A promise of a little rain

lilosophieJanuary 27, 2014

The sky agrees with the weather guessers: we shall have rain!
Not enough to re-activate the well yet, but it will do so much good for the pines and other conifers, they are looking so unhappy.
The well dried up about a week ago, but there is water available at a vending machine in town, good water and we are careful in it's use. Bucket baths and disposable dishes; it becomes routine, just hate the idea of the laundromat! It is crowded, so many are out of water.
But just seeing clouds and feeling cool air is wonderful!

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The same weather news and cloud cover here in the valley, lilo.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Keeping my fingers crossed and pressure my thumbs for you!

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Lilo, if I wasn't afraid I'd slip on the ice, I'd go outside and do a rain dance for you . Since that wouldn't be too smart to do right now, I'll cross my fingers, send thoughts for rain, and even throw in a prayer or two. ( I'm not being silly, either; as I sit here typing, I'm doing all of those things for you and Joann and all the rest of your neighbors, too.)

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