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calliope(6)January 25, 2011

"It's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it."

Julia Child

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She sure was one of a kind wasnt she? I miss her. I was watching one of her old shows last week and the contrast between her messy counter with flour everwhere and cream splashed out of the bowl when she dumped it in made me laugh. Today the tv chefs have teeny little bowls for the salt,pepper and whatever other ingredients are going to be used and everything is just so beautiful from the mixing spoons to the colanders. All them have the ability to cook but today's tv is so different. I learned a new word too...tablescape. That's what we used to call table decorations. Good quote Suzy.

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Miss her. Steve in Baltimore County

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She was us. Who has not had mishaps and I don't think our kitchen counters looked like they came out of a showroom either. Loved her show.

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Quite a few years back there was a "Great Chefs" show, but not on the Food Channel, think it was on PBS, and each chef had his own style - more like Julia's style, and his own pots and other equipment - many had old, beat up pans and knives that had cut a lot of stuff. Now there is "product placement" and all the cook-ware is new and "high end", but it's not the equipment, it's what you put in it, that counts.

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I was watching a PBS show a few weeks ago that showed the preparations Buckingham Palace was making for some visiting dignitary. They went down in the kitchen and some of the pots that are used in the cooking today are the same ones that were used several hundred years ago.They were big old gorgeous copper pots.

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When I was first married, it was very different than what is expected today. We were struggling students and lived in a flat over a course of parking stalls to an apartment building my husband managed in exchange for our rent. Most of the tenants were precious elderly ladies who had professions (in those days that meant spinsters) or were widowed.

Nearly all of my baking tins came to us through their generosity, and most would have dated from the 20s or 30s, along with cooking books of the same vintage. I still have them fifty seven years later and still use them. One of my most used books is Aunt Sammy's Radio recipes. Aunt Sammy is Uncle Sam's wife. LOL. Here is a link I thought you'd enjoy

Here is a link that might be useful: Aunt Sammy's book

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I have a wooden potato masher that was handed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. It's over a hundred years old and I still use it. Every time I do I'm reminded of the two women who used it before it came into my hands. It has more value to me than any fine furniture that might have been handed down - supposing we'd had any.

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