Idyll #302: The MAGENTA Theme

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)January 25, 2007

Maybe because valentine's day is approaching, maybe because winter gloom has been lingering here, but MAGENTA is a hot topic to pursue this week in my opinion.

Here's a new rose for me last year, Reine des Violettes.

Check out the various shades at the URL below to brighten your day! Lots of other information there as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shades of Magenta

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

This looks promising...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Double Flowering Knockout

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All this talk of roses... sigh... reactionary rosarian that I am I've nothing to offer... sigh.

It's COLD here and about to get a damn sight colder! I'm nervous about the still unprotected Hydrangeas, but have been told it's the end of season fluctuations that zap the buds not the mid-winter cold. And all are hardy to our zone 6, but begin the "growth thing" a tad too early. Our driveway is a mess. The snow we received was coated with ice, rendering the snowblower effectively useless for the scant 2" (we have a stonedust driveway). It never warmed up enough to remove it... now it's really cold. Great. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about getting Mum outdoors for some fresh air and exercise! I'm using the pull on cleats daily and reminding myself that while they're a pain, they are important. You readin', Marian?! ;)

I actually DID read all that I missed, have some notes, but will likely overlook much. Be not offended, my friends.

Michelle, that valence is a SNAP! I'm certain you're able to follow directions since you already understand the importance of prep. work when it comes to painting. ;) I SO understand the importance of the "right" fabric. Ummm, why do you think the bedroom windows are still uncovered, some 16 yrs. (yeah count 'em!) after we moved in. LOL. It's a tough choice to make... I always think of my friend, Ginny, who told me to choose the FABRIC first and then pick the paint. Her many years in the interior design/decoration field taught her much and when she spoke I listened!

Marian, your African Violets are positively YUMMY. Little confections for the windowsill. I've always loved them, but never buy them because I'm too lazy to haul out the books and find out what they "like". I hestitate with houseplants because we use a woodstove and the house can be quite warm and dry. But with a living "area" that has eastery, southern, and westerly windows I probably have something for just about anything. I'm drawn to ivys; esp. "Grape Ivy"... a friend had a huge one and it was just beautiful! So, I never "pull the trigger" on anything and fuss over the rescued Geraniums.

Norma, Wyatt is just about a cute as the come... he looks as though he's full of piss and vinegar. But it was Jake and his buddy that really cracked me right up! The helpmeet is a musician and was in bands for just about EVER. I remember paying the cover charge to watch him, lol! He looks at photos from that time and refers to himself as a "rock 'n' roll sex god" (the tight jeans, Hawaiian shirts, and sweat on the brow attest to it). I showed him the shot you posted and he chuckled... "they've got the bug; wait'll they see how fast it attracts the chicks... ". Just what you wanted to hear, I'm SURE. ;)

Drema, post some pictures of your windows and some questions. I'm so glad things are looking up for your brother. I can't even feature how such a debilitating health crisis must sideswipe you. My own experiences have been more cut and dried: it's terminal, or do something now or do nothing and know you will die from the disease you have. And it was with older people, not a young, vibrant sibling. Good move with the Chili and cake! I checked with Mum's doctor and then mixed her up a gin and tonic on Fridays while she was in rehab.. One nurse actually told me she wasn't sure "it was a good idea"... to which I replied, "like she might die?". You hang in there.

Babs., I've always wondered about what cut your father off at the knees. Mum was "different" when her cancer was diagnosed, but nearly imperceptably. After the stroke the decline was swifter. Subsequent MRIs and CAT scans revealed a series of TIAs before the diagnosis and every one of them destroyed a tiny bit of "her". The cumulative effect was great; and since autopsy is really the only conclusive way to diagnose Alzheimer's, we don't really know. But 60 years of smoking, no appreciatiable exercise, questionable diet, etc. certainly "set her up" for her collapse. Stangely, I'm NOT bothered by the rapid decline and her inability to recognize me. I think, in some way, I already KNEW it down deep and had accepted it. So the confirmation of all I'd suspected was no shock. I just hope she dies quickly and soon. Had she "all her marbles", that's precisely what SHE'D want. GREAT news about Chris! uhh.. now tell me again what he's going to be ass't. prof. OF... :).

I've meant to tell Woody how happy I am her MRI came back OK. What a relief for you! And, knowing as I do, the importance of "help", I'm sending good thoughts your way that this helper will prove productive, loyal, and long serving. The "bath lady" became one of the family, here. We traded DVDs and fun chats. I miss her! so does Wrecks. And I have to have her come by soon; I have a "bonus" for her, and would like to be able to sit down and really tell her how very grateful I am to her for her years of devoted service. Worth their weight in gold, aren't they?!

That's all I'm able to muster for now.

Taryn! your pictures were terrific and so was the (pause/save) novella that followed. I'm glad you're so happy in your new digs. Can't wait to hear more from you. Now... will you light a fire under Saucy?! ;)

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Ok, here's some magenta from April 06.

You can guess what they are :-)

Hint: Begins with 'L'. Hardy to zone 4. Raised from seed.

Hint: Also begins with L. Hardy to zone 7 in mild winters. I've had this one for 4 years or so. Leaves are dark purple most of the year.

I can't muster any chat, as it's just a screamer of a week for me, but at night I've been reading you all and it relaxes me :-)

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'Kay Cynthia, the bottom is Loropetalum, but I don't have a clue to the top !
Here is another in the magenta mode..

Rose de Rescht
Portland rose circa 1840

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

#1 is lathyrus, right?

Yes, PM, one of the puzzles for dgs is of his dog Indy, not our dog. Charlotte being all black makes for a wickedly hard puzzle.

Great news Babs. Congrats to Chris!

Ever so cold here. Back to knitting and the fire.

Hi there Marian! Are you working on a puzzle these days too?


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And Cynthia,would the first one be lespedeza thunbergii?

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Oops. I meant to disqualify Kathy because she's in a warm zone and would know Loropetalum chinensis rubrum :-)

And yes GB, the first is Lathyrus vernus. Do you grow it? It's so cheerful in spring.

Eden, I don't have any good pictures of Lespedeza thunbergii but the color is indeed just like the lathyrus. Yours should bloom like crazy in the fall, and maybe you'll get some good pics? Did it bloom this year? It's really a fast grower. Looks good all summer just because it has a huge moundy weeping shape, and in winter the branches sort of stretch up and curve and curl. It is really interesting in winter! I wait until spring to chop and think about saving the branches for arrangments...but i don't do arrangements. I really need to get a new camera so that I can share things again. It's been a month now and I've missed lots of good critter shots too. My girl doggies have magenta fisherman knit sweaters :-)

Snowing here tonight. I guess it's winter... Loving everyone's roses, keep them coming!

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No magenta roses here other than Hansa and Knockout, so here's a couple of pelargoniums.

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

I'm way behind, so I'll just jump right in with photos.

Here is Rose 'New Dawn' to fulfill the rose photo requests:

Would you consider this Columbine 'Nora Barlow' magenta? Sometimes I get fuchsia/magenta/crimson all confused.

Lespedeza in the background with KO roses in front

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Loving all the colour here! (I'm sure Sue will have a colourful contribution soon.) Outside my window all is white.

Happy today everyone!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Here's my contribution to the pink theme. As most of you know I try to avoid it in the garden.

Not much else to say. Temps were hovering around 2 F when I left for work this morning. Some towns were actually cancelling school due to extreme cold. Huh? They must be ticked because there hasn't been any snow for snow days. First we start cancelling school when snow is predicted and now it gets cancelled because it's too cold. We're raising a whole generation of whimps.

OK, I thought I'd have time to write a little more but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards again this morning. Budget reviews, auditors, one of our divisions is changing the whole organization structure and oh gee it's almost month end again...eeesh.

See ya!


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Good Morning, It's cold and snowing here and looks like it's just going to be more of the same for the next couple of weeks. Thanks goodness for Idylls and all of the pictures here to get us through this! When I was a little girl the magenta crayon was my favorite. Here's a couple of magenta flowers from me...


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Greetings from my office!! My brain is too cold to think and I know you guys would understand :-) Came back from the MA/NH border where the temp is -2degF and the windchill is somewhere around -18. Sue: They couldn't get the buses started this morning, which is why they called off school. I asked, too, and my sister the 2nd grade teacher told me it amazes her how many kids come to school without real cold weather clothes. She teaches in an affluent west of the river town so imagine what happens to the kids who don't? But yes, we are raising a generation of wimps as evidenced by the school buses who stop at every house On The Back Roads where walking a few hundred feet is safe.

I'm Tickled Pink with all the pics. The only magenta/pink/in that range plant I have is a Rugosa rose. I had an entire pink and white garden at one point and that was enough for me.

Picked up Campanula carpatica seeds this morning (white variety) as they are the plant of choice for along the walkway. I'm thinking start them sooner than later. Since I've always gotten C.c. as divisions or from Bluestone, any experience out there to help decide a time?

Clients keep interrupting me. LOL



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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Martie, I work for a transportation company and the all of our 800 school buses started this morning-even in some of the affluent west of the river towns where we have contracts. In fact, on the news last night a representative for Laidlaw reiterated that school was not being cancelled in Baltic because buses won't start but because some superintendant thought the wind chill made it too cold for kids to stand and wait for the bus. I say let's return to those good old days where we had to walk to school in any weather, five miles and up hill both


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Right Sue! Walking outdoors in this stuff makes for MAGENTA cheeks. When I was visiting in Edmonton last November, the temperatures were very low, down to minus 41!!!! We took the dog for walks anyway. Does she look miserable to you? Nope, she didn't want to go home.

Here today it is -12C (10F) so things are fine. The snow is actually pretty and I don't have to weed!

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The only magenta I have in flowers are the accents on "Festiva Maxima" peonies. I'm too lazy to scare up a picture.

I lived in northern NH for my HS years. I remember waiting for the bus at 6AM (double sessions) and it was -25, with a fierce wind. Our town's bus was only rarely late. Know what? I wore "longies", snowmobile boots, a warm coat, HAT, and mittens. The bus ALWAYS started because they plugged it in, and they never once in all 4 years cancelled school (no kidding). We took our "longies" off in the bathroom when we got to school, and we changed into our shoes, and then put our earrings in, lol. Sorry, we are raising wimps, and stupid ones, at that; unzipped coats, no hats/mittens... duh. When I got home I took care of between 1-3 horses, often riding (bareback was warmer). I even wore one of those full face rigs when the wind was really bad. Winter is OK if you dress appropriately; if you haven't the sense to be properly attired, don't complain, stay inside, or MOVE. ;) I have NO PITY and brook no foolishness on this subject; cold can injure you and it can kill you. Be prepared for it.

The cats have been in and out about 100 times today. I've left the slider cracked a few times (a luxury the woodstove permits) and they've all gone out on the deck and then come right back indoors. Rex has been "all business", no dilly-dallying today. The birds have been well supplied with seed, too. They amaze me... how can something so tiny withstand the fierce cold?

I'm feeling grateful for the woodstove and the cordwood under cover just outside the "boardroom" door.

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OK I have to confess that I wouldn't have made my kids stand out and wait for the bus when it's too cold no matter how warmly they were dressed. But I would have driven them to school. I've never heard of school being cancelled here because of the cold. I do remember recess being cancelled because of low temps though. Only five more days until this miserable month is over I say to myself as I sit here drinking hot chocolate and trying to stay warm. My cocoa maker is fast becoming my favorite small appliance this week! Chocolate chip cookies are next so I can fire up the oven. Maybe dogs take after their owners? Bud goes out as quickly as possible and then I hear a WOOF at the door to let him right back in when it's as cold as it was last night. We're at 20F now and forecast to stay about the same through the night.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cocoa Maker

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Hello , and happy Friday to one and all...I hope I have enough brain power left to post ! It sounds like you New Englanders are finally getting some weather. We are getting a slight rain shower this evening, but I seriously doubt that it will be measurable. Brought home 6 more 3 cu ft bales of compost today so that should do me for the winter in my front garden.
And I better get over to the book thread this weekend or I'll be accused of Thread Abandonment ...I've been reading steadily, but getting distracted when ready to post !

Michelle, you are tempting me with yet another pic of New Dawn. I'm also envious of Hosta pics with no snail holes.

Eden, love the white lilies with the monarda- really punches up the color . When I was in grammar school at good ol' St Eugenes in Los Angeles we had "rainy day sessions"..these would occur on the three or four days a year when it actually rained and we got out of school 1/2 hour early, because of the traffic jams etc. caused by the about wimps! And we were Catholic kids who should have welcomed the extra suffering ! So, the moral of the story is, LA kids in the 50's ,even Catholic ones, were just as wimpy as New England kids of today :-)

Where is Marian ??

Heres a little magenta action :
Mme. Isaac Pereire
Bourbon, 1881

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My contribution for the Magenta theme:

My word! I typed more... then hit something wrong , and lost all but the above! Drat !
I think I'll give up and go to bed !


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Written last night, and then I fell asleep:

This color theme makes me happy!!!! All gorgeous, but that Bourbon from Kathy knocked my non-magenta socks off. Michelle the geraniums in the pedestal pot are gorgeous. And Monique, thanks for the beautiful shot of the lespedeza. Eden, what is that lily? The color is perfect, and I keep trying to add that tone to my front garden and two years in a row Van Engelen asiatics came up ORANGE. Two separate orders. This year I complained and was disappointed in their response. They offered a credit on the current mistake only and didn't apologize.

Cold. When I was in my 20s and was working enough jobs that I could finally afford the bus and childcare, I remember standing on street corners with toddler in 2F temps and pretending it was summer and I was too hot. It built my character :) Probably why I have so little sympathy for those who complain about their lot or dream but won't put the effort into getting where they want to be. Deciding what we want is the easy part.

So, yes, it is cold here too! But not as frigid as New England and Canada. 10F this morning which was cold enough to make morning walk ....brief. The dogs wore their heavy winter coats over their nightgowns. They have no fat to keep them warm and fur like velvet so need to be bundled up. Not like GB's furry friends who look so cozy.

A friday night at home after a very long frenzied week is a wonderful thing. I took a bath and read the new Reader's Digest. Had a cup of coffee with Baileys in it and thought about having a fire. Ended up cleaning a drawer or two and installing the Carbon Monoxide detector in the dogs new apartment. There's already one in the furnace room but I decided another in their room would be safe. Can't remember who asked, but I crate the dogs if I leave the house for more than a few hours. I also crate them for meals, (the girls are on raw so it contains the mess and Monty is just sloppy eater) plus an hour or two afterwards. It's good practice for them to have alone time. Since they come to work with me every day, they need time alone so that they don't develop SA.

And now it's Saturday morning!

Up to 29F and it's supposed to warm up even more this w/e. I'm foster free, so Katie gets to go on a home visit with me. I like to take fosters to home visits because it shows the potential adopters what a new dog not totally acclimated to home environment is like. But I'm not trying to match the dog to the home. After approval, adopters can choose any dog they'd like. And we want them to visit with at least a few dogs. Bad matches can result when people choose based on color or sex.

It's almost February! Daylight Savings Time starts on March 11th this year, and if you use an Outlook Calendar, there may be a problem between March 11 and April 1. So watch for a patch, and write the real time in the body of the calendar note so that you can know for sure the correct time of your meetings.

I'd better get going, have to be out of here by 9:30.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hmmmm, January is almost over and I have yet to give any thought to my garden plan for 2007 except to make a list of the woody stuff that needs to be moved. I guess I'd better get my butt in gear before I start getting caught in the crunch. What new plants do you all have on your radar screens this year?

We've decided to scrap the ski vacation this year. The group we usually travel with was dragging their feet on where to go and finally decided on Lake Tahoe. I decided I needed something different so instead we'll be spending the last week in April in North Carolina. One of my cousins owns a home in a place called Emerald Isle on the outer banks and she's given it to my mom to use for the week. My brother Greg and his wife are going so we figured that would be enough diversion to last at least a couple of days with my mom's BF from hell. I'm trying to convince Tom to drive because I'd also like to the visit the Biltmore estate in Asheville and stop in and see Bryan's new place. It would be easy to kill a week touring around-an adventure of sorts.

What a difference longer days make. Tonight we hit 5 o'clock on the sunset time, an improvement of over 40 minutes since the middle of December. The sunrise times start out alot slower but they are picking up now. I'm excited about daylight savings starting in the middle of March. That should buy me some additional garden time during the week-weather permitting. The end is in sight.

Temps in the 30s today-more civilized walking weather for this afternoonmaybe even some light snow for atmosphere. We're toying with the idea of skiing tomorrow in VT somewhere. Not much natural snow around but it's been cold enough for the areas that have the technology to make what they need.

Time to scare up some breakfast.



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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Here is some magenta from May of last year:


Geranium machorizm

and a huge, unknown rhododendron

Yesterday when I woke up the thermometer said -0F, and I mystified. As far as I knew, 0 was not a negative or a positive number! Then I looked closer, and it was -0.4F.

I had to convince DD that with a wind chill of nearly -18F, she did not really want to walk to school. The thing is, she refuses to wear a winter jacket, gloves or a hat. (She will put her hands in her pockets, and flip up the hood of the sweatshirt she wears under a quilted jacket if she is really cold). I told her pieces of her ears might freeze and fall off, she said it didn't matter since her hair is long now. (12 going on 17, I tell you). The house rule is no walking unless it is 20F and sunny, unless she wears winter gear. She loves to walk, and it is 1 1/2 miles to her school. No bus is offered until you are over 2 miles away.

DS would walk also, but in order to get to school they have to cross a busy four-lane road. There is a light and a crossing guard, but DD wasn't allowed to do it until 5th grade, and she is much more sensible than he is.

The big excitement this weekend is the Bob Seger concert tonite. I'm going with two of my girlfriends; looking forward to a night out! DD asked a series of questions about the concert last night, including "Will there be moshing?" (no, we have assigned seats which we will probably stay in or near) "Will he smash his guitar?" (no, I think he enjoys playing it more)"Will the drummer throw drumsticks to the crowd? (even if he does, the chances of catching them from the balcony are slim to none). She says that when she goes to the Green Day concert, she will sit in the first few rows so she won't miss anything (she has an active imagination!).

All the pics are just wonderful - great to see some color now. The days are already starting to get longer, and it is almost February. Cynthia, thanks for the reminder about daylight savings time changing, I keep forgetting. DH will be happy to be waking up when it is light out again (he gets up at 5am for work).

Michelle, that dark-colored pelargorium in the front of the container in the first pic is gorgeous - what is it?

Deanne, hope your knee is feeling better.

Babs, great news about Chris's new job - how exciting! LOL on the library book, we have had some crazy searches here ourselves.

Ei, great to see you here. It is a shock to return from a warmer climate and find it is still winter, but then you really know you have been away. I enjoyed your "Garden Meditation", especially the part about our children forgiving us our cultivation. The Captain Kangaroo link was great, hearing the song really brought back memories. I had forgotten about Mr. Moose until I saw him on that site!

Eden, baking to warm up the house sounds like a great idea, maybe I'll make banana bread later - there are 2 over-ripe bananas in the kitchen that would be perfect.

Have a great day everyone!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well good morning! The laneway is plowed and Saturday will soon begin with its regular trip to the dump, grocery store etc. Today I hope to get a gallon of matching paint to finish the family room walls. Need to get a small gift for our hosts tonight at their "Let it Snow" party.

DH has been working on mortgage business with DD for the couple's new home. They visit the place tomorrow with DGS and all of them are very excited. The previous owners are gems and want to talk about what furniture they'd like and about garden care and upkeep.

Well Sue, you asked about our garden thoughts for 2007. So far I have ordered 2 roses and eight clematis. I think I'll quit at this stage and simply wait to see what entices me after I've done spring clean-up. I suspect that this year I'll need to pay for garden help because I'll be off visiting DD and the new baby and maybe the Idylls too.

I also have bundles of seeds from last year and before, and it is time to either use them or pitch them! Lots of flowers there as well as vegetables.

But Sue, I must admit that my interest seems to be waning. I'll just have to see if there is room for extreme plant addiction and grandmotherhood both. If I look at Wendy's epimedium, I detect that my addiction will still hold a while longer. ;-)

I'm eager for February. We have a birthday(DH) and Valentine's day then, followed by a March(DSIL) and April(DGS) birthday. By then, we're out of the great white north's bitter clutches.

Cynthia, I do grow lathyrus, but mine is white with a hint of pale pink. I did have a bluish-pink one, but I think it was carried off by flooding one year.

Last night was French Club and the hosts served crepes with strawberries and fresh cream. YUM. Although these are all friends, DH & I managed to sit and talk to each other by the fire while others chatted about sports or played French Scrabble. Since DH has been away and also been very busy, it was a nice chance to catch up, even if others thought it odd that we came to a party to visit with each other!

Well, time for some work and errands. Hope you all stay healthy and enjoy your day!

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Good warmer morning.

Sue: I stand corrected and should've remembered that you are, indeed, the school bus financial queen of CT :-) My sister works in Suffield (affluent) and has a "penpal class" in Danbury (not-so-much) and had to cancel a webinar because Danbury schools were late because of buses. Misinformation at it's best!!

It still gets me that second graders don't show up for school with hats or gloves because they don't think it's "cool." Who the heck is in charge at those houses? I can empathize with Wendy, though, because in ninth grade Ky decided that if it wasn't fleece, he didn't want it. To this day he runs around in this weather with just a few sweatshirts on and vehemently refuses offers of hat and glove money. Go, figure.

Planning for 2007 has come to an abrupt halt. Other than any seeds already ordered, it's doubtful that much material will be coming into the gardens. With the exception of mulch, manure and some topsoil, our budget needs to go to things like food. Lots of plant moving, though, so it may be just as well.

The remodeling industry in Connecticut has declined to the point where even really good contractors are low-balling prices just to keep their fixed expenses paid.

Rich and I had a long talk and decided that he shouldn't do that -- to the point where he isn't going to do an already contracted job. It seems that his clients got the drift of what was going on and it was less expensive for them to forego their deposit to him and have someone else do the work. We all know that those same people will probably end up spending as much as they would've with Rich if the job is done well. It's becoming frightening.

And to further add to the fray, I had a most dismal week dealing with political work nonsense and clients who think that because the economy is the way it is there should be "personal extras" from me to them. That's a very nice way of saying that this week I was hit on twice, and the insult really got to my gut. My boss (have I ever mentioned that he is the best boss I've ever had?) understood immediately and transferred those accounts in trade for some others. The guy who got the "hitter" accounts jacked up his rates and told him he lost probably the best rep he could ever have because of stupidity. Allies!!

And the political crap is just that: CRAP!!! I'm way beyond dealing with someone who sells a lot but can't keep her ego in her own head. I don't need a peer to babysit me, and I certainly don't need her two-faced self second guessing what I do. Damn, folks, I'm almost 60% to budget for the year and it's only January.

Enough ranting from this corner. It's not often that "Rants Are Martie" but this week was just unforgiving.

So, I'm spending the day with Rich, Ky will be in to do laundry at some point, and my Camellia is starting to bloom. Found out that they don't like a lot of water and bud-drop when too moist. Good thing to know.

Am on my way to eat brownies for breakfast. That's the other thing -- my surgery by all appearances didn't work and I'm being slammed by hormones and trips to the bathroom. Good thing I don't need to leave the house today.

One last issue of the week: My brother had a great time at the mall and managed to not need a police escort out. The financial hearing went well (pat myself on the back) BUT the Judge who will be hearing the re-commitment action believes in mainstreaming to the point that he dicharged two other patients who weren't, by all accounts, ready to leave the hospital. This means that I need to get letters from local police, hospital psych units, nursing homes and everyone else who don't want my brother back in the community. Trying to get my parents to commit to writing that he can't live with them again is heartbreaking. Telling this Judge that my DB can go live with him if he is discharged would be viewed as disrespectful of the court so I need to get my best gameface on for the hearing in March. All good vibes, please ....

I think I feel better!!!! Thanks, all, for listening and hope I can reciprocate ....


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Wendy, I hate to disillusion you and your DH, but the time change im March will move an hour from the morning to the evening ! Bummer ! I am like your DH and like to have light when I get up in the morning.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Martie -- Im sorry to hear about the stupid various "politico" crapola -- some of it never seems to change does it? I think as we age we get to a certain point where we dont feel we have to put up with any stuff like that - enuf of any more "life lessons" -- it still amazes me when (usually guys but a few women) feel compelled to hit on others in the workplace when it's obvious there's no reciprocal interest. Aaarggh. Sounds like it got handled perfectly though and you had great work support - boss & colleague.

Re cancelled buses -- food for thought -- I suspect a lot fo this "wimpiness" from public systems is all "litigation fear" -- in our nation where no one, rich or poor, hesitates to threaten legal action (& in all too often cases does sue), many schools feel the need to be overly cautious -- fear of lawsuits. That's my take on a lot of these types of dumb decisions that happen in schools today, including cancelled classes.

I fear I am still in plant addiction thrall -- I went from 0 to $$$ once I got going at "wants" and catalogs -- I'll be pulling my hair in April panicing about where to put things. But some of that was I decided this year, Im just gonna enjoy the experience of plants, dirt & gardens as much as I can -- 'cause I dont know how long I'll want to later in life or even have a later life. There are some family illnesses that kind of depressed me -- and I heard of someone recently who fell down the stairs visiting friends right before Xmas and died from his fall -- 59 years old.... I think all this has made me just want to seize the idea of frenetic gardening one more year - the heck w/ caution. [Remind me of all this in May when I complaining, please!]

'bug - I think it's perfectly okay that especially when one has (hopefully) joyful events in one's life that there's less time for other things. I know gardens need rest too -- I suspect mine is almost at that point; it will be filled to overflowing this year and probably a mess consequently.

Cynthia -- I got orange(& yellow) lilies a couple years in a row from JS (VE) orders too & I stopped ordering -- I've had better success with B&D Lilies & some of those growers - they're a bit more pricey but I've gotten some wonderful colors from them & they are huge bulbs & flower well the first year.

Im feeling of the bear hibernation mentality myself - huddle under a woold blanket & drink some hot cocoa myself & "plot" out where the heck Im putting all these new things (which usually ends up changing 70% when I have the pots in hand but it keeps me occupied in the meantime).

Ok, Eden - wonder how many cocoa machines you're gonna sell today?LOL.... on that thought, I think I'll go check out that link.


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Good Saturday all, did my Trader Joes run this morning where I walked briskly and with averted eyes past the huge display of cymbidiums. Talk about strength of character ! Especially in view of the fact that I think I lost some of my cymbidiums this winter thus far with all the freezes weve had. They are usually hardy to about 28 , but some of them look pretty horrible.

Cynthia, the rose you admired is one that I dug up and moved last month to get it into better position for enjoying her fragrance .

On the new plant front , beside all the roses I ordered and the Dahlias I ordered , I will be increasing my oriental/Asiatic lily inventory; IÂve created some space in one of my beds for them to live. I want a PeeGee Hydrangea in the worst way but have yet to figure out a spot for it since they get so huge. DonÂt think theres been much snow activity up in Tahoe this year Sue, so you probably made a wise decision.

Wendy, love your Epemedium; there is a plant that I have zero of, and would love to aquire. Enjoy your concert !

Hi Marian  is that lychnis you posted the pic of invasive for you ? IÂve always wanted to grow them but they reseed with abandon here and I fear I would have them coming up all over the place.

Martie, the company I work for is strongly impacted by the housing downturn , but the least affected here seem to be the remodel contractors. Our outside sales force is trying to focus also on the custom home builders as well- the tract housing guys are in a real funk. On top of that the depressed lumber market is impacting revenues as well.

Well, I gotta go clean the kitchen and then get out to do some compost spreading and weed pulling . Tonite is our annual football pool awards dinner Âregrettably I will not be among the award-ees this year, but at least I get a free dinner out of it !

Oh yeah, Cindy, I buy from B&D too and agree re selection and bulb size...

Later all,

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, the Lychnis coronaria does reseed, but that is one of the reasons that I like it. I break off the seed stems after maturing and shake them over any spot that I want them in. Any unwanted ones are very easy to pull...being shallow-rooted.

In my previous lost post, I tols Marie that I grew tired of 'puzzling', and have been 'googling' instead. I've spent hours and days looking up all things pretaining to my home state ( Idaho), and bookmarking the good stuff. There is such a wealth of information available! Right now I am working on shrubs that are native to Idaho. I have done trees, lakes, mountains, caves, ghost towns, animals, butterflies.....and on and on ! I don't even notice the deariness outside as long as I have my lamp on. :-)

It has turned cold again, and has been spitting snow, in all stages. Rain was predicted, but I much prefer what it is doing! Our county roads have turned into a loblolly from all the recent rains followed by freezing and thawing. They used to be well graveled, but it has all been dozed off . Even then, it is still better than before we moved up here.

While in town yesterday I subcumbed to the call of the houseplants in Wal Mart. I brought home a red Cyclamen, a pale broad-leafed Sansevieria, and a magenta Primula. I don't recall ever growing a Primula, either a tender one, or a hardy one, so wish me success!

My last order to Haband came today, so I now have 4 more sweaters and 3 new bras ! LOL ! Am I having fun...or what?

I also bought another new coffepot. The last Mister Coffee that I got, not too long ago, is the pits! It does more spewing and steaming that it does brewing. So, my new one is another Black and Decker. (I have had minimal success with them over the years.) I haven't used it yet.

I looked at DVD players. But didn't see what I want. I need to get one so I can order videos from that site you all recommended.

I am enjoying all the lovely pictures. :-)
And all the news...both good and bad...only I'm sorry about the bad.


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Oh my gosh I'm so frustrated with my best friend. Talk about raising wimps, listen to this tale...she just cosigned for the third time for her daughter's car. The girl is 25, lives at home and is the laziest child I've every come across. She was fired from her minimum wage job, went without work for 6 months, sitting at home in front of the tv (this girl is very overweight and has no social life). Meanwhile my bf was making the car payments because her name was on the loan. The girl's been working for about a month now and her car lease has run out. The car was damaged from an accident she was in when she'd only had it a couple of months and she never bothered to have it repaired plus she is way over her mileage. So if she'd turned the car in she'd still have had to pay $7,000 and not had a car. Mom to the rescue, she signed for her dd to buy out the car after she's said she's done with helping this girl out. Oh forgot to mention, the daughter couldn't be more disrespectful or rude to her mom and anyone else who crosses her path on a daily basis. I just don't understand it. I say she should have made the girl pay off the loan and drive around a clunker. All my bf has done is reinforce her daughters bad behavior and now it looks like she won't be rid of her until she's age 30 when this car loan is paid off. I don't get it????

Sorry for the rant but I needed to vent somewhere. I really can't believe this!


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Now for my regularly scheduled post, lol...

Cynthia, I'm sorry but I don't have a name for that lily. I bought it on the clearance rack for $2.99 a couple of years ago.

Marie, Take it from me and Michelle too I think. It is possible to garden and grandparent simultaneously. And before we know it we'll all have "help" in the garden too! I think many gardeners have early memories of gardening with grandma or grandpa. I gardened as a child with my grandpa.

Martie, I'm sorry you had such a bad week. Seems when it rains it does pour. I hope things turn around for you and Rich quickly. The economy is lousy here in MI too.

I have yet to place a single plant or seed order. One I'm seriously considering is Parthenocissus tricuspidata 'Fenway Park' to grow on the lattice at the end of my deck. I really am going to work on garden design instead of plant collecting this year.

Marian, it's good that you've found something to pass the time during the winter season. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one carting home houseplants! Though I've run out of window space so I'm about done with that too.

My girls have always worn warm winter wear but my son's another who just hates to. He's usually in just in a hooded sweatshirt no matter how cold. No gloves, no hat. He's almost 21 now so I've given up nagging him about it at this point.

Bella's here today but Brad still managed to finish painting the walls in the office room this morning. I still have the closet door to paint and he'll start working on building the shelves tomorrow. My garden books will share the shelves with Bella's toys. I can't wait until it's all put back together!

Bella's asking me to read her the Berenstain Bears The Spooky Old Tree. It's her favorite book this week. Have a nice evening!


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Hahaha Eden! you and I are both savvy enough to know there is something more going on between your best friend and her noaccount kid; obviously, both of them are getting something out of the present arrangement. It's hard to watch someone you really like make the same mistakes over and over, isn't it?

I'm sure Cindy is dead on with the whole lawsuit thing, even though it's not something I pretend to understand. I went to public school in the mid60s-mid70s and at that time there were still teachers who would HIT you if were too much of a jerk. If you whined about it at home you were pretty likely to get a repeat dose, lol.

I "missed the bus" exactly ONCE in 4 years in NH. I overslept, hurried and got to the stop just in time to see the bus going down the hill. I ran to the house and my father was FURIOUS... he started the car in his bathrobe, went in and yanked on his trousers and barked at me to "get in the car, goddamnit!". He drove like Mario Andretti, overtaking and passing the bus, pulling over and WAVING IT DOWN. I had to get on it and suffer the taunts/teasing for the duration of the ride. I didn't die, however, and now it's a pretty funny anecdote. It's probably no surprise that I'm chronically punctual, huh? There was no way my father or mother would have been willing to repeatedly endure a 40 mile roundtrip to the school because I refused to "get with the program"; this was during the oil embargo and unemployment was running at 10%. We didn't "waste gas". ;)

As for being cold... put the hat and mittens in the schoolbag and shoo 'em out the door. When they get cold enough the coat will be zipped and the hat and mittens retrieved. I'm with Cynthia, it DOES build character and the best lessons are those we learn on "our own". Even though we were "nudged" in the right direction.

It was really cold where I spent my HS years (if it was -25 at 6 AM it barely topped 5 at midday). Many of my friends were on Jr. Ski Patrol as an after school job. They never closed the slopes (couldn't afford to) and my friends worked 5 days/wk. often in high winds and cold. Others has parents with dairys and they were in barn long before the bus arrived to pick them up. They were taught how to dress for it and they "dealt with it". I had horses; I HAD to go out in it. You learn to dress accordingly and you also learn that if you're busy and moving you don't really notice the cold. You DO "get used to it". Really. None of us ever made fun of how others were dressed because we understood why we all wore what we wore.

Between Cap't Kangaroo's theme song and memories of the "bad old days" more than a few smiles have crossed my face.


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Cindy! You got the yellow and orange asiatics too? I didn't order anything from VE this year,(except alliums and crocus to use up the credit) and that's the first time in 15 years I haven't order fall bulbs from them in July. They used to be so good. Raised their prices two years ago and they're the same as their sister company JS. Thanks for the tip on B&D Cindy & Kathy. I'll make a note of it and try them this fall. Maybe they'll have Eden's lily :-)

I'm going to a little post holiday get together tonight and having a hard time getting motivated. The home visit this morning was for a foster and she'll be fine. Got home around noon and spent the 47F afternoon pulling still more forsythia where the fence is going. I also walked lightly through the garden the fence will pass through, and do think I'll have to move a few things. If I chop down all of the raspberries behind that retaining wall, maybe they can put their clodhopper feet there instead of on the garden. Ha.

Martie, Sturm und Drang! Isn't it 2007? Well I hope that your new accounts work out better. Good that you had instant support from your outstanding boss.

Eden, I hear you on your friend. That's hard, because I'm sure you've tried to quietly influence her. It is not good for the daughter. Chelone has a good point on the two feeding each other's needs. Interesting dynamic.

I usually get a mini cyclamen to get me through winter, and a few primroses. I was at HD a week or so ago and they only had the large Cyclamens. So my kitchen window sills are bare. I do have a few things on the sunporch with doors shut so cats won't nibble. Not heated in there, but doesn't get much below 40F in there so things are ok. It's the southfacing sunporch so it gets above 70F in there during the day and must hold heat well into the night. I would love to have a solar heated house :-) But it would have to be old house.

Ok, time for me to get spiffed up and polish my nails. I did wear gloves in the garden today, so at least my hands aren't swollen and bleeding....

Later, Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Been pondering the case of Eden's bf. The solution sure looks simple from afar...but then it seems we all have tough situations with our kids for which there are no easy answers. I like to think time heals many of these problems..fortunately that was the case in our household. DS was really a trial.

As to proper winter attire, I was one of the jerks who did tons of walking (because we didn't own a car) but didn't think boots were cool. I spent a good portion of one university year with pneumonia...Slow learner, but learn I did, eventually. My kids were impossible to teach about dressing cool...quite the reverse! They enjoyed winter camping knew all the survival tricks. But get them to wear their school uniforms properly? Never.

Off to toss some dinner together before our outing tonight. For those who've been here, we'll be visiting one of the friends with a garden along the river in town. The snow is still coming down.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good time to chat. Hello to everyone. Loved all the magenta photos and the link to all the shades that are magenta. Interesting how I hadn't thought of all those shades being a form of magenta. Thanks gardenbug..

Running, but saw an article on African Violets that looked interesting and I thought of marian..

Have a great Sunday!

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Good better morning.

A really good cry and a whole porterhouse steak for dinner seemed to even things out. Went back and looked at all the things I can be grateful about and that list is much longer than the funk list. Rich assures me that there will be plenty of gardening to do without new stuff. I agree!! :-)

Eden: With cautious discouragement: Unless your deck is about 100' x 20', stay away from the 'Fenway Park.' I've seen the momma up close and it literally covers an entire expanse of one side of Fenway. You think Kiwi is overtaking???? Nurseries in Boston don't want to carry it anymore for fear that the entire city will be covered in no time. LOL

Marie: I hear you about being "not into it." I went through that about year 7 of my old garden. Did manage to keep the weeds at bay, but got little pleasure out of the same plants that had gotten me through bunches of Crap. Give yourself a break if you need it, or perhaps "do a Marian" and start collecting something really unusual that may pique your interest. Justifiably, your DD and DGC (child) are your focus this year. Perhaps raise sheep for wool???????

Count me amongst the non-weather wimps of the world. I rode my bike to school everyday (about 3/4 mile on very back roads) in elementary unless there was more snow that my tires could handle. Then, we'd make up a sled train and take turns pulling. We didn't care about fashion, just staying warm and dry. In HS, if we missed the bus we missed the bus and had to either call ourselves in to school late or walk. Walking was the preference as the lessons my Mom taught when things liked this happened were much harder than school.

Ya know, looking back on the client situations of last week is kinda making me giggle at this point. The attempts were so completely clumsy (Nothing Physical, mind you) and outward that it makes me wonder what other media reps in the market do to get orders. The young guy who got the accounts told me that in every business class he had in college, the students were warned about how much harrassment could ruin themselves and their businesses, given or gotten. I wonder if my generation is the last of the blatant? I'm hoping....

Kathy: In New England there are still new houses selling for insane prices. The builders have put themselves into a corner, however, given the prices they paid for land. People simply don't have the $$ to do more than "quick green" landscaping for what they need to pay for homes. The remodel industry was booming until last fall when it stopped dead. Seems that everyone who had $$ to do it have done it. Lumber is so expensive (everything is imported to New England except for pine) that folks think that remodelers are ripping them off. Take a trip to HD, folks!!!

And on the life always takes a turn page .... Just now got a call from a good friend with the offer of Hellebores!!! Hers are ten years old and crowding each other out. Do I want some???? Do I care about the color????? Yes!!! No!!! Also was approached to do an informal trial with a new Witch Hazel. The gardens will be darn close to year-round color! What will bloom in Connecticut, outside, in December. Do pine cones count?

Rich just proclaimed that we both need to get out of Dodge and so will be going to a small local greenhouse for a bit of a respite. Will sew my pockets closed. LOL Actually, it sounds like a great idea.

So much for "me". Glad I feel I can safely leave the house today and glad there are so many good people in my life.



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

No magenta in sight here mostly black and white and shades of gray running around at the moment:

Misty always enjoys a visit from her big brothers. Toby, the cockapoo belonging to the neighbour behind us decided to join them this morning and made and wiggled through a hole in the fence. Ellie, their Golden, tried to come over the fence as well but didnt make it. Jasper and Blue will be returning home tomorrow after their parents come back from Florida. Sadly, Jasper may not be around much longer. Hes 10 years old and has cancer. He had a 5 lb. (!) tumor removed from one side this fall but it is growing back and he has multiple other ones as well. But, so far, hes still doing well and is lively and happy. Blue will be lonely when Jasper dies they are very good buddies.

Weve had about 2" of snow in the last week or so thats all weve had so far this winter! The colder temperatures this past week or so made the kids next door happy heres the classic Canadian scene that we see looking north from the back porch:

I think another classic winter scenario is shaping up to hit me today I woke up with a sore throat, sniffly nose and chills UGH!

The comments on dressing for winter and waiting for school buses in winter certainly brought me nostalgic thoughts Up until about grade 6, we lived with my maternal grandparents. We were the end of the school bus route so didnt have to worry about missing the bus because it turned around in our circular driveway. There was no way we could miss it! But sometimes the bus missed us In really stormy weather, the bus would turn at the crossroads ½ mile down the road rather than risk getting stuck on the way to our place. We were located across the county line and were the last road to get plowed in our county. The county where the school was located plowed as far as the crossroads and turned back. Because we were in a remote corner of our county, our road was not a priority for plowing in a storm. One year there was a string of storms and our road was completely blocked for two weeks. It finally got plowed after someone got worried about not hearing from friends that lived a mile or so further up the road (phone and electrical lines were down). People went up with skidoos to see what was what and found the neighbors in rough shape they were burning their furniture to keep warm because they had run out of wood! By that time, the snow was so deep and frozen that the plows couldnt do anything with it and the town had to bring in a huge snow blower to cut through it. All the old families on the road were OK because we were used to roughing it in storms and made sure there was always adequate food and fuel in case we got snowed in. But people who had moved out our way from town often didnt prepare for winter properly.

The seasonal clothing argument my sister and I always had with my mother was about when we could stop wearing winter boots/heavy clothes in the spring. After a long winter, we were ready to ditch the boots as soon as the snow (most of it anyway) went away whereas Mom was fussed about getting shoes muddy :- (

All those rose pictures were great! Im largely hopeless with roses but I seem to have added a few in the past couple of years that havent immediately keeled over with BS! I think Ill add a few more this year so have been researching which ones are the most disease resistant for here. If the clematises on the iron arbour in the front bed dont get a move on this year and do some growing finally, they will get yanked and replaced with either honeysuckle and/or climbing roses. William Baffin would be on the list for that after seeing Eis picture of it!

Martie that client sounds in need of a good swift kick somewhere painful! But its great that your boss and colleagues have their heads and hearts in the right place. It sounds like the housing/renovation market is getting very tough down there. Renovation is still going strong here. The relatively mild winter has made a lot of builders happy I think! Im hoping my shed siding will show up soon and that the contractor will have time to come back and install it.

Babs great news about Chris job! What will he be teaching?

Eden your bfs situation with her daughter would certainly be aggravating to watch but youre right that it takes two to end up in a situation like that.

Hi Marian! Im an inquisitive Googler too

And my typing hand just gave out so time to go back into winter hibernation.

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Puttering around brings it's rewards. I have a good grasp of what I have and have a few questions for inside stuff:

My Connecticut tribute to California. Can the Euc be toped, Kathy??

This is what happens when Camellias get too much moisture :-( But, it is a great way to test for bloom hardiness. This window gets "cracked" often. And, finally a contribution to "Magenta Is Us Week." :-)

What is this plant that had a 4" bloom (no kidding!!) in a deep maroon in September. Got it as a cutting from a friend in Florida about 5 years ago. Needs to be repotted but into what? Lived in a pool house but no such luck, here.

The State of Martie's 2007 Garden:

Yes, Eden, those are some of your pepper seeds saved last year.

Woody: The roses from your seeds will play an intregal part of the corner of the house!! I'm so excited to have them.

Deanne: Do you have a pic of the Daylily that we crammed into my car? I'm thinking blue Stokesia or something like that nearby??

Sue: The Shasta Daisy I got from you has grown three-fold. Will be divded.

Rich took one look at the list of moves and cracked up. My suggestion of renting a Bobcat was met with instant distain as Keeper of the Lawn.

The sun's out!!

Martie, bouncing back (Thank You!!!!)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Here we are with another gift of a January day. Right now it's hovering around 40 F but at one point it got up to 43. After lunch I spent an hour or so cutting down ornamental grasses wearing just a light fleece jacket. In a few minutes I leave for my walk. Yesterday I walked for an hour and a half and hope to do the same today.

Wendy how was the Seger concert? He was at the Mohegan Sun casino last Saturday night. I heard the tickets sold out within half an hour of going on sale. This morning they had a segment on him on the CBS Sunday morning news show. We don't have the whole new album but the few songs Tom has downloaded from iTunes are as good or better than anything he's done in the past.

Martie, that shasta daisy is one vigorous plant. You usually need to divide it at least every other year. Good to see your spirits improving as the weekend progresses.

Woody, what is it winter there or something? lol

OK, must run, or should I say walk.


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Is that your little candle of hope Martie? I had to light an entire fire. It is so dark and dreary here all I can think about is napping. There have been no projects attempted or completed today, I can't seem to get going :-) And if I sit down in front of the fire with good intentions of going through my seed boxes or reading something, or sorting out CDs, I know I'll wake up 3 hours later.

51 Days until spring!

Woody the dog pictures are sweet. It's been spitting snow here today, but except for the cold it's been an easy winter. Yesterday was so warm, today it's just mid 30s. I should bundle up and go outdoors. Still comfortable enough to work out there, and surely THAT would give me some energy.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Fifty-one days and counting! Not a hint of magenta in sight. A meeting from 8:30-2:30 this morning, the dentist tomorrow. No plans for running or walking...


Wiarton Willy Sends Postcard From Carribean

Sees Shadow - Not Coming Home For Six Weeks

I'll Come Back When I'm Darn Well Ready!!!
Eat Your Hearts Out Canada

by Thomas Hagey - on location with Willy in St. Marten

February 2nd is Groundhog Day and the real Wiarton Willy has been in St. Marten since November Cambridge sources have found out.
Yes, that's correct folks. If you see a groundhog on television today from Wiarton it's an impostor. The real Wiarton Willy is nobody's fool.

"Wiarton winter weather is unpredictable (unlike the coming of Spring)," said a relaxed Wiarton Willy from his beach burrow on the French side of St. Marten. "I will be sipping on Alfalfa juice stingers, and nibbling on mango while you slugs are back there enjoying a mild winter...but nothing like this. I expected to see my shadow because it's always beautiful here."

These days when Wiarton Willy sees his shadow it means he'll be back up there in Wiarton in about six weeks (maybe seven) ...and hopefully Winter will be over by then.

Enjoy Groundhog Day where ever you are...and don't forget to eat some roadkill in celebration of a true Ontario icon.

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Another rainless Sunday here, we got 1/5th of an inch the last couple of days-not too impressive. Our rainfall total season to date is about 2 inches, last year at this time wed had 10plus. So much for El Nino. So, anticipating a wet spring I started doing some spring clean-up chores in the garden . Noticed that my Papaver somniferum have germinated.

Martie- excellent funk recovery ! And how nice that that just as you were despairing of spending the bucks on new plants the offer of Hellebores comes alongmust have been fate ! I must say you are the only person I know of who has a Euc as a houseplant ! And as far as topping goes, you would not believe what people do to their Eucalyptus out here, including chopping them almost to the ground , at which point they pop right up again. Not knowing which cultivar you have I would cautiously say yes, you can top biggest fear would be that the re-growth would look awkward. Some varieties will also tend to sprout up heavily from the base when the top is cut, and some times this juvenile growth looks very different from the mature foliage on top.
Your Florida plant is an Epiphyllum-common name orchid cactus. I have two of them-one has freeze damage but not fatal , thank goodness, and the other is more protected and fared ok during our frosty nights. I have never had to bring them in over the winter as long as they were under an eave or patio cover and close to the house. One is a dark pink (Magenta!) and the other yellow. Maybe you should divide into two pots. They are usually propagated by leaf cuttings.

Woody, a contented looking bunch of pups there ! If my dog saw that snow I have no doubt she would turn and run the other way as fast as she could. I think shes a Palm Springs type !

PM , that was not very nice to post that African Violet link.:-) . Now I want one. But you can't have just one, you have to at least have three !

bug such pretty snow shots !

This is either "Purple Rain" or Bela Lugosi"

Kathy in Napa

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

The Seger concert was awesome. He played for over 2 hours, with 3 encores; almost every song of his I could name. I wasn't expecting much, after all he is in his 60's now - I expected a more mellow show. He can still rock, and his voice is still great. At times the sax player, Alto Reed (his mother couldn't possibly have named him that) stole the show with his fine playing and fancy footwork.

My only complaint was our seats - we had a great view from the balcony at the Gaahhden, but when we first sat down I was reaching for my seat belt! It is stadium seating, and the rows are really steep. The stage was a long way down! I got used to it after a while, but I was unable to stand up and dance (I did, however, groove quite a bit in my seat!). All seats at this show were the same price, but minutes after tickets went on sale, only the balcony was available. Ticketmaster is a gaff; don't get me started. Sue, the Mohegan Sun would have been a great place to see him - a much smaller venue.

Marian, thanks for the heads up about daylight savings, I guess I mixed up the Spring and Fall changes.

Martie, glad to hear your co-worker stood by you - there is no need for that sort of behavior from clients. Sorry to hear things are slowing down for Rich; hopefully the spring will bring an upswing.

'bug, I'm chuckling to picture the groundhog on the beach with his stingers, I picture him in large shades and a straw hat. I wonder if our Puxatawny (sp?) Phil is with him?

Later people; enjoy what is left of the weekend.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

After three weeks of trade show travel, I am baaaack! But I am so out of sync; my theme for the last several days has been bright blue, not magenta. I should have known!

The "haul" from three shows tallys as follows: 1 unknown dianthus, 1 humongo Begonia 'Fireworks', 1 Physocarpus 'Centerglow' (tiny pot rescued from atop a garbage bin), 1 Tiarella (oops I forgot the name), 1 very large blue glazed ceramic pot, 1 medium ceramic pot in "leopard latte" color, 1 blue glazed birdbath top (long story later) and 1 blue folding adirondack chair. Oh yes, and two sore feet. Yes, I had a little fun in with my work.

It's still been busy here with my MIL in the hospital recovering from knee replacement surgery. She's had some complications from a blood clot but is doing well and her spirits are good. DS came home for the weekend with his girlfriend AND her dog, so it was a busy house. There was some tense circling around going on Friday night, but then the girlfriend and I decided to get along. JUST KIDDING! It took the dogs a little bit to settle down, but Mystic and Penny (her dog) soon decided they were buds for life. He has gone at least once tonight to look for her.

I shall try to catch up sometime this week!


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Good steady morning. Up, down, left, right, center. Whew!!

Kathy: You answered my question without answering the question. LOL Yes, topping was one option but I didn't do a typo -- toping, ie., shaping the plant into something unnatural. Because in your experience Euc's can take about anything, I'm going to remove the lower branches and make a ball shape on the top. It's worth the try. Botanical is E. globus which leads me to believe that a rounded shape will work.

V: Glad you're intact. As much fun as it sounds, I can honestly say that I don't miss the trade shows. Had an invite from a client to tag along this year and politely declined. Way too much temptation and way to much hubbub. Waiting for the bird bath story.

Deanne: Peeked once again at your driveway garden thread. Your plant list and design is what I'm going to need to do for four different areas. Did get the tags sorted and remembered about things without documentation so it was an interesting afternoon. Inspiration, indeed!!

Pulled out all hand-held garden equipment and started to clean and sharpen. Rich will be 100% organizing the seed starting/potting area in the basement next week and I want to be ready. Found a stash of seeds in the waaaaaaaaay back of the freezer I'd forgotten about. Think they were from 2005. Think they're stratified enough??? LOL

To all dog rescuers: I am going to aid and abet an adoption next weekend. GGF has adopted a 9 month old Golden out of Louisiana and she (the dog) is being flown in on Saturday. It's become a ritual that when this friend gets a new animal or picks up a fostercat, I go with her. She has a year-old male golden already and this new dog will be just her second. She typically has four dogs and at least 10 cats but amazingly, you'd never know walking into her house, if you know what I mean. I'm excited at the prospect for her and the very lucky dog who is being brought to a most loving animal home.

Marie: Wanted to mention how breathtaking and calming your pics are/were. So peaceful ....

Wendy: Glad you got to bop to Bob. Amazing that his voice has held over all these years. Even Now .....

Stopped by a local greenhouse yesterday and was sorely disappointed. Because of fuel costs they aren't doing any overwintering and nothing will be cut or seeded until at least mid-February. BUT -- did get to sniff and sneeze over some Witch Hazel and the sample garden's Hellebores are almost open.

Today need to start making calls from letters re: my brother. My parents are taking the proactive approach and are content with listing the reasons he needs to stay where he is. One stomach rumble off the list :-)

Best to everyone!


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Back to the chilly temperatures following the Sunday respite. Our driveway is still a frozen disaster, it's gonna take several mid/high 30s to tame it. :(

Good that Martie has recovered so quickly. I have great sympathy for upsets at work. ;) It all works out, one way or the other. Last Thursday I took a message from a woman I remember speaking to last summer... she was sorry she couldn't come in to discus a job because she was presently holding down two... . My boss looked sort of uncomfortable when she read my thorough message (complete with phone number); I just winked at her. Had I been in her position when I "melted down" I'd have done the same damn thing. We understand each other. Good work, loyalty, and trust gets us through the rough stretches.

Eden, do you have pictures of the new paintjob yet? I can't wait to see it... you used "coHnsilk", right?

Wendy, are you as perpetually surprised at how OLD some of "our" music has become? I was listening to something by Earth, Wind, and Fire the other day and thought about high school... and then it washed over me... it was 30 frickin' years ago, lol! And my hair sure ain't anything close to red anymore. :)

I cut, glued, and bevelled the hull side of a large berth cushion today. The cushion was 6" thick, 4" of regular foam with a 2" top of "memory foam". It was a DOG to stuff. It was for the cap't. of a commercial lobster boat, and he arrived with 4 very large "bugs" for us (they were 15" long, BIG ONES; 3 elastics on their claws). I called the helpmeet to see if he wanted to cook it; he is notoriously put off by the process... "I don't want to boil him alive, do you care?". "Nope, if my baby doesn't want to cook him, my baby doesn't have to!". I gave my lobster to my co-worker (who LOVES it). We're having tostadas tonight, with the best, spicy refried in the world. Anyway, we posed the 4 lobsters on the newly completed and stuffed cushion and took several pictures... playing Barry White in the background. :) (we raced them a few times, too).

Evidently my brother called this morning, and the helpmeet answered the phone. He was calling to express joy... the bus was rounding the corner. Mum's first day at daycare! evidently, he, as caretaker, qualifies for daycare at $2/day (you read that correctly!). I will be interested to learn if there was any grousing about going. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, enjoyed your tale of message taking at work. ;-) I think it is great how people can look at situations entirely differently depending on how things are moving along at the time. The human spirit is amazing.

Also glad to hear that your DB is finding ways of dealing with his mother's care. Seems he needs to share his coping and decision making experiences with someone. Funny thing. Maybe he should join the Idylls?

Survived the dentist this morning, then enjoyed a trip to a nearby sewing shop where I had fun studying their button collection. DH was with me and he even enjoyed it!

Went out for Chinese lunch and my fortune cookie said:
La famille vaut plus que l'argent
(Family is more valuable than money)

It is cold and dreary, but January is almost history for 2007. YAY!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi Idylls,
Ive never been particularly drawn to roses but you guys might change my mind on that! Lovely pics everyone! I have lots of full sun areas here, but clay soil and it gets very windy. Would any roses tolerate the latter two conditions? Only rose I had at my old place was a tough-as-nails Rosa rugosa Japan. Works for the rose and the magenta themes, so here she is:

Mary, want to trade my noisy house for your quiet one? Between DH on short term disability with his back and the kids home with flu for much of the past 2 weeks, I am very much in need of some solitude! While being apart for weeks is not ideal, there is also something to be said about too much togetherness. Its too much! DH was supposed to go back to work on Feb 2nd but at this point Id say that is premature.

David was so sweet with the broken glasses comment! Lucky you getting carded for IDthink Id kiss the guy (or gal for that matter) who didnt think I was 21 years of age yet and wanted ID. Been awhile...My friend Michelle got carded as she shopped for liquor for her 40th birthday party! When she happily showed the 20 something-year-old guy her ID, he exclaimed, "FORTY!!! Youve got it GOING ON!!!" Best present she got

Cindy, thanks for sharing the divine wee Cloe with us, shes a cutie. So are you and Sue you going to drive Miss Chloe and Natty Nick to IU4 so they can do the sniff test and see if its true puppy love?

Hi Woody! Love your black and white and grays too.

LOL on the bobsy triplets outfits Sue, Monique and Deanne! Great minds think alike (despite what Jackie O said about white after Labour Day, lol--KIDDING, that was just shoes)

Babs, big congrats to Chris! What great news! Hopefully it will start a great new jobs trend on Idylls, for me at least. LOL on the library book story--youre so organized youre ahead of yourself! Hehehe!

Glad you like the tundra pics. Other than a skiff of snow as Marian would say for a few days in November, this ice storm was our first taste of winter this year. PM2 no white Christmas here either, was 50-60F and felt like late April right through new years, then started to get a bit colder. VERY strange, and though I LIKE warmer winter weather, it is not at all normal and has me very scared that the global warming warnings are becoming our reality now.

Has anyone seen Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth? In it he discusses the causes and effects of global warming intelligently, with humour and an obvious passion for both the topic and our (one and only) Mother Earth. I googled some info just to check out the information in the film and unfortunately the experts concur that his message and information is pretty much what they have found. Or maybe fortunately, as the documentary ends on a note of HOPE that it is not too late to reverse the damage, if we stop talking about it and start acting on it. See link below for the website about the documentary and the climate crisis.

When it is cold (like now, in the low teens Fahrenheit) I have the same problem with kids not wanting to dress for the weather. So I stuff mitts and hat into their backpacks, and send them out the door with a, "Be cool, dumb and freeze or smart and warm-your choice!" and feel Ive done my duty as a parent, lol. I was dumb (but cool!) as a kid too, and recall going one whole winter with just a lumber jacket (unbuttoned of course) over my army shirt and painters pants. Uh oh, dating myself now eh, lol!

Wendy, you cracked me up with your description of your daughters (and DHs!) first dance! Other than a few Eminem tunes we are not big rap fans here either. According to Shane, R.A.P. stands for "retards attempting poetry" lol! Attempting music (unsuccessfully) in many cases too IMHO. The grade 7 and 8s had their first dance in the fall, and Shane wasnt impressed. Apparently the girls stood on one side of the gym whispering and giggling, while the boys stood on the other side shuffling and mumbling, and nobody danced! Some things never change

Glad you enjoyed the Seeger concert. Has anyone heard of Billy Talent outside the Greater Toronto Area? They are a local band, pretty heavy grunge though, but really good. DH and I and the kids all enjoy them, and they're playing in TO on Friday. While we'd love to take the boys, I don't know if we're ready for a family mosh pit scene yet, lol.

Welcome home Ei! Nope, unfortunately no greenhouse at this place. But plans for at least a hoop house in the spring. If I cant find a used metal hoop house frame on the cheap then we will probably go with a one like this: PVC framed-hoop house like this one. On my wish list, along with a chipper/shredder. We have so many fallen trees and branches Ill be in mulch forever if I can process it.

Martie, thanks again for the warm welcome back. :) Its good to be back, even though Ive given up on ever staying caught up now this group has gotten so large. But its nice to pop in when I can and feel right at home. Yes, my mums an angel on earth. So sorry about your recent trials in the workplace (though you are a trooper!) The more things change, the more they stay the same

Honey, you are so crafty and I love your colour choices! Sorry about the dysfunctional family history. While its true I can look back and see how lucky I was with my own family dynamics growing up, DH was not so fortunate and his emotional shortfall is spilling into our current family atmosphere. So at this point my own happy family history only serves as a stark counterpoint to the present. I am painfully aware that this is NOT how it is supposed to be. But have decided Im not going to continue compensating emotionally without seeing some major effort on his part. At some point, hes got to stop blaming, get over it and get on with it. Find those bootstraps and PULL!

His parents are never going to change, or apologize and its wasted energy thinking otherwise. These are the parents who sent us 5 birthday cards (Jan, June, July, Sept and December), an Easter card, a Christmas card and an Anniversary card all together in May (our anniversary month) so they wouldnt have to bother giving us another thought for an entire year! Did the same with DH's sisters. They also came to "help" me when I was pregnant with my firstborn, two weeks early (and driving me NUTS asking every day if this was THE DAY like I could control that!). Then they left within a couple of days of me coming home from the hospital, when I couldnt lift anything, climb stairs or even let the dog outside on his leash for several weeks after my C-section. And had a h*ll of a time nursing for the first month (hed cry to be fed, then Id cry cause I had to feed him!). Ennyway, to say the least, they were not helpful, though rich and retired and could have stayed if they had wanted to. Was a taste of things to come, theyve only seen the kids once since then. Its amazing to me that one needs training and a license to drive a car but anybody can have and raise a kid, qualified or not. Parenting 101 should be a required high school course, up there with math and English liturature. Okay, end of rant, hit a little close to home methinks.

To change the subject, despite the hurdles, Kathy it is a definite relief to have moved to "the right place", especially after taking nearly nine months to do it! As many here know we listed our home at a bad time, fall of 2006, and didnt sell until last June! But we ended up buying the 3rd house we put an offer in on, our dream house and property, which blew away the first two places. It all works how its supposed to.

Re hydrogenated oils, its astounding how many "foods" (using that term loosely) they put it in. And did you know they can claim "trans-fat free" on the label as long as a food has less than 500 mg per serving? So you could be unknowingly ingesting all kinds of dangerous trans-fats eating these so-called trans-fat free foods and its perfectly legal! Scary, considering the health problems new research is linking trans-fats with. Don't get me started on MSG (also called "natural flavour" as allowed by law). Unprocessed (no labels to read or deceive) works for me, I dont trust much else.

PM2 Ive learned about good nutrition in an effort to become responsible for and take control of my own health. High blood sugar, high cholesterol, terrible eczema, thyroid and cortisol imbalances that greatly affected my quality of life (and that my regular MD couldnt even diagnose) have all lead me on a learning curve to get to the root of the problem. I havent had a single outbreak of eczema since I did a cleanse + fast last spring, and am convinced stored toxins were to blame. Other problems are also much better since ditching bad fats, simple carbs, and hormone-laden meats and dairy products. Theres truth in the saying, "you are what you eat" and I am much healthier now.

Sorry you can commiserate on the back problems. Seems to be a very common complaint. DH started physio last week, but is having a hard time doing the exercises, even on an exercise ball. Hes talking about going back to work Thursday, but I think that will only hurt him further and am hoping hell reconsider and get another note from the doctor. Me, I have a new problem--heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Im having custom orthotics being made now. While the doctor is kindly saying that the hardwood floors in this house brought it on, I know its my current rotundness that is the major contributing factor. My feet are saying, "Hey you up there! If you dont start working out, were going to stop working period! Time to lighten the load" lol, and I dont blame them.

This sad fact was brought home as I shopped for something decent to wear in case I have another interview, this past Thursday. I found a dozen things I liked, but only a few that fit me, though I did find one very flattering "power outfit". My problem is I am an "apple shape", and any skirts and pants in my waist size has the big butt and leg room required for "large pear shapes". Well I dont have a large pear shape butt or legs and am not going to hide the parts I despise the least in unflatteringly baggy clothes! Ive "pared" 4.5" off my waist since New Years, but need to get closer to "the core". In the meantime, Im eyeballing the maternity section! Sad, but true

Re my Dad, I know hes smiling down from wherever he currently resides. While he didnt garden, his father was a wonderful gardener, and my Mum loves to garden in her small patio garden. I definitely will be lasagna gardening here, and did a large raised lasagna bed for many of my plants I brought here last fall. But I still think its going to be tough getting plants that need excellent drainage, Eryngiums, Gaura, many alpines, to thrive here, when the clay is so dense. Will probably go with plants that like my conditions rather than trying to improve huge areas. Labour and cost intensive to do that on a large scale, though Ill be hitting my buffalo-raising neighbor up for as much manure as he cares to part with, lol. As for EP, she was a dear member of our Idyll group from the beginning, nearly 4 1/2 years now, who went to "the great garden in the sky" in September. I miss her terribly.

Well this is turning into a book, so will leave you with this, the top of one of our cd cases:

We love Gumby! Used to watch Gumby and Pokey on the Commander Tom show, Channel 7 in Buffalo, before and after school. Along with Davey and Goliath and the Banana Splits. Does any one remember H.R. Puffnstuff, or was that a Canucky show? Okay, now Im REALLY going, think Ive out-blabbed Babs and Ei combined!



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Good strong coffee morning. Make that a double!!

Kept waking up last night tossing and fretting and feeling like I was on fire. Not internally physical flashes but really, really Hot!! Seems Rich had changed the temp without his glasses and hit "up" instead of "down" so it was a balmy 78degF. The tropicals look so happy! I, on the other hand, could use a few more hours. LOL

Clay Soil: When we bought this house I did a few test digs both in existing planted areas and in the middle of the lawn. Gorgeous stuff if you're a potter. Now have become the master of microamendment and the up side is that "well drained" and "keep moist" can become synonomous. Even my lavs have learned to adapt.

Won't be doing lasagne beds, but (as PM2 and Sue will attest) Rich will be (finally) building my cedar raised beds for veggies. Digging for a new shrub border will be the only other ground breaking this year but That's OKAY!! Did an inventory and found that my nursery gardens rival any small nursery :-) Now the initial plant design. Fun!! Neighborhood kids want to see if they can grow the pineapples we started just before Christmas in their garden. Has anyone ever grown a pineapple in the ground?

Guess it's a good thing to not have much to report. Still enjoying all the Rose pics (go for them, Taryn!!) and waiting for February.

Two armed wave!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I grew pineapples in West Africa forty-two years ago. They were a two year crop...and I remember nothing else about them.
Visited the Dole factories in Hawaii back in the 80s too. Worth Googling to find out more I guess. Or better yet, go to Hawaii and ask!


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Hi Folks

I'm reading when I should be heading out for work but loving the magenta, winter pics and hearing from everyone. Taryn - fabulous to have such a long post from you!!

Lots happening here - our first family downhill skiing, x-country over the weekend, DH arriving home last night after his long absence, music lessons, school concert, play, the list goes on. As Taryn put it, I might not be able to keep up but hope to be able to pop in from time to time.

A big wave to everyone from snowy Upstste NY.


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AdamM321(MA z5/6) happy for you your husband is back home. Sounds busy but happy there... waving back :-)

Taryn...sounds like you are on the right track nutritionally. Have you seen the PBS special on the Ultrametabolism Diet..very well done by an alternative doctor. Sounds like right up your alley. No, keep meaning to watch that Al Gore movie. Our 20 something daughter actually told us about it. I noticed it is on our cable company's on demand right now. I have clay soil here and lots of plants love clay soil. Also lasagna gardening is the way to go and/or as Martie points out..raising a bed does wonders. Good to hear from you Taryn. you get HGTV there in Canada? They have a show called Knitty Gritty that I have started watching lately since your projects have stirred my interest again.

Chelone...that is so funny about your brother's happiness with Mom going off to daycare. What a difference a few weeks makes, huh? [g] I have been listening to music lately too. I have started trying to exercise more consistently and I was getting bored with it, so I added music. Now I am actually having fun doing it. A lot of what I have on my computer is oldies and I had it on shuffle yesterday and an old Chicago song came on. Brought back memories. I am going to listen to music every day now, I've decided.

V....enjoyed your cheery your taste in plants. [g]

Wendy...remember the Old 'Gaahhden'? The new seating believe it or not is an improvement!

Kathy...I did really love that photo of the AViolet in the pretty blue and white pot. It did make me want to try one again. lol Is that magenta daylily sometimes referred to as a grape color? I am getting some grape magic daylily seeds to try and looking forward to it.

Loving all the photos...great puppies and snow scenes..and I do remember Gumby. [g]

That's it for me, can't go back any I have NO magenta photos to post!

Sunny, clear and cold this morning here. A dusting of snow on the ground and that is the extent of what we have gotten all winter.

Have a nice day.. :-) pm2

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Idylls!

Just had to pop in to comment about an Inconvenient Truth! You hit the nail right on the head Taryn! I have had the dvd here for about 2 weeks, but kept putting off watching it because I thought "this is going to be depressing and I don't need depressing right now." But I really felt it was important that I watch it, so I *finally* sat down and watched it this past week-end. Well, though it was frightening and sad, you are right it did leave me with some hope and some srength and need to do something...*anything* to make a difference. BTW, you must be following his advice about a way to make a telling anyone you can, about this movie! :-) I thought he did a wonderful job of explaining the whole thing and I came away feeling like for once, I really understood what global warming was all about and about the consequences if we don't do something to make some changes. The computerized graphs and digitalized photos really brought it home for me. If the photos don't lie and I don't see how they can, you certainly have to come to the conclusion that *something* is afoot! I have no desire to get political...but An Inconvenient Truth really gave me food for thought and the desire to find out more and to make some effort in any way (big or small) that I can. Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

Oh darn! :-( Me and my big mouth! I'm sorry Taryn that you don't have a greenhouse at the new place...hope I didn't make you feel bad bringing it up? Good that you are going to get a hoop house. You'll have to show us all your babies once you get them started! Re the clay soil and roses. It probably depends on how clayish your soil is, but actually I thought (and don't remember where I read it anymore) that roses can tolerate long as the soil isn't total clay. I've added a link that has some suggestions on how to deal with clay soil & roses. I would imagine that the rugosas would do well for you....they are a hardy bunch. The only thing they do not like is *salt* and only tolerate natural ferilizers (because of the salt issue) and don't really need to be fertilized and definitely don't like to be sprayed for diseases! I loved Michelle's Hansa and your Japan is a beauty the bee :-) Have you ever tried Therese Bugnet? Not sure if I spelled that right. I've had that one for several years and is a totally undemanding rugosa and a rebloomer to boot, pretty color too! :-) I'll have to see if I have any pics of her. Love Gumby & Pokey too! ;-)

Wendy! How fun...I'm GREEN! :-)

I would have loved to see Bob! I'm posting my favorite...he sings it with such feeling. Did he sing it at the concert?

Bob Seger - Turn the Page

On a long and lonesome highway
East of Omaha
You can listen to the engine
moanin' out its one-note song
You can think about the woman
or the girl you knew the night before

But your thoughts will soon be wandering
the way they always do
When you're ridin' sixteen hours
and there's nothin' much to do
And you don't feel much like ridin',
you just wish the trip was through

So here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
And here I go
Playin' star again
There I go
Turn the page

Well you walk into a restaurant,
strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you
as you're shakin' off the cold
You pretend it doesn't bother you
but you just want to explode.

Most times you can't hear 'em talk,
other times you can
oh, the same old cliches,
"Is that a woman or a man?"
And you always seem outnumbered,
you don't dare make a stand


Out there in the spotlight
you're a million miles away
Every ounce of energy
you try to give away
As the sweat pours out your body
like the music that you play

Later in the evening
as you lie awake in bed
With the echoes from the amplifiers
ringin' in your head
You smoke the day's last cigarette,
rememberin' what she said

Yeah here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin' star again
There I go
There I go....Turn the page

I start my training for the Literacy Program next week. Will learn more about it once I go to my first meeting, but it sound like I'll be traveling on a bus! :-) It will be a mobile school! :-O Hope it all works out and I make it through the training...wish me luck!

There's also a new posting at the library here. I'm debating applying. I was turned down a few years ago when I applied and was so bummed and felt so "icky" (sorry can't think of another word right now...maybe that's why I didn't get the job last time...LOL) about myself after having gone through two interviews at the time and then turned down that I haven't tried to apply there since. I have a lot of insecurity about my spotty work record and my abilities, so don't know if my ego could take another turn down...but I may try again. I *love* the idea of working at a library. Well, we'll see...I need a "pick me up" to give me courage. No I don't mean a drink...I mean I need to see *SPRING*!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi yall! Heres my contribution to the Magenta theme:

Good news! The upholstery portion of the headboard is complete and DH and I arent dividing property! Actually, the collaboration went quite well. It was time consuming and tedious b/c we havent a clue what were doing, lol. If we were doing it again, Id definitely do it differently. The result is just fine, especially for $68. Theres a hitch tho b/c of DHs engineering changes to the frame, the legs arent strong enough. So DH is going to mount it on the wall and make something to complete the back side of the platform frame for our bed. Hopefully, this project will be completed this weekend.

Between chores, etc., I havent been able to get here. Also, Ive been babysitting my GN and will do so again on Friday. Im glad its the end of January and our project is almost complete. Im itching to get into my garden books in depth.

Thats it from me today. Carry on.

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My favorite Bob Seger tune is "Night Moves". I was in my early 20s when it came out and it cracked me right up. Now, years later, I understand the poignancy of it thinking of someone I loved now dead.

I never saw any concerts in the GaHden, but we regularly arrived at North Station on the Budd Liners. I attended many Ice Follies shows, Bruins games, and a performance of the Lipizzaner Stallions that mesmerized me. The helpmeet assures me that the men's room at the GaHden had a gutter in it... no urinals. LOL.

Weather is cold here; the golf course is a sea of ice, and the road unappealing.

I recovered 4 patio chairs today... a really easy, fast technique involving pleating at the corners. Tomorrow I will embark on the first phase of a very involved set of cushions for the cockpit of a very big sailboat (there are 7). All are closed cell foam (flotation foam), and that means there is no "give" in the foam... the covers either fit or they DON'T. My least favorite foam, but technically (professionally) the most rewarding... after the cold palms and nervous sweat. ;)

We have declared war on the electric bill. We have installed those outlet strips with the red shut offs at the major sites of electronics. NOW, when we're finished with an appliance it will be truly shut off... not permitted to act as a "vampire"... sucking juice to be there when we need it... "solid state" is an expensive "convenience".

I've not talked with my brother about Mum's "first day at school". The wicked part of me is secretly revelling in his discomfort and the subsequent relief that comes when you solve a problem.

Spencer was wild today... foolishly, I played with him and he "got me"! right down the center of my nose, lol. It bled like there was no tomorrow! I have a jagged scab to remind me of just precisely how fast a confined cat can be. ;)

No magenta... just coagulated burgundy.

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Hidy-ho everyone. Just a few quick notes tonight as some household chores are calling .

V , you have more stamina than I do ..I go to about 4 to 5 shows a year but nicely spaced out . This year is maybe Orlando in March, Las Vegas in August and again in Sept, Portland in August. Maybe Spokane in Sept. I always come home exhausted because one never gets enough sleep at these things .

Wendy thanks for bumping up Deannes driveway thread-I stumbled upon that a few weeks ago and then couldnt remember where it was. Very fun to look at !

PM , the daylily pic was a little misleading because I took it when the flower was fading so the color of the bloom is really much darker. If you go over to the daylily forum and look at some of the pics posted there you will be amazed at the incredible colors. There is one called Little Grapette that has similar coloration.

Honey thats a very handsome Dahlia pic and good for you on the headboard project. Pics soon right ?

Hi to everyone must run

Kathy in Napa

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Ei, Bob Seger did sing "Turn the Page" - those first blistering sax notes brought down the house - that is one of my faves too. Good luck with the job; when I was kid I wanted to be a librarian; I was a real bookworm and I spent a lot of time at the library. I still love libraries. Put a positive spin on your resume gaps, cite something like "independent study" or "creative projects".

Chelone, "Night Moves" is another great one - "I awoke last night to the sound of thunder - how far off I sat and wondered" that line just gives me chills. Took me a while to figure it out too. At the concert, he played "Horizontal Bob" and "Fire Down Below" back-to-back, an absolute stoke of genius. He said he had not played "Fire Down Below" yet on the tour, he was saving it for Boston. Almost all the music I like is "old", 60's and 70's mostly; and if I do buy a new release, it tends to be by an artist or band that has been around a long time. It still shocks me to hear songs that were popular when I was in high school on the "oldies" station, I do into denial mode "That song is not old", then I start counting back...oh well. LOL on the lobster races, I can remember my grandfather doing that on the kitchen floor. I don't mind cooking lobster, but I prefer them baked and stuffed and served to me in a restaurant.

Who is Adam and what have you done with prairiemoon2?! Seeing that old screen name gives me a chuckle - I think many of us were surprised when we met "Adam" at a plant swap and found out she was a woman! I agree that the new Garden is a definite improvement - I didn't see a single rat when I was there, and it was a bit cleaner. The view was great, but stadium seating at that height gives me a "top of the roller coaster" feeling - I'm not good with heights. DH still has a nostalgia for the old Garden, he has fond memories of his bachelor days and Bruins season tickets he had with his brother.

Taryn, nice to see you! Hope your boys and Glen are better soon and out of your hair. Seriously though, you are right that Glen shouldn't go back until he is really ready, the doc will surely agree with you. You have neighbors that raise buffalo?! That must be something to see; I've never seen a real one before. Love Gumby, and I remember HR too - especially the talking trees!

Sue, I meant to tell you that the outer banks is on my list of places to see someday. I've read books that are set there (Pat Conroy and Ann Rivers Siddons come to mind), and it sounds like a beautiful place. It will be a nice change from skiing - getting closer to a tropical destination!

Did I see V zoom through here clutching some great plants and a birdbath?

Been on here longer than I meant to, must see that things are together for the AM. Hi to all I've missed!


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Do not put eggs in your pockets. They fall out when you lean over. Fortunately Katie was nearby to clean up. What's interesting is that she won't eat the eggshells when I include them with her meal. But if they're on the floor they're high value treats. (Eggshells very good source of calcium for the pupcakes by the way.)

How many more days until Spring?

I was at Home Depot tonight returning something and they had their spring bulb display at the door. I was surprised to see lilies that looked just like Eden's pretty magenta ones, so I bought a few packages and they will probably

Hi everyone, stay warm! Cynthia

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Oh! Is that teasel with the snow cap GB? Whatever it is, your photo is stunning!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Clematis, Cynthia! ;-)

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Hi everyone

has anyone noticed the longer a family member has been gone, the harder it is to get back into a rhythm together? We're delighted DH is home but re-entry can be a little bumpy LOL! Even so, we had a fantastic dinner out after picking DH up from the airport at a restaurant that has its own Gluten Free pasta menu. To have a prepared pasta dish out is such a treat - Annie and I were in heaven.

Taryn - wow, 24/7 togetherness plus kids home! Talk about the other extreme. Do hope Glenn is on the mend.

Our evenings just became busier as Annie auditioned to be in the school musical of Peter Pan and has the part of Skully the pirate. The rehearsals are from 6-8.30 PM twice a week - instead of curling up by the fire I could be at the wheel of the car. Combined with the fact that Annie's violin lesson has been moved to an evening, and all David's activities I think night time will become the most hectic part of the day. I'm not really complaining as the children are getting to the age where many friends kids are dropping out of everything, feeling it's no longer cool to be involved. I think I need to get on the phone and arrange some car pooling.

Cynthia - I often toss an egg shell in Clousseau's bowl and he eats them with relish. Now, I'm still trying to imagine why you might have put the eggs in your pocket.....

Wendy - how cool to have seen Bob Seger. Are your evenings crazy too?

Ei - I agree, the library would be a great place to work. I know several Mom's who got jobs at ours after the kids were in school and just love it. Good luck!!

Sue - will you ski at all this year? Too bad you're not here to give Annie and David a lesson. We went to Bristol Mountain down in the finger lakes on Saturday and they had a blast. I was nervous watching from the base as they disappeared off up the chair lift but you should have seen David's excitemnet after his first run down. I had never seen Annie ski before either as she has only been with school and I was impressed by how competant she looked.
The last time I was at a down hill ski slope was in 1980's in the French Alps. I had a french boyfriend who did downhill ski racing and drove a Porsche. No regrets, just fond memories of a very different part of my life.

Martie - I love hearing all your plans for your garden and neighborhood kids. I must have missed it but did your brother enjoy his outing?

Hi Adam oops prairiemoon!! When I joined Gardenweb I really wanted to call myself by a flower but my favorites were all taken.

Haven't finished commenting but time has run out

have a great day everyone


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"the longer a family member has been gone, the harder it is to get back into a rhythm together"

Mary, absolutely!!!! I always am reminded of how difficult it must be for servicemen to return to their families after years away and find that they did very well thank you without the "boss" around.

As the Mom, I found it so much easier not having to agree with DH on everything first, also so nice to establish meal times and clean up without his hours needing to be considered.

That does not mean we weren't overjoyed to have him back though!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow, Honey you dont let any grass grow under your feet!! Thats fantastic, headboard done already and Ive seen headboards advertised that do mount on the wall, so youre just in style that way too. Cant wait to see some photos.

Ei Drema posted some terrific job advice on the other threat Think MAGENTA, woman you are a glowing, bright, talented, individual with a tremendous amount to offer an employer spin all the positives for yourself re the library you must love working with people (I just know youre fantastic that way), love helping people, etc. all Magenta qualities vibrating with life. "spotty work history" is said "family obligations" or other personal commitments you had to make... not anything else I bet even without knowing your history. And if it doesnt come about, try not to be depressed find something else close by and charm them!! Job hunting can be terribly demoralizing to even the best, brightest and most qualified of people all too many jobs are decided within the first 5 minutes of an interview Ive heard Ive even been to one once where within the first minute, I felt wow, is it something Im wearing or is there something on my teeth??? turned out the guy had been attracted to another woman earlier in the day and already made up his mind to hire her like why he didnt cancel my interview I dont know it was a total waste of time and I can only remember feeling like there was something extremely personal about me he disliked when it fact it was simply he no longer was looking. . . . Go figure... The politics of workplaces is another whole kettle of fish the phony ads, the insider versus outsider competitions, etc. . . . Its totally a mysterious & grueling process. But youre a strong woman you can conquer it! End of more unsolicited advice. . . . Magenta! [It seems youve got a tremendous lot on your plate too re family responsibilities you need more helpers!]

Okay, Cynthia eggs in ones pockets. . . . . coming from a hatchery or something? Are you raising chickens now too?

Im sure the rest of us are terribly envious of you tradeshow persons we know its not glamorous and terribly tiring but. . . . . I bet you get some good loot, as V has hinted at. . . . plantaholics here are envious. Those sounds like great places to go to, Kathy too bad Phila isnt on that list this year -- maybe you can work a client visit in anyhow in July? Hint, hint. . . .

Are there any of us who do not have clay soil to work ("drill") thru?? Taryn, your soil sounds just like mine clay, clay, and more rock. . . .

Re music ensembles (for IU) sounds like a wonderful idea I have no talent in that direction I would be happy to be a delighted audience however...

Mary you make me tired just thinking of all that schlepping -- but guess it will be fun type, right?

So where's T, Marian, Deanne, and others these days? Do you think everyone is hibernating til Spring?

--Cindy (considering hibernation herself)....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi, Cindy...Marian is getting snowed in..again, and still Googling and puzzling. :-)
I have treked up to the mailbox, and have carried in all the evening's firewood,so am settled down for the night.

BTW, did anyone else have difficulty getting this thread to load today? I finally gave up on it this morning, but it seems better this evening.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

An interesting idea in keeping with Taryn's and Ei's thoughts on the "Inconvenient Truth" film.
The gist of this message from a French environmental group *Les Amis de la Terre* is meant to bring attention to the climate change issue.
They ask that everyone turn off their power (lights/appliances,etc) from 5:55 to 6 pm (5 minutes) tomorrow (Thursday, Feb 1) in protest to urge governments to take more urgent action against energy wastage and hopefully decrease the impact of climate change.
This protest is to coincide with the release of the UN report on climate change tomorrow in Brussels.
It is hoped that the media will broadcast the 'lights off' event as it moves through each time zone around the earth to show the impact of global action. It's also hoped that this will make an impact on candidates in the upcoming elections in France & Canada, & elsewhere to encourage them to make a commitment for new environmental measures to deal with climate change impacts.
Here's the group's website:

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning :-)

Yes, I noticed after I posted the other day that Adam showed up again. Someone resurrected a two year old post on GW that the Adam user name was used for and I had just signed onto GW with that user name to respond to it, rather than confuse people then evidently headed here and posted still signed in under that user name. Nothing like spreading the confusion around. [g] Sorry about that!

I can't catch up at all this morning. I have been typing a lot lately and have triggered significant pain in my arms/hands that I have to get off and stay off the computer for awhile. I have chronic problems with my muscle/nerves and overuse is something I am always trying to avoid and not always very successfully. I am sure you can see what a problem that can be for someone who likes to type long emails. [g]

Have a good weekend and I hope to be back around next week sometime.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

But since I probably won't be back before the Magenta thread ends, here is my only possible magenta contribution. :-)

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Just plain good morning!

Ei: Here's another way to think of it: Our office was looking for a sales assistant. Someone who had some computer literacy, could politely answer a phone, could organize the many reports from five reps and a manager, order lunch for meetings, and generally be the balast in the sea during rock and roll sales days. We couldn't find a good one. Why? All overqualified. All wanting to "move up quickly." All not having any flexibility whatsoever in terms of what they would do day to day. Just yesterday a wonderful woman (we all met her, poor thing) was hired who had been out of the "formal" job market for 30 years. THAT'S what got her the job. No preconceived ideas, willingness to do just about anything, and a "mom" figure to us all. Sometimes Not knowing is just as good, if not better, than "knowing" anything!

Marie: Funny you should mention the lights out night. Kyle is in charge of it happening in his dorm and will undoubtedly call us at 6:50 as a reminder. The global community is getting ever smaller ....

Sue: You'll love North Carolina islands. So peaceful and largely unscathed. If you want action, and I mean real action, Myrtle Beach, SC isn't far away, but I'd stay in my chair with a good book just listening to the ocean :-)

Mary: Sounds like Annie and David are just great. Love the idea of a music night at IU4. Perhaps we could set up streaming??? Anyone have a camera with mike??? Still undecided in this corner ...

Chelone: Forgive my ignorance but having never lived closer than 40 miles to a large body of water, how can boat chair foam not squish? A friend whose dad just left her home after 4 years of caretaking went a different way to get home every night for two weeks just because she could and not worry about any extra minutes of "away." Your situation has prompted some talks with my parents. My mom still wants to be set adrift.

Lots of traveling today and snow predicted for this afternoon into tonight. Suppose I should find my car snow brush. LOL

Have a great day, everyone.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Martie, we keep a snow brush, yes, but also a shovel, cat litter and sleeping bags in the back of our car during winter months.

Nothing exciting here at the moment EXCEPT THAT IT IS FEBRUARY! That means that the month of cupid and chocolate has arrived!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Goodbye January! You are my least favorite month and I hardly noticed your passing this year. I guess that means it will be April soon.

Buried but reading,


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We recieved a good 2 inches of powdery snow. I have been out 'playing' in it. LOL ! I swept off the front porch and steps, took food to the birds, swept off the car (with a broom), shoveled.. then swept.. off the deck, and the utility room step ( rocks). There is no wind, and even tho it is right at 20F it felt good. I'm sure Nolon would have liked to have done it, but his breathing is a lot worse, and he is using his nebulizer about every 6 hours.
Since I was born and raised in a snowy area, I feel right at home in it.:-)
I am hoping I will not be pressed into having to drive Nolon to his doctor. I am terrified of driving on slick roads, even though I did so for years in my youth with no serious problems. I hope all who have to do so are VERY careful, and watch out for the other guy! On the Springfield MO. news this morning there was an 8 car pile-up due to the bad roads. Thankfully, no deaths, but at least one serious injury.

Martie, your 'hiring' story reminded me of my experience. In 1974 a good friend asked me to go to work at the store he managed, working with invoices. I said,"What are invoices?" He said," You are just what I want! " I had never worked as a bookkeeper, but that is what my job was. He didn't 'train' me, he just showed me what I was to do, then left me to do it! I loved it, and I guess I was pretty efficient because when the head manager from Montana came, he told me to slow down or I would work myself right out of a job! LOL ! In a way, he was a friend also, since he was a member of our faith.

Forgive me for not addressing everyone's posts. I seem to be at a loss to do so at this time. I do read you all, and enjoy hearing all your thoughts and news.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thanks everyone for the positive reinforcement about getting back out in the job market. I did work not that long ago for Dottys husband and it was a positive experience (they seemed to like my work and I liked working for them) but had to quit because the hours were so unpredictable and DH didnt like that I was working as a subcontractor (tax and benefit issues). I know that getting the job had a lot to do with being Dottys friend. And thats my real problem. I know that I am a capable, hard worker and take my work to heart, but because I never finished college and have such a spotty work record - I lack confidence when I apply for a job. I know how you present yourself at the interview makes all the difference, but when Im there in front of them, I get all panicky and start doubting myself. There are 3 positions open at the library right now. One is the head librarian's assistant (same position I applied for before). Interesting that they have gone through 2 HL assistants since I had applied for that job! Maybe I wouldnt have liked the position...LOL! The other position I was interested in is a Circulation Assistant. Maybe I will try for the C.A. rather than trying for the H.L.A. again....that is, if I get up the nerve to show my face there again! :-)

Cindy...I like the idea of being a Magenta! :-) Never thought of people in terms of colors. Im just being silly, I know, but it got me to thinking of people in terms of plants too! Hmm...Id like to say I would be a delphinium (tall, stately and dramatic) but Im probably more a forget me not; short and cheery, but maybe a bit too exuberant...LOL! BTW I hope you meant by "attracted" to the other lady you meant he was attracted to her credentials! If you meant it the way it sounds...geesh, that just wouldnt think that kind of archaic behavior goes on anymore! Well, you wouldnt have wanted to work for somebody like that anyway; right?!

Mary - I always love to hear about your wonderful albeit active family. You are right, it is wonderful that your kids still want to be involved in so many things. They are wonderful kids...keep encouraging them! One of my biggest up ballet. I took lessons from kindergarten up to my teens years and loved it. My sister (who is 10 years older than me) paid for my lessons the first few years. Lessons in those days were $1.50 a lesson, but still was a lot of my siss earning power and I am always amazed at how lucky I am to have had such a generous, kind sister. Once I was old enough (at the ripe old age of 9...LOL) I paid for it with my own babysitting money. I was the official babysitter of all my cousins and there were a lot of them! :-) When it was brought to my attention by some "friends" that it wasn't "cool" to go to ballet I quit. Not that I would have ever been a real ballerina (not a lot of call for 5 foot tall Still, I derived such enjoyment from it and when I think of that toned and disciplined body and how much I enjoyed being a part of the whole experience yes, I regret it...a lot! You made me LOL with the re-entry!

Oh Kathy, I meant to say...don't know if you figured out for sure which daylily you posted, but now that you say the color is faded in the pic, it *does* look like my Purple Rain. Mine is almost black it is so dark purple and I love the sheen of it. Ironic with the name purple rain...but I notice mine sometimes gets bleach spots. I guess from the sun hitting it after a rain...LOL! Being such a dark, dark color probably emphasize this. 'Little Grapette' is one of my favorite purple days and really like the smaller size of it. BTW, just wondering, how does the foliage behave on your daylilies? Just wondering if they behave differently in California. Not all - but a lot of my daylilies have to be cut back after flowering here or the foliage will flop. Was wondering if climate had any effect on that or if it is just the nature of some daylilies? Another purple daylily I bet you would like if you don't have it is 'Swirling Waters'...big (but not clumsy) flowers in a *gorgeous* shade of purple with a sparkling white line running through the center of each petal and a pretty chartreuse eye. I am not a photographer, so this pic of it is a little deceiving. It is more that purple color throughout the whole flower until it gets to the eye. Only the line running through the middle is white. I dont know why it looks so white in the center of the flower in this pic...probably the lighting.

Which reminds me Drema...was it you or Cindy (cant remember for sure now) who wanted a piece of Swirling Waters. Let me know, whoever it was and I will mail out a clump this spring. Maybe a very *big* clump if we actually sell this house...LOL! Bipolar ByGolly(s) are getting bigger and getting back to their real color now that they are getting more light! I just love them...thanks so much Drema! And thanks too for your words...I *did* take them to heart. Just have to remember to tell myself that over and over while Im on the interview...LOL!

Seeing Michelles gorgeous pic of her lovely purple geraniums reminded me how excited I am about combining them with your Bipolars....I think it will be a *beautiful* combination! thick did you cut your sweet potatoes? I made them much thicker this time and also brushed them lightly with olive oil. They took forever to dehydrate this time and weren't quite as done as the first time. Just wondering if I shouldn't have used the olive oil or if I cut them too thickly? Was excited to find that my dehydrator has a setting for flowers and crafts! :-) I will try to dehydrate some of my roses and peonies this year. I have some dehydrated peonies that I bought several years ago. They came smaller in size than fresh peonies, but I love the way they look, even now that they have faded to a beigey color....very antique looking!

LOL on the burgundy Chelone! Well, that's a lovely color too...except of course when it's oozing out of your skin...LOL! Hope it wasnt too serious of a cut.

Marian good to see you! I guess we are all just waiting for the spring to return. Right now I bet with all your beautiful houseplants its a sight cheerier in your house than it is outside! :-) So do you have some interesting facts to share about Idaho with us? I like to Google too...the internet is an *amazing* thing! I googled my full, real name the other day and was shocked to find more than a few hits! Thats a little scary and I dont think I like it. BTW...Im a big fan of that magenta Lychnis.

It does re-seed, but I too dont mind that at all. Love the fuzzy foliage contrast with the neon colored flowers! :-) Unfortunately some have decided to re-seed under my thorny Carefree Delight Rose...about 25 of them I would guess. I keep saying I will dig them out of there and move them somewhere more appropriate, but I shudder every time I think of getting under the rose....LOL!

Bug...I have made a big note to myself to remember "from 5:50 to 6:00". I will be participating! :-)

PM...sorry about the aching hands...hope you feel better soon.

Oh heres a pic of my Therese Bugnet for Taryn. Sorry, I could only find this pic. She was pretty young here, but does tend to stay shorter than a lot of the rugosas. Lovely fragrance too...just like a rugosa should! :-)

And heres my contribution to magenta or maybe just neon pinks! Warning to those with sensitive might want to get your darkest sunglasses on...LOL! Do I enjoy bright colors or what? :-)

Oops...more posts since I started writing this! LOL Sue! My sentiments exactly! Marian! :-) I get a kick out of thinking of you playing in the snow! :-) I hope Nolon feels better and that you won't have to go out today...stay warm and safe!

Just sitting here waiting for my cable company to show up. Oh and as I speak...he is just pulling up...gotta go!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Typo alert...meant 05:55 to 06:00!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh wanted to ask...does anybody have any luck with the Cornus alternifolias? Have any advice to share on growing them? Im tempted by C.A. Golden Shadows, but have a friend who tried to grow Cornus alternifolia Argentea with not much luck. Seemed to have a lot of problems with dying back, disease, etc.

Oh and has anyone seen the new neon magenta Echinaceas; like After Midnight or the rosey red Big Sky Twilight? Did you see them at the show V? If so, what do you think?

Okay, the cable guy is getting ready to turn off the cable, so I guess I better go...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ei - as we've said before, we must be flower soul mates... Im swooning over the Swirling Waters daylily photo [again] -- I know I was when I saw it in person too - it made my wish list & in fact I have not located it anywhere - so I'd love to have some pieces when you get around to dividing. 'Course I'd be happy to have slices of most anything in your Garden! So let me know & I'd love to have some - Yum! And yep, I have in fact ordered the Echinacea After Midnight - I was seduced...... I'll let you know how it turns out in reality. I really liked that Vintage Wine Echin. we saw being trialed at the CBG - in person, it was very dark raspberry (I managed to find at end of season last year at a local garden center - expensive - but a fool & her money....).

Interesting concept -- what would I like to be as a flower or plant? the Reality vs Fantasy thing would be an issue too for me. Gotta think what I'd WISH to be (something exotic from Heronswood's collection no doubt)... suspect I'd be seen more as some ordinary workhorse zinnia or something [worse yet, a weed, yikes], ha!

Re job interviewing - having done much of it over the many years of working, but being shy to begin with, I've learned that it pays to "pretend" the part -- in fact, maybe you need a little role playing w/someone - if you've ever done any acting, that's pretty much what you have to do - work on projecting & pretending confidence and enthusiasm -- I suspect it's somewhat similar to "psyching" that athletes have to put themselves thru before competitions -- but just know there are lots of weird folks out there doing the interviewing and be prepared for anything!

Michelle - I dont know if I said before, but I thought your container combos are exquisite!

okay, back to work... drawn in by the offer of Swirling Water.


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Shouldn't that be 'sucked in' by swirling waters? Ahh. Ei, you have to blanch the sweet potatoes in the microwave before dehydrating them. I cheated and read the manual that came with the dehydrator. It said that the microwave is the best way to blanch. I'm still experimenting with this whole concept. The dogs are happy, but I haven't matched the chewiness of the genuine Sam's Yams yet so will keep at it.

How many days until Spring? I want spring back.

The eggs in pocket - that's because I don't have a kitchenette in the dog's basement apartment.... yet, so I was carrying two bowls of raw chickie in hands and eggs in pockets to add to Monty's kibble. His kibble is kept in their room. At first I was thinking a door in the wall to the bathroom down there, with a kitchen sink added; now I'm thinking a counter with cabinets and refrigerator and put the sink in the counter so could skip the door to bathroom. It would be like an in-law apartment. Could even put a handicapped tub in bathroom for doggie baths.

Ei, Library work sounds lovely! Keep applying, someone will recognize your value. I'm in the process of splitting my job in half with a fellow I've known and worked with off and on for over 20 years. (I won't get into why I've been so overloaded.) Anyway, I'm sure there were a ton of people qualified on paper for his job. Didn't matter. I know what he knows well, and I know what he doesn't know. And most importantly I know he can THINK and learn and take initiative. Show them you can think and learn and take initiative. Have you ever thought of volunteering at the library? That would show them your value and you'd be first in line for the next opening :-)

North Carolina? Plant Delights visit while you're there! My OLDER sister wants to go to Florida (I'm supposed to go too) in a couple of years when she turns 60. I wonder if I could trick her into going to NC instead. She's never been to Florida, so a beach and warm weather, who'd know?

Chelone, your experiencing what it's like when the kids go away to college or move out permanently. It takes a while to take advantage of the new way of life, and you vascillate between worry and exuberance that you're free at last!

I need a glass of antioxidents on a week-night.

Ciao, Cynthia

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Platters - Twilight time

Heavenly shades of night are falling, its twilight time
Out of the mist your voice is calling, its twilight time
When purple-colored curtains mark the end of day
Ill hear you, my dear, at twilight time
Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done
Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun
I count the moments darling till youre here with me
Together at last at twilight time

Here, in the afterglow of day...
we keep our rendezvous...
beneath the blue
Here in the same and sweet old way
I fall in love again...
As I did then

Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
Together at last at twilight time

Here, in the afterglow of day...
we keep our rendezvous...
beneath the blue
Here in the sweet and same old way
I fall in love again
As I did then

Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me with dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
Together at last at twilight time
Together at last at twilight time

I just got back a bit ago from dropping off some homemade Beef Barley Soup to mom. The drive home was so pleasant...just me and Scouty in the car. The sky was just beginning to darken, but there was a magical lightness to it that reminded me of the song above and now I know what twilight time truly wonder they sing songs about it! :-) The clouds were silver and almost transparent. I could see the moon behind a set of fluffy silver lined clouds and in an instant the moon rose above happened so quickly I thought at first I imagined it! In the car this Dan Folgeburg song was playing:

There's a song in the heart
Of a woman
That only the truest of loves
Can release
There's a song in the heart
Of a woman
Set it free
Oh, set it free
Set it free
Oh, set it free
Set it free
Oh, set it free
There's a light in the depths
Of your darkness
There's a calm at the eye
Of every storm
There's a light in the depths
Of your darkness
Let is shine
Oh, let it shine
Let is shine
Oh, let it shine
Let is shine
Oh, let it shine
Let it Shine

Those moments of true peace seem to get farther and farther away these days, so maybe thats why I just let the song take me away...

I couldnt help but wish that I could pull a Groundhog Day and pop each one of you Idylls into my car, one at a time, and play that moment over and over again so I could share it with all of you! :-)

LOL Cynthia, guess I should have read the directions...huh? Im notorious for just "having at it" and never reading directions. Sometimes my system works, but lots of times as you see now, it doesnt. So blanching it will be! :-)

Chelone I dont think anyone could give a better comparison than Cynthia just did and I imagine thats *exactly* how it feels. I do understand the responsibility and love (that sometimes makes you feel guilty) that you have for your mother. But, be are a wonderful daughter and have done so much to make your moms days you deserve to have sunny days too...if *spring* ever comes! :-)

Cindy...I thought it was you, but I wasnt absolutely, positively sure. Happy to share with you; anytime! Youll have to tell me all about After Midnight...maybe add some pics here when its blooming? I dont know if you are a Zinnia, I kind of see you as a rose - a soft, gentle, blushing David Austin rose, like my Sweet Juliet. But hey, theres nothing wrong with being a Zinnia either...I *love* zinnias! Your post reminded me of one of my favorite passages from Katherine S. Whites book Onward and Upward in the Garden. A great old time of my favorites to read over and over...just for the entertainment value. She also happens to be the wife of one of my favorite writers; E.B. White. Here we go:

Perhaps my unhappiest moment was the discovery in several catalogues of a combination of dwarfism and giantism in the person of "Miss Universe, a brand new idea in Zinnias. She has stems only two feet high and flowers seven inches across." Poor Miss Universe! She reminds me of my own plight as a girl. I was short, with a great knot of hair at the back of my head. I had not particularly worried about my appearance though, until an old friend of the family said to me, "I suppose you realize, my dear, that your hair is a deformity." Remembering how I felt, I suggest that we do not deform the flowers or, for that matter, dwarf the princesses. LOL! Isnt she a hoot?

Well, I best be going...Ive got a juicy mystery novel that I cant wait to get back to...TTYL!

P.S. Bug I was right on schedule. Let me know if you hear the results of the protest. I would love to hear how it all went.

Good Night All! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

P.S. I guess I should have explained that Katherine was talking about here dislike for the trend (back in 1959) of dwarfing and/or making giants out of plants. She was discussing, in particular, about her displeasure with a Salipiglossis called "Dwarf Princess"...hence "dwarfing the princesses" at the end of the passage I posted. Good Night now! :-)

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Already Thursday ! How did that happen ?

PM , bummer about your hand and arm pain. Frustrating when ones body does not cooperate with ones mind.

Marian, boy , Im not sure I can relate to 20F feeling good ! Fingers crossed here that you dont have to venture out in bad weather driving wise.

Ei, I looked again at my daylily pic and think it was actually Bela Lugosi based on the plants behind it. Purple Rain and Bela were pretty similar, though Bela was darker and the flowers were a bit larger. What I really liked about Purple Rain though is that it re-bloomed heavily in October. Love that Swirling Waters ! There is one on the Daylily Auction, but the pic is really bad.
I have not experienced floppy foliage here after bloom, though some of them look a little ratty. I usually trim off the really crummy stuff, and cut off the bloomed out scapes too. I have only started growing them in the last two years though, and have added many many plants this fall and winter so I should have some better observations this year !
I just love Therese Bugnet , wish I had a spot for her. I hope you will pursue your dream of working at the library ! I have interviewed and hired quite a few people over the years, and one of my best employees did not interview well at all- I never regretted hiring her though. I would think that your persistence in continuing to apply there would be in your favor. I once interviewed 6 people for one position, and they were all very qualified-it was difficult to choose. My point here is that just because you didnt get the job does not meant that you were an inferior candidate. Sometimes when there are many good applicants you just have to toss a coin. Maybe you should apply for a couple of jobs you dont really want just to hone up your interview skills ! And Cynthias idea of volunteering is a great one ! My BIL volunteered at the Mendocino County food bank, and he was an employee within about three months.

Yesterday I got one of my mail order roses-Lady Emma Hamilton which is new introduction here in the US from David Austin , and available only from his nursery in Texas. I have one more backorder outstanding , and that will be it for roses this year. Well maybe, I do have one more possible spot, which I will leave open for an impulse purchase.

Ok , Im outta here, but need to offer a little magenta first !

Kathy in Napa

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Still not much worth sharing going on around here. Work, workout, eat, sleep.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Signing in, but same old same old in this part of the world.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

by John Greenleaf Whittier

'Tis the noon of the spring-time, yet never a bird
In the wind-shaked elm or the maple is heard;
For green meadow-grasses wide levels of snow,
And blowing of drifts where the crocus should blow;

Where wind-flower and violet, amber and white;
On south-sloping brooksides should smile in the light,
O'er the cold winter-beds of their late-waking roots
The frosty flake eddies, the ice crystal shoots;

And, longing for light, under wind-driven heaps,
Round the boles of the pine-wood the ground-laurel creeps,
Unkissed of the sunshine, unbaptized of showers,
With buds scarcely swelled, which should burst into flowers!

We wait for thy coming, sweet wind of the south!
For the touch of thy light wings, the kiss of thy mouth;

For the yearly evangel thou bearest from God,
Resurrection and life to the graves of the sod!

Up our long river-valley, for days, have not ceased
The wail and the shriek of the bitter northeast,-
Raw and chill, as if winnowed through ices and snow,
All the way from the land of the wild Esquimau,-
Until all our dreams of the land of the blest,
Like that red hunter's, turn to the sunny southwest.

O soul of the spring-time, its light and its breath,
Bring warmth to this coldness, bring life to this death;
Renew the great miracle; let us behold
The stone from the mouth of the sepulchre rolled,
And Nature, like Lazarus, rise, as of old!

Let our faith, which in darkness and coldness has lain,
Revive with the warmth and the brightness again,
And in blooming of flower and budding of tree
The symbols and types of our destiny see;

The life of the spring-time, the life of the whole,
And, as sun to the sleeping earth, love to the soul!

I hope the spring comes soon for all! My fondest thoughts and best wishes...Ei

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Well, I had hopes of going to a birthday/retirement party for my aunt tomorrow night. She is going to have an Elvis impersonator, and I have never seen one. I think he is charging her upwards of $300, so he must be a good one. She lives about 1 ½ hours away, and I was really looking forward to it. Just for something fun and different to do in the middle of the winter. But, Skip is sick, he has had a terrible cough in his chest, and the heater fan on the more reliable car is only working sporadically. I thought I might catch a ride with other family members, but two groups are spending the night, and the other person has two car seats so I guess I will have to pass on seeing Elvis Maybe I will just get a movie, and hang out by the woodburner with cocoa That sounds good too. In other news, my son is moving into his first apt this weekend. He is 24, and ever since his YOUNGER sister got married this summer I think he has been putting pressure on himself to leave the nest. I hope it all works out for him. The apt is about an hour from our house, and he will be sharing with two room mates. He is getting excited. I am going to go out and buy him some basics, a couple of pots, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. When you start from scratch, it can add up quickly

Ei, I love Whittier, but havent thought of his poems for awhile. Thanks for reminding me. Swirling Waters is gorgeous, and if I had noticed it this summer, I would have asked, but it must have been Cindy. The colors are very vibrant. I will say that I ordered a Sweet Bess from Pickering, to be delivered this spring, because I fell in love with yours. Sometimes a picture just doesnt do a plant justice, I think. Can you possibly tell me which David Russell CDs you would most recommend? I can buy two.

Martie- Do you grow the Camellias under lights? They are pretty.

Bug, your wintery pics were really cool! How cold is it up there?

Mary, I know exactly what you mean about the readjustment. My DH has been sort of off the road for about 6 months, and it was definitely different than we had thought it would be. I think we have figured it out now. You do such nice things with your family. Lucky kids.

Eden, hows the painting going? Are you finished yet? If I can get my house clean enough, I might post a picture. Have to try to find some so I can post before and after.

PM, thanks for posting the Jade pic. Someone at work gave me a little tiny one of those, so now I know what it will look like.

Kathy, nice sunset..

Marian, is it still snowing?

V- good to hear from you... hope others have a minute to stop in too...

Okay, must run..


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Hello everyone

I sense a major case of the doldrums here on the Idylls that even the magenta photos didn't manage to perk up. Hope dreaming of gardens, grandbabies or vacations helps cheer the spirit.

Kathy - that sunrise/set is just gorgeous - just what we need here!

And a beautiful poem Ei!

Ei - ditto to everyone's good advice with applying to the library. One of your amazing attributes (that would blow any employer away) is the fact that you ran a successful business. I'm in awe of that and it would be a great discussion point at any interview. I also agree whole heartedly about volunteering (if your literacy work leaves you the time). That way the library could discover what a wonderful, fun, smart, compassionate and hard working person you are.

Hi Marian - how high is your snow now?

Cynthia - which annuals are you doing from seed this year? I'm down to about 10 varieties but my resolve might weaken.

I'd like to dally here longer but a busy week is finishing up and I promised David he could ski at our local park. 4th Graders here in NY can get a passport to ski for free at any NY Ski resort which is a fantastic deal. We've been checking out all sorts of possiblilies for February break but tonight its the bunny hill just a mile away. It has the advantage for me that I can watch from the car if I get cold, listening to NPR.

Time to bundle up


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Just a quick pop in to show you all something I thought was just the cutest thing. A salt bucket and pepper shaker from Smith & Hawken especially for gardeners...

Time for dinner but I'll try to get back sometime this weekend. Update: the room is painted but we're still working on building the shelves.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Ordered one of Eden's cocoa makers. No matter what Wiarton Willy saw today, I KNOW winter will be lasting quite some time longer.

But to keep on with the colour theme, here's a shot from last April 15th:

Enjoy your weekend and keep warm! Here it is supposed to be 1F tonight. :-(

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi ! No more snow, but no thawing either, and none in the long range forecast ( This is 'global warming? )
Thank goodness for a wood shed full of wood. We will continue to be warm if nothing bends or breaks. :-)

Marie, they have taken the single F digits out of our forecast....just lows in the teens now. I presume you have thermostatically controlled heat ?

I am enjoying my googling, and the indoor flowers. :-)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oooh, Eden I like that salt and pepper set. I may just have to get me one of those.

Hey, it's finally snowing here. We're supposed to get a whopping 1-2", doubling our snowfall accumulations for the winter so far. According to those in the know we're a still a couple of feet behind last year a shame. At any rate, it makes for a good wine night. Looks like we're going to get the January cold next week. Bring it on! In 5 or 6 weeks the Iris reticulata will be blooming here.

Zoe turned 9 this week. Lately she's been acting much younger than usual. I can't figure it out. Her bad knee has been bothering her and she's occasionally limping and missing stairs and furniture when she jumps but it doesn't seem to be fazing her at all. Every time I turn around she's running around the yard or chasing Nick. Maybe she's getting senile. lol

Mary, we haven't skied yet this year. We were going to go last Sunday but I just couldn't drag my butt out of bed at 5 AM for the two and a half hour drive. This Sunday is supposed to be windy and cold. What are the chances? If your answer is slim to none you would be right. Too bad you weren't closer. Tom used to be a ski instructor and is good at giving out helpful tips.

Hey Ei, if you can do accounts payable and want to relocate to CT I have a job for you.

Cynthia, thanks for reminding me that PDN is in NC. Tom wasn't as thrilled as I was to get that news. I still haven't convinced him that driving to NC and then all around the state would be a great adventure that I think it will be but I still have time. Something tells me that the selling point will be me doing most of the driving.

I called my dad in FL the other night for his BD (he shares the day with his granddaughter, Zoe) and promised him we would try to sneak down for a long weekend in February or March. They moved down to FL almost 5 years ago and I haven't seen them since so perhaps the time has come. I'm just not a FL fan and if I go I truly will have to sneak because if my mom finds out I was down there and didn't go visit her, I'll never hear the end of it. My parents have been divorced for almost 30 years and there are still issues.

Well, no magenta but here's a picture in keeping with the spring theme.

Time for a wine refill. TGIFN!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


P.S. Which colour do you think is closest to magenta?

P.P.S. Just figured out if I stop the thread from loading as soon as the document part is loaded I can get to the end in about 1 minute, as opposed to 15!

P.P.S. Okay, I admit it, I'm bored, lol

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

I'm setting up grow lights today. :) What are YOU doing?

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Morning! It's Saturday! And a cold one.

Mary, I went seed shopping last Sunday night :-) That was a day I couldn't seem to accomplish anything so I did the lazy thing and ordered seeds. But nothing exotic or exciting, just old favorites I can't do without, like Ageratum blue horizon. It's drought proof, flood proof, everything proof and doesn't look like an ageratum. It's a two foot floaty blue filler. The only place I've been able to find the seeds for the last 3 years is Burpee. I ordered my Zinnias from Burpee too, just to justify the postage fee they charge. For those who liked the short potted grass in my brug picture from a couple of weeks ago, Park's has the seeds (Melinis nerviglumis). And it will self seed in it's pot or the neighboring pot each year. The Centauria Montana have not been self seeding the last few years so I decided I'd start some more so that I could have them where I want them.

I had a $10 coupon for T&M, so ordered my impatiens seed and Nicotiana 'Perfume Purple', and seed for an erodium which I lost a few winters ago and had really liked. The N. Perfume Purple that I grew last year didn't have much scent, but the color was terrific. It's a short nicki.I also ordered a couple of plants from Bluestone and Select Seeds.

I have a feeling that if I don't get going this morning, I'll waste the entire day. First action will be to go up to the attic and find some cord to hang: Fairy Dust Balls

I was at Gardiner's Supply to buy new self watering window boxes that are just a bit deeper and wider and definitely sturdier than the ones I have now. I'd been looking at the Fairy balls for a couple of years and decided it was time to buy just one set as a present :-) They're much larger than I expected. Think they'll hang in sunroom windows for now.

Have a good week-end everyone! I'm going to pick a dog and go to an open house for a few hours. Dog of the day will probably be Monty since I eliminated him from the 'long walk' yesterday on account of the cold and rain mixed with sleet mixed with snow that was falling yesterday. It all amounted to a slippery surface, but once again no accumulation. I'm liking this winter!


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Not yet, Taryn. An amazing thing last night brought Magenta into my life in a brand new way. Couldn't get the camera to capture it:

Like Sue said, it snowed -- just enough to provide a blanket for the arctic air enroute. When the sky cleared at about 10p, it really cleared. Combine that with the nearly full moon and the snow was glowing a soft yellow (Twilight, Ei???). Anyway, all of a sudden a cloud crossed the moon and everything turned rosy. It was sensational to the point that I woke Rich from a sound sleep to look. It only lasted a few minutes (long enough to realize the camera wouldn't "get it"). Nothing I've seen before. Anyone else?

Turned off the lights as promised. Didn't turn them back on at 6, though, since we kinda liked it dark and quiet ;-)

Very Good News: Rich is going to two appts today and one is to sign plans for a 3-month job. He went to see these people 9 months ago (just like a pregnancy!!!) and they needed to pull a few more $$ together to get what they wanted. Right in time, as always. Sometimes wonder who the heck am I to worry?????

Sue: Another Tom in NC trick: Go to the Smoky Mountains. Yes, they are on the opposite side of the state from the ocean but since you're driving, you could take a wrong turn on the way down and end up in the most stunning mountains. Go five hours to the east and you're at the outer banks. Plants Delight will be a must. I had the privilege to go to a workshop there several years ago, and even then before they were "famous" it was an amazing experience.

In the neverending saga of where Will Kyle Be Next Year, it's still England but not for the year. He worked a deal with the Economics Department at Lancashire (UK School #1) and they will afford him his minor AND access to the 1500's original documents. He's beside himself with joy. We're still going to try for the Holiday swing, provided he'll be in Europe somewhere. Someone important from Japan actually called here during the week to try and talk me into talking Kyle into going there. Japan is "out" for now (give it a few days) but he's working on a tuition-free Masters with them. My Mom put it best: "Good experience for when he can negotiate to save the world."

Thinking a lot about you, Chelone, and knowing that the reality of everything that's happened over the last month must be really sinking in. Sounds like you're doing wonderfully.

Thinking of everyone, actually, and how much fun it will be to share my garden work in progress this year with folks who understand what I'm talking about.

Love that Centurea, Cynthia!! I, too, have always had Zinnias in the garden -- my grandmother trialed for Burpee in the '50's and they were her specialty. Simple, special plants.

Find room for Therese, Kathy. Put it somewhere that it gets beaten on. I have two from HD pity pile that started as a 6" stick with roots and they are flourishing. Gotta love a rose like that in Z6.

Have decided to celebrate the snow by doing a roast pork with good bones on the grill. Must run and actually get it and fill the propane tank. Got a call from the Agway where tank gets filled and the first of their summer bulbs are in. Oh, Shucks, could it be collusion??!! :-)

Deanne - Given above, still looking forward to your recommendation for a creamsicle Dahlia. Love everyone elses, too and may have to do a blend.
\ Everyone have a sparkling day.
Best - Martie

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Taryn, LOL, have another cup! I know what you mean, it has been slow around here. The pictures do slow down the threads, we used to have dial-up at work and I couldn't believe the difference. What will you be growing under your lights?

I haven't ordered any seeds yet, but my lights have been going since October, trying to overwinter some cuttings and other stuff I took in. Everything is surviving at least. I've been cruising the Proven Winners website, eyeing some of the new coleus, and the Gaelic series of pulmonaria.

I've made the pancakes, done 2 loads of laundry, showered, read for a while, and I'm now debating the virtues of cleaning vs. making chocolate chip cookies (DD has been begging for them). I also may try to scrape the inch or so of frozen slush off the driveway - DH would be really surprised when he comes home!

Sue, Tom sounds like my DH re: the driving vacation. My grandparents drove across the country several times (without kids though), and that is something I'd love to do, but DH gets really cranky if he has to drive for much more than a few hours at a time. He doesn't like it when I drive either, I catch him trying to use the driver's ed brake! He actually knew me when I didn't know how to drive; he tried to take me driving in the cemetery to learn, but his heart couldn't take it. He convinced me to take lessons from a driving school so I could get my license. I think it takes a certain kind of temperament to be a driving instructor.

Eden, that salt-and-pepper set is pretty. I couldn't use it though, we don't even keep a salt shaker on the table because DS tends to get carried away. I hate to think what he could do with that little shovel!

Kathy, beautiful sunset (or is it a sunrise?) The colors of the sky amaze me.

Enjoy the day everyone!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! Here is a representative sample of the snow we received last night. After it fell, the temps dropped an it froze so we now have an inch or so of crust over everything. Pretty, but I could do without much more of it. My walk this afternoon could prove to be a challenge between the cold and wind and slippery sidewalks.

Martie, the reason we're going to NC is to stay at my cousin's place in the Outer Banks. She gave it to my mom to use the last week in April. I was planning to add the Biltmore Estate in Asheville and my co-workers new house in the western hills to the itinerary. Plant Delights could keep us hopping. Tom absolutely hates driving any more than a couple of hours and is resisting this plan. One of my brothers and his wife are driving from the Boston area and offered to pick us up. Tom wasn't even thrilled with that idea. I would prefer to have my own car so we could do our own thing. I don't want to be locked into flight reservations and a rental car either. Plus, with the way the airlines work these days you would probably spend at least 6 hours or more dicking around in airports and on planes before getting anywhere. The driving thing just seems like more fun to me and something we don't usually do.
Oh well, we'll see.

I don't have much on the agenda today. Tom has a to-do list and has added a stop at the fish market. Tonight seems like a good night for swordfish on the grill. Maybe I'll run over to Smith and Hawken and check out the salt and pepper shakers. The same shopping center has a Chico's and I have a coupon burning a hole in my



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Yes, Marian! I have had a terrible time getting this site to load over the past few days. I've gotten "page cannot be displayed" many times and simply haven't had the time to wait around to try again.

We received a dusting of snow last night (2-3") and it's really windy today. A harbinger of the arctic blast destined to arrive for the coming week, no doubt. In preparation, we allowed the stove to get cold and removed the accumulated ashes. I uncovered an abandonned mouse nest in the woodpile this morning. I haven't decided if they were brave or really stupid to attempt it, or if they were part of the string of dead mice that appeared next to the door some weeks ago... .

Ei., good luck with the job hunt. It's been a long time since I've interviewed for a position that wasn't directly related to my skill/trade, but I do recall vividly being asked this question: "Soo... tell me about yourself"! So there are "gaps" in your "work history"? So what? it's what you did with that time that really counts. And there's nothing wrong with simply saying, "I don't know how to do that yet. I can learn.". Don't let an interviewer intimidate you; remember, you're interviewing them, too! Reapply for the position that has already seen two casualties. The worst they'll say to you is, "No." and they've already done that. The position remains unfilled, too! :)

Martie, there are basically 3 types of foam. There is the "usual" kind found in sofa cushions. It varies in density, and it will absorb water since it's basically a sponge available in different densities. There is "reticulated" foam. This has a very "open" structure and if your pour water on top of it it will run right through it (ideal for outdoor furniture). Lastly, there is "closed cell foam". This is very dense (it floats) and resists water infiltration to the cells (they're "closed"). This is a standard for quality cockpit cushions on boats, and also in life jackets. Its structure makes it very dense, therefore, "harder" to sit on; it lacks "squishibility". It's harder to make covers for too.

I kicked my weekend off with an early Friday morning doctor's app't., the routine kind to which we all so look forward. ;) Next week it's mammogram time, and an eye exam. The "middle age" thing is starting to manifest itself with my vision. My "burgundy" blaze is shrinking, but it still looks sort of silly... my "dumb badge" ;

We enjoyed a late lunch and matinee yesterday. We saw "Dreamgirls" and it was the first time I've ever experienced "stadium seating" (it was nice!). We weren't that impressed by the movie, though. There were some very good performances and costumes, but we agreed there was nothing in the characters' personalities that made either of us really "care about them". We found the movie "long". And the music so-so. The jewel though, was a DVD purchase: "Little Miss Sunshine"!! We laughed and laughed through that one. Marian: it's a GREAT story about family with some frank language about sex and drugs. I think you would enjoy it. It's very, very funny.

I am not wild about Magenta, but I have a tree peony that has pretty flowers about that color. My picture files are such a mess I'll never find it. Your lovely combinations, though, have me thinking about it differently.

I have to say, I'm rather enjoying the winter, I was sorry the snow fell at night. The house is warm, filled with light from sunup to sundown, and its nice to "have it back". It's 11 AM and I'm still in my jammies and about to start the laundry. There isn't anything else I "have to get done before I start..." . I'm not freaked about by a messy desk, any more. I'm thinking it will be fun to clean it up! It's been a long time since I've felt that way and that's why I empathize with those experiencing "confinement" of any sort.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine too Chelone. Yes, it is about family, in the best way. We of course were very fond of the Volkswagon too, having lived with several of them over the years.

Just back from haircut time. It is a beautiful cold sunny day, but we have windchill warnings...something I've not seen before...with wind temperatures going down down down to -25F through next week. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Knitting by the fire sounds great!

Planning a trip to Toronto for a few days with old friends. One will be 87 on the 15th, just got 2 new hips and no longer has back troubles as a result. She's so happy with her health. She's still an active gardener too. :-)

Time to make some lunch. DH deserves a bit of pampering because he did the trip to the dump and post office this morning, sending fun books to DD, DSIL and DGS for valentine's day. By the way, the puzzles for DGS arrived yesterday, but will have to wait until next week when he returns from his Mom's place. DD wanted to open the box but I said NO! It was not addressed to her. The fun is in opening a mystery box after all, don't you agree?


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Think this might be post 100 here...unless someone zooms in front of me ! We're expecting temps of nealy 70F this weekend.Crazy, and still no rain. We're experienceing thirty pluss degree swings between day and night temps.

Tayrn, I select post number four as the most magenta-ish !

That was a sunset pic for those who asked-can't take credit for it as DS was the photographer on that one !

Cynthis, I grow Blue Horizon Ageratum too, though I take the lazy way out and buy it in six-packs !I love to use it as a filler in bouquets, and it's such a nice height in the garden.

Hello hello to all others, enjoy your Saturday, I'm heading out to the garden...

Kathy in Napa

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Well... it has been sluggish here today. Or else you're all out doing incredibly interesting things. I'm envious if it was the latter. Me? I dubbed around the house all day long. Laundry, kitchen clean up, some DVD viewing, some reading, a late lunch/early supper, some napping. :)

I cleaned the snow off the deck early, knowing Old Sol would do his magic. The cats were thrilled to have a dry observatory and even went up the ladder to cruise around on the roof. It was a lovely day and we left the door to the deck cracked for them most of the day, a nice way to air out the house, too.

The helpmeet saw the code enforcement officer yesterday and it looks as though we will be issued a permit for the garage. The site will present some difficulties (redirecting drainage and eliminating a pretty "wild" barrier area for the road), but also some exciting possibilities, too: relocation of the driveway entrance, burial of electricity and telephone lines, and the introduction of a shrub border between the road and our home. For now, though, it will be one step at a time.

How did you know that "Twilight Time" is my favorite Platters song, Ei.?! ("Sixteen Tons" is a close second, also the standard, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"). The drive to and from work was (REMAINS, actually) some of my favorite time alone. There aren't that many ways to "get there from here", but all are scenic and I enjoy them in a careful rotation. I even get resentful when people "tailgate" me, pulling over and slowing down to let them pass, lol. I get some of my "best thinkin'" done in the car, and I'm sure you do, too! (I like taking Rex with me, too... I'm used to a chilly car, open windows, noseprints, doghair, etc.). And there is a leash and water bowl alongside the jumper cables. ;)

I love driving vacations, but it did take the helpmeet some time to get into the swing, Sue (too many years "on the road" with the band)! I like to drive (I'm cool w/ driving to Philly alone). He doesn't mind being a passenger/navigator, and we "take the scenic route", allowing enough time to get there with frequent stops to "look at things" or replenish what my father used to call, "emergency rations" (snacks feature prominently for him). We like to see historic buildings/sites/battlefields or things that are particular to a given region; nature preserves, for example. Some of our best vacations have been "roadtrips"... like the 125th anniversary celebration of Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, complete with hundreds of reenactors! Give him some time, plan some fun stops for him, and he'll come around.

I know I've missed so much (even at the snail's pace of this thread, lol), but I know I've missed Eden's "after" pictures... HINT.

OK, so I'm dragging this thread out... help me, please... someone?

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Just want to say Thank You! I really enjoyed all the beautiful pictures - love magenta color!!!

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