Found an old picture in an old book and...

lilosophieJanuary 13, 2013

The clock was made by an ancestor (?) a Ducommun from La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, the watchmaking Capital in the past. My FIL graduated from the Watchmaker School, came to the US in the twenties and worked for Bulova Company in NY before coming to California in the thirties to open his own Jewelry Store and watchmaking business.
FIL never mentioned his ancestor, never talked much about his roots, I found this picture in an old book.
I can't imagine the work that went into this`piece, it shows time, date, signs of the zodiac, and all mechanical.
Google Francois Ducommun, you get some more info and amuch better picture of this master-piece, in the Watchmaking Museum

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It's beautiful! What a treasure to find hidden in a book, was the book good as well?

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Lilo I don't mean to be nosey but are you related to the Ducommon Steel family out there. If it's none of my business just say so.

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Interesting. I looked at the fine print below the photo and found "copernicus", I looked it up and found a bio. It's in a link below. There seems to be a lot of history behind the clock.

Here is a link that might be useful: copernicus

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Oh Steve, no relation to the Ducommun Steel people, they lived close where I lived, but in the high-end part of that area.
The name Ducommun has a history, it was taken by a group of people who settled in the Switzerland, in the French speaking part. They were Hugenots, Protestants, fleeing from persecution by the Catholic majority in France.
They are not all related, it's more like a Clan, Du commun means "the commoners", so even that Francois of the clock may not be an ancestor of the Ducommun family.

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