Shoveling snow

mawheelJanuary 24, 2013

on a beautiful, very cold morning with lots of sunshine and almost cloudless blue sky was invigorating and fun, esp. when the snow was light and fluffy and only an inch or so. It was almost sweepable; it may not be as nice tomorrow when more is coming, maybe lots more. Think I'll get to the store after lunch, then won't need to venture out, tomorrow.

Our cat Maggie doesn't like snow; she came outside with me, but scooted right back inside when she saw the snow. How is it in your neck of the woods?

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Raining, looks to be that way for the next few days.

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we got a skiff in Baltimore County but looks like about 1/2" down by the ocean. Had some slick spots on the bay bridge.

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Rained yesterday, it broke the severe cold and dry spell, things look more "normal" now. No more ice on the pond, the wild ducks are happy. Overcast and foggy now, hoping for sun later.

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We had -17 this morning. Diamond dust snow that created some black ice. Winds are picking resulting in wind chill warnings. 55 days until spring. Yeah, right.


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Lisa_H OK(7)

42 degrees, greyish and a lot chillier than it was yesterday! I think we reached 70 yesterday.

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It was around 70 today.The sky is blue and I notice the grass is beginning to look green.Next month is likely to bring cold weather back, in Texas you just never know what to expect.

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12 degrees here and a snowstorm coming tomorrow.

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I would rather have your snow in place of our icy rain today. The whole area is glaced over, accidents closed one of the Interstates and I can't get at the moment to the hospital because the cab can't get to it, also on account of a pile up.
Husband is in the hospital again, hoped to spring him today but it all depends right now on the road conditions. It should be better this afternoon.

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I don't have the snow all that much here, but we have iced roads sometimes, we have heavy rain causing floods and rock-slides, so any appointment out of town in winter is made with theadded: "weather permitting" - sometimes it doesn't permit

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

15 degrees (9:45a) today, with fluffy powder-snow that partially melted yesterday; expecting another inch or two today. Bones hurt today so I think that snowy inch might turn out to be rather more. Main roads clear, side streets and subdivision streets are glare ice from vehicle tracks - not salted anywhere. Getting back home is going to be interesting since that involves a very short but very, very steep little hill.

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After frost and rain, we had a sunny, mild day (65 degrees) today. We went walking in our local park and it felt so good.

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finally got to 30F ABOVE ZERO today!! lol Still cold, but not so frigid. My poor Sadie loves the cold&snow, can't understand why nobody want's too play!! lol

Her daddy took her for a walk today tho, i think they both liked it. But untill now, it has been below zero.

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