A Garden in 2010

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)January 4, 2011

A year after our grandson Reed passed away, I began a garden in his memory. It was to be mainly ornamental grasses, but a few Anemone blanda bulbs were added for spring interest. I added a bird bath and orange Echinaceas, some sedum and other items as the spirit moved me.

Here are some June shots:

Then July. Caging became necessary when the rabbits started chewing things.

View from the woods.


September: It is definitely developing into an Autumn Garden.


In the wind...

And now I am curious as to how it will evolve in 2011!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

That sure did a lot of growing this year! Looking good... I love the cloche - Was it just an ornament or protecting something in particular? I think it should stay in the bed all season. It pairs nicely with the birdbath - the bulge in the 'stem' of the birdbath and the curve of the cloche mirror each other nicely.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I like the cloche too. It was mostly decorative. Then it broke with the first frost! :( I've had it for a long time and will miss it. Maybe I'll find another!
I enjoyed the Amsonia a lot this year, even before it changed color. The Japanese blood grass was fun with it too. The orange Agastache doesn't show up as much as I'd like. I hope it returns next year!
Have you begun your course yet?

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What a lovely little garden. You have lots of great colors and texture going on.

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I love this little garden with all the textures and colors! I'm sad the little cloche broke, though! Hopefully you'll come across another.

I need to take a cue from you all and photo a garden through a season. I think it could really help me in the winter when I'm wanting to plan for the next season.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

I love your garden. What a wonderful commemerative to Reed. I think photographing the garden is a great idea, too. Do plan to add anything else? I've seen some great sedum groundcovers that have a lot of the colours you have in the echinacea, etc. That was a nice cloche. Too bad it was not more frost hardy. I'm getting my camera out for next Wednesday , when it's supposed to be sunny again.


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I love Reeds garden too Bug. The textures and colors are just right.

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Such interesting and beautiful colors in Reed's garden, Marie. These are colors I rarely use but I really like it. This was it's second year, correct? Next year it should really come into it's own. Beautiful job! Sorry about your cloche.

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Bug, what a wonderful rememberance for Reed. I love the colors, and the way you have it laid out. Good job!!

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A beautiful tribute to Reed. It's coming along so well. I like how you've added interest for all seasons.

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Marie, I really look forward to the development of this garden next summer, it's a great combination of plants..keep us posted !

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