Quote 31 January 2012

lilosophieJanuary 31, 2012

Beliefs can speed you up or slow you down, they can inspire, bring insights or can be shackles. The mental closet is cluttered with them; they clump up in little balls and make huge constructs, if left on their own.

Since they are the construct of my life, I think it is well worth organizing, examining and keeping only the ones I can relate to, altering, updating and discarding the ones no longer useful.


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We diligently clean out our closets and kitchen cabinets or at least attempt to do so a couple of times a year, but our internal storage does not get the same treatment. Thanks for reminding us that the later is more necessary than the clutter in the junkdrawer.

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Lilo, your wisdom is showing. Great quote and thought; wish I could practice it a little more.

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