Rough week

don_socalJanuary 21, 2011

Sore throat and cough all week and now Missy has it. Then yesterday a drunk driver in a suv slammed into the back of the pt cruiser and pushed it into another suv when Missy was going to the store. She is Ok so far just very shook up and mad that the car that she loves more than the color of her own hair needs a lot of work.

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You two have had enough! I'm so sorry Missy! Very intuitive of you to know what a woman holds dear; I really liked your observation. Will it get repaired quickly?

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What a bummer! Both you and Missy need some TLC; chicken soup or ice cream with chocolate syrup, maybe, for starters?

It's bad enough when accidents happen thru sometimes unavoidable circumstances, but, IMO, there's a special place in H - - - for anybody who drinks and drives. I think every vehicle should be equipped with whatever would keep it from starting, if alcohol is detected! O.K., I'll get off my soapbox. Glad Missy is O.K., and hope her pt cruiser can be repaired.

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Sunflowers -

It just seems never to end once it begins to frazzle..

Chin up - hang in there - do what you have to do - do something nice for yourselves every day, get one foot in front of the other...

If I understand correctly - both of you have had close calls in the past few days/weeks... you both skinnied through, you are in a state of grace... which means you can't rail at God for now... so just be thankful you're here to tell the tale...while we remember to be thankful we still got you.

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Sending bunches of sunflowers, and some chocolate.

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Rough week indeed. I hope Missy is starting to feel better - I sometimes think the shock is the worst thing of all in an accident. Drunk drivers need to lose their licenses no matter what. We don't treat that offense seriously enough.

New week coming soon!

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My daughter was in a similar situation only she was the first one on a Yahama scooter in the three vehicle crash . She was thrown off her bike and suffered bumps and bruises. She sold her brand new scooter and now won't even ride with her husband on his Harley.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Sorry to hear that. Sending you both sunshine wishes from today onward!

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That was a close one! We never know just how close we come to disaster with the drunk drivers on the road.

We had an incident yesterday. A man, old enough to know better, was riding his SCOOTER after having a few, on a busy, busy six laned highway. He was weaving, etc. all over the place. He finally made his big mistake and crossed two lanes. He was hit and killed. Had he been in a car, he would have probably killed, or badly injured, someone else.

I'm with you all, having a few drinks is one thing. Driving safely while somewhat impaired, be it alcohol, medication or age, is another thing. But there doesn't look as if there is a solution. It's human nature to ignore that kind of thing. We just don't know what we think we know.

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Sunflowers to both of you. Missy, have your neck x-rayed or at least checked out. My problem which bedevils me now is most likely due to an accident 20 years ago. We were sideswiped when somebody run a red light and doctors chewed me out now that I had not seen a doctor then, because I did not think that I was hurt. My disk problem is caused typically by an old whiplash.

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Thanks for all the kind words. Can always count on people here to listen and sympathize. Missy had her head about her, when the guy motioned for her to move over so he could go by she stayed where she was so he could not get away. I think I will buy one lotto ticket for tonight, we need a change of luck.

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My love to you and Missy, Don. You are such special folks and have had such bum luck in the recent past. Life is such a tough haul, isn't it?

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Some weeks are like that, Don and Missy. Surely you will have a better one next week. We hope so.

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