Tornado Warning

anneliese_32(6)January 30, 2013

Nothing better than getting woke up at 4 AM by tornado warnings. Those weather people could be a bit more considerate and at least wait until 5 AM.
No touch-down but 70 mph winds. Don't think that we had more than a few branches down. Too dark to see and it's still raining cats and dogs.

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Me too. Exactly. Trash cans in the middle of the road all the way down the street, plant debris everywhere, electricity out in surrounding counties. It was a rough night. Since I knew I wouldn't sleep, I brought big kitty into my bedroom. She's the skittish one. Normally, she will only sit on my hip and purrs constantly to have all of the attention. She let me hold her close and she sat stone faced-staring at the one place she could hear the winds and rain, seemingly petrified. The last hour, it calmed down and I drifted off. When the alarm went off, she happily jumped back to her usual spot, purring happily, so I knew we were through the worst of it. Ugh, what a night! I wish I could go take a nap. I hope you get to enjoy one anneliese.

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Glad you two are well and safe. Any one else in the area?

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Right after I posted the power went out. So what do you do if there is darkness and you can't even make a pot of tea? You go back to bed. According to the clocks on stove and microwave, the power came on 2 hours later.
No damage here, except the usual trash can chase and I put the birdfeedes back up.

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