the military.

My older brother was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge on Xmas Day, 1944 and died in a military hospital in England two months' later on Valentines Day, 1945. He was buried in a military cemetery in England, but brought home after the war ended. For many years,those two holidays were very bittersweet for my mother and father. (I grieved, also, but as a 13 year old, didn't experience the intense feelings that they did.

My husband was in the Navy for four years--a three year enlistment extended another year courtesy of Pres. Truman and the "Korean Conflict".

You were a good-looking swabbie!! :>)

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Great photos and memories.

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