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calliope(6)January 26, 2011

Dare to be naive. Buckminster Fuller

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I agree with Mr. Fuller. Steve in Snowy Baltimore County.

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One of my favorite people.

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Like the quote, but the older I get, the harder it is.

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I know that I don't everything, but I also know that I'm not naive. My motto is that if I don't know it today, I might know it tomorrow.

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When I first saw that quote, I also was thinking "WHAT???? But since Bucky Fuller is one of the men whose life I admire, it only took seconds to catch his drift. More than anything he was an innovator who was light years ahead of his time. You may know him as the designer of the geodesic dome. He summed up that quote by supposedly ' divesting himself of false ideas and "unlearn" everything he could not verify through his own experience'. IOW becoming naive to jump outside the box for inspiration instead of building on what others had designed before him.

Some of our most astounding discoveries have been achieved by becoming naive to the already assumed theories and starting off on a path somebody else might consider fruitless.

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