After Dinner at Joann's (a poem)

lilosophieJanuary 11, 2013

Walking home
Gussie and I
Familiar path
Cold and dark
Of the moon

Barely illuminates
Familiar unfamiliar
Cat�s eyes
Glow in the dark

Some shots reverberate
In the hills
Gun-shy dog
Sticks to my side
Wanting protection

We reach home
Enter warm room
Gussie finds safety
Under the desk
Her comfort place

All is as it should be
On a winter�s night

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You managed to take us all on that walk.


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I'm glad Gussie stayed by your side, rather than running off to see what was happening. Hugs to Gussie and you, too, Lilo. :>)

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You two stay warm

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In the low 30's here the next few nights. Dress warmly for those walks.

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Yes, I can identify with your poem. Well done.

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Great one! It's so Lilo et al. My most recent one is of spring memories (soft spring rains and pink petals blowing). Or wishes. Dunno which! See how you live in the moment? It's nice. You are my "today aspiration".

    Bookmark   January 14, 2013 at 1:14PM
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