Here is Taffy

lilod(NoCal/8)June 30, 2010

He came to me at 3 weeks old, a bottle baby, now he's a big boy, very independent

Image link:

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There is no kitty like an orange boy. I love him Lilo!

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I so love his sweet face. I just wanna scratch those fluffy cheeks.

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Lilo, do Taffy and Jasmyn get along? I imagine Jasmyn rules the roost, but tolerates Taffy? He's adorable.

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Taffy is five years old now, Jasmyn is going on three, so he's the senior cat , they actually get along very well. There is also Maximus, Jasmyn's brother, a longhaired tabby, and Sooty, who is seven and definitely the senior cat of all of them, she and Jasmyn don't get along too well, primarily because Jasmyn is a provocateur, so innocent! she just happens to pass by Sooty, sort of bumping into her or jumping into the bed on the cat-tree containing Sooty - saying "oh, I didn't see you" (bwahahaha)

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Lilo, could/would you please post pictures of Maximus and Sooty? It would be great to see what they look like, too.

I can hardly imagine four cats in one household; maybe some or all of them go outside? Maggie has alway been an *inside* cat, so that's where she stays, but lately, she's really been trying to slip out the door when it's opened. As I type,she's curled behind the monitor, snoring gently. That's another place she's not supposed to be, b/c the monitor could easily be knocked to the floor. Guess you can tell who's boss around here! :>)

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I'll find pictures of Maximus and Sooty and shall post them. My cats are allowed outside, I live far from the road and on 6 acres, so they don't go off the property. One good thing, they are all scared of the sound of motors, so they stay away from cars.
Most of the time all are in for the night, The boys sometimes stay out all night and sleep all day - when it is the rodent season, I don't like it, but I am glad they hunt.

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I didn't mean to neglect Sooty and Taffy when I wrote in Maximus' post! They're darling kitties, too; I can't imagine having four cats in, out, and round-a-bout!-- but they sure look lovable.

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