That is ridiculous

gandle(4 NE)January 13, 2014

Friends were over last evening. He is a teacher and was bemoaning the fact that his 5th grade kids could'nt read the constitution of the united states. He taught them the preamble by rote but they could not read script . I truly think that is the dumbest thing, not teaching kids to write and read script.

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I agree! The "experts" say that there will be an application to scan script and convert it into a readable version - oh yeah? There is an application to translate languages, and the result is anything between frustrating and ridiculous, so I just don't think it will be accurate.

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I agree that not teaching cursive is a mistake. For one thing cursive is faster than making each letter one by one. Besides not being able to read documents .

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I'm sure they know how to read, just not script. How funny! My son said it was going to happen. They have given kids in his schools the choice of writing in script or block. He's almost the only one who writes in script. His handwriting is awful, so I keep begging him to change, but he won't I suppose too, that clocks will no longer be analog some day, but I won't relish that day. Honestly, I think everything is going digital and it really won't matter. My handwriting is suffering since I do so much via computer. Such is life!

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I dont get why they are removing such a vital lesson. How will they sign their name? Maybe the government will figure once the population cant read the constitution they can make all the changes they want. lol

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Cursive writing is vital? In what way? How can printing and typing not replace it completely? I am being serious. It's not the end of the world. There are too many print copies of the constitution for anyone to change the script version. No worries there!

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Maybe it's because I'm old and not too crazy about changes, but I do worry about things the kids will miss by not knowing cursive. The constitution is readily translated for everyone, but what about Grandma's letters? Great Grandpa's letters written to the family during WW2? The hand written recipes? The old official or personal papers which are not common enough to be put into printing for those who cannot understand?

I remember being so frustrated when I was in first grade because I had a picture book written in cursive and I couldn't read it. I would have gone nuts when I found that stash of very old letters written by one member of my family to another in the late 1800's! There is just too much hand written history. Not everything we need to know is in the future -- we need to be able to look back as well.

Are they doing this in other countries too?

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Without script, how will future generation read what older membes of their family wrote to each other, unless one of us older ones sits down and translates letters, deeds, family trees into print. Will we need a 100 years down a Rosetta stone?

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While discussing the e-mail trails with the Gov, Cristy NJ/NY bridge closing, we were talking about how there is almost no secret way to pass messages any longer. Then I thought if letters were written in cursive they could not be read. I heard from a freshman in college that one of her instructors does not allow cursive because she can not read it. This young person has journaled in cursive since second grade and has beautiful penmanship.

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WOW! If a college instructor--who must be at least in their mid-twenties--cannot read cursive writing, things are pretty bad! My husband's and son's handwritings are pretty bad, but they know how to do it.

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