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endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)January 29, 2011

There was a slight frost at dawn. But with the clear sky and a warming sun it was quickly burnt off. With clear skies, a warm sun, and a southern wind the temperature today is forecast to be in the 60's. Ever so pleasant the day promises to be. Abundant sunshine is a nice phrase. It's a Saturday with nothing pressing to be done. Will walk about the yard and look for the first signs of spring. I know that there will be a sprout or two of something to be seen. Maybe speculate on where to plant what. I will definitely go for a bike ride this afternoon, I am tired of riding indoors on the rollers. Might take the kayak out to second creek, but if not, will definitely go over to Decatur and make use of the River Walk that parallels the river. Should be a lot of people with the same idea. The river walk runs for several miles along the river front.

What was that song from the 60's, called Come Saturday Morning?

It's an ear worm now.

It's competing with the song Feeling Groovy.

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Most of January had 4-season days: cold mid-twenties in the morning, definitely winter, followed by sunshine and balmy fifties, low sixties, spring-like, late afternoon it's summer:
sun's getting quite warm, air is in the seventies and when the sun goes down there is fall - cool, breezy and foggy.
Today and tomorrow there will be some rain, more appropriate for the rainy season, we need quite a bit of it yet.
The manzanita is beginning to bloom and I am checking for crocuses, they should be ready soon.
Chickens are getting in the egg-laying mood.
My earworms for today: Luckenbach (sp) Texas competing with Lily Marlene...don't ask me why - I don't know

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Beautiful day today in the southland.
I'm cleaning vanity and bathroom cabinets out.
Lord luv a duck what a mess.

Whizzer is on patrol in the back yard and the neighborhood
is quiet.

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It got warm yesterday, the last snow melted and I did yardwork. Picked up a bunch of dry branches which the last storm deposited from the oaks, remnants of the icestorm 2 years ago. Now I hope that Tuesday don't bring a repeat of that.

Of course "Feeling Groovy" stayed in my head right after I read the post and now it duells with Lilo's "Lily Marlen".

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My mom has three children. Whom does she call when she is ultra-sick? Me. She knows I speak "medical", know the ins and outs of hospitals, and so she takes me along. Saturday, she called me to ask "if I could do a favor and come over to her house". I have to drive 35 minutes just to get there, so it's not really a favor, but a call for help. When I get there, she's not certain what she should do, but I am. She's the worst I've seen her bar none and I have to tell her, "I didn't drive from west Nashville just to look at you (I would've seen her the next day at church) get in the car! We're going to the ER". She's still in hospital. Her white count is high and it hasn't fallen yet. Ugh. She's thanked me a blue million times for bringing her and she certainly looks and feels better. Glad I made her get in the car. Love that silly lady!

All I wanted to do was relax at the park and make a meatloaf. That was my weekend goal. At least I was free to do it.


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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

What a gorgeous, warm weekend! I too dreamed of visiting the River Walk Marina from which we boat on summer Saturdays. No such luck this time; however, since the boat is out of the slip for a little maintenance. When I see a kayak there, I always wonder if it is Michael doing his thing. I had to satisfy myself with a stroll around my garden with Henry looking for daffodil shoots. And there they were already 3 or 4 inches high. Come on, Spring.

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I dreamed of someone kayking on the most azure and emerald water. There were many grey stones on the bottom, so it must've been Cozumel or thereabouts. I was flying high overhead, not down on the water. In my dream, I told my family it was Michael! I decided this morning it was how I'd envisioned him when he lived on the Gulf for that short stint. How funny that we wonder things like that about people we've never met (in person).


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