Karma at work - update of Joann's dog attack

lilosophieJanuary 18, 2013

Karma works like martial art: if one steps aside
it allows karma to do the job

There is the dog-attack, the victim chooses not to litigate, feels it is useless
A law-suit is time consuming, emotionally draining.
Close proximity of dwellings would lead to direct confrontations.
Winning a judgment is one thing, collecting it another.
The owners are known not to pay their bills, owe money everywhere, have written bad checks.
A lawsuit would be useless, people with no ethics, feral people with feral children.
The small town rallies around the bite victim,
From hugs and gifts to money donations they show she is loved and known.
Town-people know who the dog-owners are and know their reputation.
The place of the killer dogs and the starving horses is a topic of conversation of many
who pass it on their way to town. "Something ought to be done" they say.
Some toss hay-bales over the fence sometimes.
And three horses are starving. Many contact the law, report the situation
Animal control makes one of many visits, discover one horse has a broken leg, bone poking out
owner was "not aware" of that, euthanasia by gun.
Posts on a horse rescue web-site about the situation and it goes viral in no time.
Pressure is put on the law - media has been alerted
Animal control and a Veterinarian show up with a trailer, examine and load the two
remaining horses and take them away
They will be fostered by dedicated people and will get cared for and fed.
The abusers are under a court order, banning them from obtaining and owning
large animals - hoes and cattle, and they are being watched.

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That is good! Poor baby suffered with it's leg. I hope karma does even more. I shouldn't hope bad things on peole, but maybe they'll reap what they've sown. It'd be even better if they were banned from having any living being on their land. NOTHING.

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Revenge is sweet! Sorry the animals had to suffer for the humans' immoral actions, though. Maybe they'll decide to move?

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Karma work in mysterious ways, sometimes we are present for the outcome and others it just sneaks up and takes a bite. When the instigator is blatant it most likely acts swiftly.

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Maybe soon they can keep no animals whatsoever. They deserve not even a rat.

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