249 Idyll ways to get organized

michelle_zone4January 7, 2006

Thanks for all your concern. I am still coughing quite badly and will see the Dr. on Monday if things havent improved. Deanne, I am using Zicam on your recommendation, but I have been battling this for 3 weeks and only started with the Zicam a week ago. I plan to have some in the house to use for the next time at the first sign of symptoms. I had several others recommend it as well. I am a little afraid that this has developed into mycoplasma pneumonia, which is something that I have had several times.

Deanne, so sorry to hear that Doug is in a cast. Why do they think his toe isnÂt healing?

I havenÂt had to change my identity or do anything other than log in. I clicked the box that says "save this info on my computer" it says that then you donÂt have to log in each time, but that didnÂt work. No ads or pop ups though.

The sun is shining here today. Whoo, hoo! Rick had to work last night and again today, which is unusual, so I am home alone. I am hoping that I can do a little painting in the bathroom. I do plan to really take it easy this weekend and get better, but I am not a person who sits well.

Cynthia, those dogs sure keep you hopping.



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I knew if I started a thread that I'd double up ;O)
Amazing that Martie and I started them at the exact same time. We couldn't do it again if we tried. Lets all just post on the Just in Thyme thread. In fact, I'll paste mine over there.

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This one can be 249.5 and host responses 51-100. Do you think we could be organized enough to achieve that ? :-)

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Hi, we're at 249.5 so I'm posting over here on Michelle's thread. It's gray and gloomy today. No Bella today so I'm off to do some shopping. I'm going to keep an eye out for one of Cynthia's egg toasters.

Woody, the benches look great. Can't wait to see them in place this spring. If I tried building, nothing would be straight. I always say I have crooked eyes. That's one of the reason's I keep Brad around, lol. He has straight eyes.

Sue, I've been looking at what tropicals to mailorder for this year. I've got a list for Singing Springs, not too big though. And I may order some agaves that are z5 hardy from High Country thanks to Cynthia's influence. I'll have to work to create good drainage for them though in my clay soil. I'm thinking I may need a few new clematis
to cover the fence we put up last summer too.

Michelle, try Chalk Hill for your Arabella. I've been happy with them in the past.

Gotta run, lots to do today.


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Good morning all!

Michelle, glad to read that you are starting to feel a bit better.

Deanne, the coleus starts you sent all looked healthy and did great for weeks. The problem began after I placed some pieces of Christmas cactus into the water with some of the coleus starts. Things went downhill quickly after that. I don't know if it would have happened anyway or if the cactus starts 'poisoned' the water for the coleus. I took the cactus starts out, changed the water and even tried to clip off the top of the starts (above the blackened areas) to see if I could save them. I've got little bits of leaves, from two starts, floating in the water.......with tiny little roots on some but I don't have hopes that I'll be able to save them. Felix is the one that still looks wonderful and I may try to plant it today to see if I can keep it alive. Doesn't do much for the pschye to kill off 4 plants in a short period of time. I just didn't want to give the impression that the plants' demise was caused by anything other than being in my possession. ;oD You sent healthy starts and I appreciated you sharing with me. I look forward to seeing what the placemat pattern looks like.

Cynthia that egg toaster is way beyond cool! I'm intrigued but keeping myself from going to Amazon to look more closely at it.

V., I saw that! Curvy beds drawn out using the curvy tool---I've been thinking I *need* one of those for my quilting (no I don't) so now I can add to my *need* mental argument that it would be extremely beneficial to my garden planning/designing? I like it! I did lay down some cardboard & clippings/leaves in the front yard to begin extending the front bed.......but it isn't what I wanted and I've got lots of sitting, staring, planning, dreaming and drawing to do.

Okay, computer time is up.....gotta move and do something productive.


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Back from Target with my egg toaster. $39.99 there and I saw that Meijer has them too for the same price. I'm really excited about this appliance. Brad always wants eggs in the morning and usually makes a mess of the microwave cooking one. An added bonus that I don't think Cynthia mentioned is that it will also boil up to 4 eggs at a time. It has nice wide slots too, big enough for bagels. Can't wait to try it out.

T, I think you must have Idyllunion 2007 at your house so we can get you going on those curvy beds of yours.

Gotta go. Brad has to shut the power down to install a dimmer switch. Later, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

To brighten things up while the dimmer switch is being installed....

DH's birthday is in February and he likes eggs with his morning bagel. The microwave is a mess here too... sooo Cynthia, you must be in sales!

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Has everyone read the new GW Privacy Policy and Terms of Service? The privacy policy seems pretty loose to me and you should particularly note in the Terms of Service:

'iVillage further reserves the right to (i) terminate your membership in the GardenWeb Network and/or your access to any specific content, services, products, features or tools and (ii) block, remove access to or delete your personal website, exchange page and journal from and through the GardenWeb Network, if iVillage learns or suspects in its sole discretion that you have provided iVillage with false or misleading registration information, or if you have created multiple membership accounts.'

I'm a candidate for getting kicked off and, if I do, so be it. I'm getting uncomfortable with this site and may not stay anyway....

My planter/bench has lots of flaws - a little distance in a photograph hides a multitude of sins! All the major cutting of wood was done by Barb's boyfriend so we've only had to deal with drilling, screws and glue so that's pretty harmless stuff to work with. Babs - if you can put together all those costumes you make, this bench would be a piece of cake for you!

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Hi everyone

Woody - the planter benches are fabulous! Can't wait to see them in situ.

I'm with those feeling uncomfortable about the iVillage terms and am sure I was blocked intentionally. I had no desire to create mulitple personalities, just to find something that worked. I'm wondering if telling iVillage I would never buy Ritz again after being forced to watch their adds was such a smart move..........

At lunch time today I met two friends to choose flowers for Saturday's Memorial. I didn't hold together as well as I hoped - I had no idea giving names and location to a stranger would be so hard. We went to the very best florist in town and they will make a beautiful basket with lots of spring branches and soft purples and lilacs. Tomorrow I'm paying a visit to Susan's mother who has arrived from Taiwan. The depth of her loss is unthinkable - I hope I can find the right words.

There is a lot to get through this week - I'll be glad when we reach Sunday. Tonight is busy but in a good way. David has Karate, and Annie her first Select Chorus and Middle School Orchestra concert. I need to make tracks.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Agreed. iVillage has taken much of the joy out of using the site. I am one of those unable so far to access our alternate method. It may just be private emails and less sharing for me. Certainly less signing in each time. I feel like the kid in the college dorm dealing with 9pm curfews...and that sure dates me! But mainly, the privacy aspect and all the legalese is worrisome. I hope folks inform me of gatherings if I am sent off on my ice flow.

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Oh Mary I am sending hugs and anytime you need another it's already on its way. What a rough week/end you will have...all part of the process-difficult nonetheless...somehow I think even if you can't say what you think is the 'right' thing the right thing will find it's way because it's what's in your heart. I'll be thinking of you and your family. How is Annie doing? I wish her best of luck at her first concert...such an emotional time!

I don't like that notice about multi-memberships,etc but they kind of promoted us to....they must not care if we all leave. Please if something happens,whoever has my email addy you can share it with idylls peeps and please contact me. What a great thing we've had here.

Time for bathtime...


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who is uncomfortable with the direction iVillage seems to be going with GW. The problem is I like the format and ease of use. I've tried many other garden sites and e-mail lists and IMO Gardenweb is by far the best. The forums I frequent are very active and filled with great people and information. I would hate to see that all change but it appears change is inevitable.

I'm pressed for time but just wanted to say to Marie...wow! Your photographic creations are getting better every day.

Also hugs to Mary on what must be a very difficult week.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, it is "ice floe" not "ice flow". I'm wondering what will happen on this site on the 24th, their posted date opf change-over. Will it be a ghost town as predicted on the discussion forum?

What a weird day here. Sore feet and no exercise = one antsy lady. I took the scissors to my hair...and now need a real haircut. It hadn't been chopped since before Idyllunion last July and i couldn't stand it one more minute!

Mary, there is no right thing to say except 'thank you for being here and I'm thinking of you.' She'll know where your heart is. Bon courage to you and Annie.

Woody, those benches are so very handsome. Lots going on at your place!

I want to know if everyone is happy with their new egg toasters...

My coleus are in the black group, and sent away to the dump. :-(

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I was just reading over at the comments/suggestions forum and came across a thread that is a bit alarming. I skimmed through the Terms of Agreement, etc. and now I think I should go back and read more thoroughly to see what else I may have missed.

I did notice on another gardening site that they've had over 1,000 new registrations in the past few days. Not that much of a surprise I guess.

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Well, after reading more of the Terms of Service, I imagine it is just a way that iVillage can cover themselves. It sure doesn't sound very friendly though. I found it interesting in #4, if you wish to remove yourself from GW you are to send an email to _________. Yep, send it to ___________. :o) There is no email address included.

It also says they can amend/modify the Terms of Service whenever they wish to and that we should check before accessing areas of the GW Network to make sure the TOS hasn't changed. Huh? Okay.....sure.

It sure seems like a good thing has gone bad. Or perhaps this was the way it has always been and ignorance is bliss?

4. Modifications of these Terms of Service

iVillage may amend or otherwise modify the Terms of Service from time to time in its sole discretion. The Terms of Service will be available through links placed throughout the GardenWeb Network. Please check before accessing GardenWeb Network features to determine whether a change has been made to these Terms of Service. You can tell when iVillage last updated the Terms of Service by checking the "Last Revised" date at the beginning of the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these changes in the Terms of Service as they may occur, you must (i) discontinue your use of the GardenWeb Network and (ii) if you are a GardenWeb Network member, arrange to cancel your membership immediately by notifying iVillage that you are canceling your membership by sending an email to __________. YOUR CONTINUED USE OF THE GARDENWEB NETWORK FOLLOWING ANY CHANGES TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE WILL SIGNIFY YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF ANY SUCH CHANGES.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And now this:
"By submitting content, which shall include your member name, to any "public area" of the GardenWeb Network, including, but not limited to, the forums and your personal website, exchange page and journal, you grant iVillage a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right (including any moral rights) and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, sublicense, assign, derive revenue or other remuneration from, communicate to the public, perform and display the content (in whole or in part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, for the full term of any Rights that may exist in such content.exchange page and journal, you grant iVillage a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right (including any moral rights) and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, sublicense, assign, derive revenue or other remuneration from, communicate to the public, perform and display the content (in whole or in part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, for the full term of any Rights that may exist in such content."

So now they hope to strike it rich off our photos....Gee, all those bum shots will make us famous!

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I am not at all happy w/ iVillage, and feel very uncomfortable especially in posting pictures which I only have done once. Apparently things go into effect Jan 24. I haven't told an untruth about myself nor have I registered multiple times. I changed my bio when it reflected remodeling my kitchen which was 3 years ago but that's all I've done. I've always liked all the forums on the Gardenweb. I read a lot but only contribute to two or three, and not often.
To any readers out there..I got a good book ,Garden Lunacy, by Art Wolk. Know him? Apparently he lives in PA, involved in Phila flower show where I go, , Longwood Gardens, Discovery channel and HGTV..Also reading Puppet by Joy Fielding and Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau..Very interesting because I believe most of what he says altho I really just got started..It's all about the drug makers and poor food choices we make that we are sicker in every way than we were in 1950 even WITH medical advances..Food for thought...Gloomy and rainy here. Glad I hit Ikea yesterday. Wouldn't want the beltway today...Sylvia

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Good plain morning.

Think we need to begin alternate plans, particularly considering the picture problem. Can't imagine this group without them. Marie -- keep on!! The narcissus pic has become my screensaver!

Just got Marie Antoinette: The Portrait of an Average Woman by Stefan Zweig from Amazon. If Chelone is reading, know that this particular choice came from your vivid accounts. History major DS gets to read it first, but am looking forward to first crappy weather weekend ...

Deanne: I just this morning realized that I don't have you on the Logee's trip list????? This can't be right. It's looking better and better for the 18th though if I come up it will be solo. I have a dress, not a shirt, so I'll be the one with LLBean boots and large hybiscus print silk :"

Thanks to all for the gardens encouragement. Since this is the third time I've started from scratch and I Very grateful that I know now what I wish I knew then. Never have worked with clay but am getting the hang of piling stuff up and covering it with plastic, ordering what will amount to at least 100 yards of mulch, and am boning up on seed starting. Will definitely NOT buy anything until I check in with my NE gardening pals.

One of my clients is the NE Wildflower Gardening Society. I haven't met them, yet, but am definitely looking forward to it. Does anyone know this group? They also are listed as having a gardening center.

Mary: Sometimes no words are the strongest. I'll be thinking of you ....

Michelle: Are you feeling better?

Woody: Perhaps you could give my carpenter DH a lesson on how to Keep It Simple so that it Actually Gets Built. LOL

Eden: Hope your extra day with Bella was full of smiles. And, any number of containers less than triple digits??? Unthinkable. If 4" starter pots count, LOL, again.

To everyone else .. Enjoy your days. Mine will be mostly in the car navigating what can only be described as traffic where if you use a turn signal you're aiding the enemy.

Best -- Martie

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning! We should hit 50 degrees here today. It is nice, but I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, weather wise. It ain't over yet!

((((((Mary)))))) I'll be thinking of you this week, what a difficult time for you and your family. Whatever you end up saying to Susan's mother will surely convey your love for her, it comes through strongly in what you have said to us here.

I'm another that is not pleased with iVillage right now. There is talk on other forums of "cue the tumbleweeds", in other words this place will become a ghost town. I hope not! The bit about the photos is especially disconcerting...my photos are amateur at best, but many posted here and elsewhere on GW are pro quality. I'd hate to see an end to that.

On a brighter note, MARTIE: I'm a member of the New England Wildflower Society, and they are the best. Garden in the Woods in Framingham is beautiful, and yes they do have plants for sale. If you visit them in the spring for work, allow yourself hours to walk the grounds, in fact make them your only stop for the day - well worth the trip. They sell seeds too, if any of you are interested, check out the list next week and e-mail me, I may be ordering some myself. Check it out!

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Good Morning, It's supposed to hit 50F here today. I'm going to make it a priority to take Bella out for a nice long walk this afternoon. But first it's time to try out the new egg toaster. Be back later with a report...


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Morning everyone,

It is going to be a fabu-fabu day here! The weather people are shining on us! Supposed to be in the mid-50s and sunny skies. Youd think it was March. This kind of weather gets me itching to get into the gardens but I know this is just a January thaw. We actually havent had one of these is several years. Wasnt it last January that the temps stayed below zero for a week? Anyway, as the snow was melting yesterday I saw several rodent tunnels in the lawn around the pond. Arrgghh!!!! Id thought our vole population was going down. I surely hope they leave the clematis alone this year. If they eat my Arabella Ill scream.

This garbage with IVillage just takes the cake. I guess we figured this would happen eventually after Spike sold GW. That business that they have all rights to publish and use any and all materials posted to the site is just crap. Technically, if youve filed for copyright on your original work and hold the copyright on that work that statement of theirs doesnt mean anything but youd have to prove it in a court of law. After having several episodes with copyright infringement and learning more about how it all works that would be my understanding of the situation but Id have to check with my copyright attorney though to make sure this is a true statement. Anyway, NO more posting of artwork on this site for me. I cant afford to risk it. I particularly take exception to their saying they can use your work without your permission to make money. That is just plain underhanded and is stealing, regardless of how they word their statement.

Martie, Oh boy are you going to be perfectly attired for the party!!!! Bean boots and a hibiscus dress. I just LOVE it!~~RE the Logees trip. I still dont know whether or not I can make it. Ive got another magazine deadline looming over my heard and I promised myself and my editor that I wouldnt miss any deadlines this year so until I get that article done I cant commit.

Mary thinking of you in this difficult time. (((((Mary))))))

Wendy, that is a great link! Thanks for sharing that.

T, thanks for the link, interesting reading. Did you mean for us all to scroll to the end of the thread and see that pic???Toooo funny~~ the Christmas Cactus starts probably had some rotting of the succulent leaves in the water and put bacteria in the water which in turn attacked the coleus. Bummer. But just think, youve learned not to start Christmas Cactus and coleus in the same water anymore. LOL Truly, I"ll send you so more cuttings in the spring when the weather warms.

Bug, gorgeous photo!! You just keep getting better and better all the time. ~~ you cut your hair yourself? Oh my! Do we dare ask for a photo of that? Strangely enough I have an appointment to go and have my hair cut today. It has grown down below my waist and it is time to get rid of six inches or so.

OK time to get off this computer and get ready to go to the gym. Today is supposed to be my day off from exercise this week and I thought I'd take a yoga class. That should be interesting as I've not done a class in over a year. I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a very good day all,

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

another one here who's finding all this new stuff on ivillage very disconcerting - plus I could not access this forum site at all last nite for some reason. It's really confusing since most of us could no longer use our original sign-ins and had to re-profile/register because of their mistakes -- so all in all, Im pretty baffled about this whole thing.
I suspect alot of this has all been a result of their poor handling of conversion -- with forewarning, etc., people would have been a lot less hostile and alarmed (to say nothing of Prepared!) and consequently they might not have had to post as many changes to their terms of service which seem to be trying to protect them from the threats, concerns, etc. that GW members started sending them.

I sure would hate to see this all blow up -- this is such a wonderful milieu and group of people basically just interested in sharing gardening experiences/info and other stuff from that.

I dont know what alternate forums there are (having only seen a couple of others) but this has been fantastic!

As someone on the suggestions forum posted, the copyright term of service is often on other websites too (perhaps we never really notice) - it's pretty easy for other persons to download your photos if they want to - and I dont think there's any really p.c. protection from that -- I question whether iVillage really has any serious intentions of using our work themselves -- just protecting themselves from involvement of other unscrupulous persons downloading photos for other commercial usage, perhaps?
Well, enough of that ... but I hope the idyllers continue to post their photos -- it's the next best thing to seeing the gardens in situ!

Mary, I will continue to feel for you during this hard week -- it's tough to be juggling your own feelings of loss and have to be strong for your children as well -- good luck.

Deanne, good luck w/ the yoga -- I've got to get back to it too - I miss it but it's so hard to find the time for all this stuff and trudge to work daily too!! I need to retire rich so I could devote myself to all these healthy hobbies I want to keep up.

T, was it you (forgive me if I got it wrong, Im not looking back at the thread right now) who inquired about where to get Arabella or a good clematis in the midwest? I imagine Gardenbug has already mentioned Joy Creek Nursery to you but just in case she has not yet -- it's a terrific nursery and I've ordered from them, they're really well known for their clems. The shipping charges to the East Coast are kind of steep these days but may not be so bad for you. Check out their website.

Well, I better get to work here now - will try to check back later.
In the 50s and sunny (hopefully) here today!!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

T, now is a good time to tell everyone you actually live within driving distance of both Joy Creek and Heronswood. Maybe a PNW idyllunion in 2007 wouldn't be such a bad idea...

50s F here today too. Is it really only mid January? By Sunday we're back into the low 30s so best enjoy it while it lasts. Still, the past couple of Januarys have been brutally cold with temps staying below freezing for weeks at a time. We rarely get single digit cold here in any month but January so the way I see it every nice January day is one less potentially bitter day this winter. How about that for a positive winter statistic?


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The egg toaster was a great success. Simple to use and just like an McMuffin but fresher taste and definitely less grease. Thanks Cynthia!

As for the changes going on her at GW I'm not too concerned about having any of my fine photography stolen, lol. From what I can gather the new terms are pretty standard to most forum sites. I did open a new hotmail account just for here though as I don't want my regular account spammed to death. If you all want to get ahold of me keep mailing to my old email address if you have it. That's the one I check on a regular basis. I just wish ivillage would warn us when they are going to change something. I don't think people would panic so much if they knew what to expect.

Mary, you'll be in my thoughts this week. I think that sometimes just being there for someone is enough and you don't really have to say much at all. A big hug is being sent to you from me too.

The sun's shining here and it looks like it will be a beautiful day. It's supposed to turn colder this weekend but still nothing like it was in December. So far so good this month. Have a great day everyone.


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In winter any day above 30F is a gift! Since December heating bill was higher (of course) than last January's this weather is really making me happy. And a little bonus is the the dog pee doesn't freeze into stalagmites when they go :)

Eden, I checked in to see how that toaster is working, glad that you are pleased. GB, I could never be a sales person, have great respect for people like Martie who can manage that type of work. I would find it way too hard. When I find a product I like, I check the manufacturer to see if I can make money off of them. Alas, they are another company that is privately held.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

We may be very gifted today - it's 38 now and on it's way to 50! And we had a sunrise this morning, as in one you could actually see. Of course, we also had black ice this morning. Although I had little zippy car at my disposal today, I chose to drive the urban assualt vehicle instead. I just wanted a lot of weight under my feet and a lot of metal around my body.

I think a PNW idyllunion for 2007 sounds great. (Are you getting nervous, T?) I am PNW-deprived and long overdue for a real trip to that area. Maybe we could design curvy beds for T when we visit?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I just want to send my good thoughts to Mary , Annie , and Susan's mother . Such a hard time for all of you ! Bless you all .

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Thinking of you, Mary, and sending hugs your way.
I've been reading along-not much is going on here, so with the PITN log-in thing, haven't posted. The new terms of use stuff is pretty creepy, though so I had to stick in my two cents worth. Frankly, none of my pictures are worth worrying about, but it's pretty sad when Deanne no longer feels comfortable posting her artwork here. They're killing a great website...one I've been coming to for years, and have learned a TON from. I hope they can find some middle ground. Barring that, if everyone takes off to another place....email me, please ??? :)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Another quickie (after having re-read the 2 threads and making a few notes for a change --

Drema good luck w/ the house sale. Im impressed youve been doing the mp3 stuff downloads it can be a bit time-consuming though, cant it?

oops I knew I had that wrong Michelle, I see upon re-reading the thread(s) that it was you who inquired about the good clem nurseries in your area as I posted earlier, check out Joy Creek Nursery theyre terrific. And absolutely Chalk Hill too which was already suggested to you. . . . which of course, leads into - yes, PNW idyll planning for 2007 should begin now!! What a fantasy trip.

Babs I agree with you about the heating monsters and have gone to setting my thermostats really low and learning to live with a cold house wearing sweaters all the time. It makes me feel poor and old before my time but Ill be durned if Im gonna turn over all my paycheck to the Oil/Gas Giants for them to have more record profits!!!! So Im learning to "tough" it Im feeling a bit like a pioneer, these days LOL.

Eden I too am under the "influence" from Cynthia Im ogling a couple of agaves from Plant Delights I really love those variegated ones and am thinking I must have despite my vow of few plant orders this year (already broken). I didnt get a catalog from them this year guess Im off the list (didnt buy anything last year) but did look online when you mentioned it and am thinking maybe I really need one of those and a couple other things. . . . Im struggling to keep the order for clematis down I get so carried away with all this stuff but really need to divide and move things this year. . . .. decisions, decisions.

Woody, you may say your benches have defects but wow they look incredibly professional to me!! Fantastic. You have been working so hard on your hardscapes theyre really an inspiration.

That egg toaster sure looks to be a neat gadget my only problem is I never know where to store all these specialized gadgets and as someone who has to watch her cholesterol I better not eat that many eggs on a weekly basis but it sure does look like a really cool device. I guess they need to design kitchens with appliance pantries now for us. Id love to have a rice cooker too but have resisted.

Sue my thoughts exactly re January weather and Cynthia I second the gift it is always less bitter in Feb. and March here too so the fewer bad, bone-chilling days in January in this area, the happier I am to have gotten thru the "worst of winter" I know thats over-optimistic and weve certainly had snow in March but still. . . . its definitely great at promoting a good mood for me. We are almost half way thru this bad month yippee!! For those of you in the depths of winter and ice I feel for you but I sure dont think I could

Hello and bright winter day greetings to everyone else!


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Cindy, I just got my Plant Delights catalog in yesterday's mail so there's still hope for you too. Oh and the beauty of the egg toaster is it can replace your old toaster, doesn't really take up anymore space so you don't have to find room for another appliance.

Cynthia, Brad does the same thing. He was just talking about checking out Back To Basics when I read him your post.

Babs, how'd the dentist visit go this morning? Hopefully pain free. At least now the worst is over.

Hey, how come nobody believes me about cutting down on new plant material, lol?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Eden cut back on plants? ROFLOL!

Today truly was a gift. I got to see the sunrise, the sunset, and the almost-full moon. I don't think I had seen any of those yet this year.

And better yet, I got home at 4:30 and had enough daylight to take the dogs for a good 20 minute walk.


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Cindy....we're pretending to live in the Little House on the Prairie...well it's cold in here but we don't exactly have an outhouse....so far; ) LAstnight I slept with my fleece jacket on over my pajamas. At least the days are so warm that I don't even need the heat on. We'll see if that changes in the weeks(days?)to come: (

I think everyone should get a root canal(eden you must think the novacaine went to my brain(hmm want to see a pic? lol)but the procedure was like nothing! It felt like getting a filling. I always heard people's horror stories but they were ones from years ago so I guess technology made the difference. I was definitely nervous at first but at one point I could have slept-I should have lol.
Oops,Chris needs the computer but I'll tell you a funny story about the dentist later...

G'night~sleep tight


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gardeninbc(z8 PNW)

Hi all,
Nice to hear of the better weather to east. Here we are on the 26th straight day of rain. My house has been put on evacuation alert, they are worried that the ground is so saturated that another mudslide may occur (we had one in our neighbourhood last year). We are making sure that everything is at the ready in case we need to get out quickly.

Other than that I am back at school with a very heavy course load and it is only the first week and I am exhausted. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Babs - I hate dentists and haven't been in a while and am now really scared to go. Glad the root canal went well.

I'm with everyone else - if you decide to go somewhere else please email me. I haven't been having any issues with logging on or ads as I have high speed and just choose to ignore them but completely understand what it must be like for others. The new terms of service and privacy statements don't surprise me much. I definitely won't be sharing any pics of family members though.

Gotta go but wanted to say (I know I am very late):
Honey (at least I think it was?) Way to go on losing 12 pounds!! and sorry if it was someone else I should have been congratulating.

Mary - Hang in there. My heart goes out to you and your family.

T - a PNW idyllunion would be fab 'cause then I could come. Maybe by then I'd have some curvy beds of my own :)

'bug - Keep on with treadmill, once your feet are better of course. I find the key to no back problems is to remember that the hand rails aren't there to lean on but are there only if you lose balance.

and there's something I'm missing that I know I wanted to say but I'm out of time now. Gotta get back to work.

Talk to you all later,

Oh, just as I was about to hit 'submit' I remembered :)
Happy birthday Taryn!

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In many of the forums I visited today, people plan to leave on Jan 24th. Some say the conditions haven't changed but if that's true, why do they post the regulations at the top of every page? I was shortly going to post a picture of my grandson w/ his bearded dragon, but now I'll never post any personal pictures of any kind. It's one thing to see a picture of a rose garden or a butterfly but pictures of people and interior and exterior shots are something to consider not posting...Too bad. All good things come to an end , I guess
Today it hit 60 for the third time this week. I'm missing snow and sledding and skiing, and worry about my indoor and outdoor koi..the big ones crowded in that little pond and the others still in the basement. They are vegetating and I don't want the water to warm up. The weather is scary and if I lived in the South, I'd be dreading the coming hurricane season. If the weather is so warm in the winter, think how warm the ocean will be by summer.
You all would love the gardening book I mentioned yesterday...too funny....Sylvia

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Just another sunny day with highs predicted to be in the 50s...hehehehe. Naturally the weekend is supposed to stink though-heavy rain tomorrow and cold and windy on Sunday. Oh well, you can't win them all. Tonight we're going out to dinner with friends to celebrate Tom's BD (Pastis, Deanne). The birthday isn't til Monday but I have a rescue dog to pick up tomorrow late afternoon in southern CT and transport to Webster, MA and we're going to my MIL's for a BD dinner on Sunday. Just a whirlwind weekend of birthday frivolity...

Now it's time for some real fun...long term debt...I know you're all jealous.


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Good morning Idylls,

Well, imagine that - it is Friday the 13th! I wonder if Sue will have an interesting tgif for us today. The weather has been scary it has been so lovely here the last couple days. It has been in the 50s for three days now. The only problem that I can see here is that there is no snow cover anymore and if we get some sub zero temps, which we can get even until the end of Feb, the perennials are going to take a beating. Im hoping we get a foot of snow when the weather turns cold again. Ive been itching to get outside and begin spring cleanup but have resisted the urge. The only thing protecting the gardens now is the debris I didnt pick up last fall and all the stuff that has blown in since. But, it is looking like spring outside and maybe just maybe well have an early one for a change?

Barb, how terrific to hear from you! Ive been thinking of you and wondering if the rains out there have impacted you and am so sorry to hear they have. That must be a horrible worry to know you might have to evacuate at any time. Im hoping everything works out for you and that you stay safe. ~~ What are you studying now? I remember that you were continuing school but I dont recall what degree you were studying for. Good for you with continuing your education. ~~ Have you been able to do anything with your fitness program? I know you wanted to increase your exercise the last we heard from you.

Cindy, the yoga class was TERRIFIC! Ive increased my fitness level and am probably 20 pounds lighter than I was the last time I took a class and it made a big difference in my ability to stretch deeply into the poses. The only thing I had any trouble with was sitting on my heels then stretching down into child pose. The arthritis in my knees does NOT allow me to flex the joints to that degree. I spoke to the instructor after the class and she suggested I roll up a towel or small blanket, put that on my calves and sit on that. I do think that will do the trick and who knows, if I work at it I might regain that lost flexibility in my knees. I do know they are 100% better than they were four years ago. ~~ The only reason I can keep up this fitness level is because I dont work a nine to five job. There is no way I could spend the amount of time at the gym if I worked full time.

Sue, have you noticed the days are REALLY getting longer now??? Im loving it. I cant wait until it really gets light at 6:00AM. Then Ill be able to get up earlier. I just cannot seem to drag myself out of bed at a decent hour when it is dark in the morning.

T, I think a PNW Idyllunion sounds like a terrific idea. If you didnt have any curvy beds when we all got there you certainly would by the time we left! LOL

V, I burst into laughter at your term for the Suburban. Ill have to tell Doug about the UAV. I actually read an article in Redbook magazine yesterday that women were seriously injured in car accidents more often than men and the reason is because they tend to buy smaller and lighter vehicles.

Hi Brenda! Glad to hear from you. What winter projects are you working on? How are you doing with your weight loss?

Eden, Im with V on your cutting on your plants and containers? Somehow I dont see that happening. I remember last summer you were supposed to be done planting containers and kept putting more together until you won the contest for the Idyller with the most containers. I think Sue and I suffered from that same affliction. I sure wish I could rig some sort of watering system for the containers. It would surely make life easier when there isnt any rain.

Babs, you think everyone should get a root canal??? I almost spit out my coffee when I read that remark. I definitely think the Novocain when to your brain. Im very happy that the experience wasnt bad though. I know you were fretting about it as I would have been. ~~ Little House on the Prairie? The only problem with my getting into bed with a fleece on is that in about fifteen minutes I burst into flames and have to strip everything off. (Well not really but that is what it feels like)

GB, you would have so laughed until your sides ached last night. Rahjii was just begging to play in the blanket and have us swing him! Doug and I picked up the blanket by the corners and Rajhii jumped into the middle of it and scrunched down then looked up at me like What are you waiting for? So we obliged him then he sat there looking for more. That cat is just too funny.

Whoops I see Sue has beat me to the post, so to speak, cancel my above remark. ~~ So Sue, Pastis? Im jealous but we actually are going to Silks tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary which is actually on Sunday but we decided to go to dinner on Sat night so DD and MJ and her two boys can join us. We really have been married way too long for romantic dinners anymore and will enjoy the company to help us celebrate. 34 years!!! Do you think anyone will believe me if I tell them I was married when I was ten years old???

OK time to head out to the gym. Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning!

Just get those ideas of Idyllunion 2007 at T's in the PNW outta your minds! There is no way in the world that this place would ever be ready by 2007 for a visit by the wonderful Idylls! Give me more time....I need more time. LOL

I had thought 2006 would be the year of putting funds into the yard, gardens (and surrounding areas) since DH spent so much time sculpting with the big machinery last summer. But, as it has been raining for weeks, and more weeks...and a few more weeks....we're seeing some places that need more sculpting and more curtain drainage that needs to be done during the dry months. So, that is where most of our time and energy will go. I'm hoping that come fall I may get to plant some vegetation on the hillside behind the retaining wall in the back.

We are also hoping/planning on building a small barn for the critters....so there goes more funds that I thought would be available. And the last pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters are going to be sucked up (down?) by preparing the boat to be put up for sale. We've not used the boat for the past 3 years and it is time to let it go. Items like new carpeting in the salon & aft cabin, some waxing & polishing of the hull and upper fiberglass along with new non-skid on the decks....she needs a lot of spit & polish as it has gotten quite dull looking from just sitting in the marina. Yes, that sucking sound you hear is every coin being sucked out of our pockets for the foreseeable future. lol So.........no way would I want you to see this place in 2007 although visiting some of the fabulous nurseries in the state would have been awesome.

Could you tell I was a bit panicked about having the Idylls come and drink a glass of wine while looking at my 'gardens' (that term used more loosely than it ever has been used before! LOL). First sip and you would be done seeing all that there is to see! :oP Mortified is what you could color me!!

From what I'm understanding, many (most?) of the Idylls will remain and see GW through the changes. I think the majority of us are hoping that this will just be a small change to be dealt with and not an impossible to accept change. GW has been a great place and perhaps the Terms of Service are just a legal technicality that iVillage had to post to cover themselves.....that these same TOS have been a standard in using any forum such as this. I don't know the answer, but I'm willing to wait and see......as are some of the other Idyll posters.

The back-up group/area is not an ideal venue compared to what we have here, some haven't been able to get into the system and it just isn't comparable to GW Idylls.

V & Jerri have many of the members' email addresses so if anything were to change, they'll be able to contact people and let them know what is happening. I've not asked V or Jerri about this, but I believe if you make sure you get your email information to either of them, then you'll be notified if anything 'big' happens and it cannot be posted here for some reason. I hope I'm not speaking out of line on that......and that V & J will pop in to correct me if I'm wrong.




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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

T, as usual, is abolutely right - at least in that last paragraph. I have a list of most of the regular contributors and would notify that list if anything happened. Totally off the top of my head (the list is at home) I'm pretty sure I don't have emails for Martie, Wendy, and I think Sylvia. There may be others missing. I will try to check the list and let you know who else is missing. I may just send out a test email soon to be sure that all the addresses are still current. Just so every knows, I don't use this list at all, I just maintain it "in case of emergency". Jerri also has a copy of it (redundant back ups, you know) and Jerri I will email you an update sometime in the near future.

Our gift was short-lived and we are back to gray skies again. Maybe an inch of snow today. While I was walking yesterday, I kept looking for signs of spring and then rememeberd it was way, way too early.

Deanne, have you ever tried glucosamine for your knees? This stuff did absolute wonders for our lab with bad arthritis. He would get so stiff after a romp that he couldn't walk at all, and after a few months on the glucosamine he was like a pup again.

Flakes have just started to fly past the window...


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We have had 1 day that hit 50. Today is supposed to be 35 and maybe 40s for the weekend. We still have snow. We had quite a bit and with the ice covering, is melting slowly. Which is really good. Although, there are some bare patches. I have to remind myself that snow is good for the perennials.

Deanne, my DD started a yoga class. I had to laugh when she was surprised how out of shape she was. She has always been in great shape because of her dancing and gymnastics. Pregnancy and motherhood has stepped in the way of that, but Im glad to see that she is getting active again. I really would like to see her start dancing again.

Congratulations on 34 years Deanne and Doug. Thats fabulous.

Ricks birthday is tomorrow and we were going away for the weekend, but decided to cancel because he isnt feeling well yet. Im doing pretty well, but he went to the DR. 2 days after I did.

Babs, Im glad that your root canal went so well.

Barb, I sure hope that you dont have any mudslide problems.

(((Mary))) hugs to you and Annie. Ill be thinking about you this weekend.

The toaster looks pretty cool, but then we arent toast or egg people.

Thanks for the clematis supplier recommendations.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hey, all!
V-did you get that nasty looking sleet that I saw on the news tonight?? Today was certainly a change from yesterday! We had grey skies and rain all day. And, we had to load out pigs this morning. Might as well make an unpleasant job uncomfortable, too, lol!

Deanne-Im down 17 pounds! I couldnt be more pleased. Havent had the least bit of trouble sticking with my eating plan, and have even managed to sneak in some desserts. Am back to the treadmill, and feel great! As for the winter projects, its looking like a really good garage sale in the spring :) Ive got quite a mound of stuff going. Am about ready to tear into the room upstairs and start painting. Ive been through the downstairs-it was bad enough, but I cant believe the amount of stuff that has piled up in the upstairs. Out of sight, out of mind, ya know??
Hm, I must have missed your mention of 34 years with Doug---congrats!! Hows his foot doing?

BugIve messed up my back on the treadmill. Leaning on the handrails and walking WAY too fast will do it :( I got some new walking shoes for treadmilling. I'm working on breaking them in and wearing my old comfy ones on the treamill for now.

Barb, I sure hope the rain quits for you SOON. Cant imagine living under evacuation alert. Some really weird weather this year. I imagine OK and TX would be glad to take some of your rain. Stay safe!!

Babs-Glad the root canal wasnt so bad. They didnt used to be nearly as much fun as they are now, lol! Weve done the "Little House on the Prairie" thing, too. Im really glad weve got the woodstove. Before we had that, you were doing good if you could GET the house warm with just the furnace, let alone be able to afford the bill! I love this old house, but she's a monster to heat!

Michelle, I hope you and Rick are up to full steam soon. Too bad the poor guy has to be sick on his birthday! Thus far, weve managed to avoid all the bugs going around. Mostly because were hermits and arent exposed to anything, lol!

Okay, this seems like a pretty spotty and disjointed post, so Im gonna call it a day before I make it any worse ;) Hi to all that I missed!

PS..Deanne, my chiropractor's wife swears by cod liver oil capsules for arthritis. I don't know if I've got arthritis, but my knees are pretty achy sometimes. I've been on the CLO for about a month. NOTHING is as achy and sore as it used to be. Don't know if it's the CLO, the eating right, less weight, or a combination of all, but my knees and feet don't hurt :)
Night, all..I think it's time for Emeril!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

OK, what's the deal? We seem to have 2 threads going and I posted on the other one!

Brenda, you did such a great job addressing everything, I'll just say "Ditto"!

T, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think about a PNW Idyllunion next yr. We can start saving now. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love to see DH's toys (Tom'd love to help him play with them, too) and OMG, seeing those elk would be quite a treat. In fact, I can see Les, Tom, Tom, Doug with Jim out there with all that machinery. A true Tim Allen moment! Also, there are way so many magnificant gardens/scenery nearby, don't worry. Or as Deanne said, you'll have curved beds before we leave, lol.

I'm proud as punch w/myself. I did spent this entire day in the basement with a brief break for the furnace guy who came to do warranty maintenance. Lot's of trash, but things are much more organized and cleaned. I'm wondering if there's a prize for the most trash in the neighborhood. I even went thru my craft stuff. I could open a store. Sheesh.

Re the meds for arthritus, Bullet is like a kitten after taking Glycosomine meds. I just bot some for me for my hips. I'll let you know. I'll keep the CLO in mind, tho.

Ennyhoo, I'm bushed and can hardly keep my eyes open. Hi to all. TTYL, Honey

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

After 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning I was off for my annual physical. So my blood pressure went from 140/90 to 122/82 in a week from using the treadmill. Amazing, but true. I'm likely on BP meds for life anyway, but at last there is a solution for my winters indoors. I just can't walk outdoors with all the ice around.

So tonight was French Club at the Dalby House...a historic building with pub & restaurant. We attempted to speak French with the gang, and then at 9PM the celtic music group began. Then the leader taught a dance to those who wanted to take part. Pretty funny! Anyway, the leader plays bagpiupes here for all sorts of events, BUT he's a very good landscaper in the community! So, I've only heard of him up to now. Not sure what will come of all this but it was a fun Friday night date. I didn't even eat one of the onion rings that were passed around and had tea while the gang drank their beer. See my halo?

It is raining here and we are expecting the cold to come tomorrow. The creek is flooding a bit, no doubt will be higher by morning. (Charlotte stinks when her coat is wet!)

Thinking of Mary, Annie and David as the weekend begins. I hope everyone remembers many happy moments.

Do something special for yourselves tomorrow! (NOT cleaning the basement or attic.)


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good rainy morning! 55 degrees here, but I guess the cold will be back tonite. I'm with Deanne hoping for more snow to cover the bare gardens. I'd been planning to go next door to the discarded Christmas tree on the curb under cover of darkness and get some branches to cover some fall transplants, but the town picked up the trees before I could do it.

Honey, I checked out the pancake maker, it looks pretty cool. Does the inside part come out for clean-up? We have the G. Foreman grill, but it is all one piece and can't be submerged in the sink, I feel like it is never quite clean.

Deanne, I'm glad you think that the legalise that GW posted about images is crap; I hope your attorney would agree. I'll miss seeing your paintings here, but I can definitely understand why. Congratulations on your anniversary, 34 years is quite an achievement! In some countries girls are married off at age 12 or so, you could do a little research as to what country and maybe pull it off...

Babs, glad your root canal went well. I'm with you about turning the furnace down. It doesn't seem to bother my kids, DD is still walking around barefoot. DH and I have taken to wearing fleece in the house though, and I have fleece throws on the couch. Fleece on fleece tends to make a lot of static electricity though - I'm always zapping myself! We even have fleece blankets on all the beds, because we turn it way down at night. LOL on Little House on the Prairie - a few winters ago we had a long stretch of single-digit temps and after hearing me complain about the cold once too often, my mother gave me a copy of The Long Winter (part of the Little House series) to re-read. They'd actually wake up with frost on their quilts and ice in the water pail! I didn't feel so cold after reading that...

Barb, I hope the rain stops soon. How frightening for you! Sending good, dry thoughts your way.

T, my attitude to GW right now is also "wait and see". I haven't had trouble logging in after that first few days, and I have tons of stuff on my computer that blocks the ads for now.

V, thanks for your comments about my foundation. I already have the curves (I love them too), and the beds are quite deep because there are perennials in front of where the shrubs used to be. It just looks so empty now, and I'm not sure how to fill the space. I do want to put back some shrubs, but nothing over 3-4 feet tall. Probably a few evergreens for winter structure, but not all evergreens. I think I'll try to check out the Dirr book on shrubs from the library for some study. Any recommendations from shrub-savvy idyllers would be welcome!
Thanks too for letting know about the back-up system you and Jerri have, just in case. I'll send you my e-mail address so that you'll have it.

Sylvia, I'll check out the book by Art Wolk you mentioned, I'm always looking for a good garden read.

Honey, congrats on your basement clean-out. I come from a family of pack-rats, and DH is from the "get-it-out-of-the-way" school of thought. He has taught me the beauty of filling up the trash bags and pitching stuff not worth saving. There should be a neighborhood contest! What would the prize be?

Well, have to go be productive now - laundry and the kitchen floor await. DS is hovering around waiting to play a computer game, I'd better let him have his turn.



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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Winter has set in again..the wind is howling, and it's FRIGID! The dogs had to stand in the open doorway and think about it for a couple of minutes before they went out.

Honey, I forgot to mention...I looked at the pancake factory on the other thread-looks awful fun to play with! My DS is a pancake FREAK...may have to get him one.

'Bug, congrats on your blood pressure! Exercise is an amazing medicine. My plan is to go in March and get my cholesterol and stuff checked. That will be 3 months on this eating plan. Hopefully, my numbers will be lower. Mrs. Chiropractor says that CLO will also help boost my good cholesterol. We'll see. I've been trying to convince MIL for years to use a treadmill instead of walking outside in the winter. She says it's not the same. I know it's not, but would sure be easy to slip and fall and break something-especially since our road is not well tended in the winter.

Da-way back the line I saw that you were an Animaniacs fan, too...cool! I had seen all the episodes listed on Ebay for $200!!! A bit too salty for me, especially since they had to have been recorded by an individual. I'll wait for the official release, and continue to watch the old VHS tapes I recorded while I walk on the treadmill. Just love goofy humor like that...did you ever see "Potty Emergency"? That's one of my favorites.

Okay, I clean up a mess...then make a mess. Is this normal?? After tearing the office apart and putting it back together, I decided I needed to place a BIG order with Staples for some organizational stuff. Like a kid at Christmas, I ripped open all the boxes, and they're strewn all over the kitchen. Looks like a tornado went through. I have an office supply fetish..and I've passed it along to my daughter. She's actually coming over today to see my stuff. She's particularly excited about "The Apprentice" desk organizer. And, the answering machine is finally in the office, rather than in the bedroom. It's the little things in life :)

Okay, I'm off to deal with the kitchen. The cardboard recycling people are just going to be so proud of me ;) Ew, and I'm out of dishwasher soap, so I guess I'm going to have to do them the hard way-and just when my winter nails were getting so nice!
Have a good day, all!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

What freaky weather we have here-currently it is 56 F and raining. Tomorrow the expected high is 29 F then it climbs back into the 40s and 50s again by midweek. I hate the usual January cold but mid to upper 30s would be fine. These 50 degree temps for days on end are just downright weird and I can't help wonder what effect they will have on the garden.

I'm keeping my eye on the intensity of the rain in hopes of squeezing in my outdoor walk. With the right gear I don't have any trouble walking in the rain as long as it's not pouring. So far it looks like I may be out of luck and heading for the treadmill. This afternoon I have to go pick up that rescue dog. The meeting point with the foster mother is at Zoe and Nick's breeder's house. She currently has a litter of month old puppies so I had an ulterior motive for going there. Tom has reminded me twice now to bring the camera.

Brenda, congrats on the weight loss! Do any of you watch the Biggest Loser? I know it's another reality type show but is actually decent. They really focus on exercise and the results most of the people achieve are just amazing. I've been quite pleased with my whole eating/exercise regimen. Because my back has held up I've been able to maintain the exercise schedule and I feel great. Although I've only lost a couple of pounds I did drop at least a pant size. Last night I went to the Gap and got another pair of jeans since most of what I have is now too big. I decided to take the advice of the 20 year old dressing room attendent and go for a size smaller than I normally would buy. You could tell by the disapproving look on her face when she didn't like the way something was fitting me...lol. I have to admit though the jeans I ended up with are extremely comfortable.

OK, enough talk about nothing. Time to scare up some breakfast.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning everyone,

Well, this is just about the weirdest winter weather Ive ever seen. Today is going up to 60 degrees and we are supposed to get an inch of rain. Then, tonight the temps are supposed to drop 30 degrees in an hour and then we are going to have blizzard conditions with 40 MPH winds with thunder and lightening. Whats with that? Some areas are in danger for flooding here again. Ive never seen the rivers up this high in January before. I cant imagine what the spring thaw is going to bring if this precipitation keeps up.

The good news is that it isnt supposed to start snowing until very late and we should be home from dinner by then. It should be a very fun evening, MJ and her two sons and DD will be joining us. Im going to wear my very beautiful Scottish plaid hostess skirt that I bought at an Orvis sale three years ago. Ive never worn it because the only one they had was two sizes to small at the time. It was originally a $250.00 skirt and I only paid $10.00 for it. What a score! Soooo it is going to be fun to wear something that I couldnt fit into until now.

Wendy, when you finish you kitchen floor howd you like to come over here and do mine? LOL I absolutely hate floors for some reason. Almost as much as I hate ironing. ~~ RE the getting married at an early age thing. I taught a class in the mountains of GA one time. At one point in the class someone asked my how long Id been married so I told her then made that comment about being married at 12 and not one woman in the class batted an eyelash at the comment. It amazes me how different the cultures are even within the US.

Brenda, Congratulations on the 17 pounds!!!! That is just fantastic! ~~Thanks for that link. I showed it to Doug and Im going to pick up one for him and one for me. I get into the organize my office space mode this time of the year also. I love it when everything is accessible. Great to hear youve gotten your space re organized. Doesnt it make you feel good about working? LOL ~~ RE arthritis pain and excess weight. Losing that much weight will definitely make your knees feel better. Even five pounds youd notice a difference. ~~ Dougs foot is healing slowly. He has to go to the podiatrist again next week and hopefully hell be out of the cast and we can start dancing class again. I really miss the evening out.

Michelle, that is wonderful that your DD is a dancer. What kind of dancing does she do? ~~ Yoga will make anyone feel that they are out of shape! LOL it seems so effortless when you watch someone do it but holding those poses is strenuous.

V I tried glucosamine years ago and it upset my stomach so I discontinued using. My mom uses it and swears by it though. Im normally not in any pain at all but I just cant hyper flex my knees.

Bug, how fantastic about your BP!!!! Exercise really is the fountain of youth. I was commenting to MJ last night at how much more mobility I have in my knee joints than I had four years ago. It is amazing really. So how are the blisters? Hope your feet are all better. Remember to make haste slowly.

T I agree with Honey, wed really love to come out for a visit and get some new curvy beds started for you. What a work force! Then of course we could visit all those wonderful places out there. ~~ It sure sounds like you have a lot on your plate. How are you guys doing with all that rain? ~~ Doug used to have a boat and it mostly sat in the driveway. I dont having toys like that if one uses them but it was taking up space and never got in the water so we sold it.

Honey, congrats on getting your basement organized. Im about ready for an overhaul here. I need to get rid of a ton of stuff that Im just never going to use. Then that would free up more space for more lights for plants!!! ROTFLOL! How are your dahlia tubers doing this winter? I checked mine a few days ago and all looks pretty good so far. I bought some large, shallow, containers from Christmas Tree Shoppes this fall and put the tubers in there with the peat. Id read an article that said you could put a container of water nestled in the peat and it would keep the tubers from desiccating. So far it seems to be working. Ill check on them in another couple weeks or so.

Sue, I agree with the weather. It truly is weird, weird, weird.~~ I hope you post pics of puppies tonight? Id love to see those cute little furbies. ~~ Congratulations on being down a pant size! You must be thrilled. I know Im always so happy when I can fit comfortably in a smaller size. ~~ I took my measurements a few days ago, on the tenth and Id taken them on the tenth of January in 05. The good news is that my waist and bust are three inches smaller and my hips are 2.5 inches smaller than a year ago. Progress is being made, slowly but still being made. Ive got an appointment with my PCP on Monday to review my eating/exercise program and thyroid levels. Im probably hypo again but as usual am on the edge of being normal so the tests come back normal but it isnt normal for me. Ive been killing myself at the gym again since the start of the year and Ive only lost .25 pounds. My calories are at least 1,000 per day under maintenance and I just cant budge the weight. Makes me crazy. A normal person would have lost a minimum of 4.5 pounds by now.

Anyway, speaking of the gym, Ive got to get out and exercise and absolutely cant skip today because we are going out to dinner tonight. Ive got to do upper body strength training today and hit the stairs. Have a great day everyone.

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Morning, We got the snow here last night. Not too much though, just a dusting. It's not as warm, only getting into the mid-30s today. Still not bad for January. One of my cats is sick, Eve the old mama cat who was a feral. I'm hoping it's just an upper respiratory thing, but they vet ordered a blood workup yesterday and we'll get the results this afternoon. She's on antibiotics but isn't feeling well at all. It upsets me so much when one of my animals is sick. Think good thoughts for her...

Lot's of catalogs showing up in the mailbox these days but so far I'm not tempted except for tropical stuff. I'm thinking about trying a couple of tropical hibiscus this year. They come in such pretty colors.

Brenda, what a cool organizer. It has a place for everything.

Not much else to tell from here. Sue and Deanne, have fun at your celebration dinners and Sue I'd love to see pictures of the puppies too.

Mary you'll be in my thoughts today.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning! We got a tiny bit of snow last nite but not enough to really cover the perennials. My friend tells me that the Farmers Almanac says were going to get a huge snowstorm the end of January. Hope so. This freeze-thaw really plays havoc with the plants. Im concerned re my new Caryopteris Snow Fairy. Im pushing the zone a bit with it.

Barb, how scary that you have to watch for evacuation! OMG, Id be terrified. Hope the weather improves for you soon. BTW, it was great to see you post.

Michelle, hope you and Rick feel better soon. That bug sounds really nasty. And Happy Birthday to Rick!

Brenda, the Pancake Factory is a great little gadget and inexpensive. I just spray w/Pam, use the measuring scoop provided to get the perfect size. I love how you flip it over onto itself and start the next two. Fast and easy. With supervision, itd be easy for kids to do. Wow youre down 17 lbs.! Congrats. Thats terrific.

Happy 34th Anniversary to Deanne and Doug! Hope you enjoy your evening out w/friends. Thanks for the info on the Dahlias, Deanne. You reminded me to check on mine. If I remember right, it was last yr at this time that I discovered mold on mine. Stay tuned.

Marie, congrats on the BP. Ill have to start using my treadmill, now that Ive cleared some of the junk out of the way in the basement. I am taking a day off from the basement purge, but thanks for the nudge.

T, I dont envy you the waxing, polishing and boat get-ready. Do you do it yourselves or have it done? Weve done both. If youre having it done, contact the co. now. We found they usually offer big discounts to do it early before the rush. I heartedly recommend doing what we did consoled ourselves while working just thinking about all the dockage and insurance $ we were going to save. Good luck with the project. BTW, I agree with your thots on GW for the same reasons. Hope they get their act together soon.

(((((Mary)))))) Im thinking about you, Annie and David this weekend.

Hey Wendy, I pruned off boughs from the discarded xmas tree across the street in broad daylight! The neighbors must be used to me trash-picking, I guess. I covered some dwarf shastas that are annuals here. I bot them for a buck apiece so if they dont make it, its no real loss. Re the basement purge, Im usually pretty good about pitching stuff except magazines and catalogs. When we were in the condo, I had trouble getting at things in our small storage area so didnt purge as often as I shouldve. Thus, we just moved stuff in the large basement storage area here and left it. Outta sight, outta mind.

Sue, please, please post some pix of those puppies. Are you going to get another? I dont think I have the willpower to be around puppies or kittens w/o bringing one home, lol.

OK, time to get this program underway. Hi to all! TTYL.

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Okay, Deanne, send those three bust inches south. LOL

Sue, Deanne and Wendy have done a great job describing the very odd weather. I know exactly where rose and herb beds will Not be in the yard, but with the freezing we can have great ice-skating parties!!

Wendy -- It sounds like your yard is in the same situation as my yard. When we pulled our 40+ shrubs and I went to the street and looked, I realized my emotions could have gone either way: Total Panic or Total Delight. The latter won out and the Really Good thing about it is that plants can always be moved.

GB: I'm jealous that you got to hear a bagpiper. There used to be a very active corp/band/group nearby that dispanded. Bagpipes are part of my heritage and it's always a treat to hear them played well.

T: There's empathy for your financial gardening pain. Yes, it is important that DS go to college, but the pavers I Really want are important, too. LOL Ah, what we do for our people passions as opposed to plant passions.

Babs: [[[cringing but sincere]]] glad your dentist trip was okay and not painful.

Wendy, again: Thanks for the NEWFS info. Since they're a non-profit I may be able to do something "special" for them on TV.

Cynthia: LOL you wanting to make $$ off of everyone. At least you admit it. Who doesn't in the long run? The Difference is How that money is made ..... Yesterday I was called an Ethical Capitalist. I'll take that. I'd take it even more if it would pay for my pavers and bluestone slabs.

Eden: When apartment living was my life and there was no in-the-ground room for plants containers became my "everything." Since, I haven't been able to give them up and as a result, needed to move approximately 600 pounds of terra cotta three times. It is very easy to rationalize three-digits of containers when it's taken that much work to get them to where they belong. I won't win the most containers contest, but you gotta love them. BTW: Do you want Sue, Wendy, ?Deanne?, Monique or me to get anything at Logee's for you to grow on? The store prices are a bit less than the catalog.

V.: I was remiss: Congrats to your daughter! So much emphasis is put on sports that academic honors are often not celebrated enough. Does she know where she wants to go to college? Is there anywhere in New England you want to check out for her while you're here? Or did you already tell us and I missed it?

Michelle: Bummer about cancelling your BD plans for DH. Reschedule, reschedule, reschedule.

Brenda: In a different life I had a very organized office. Then I married Rich and we shared space. Enough said.

Cindy: I have a fused vertabrae in my back at the exact spot where most Yoga bends occur. Trying to find something else that gives the same sense of refreshment and peace at the same time. Suggestions?

Sylvia: As a new Ikea fan, thanks for the heads up on their garden stuff being in. More containers .....

Thinking a lot about Mary today.

Will be bopping in again, later, after I have a chance to look at the Spring Forest Farm catalog. They list several Stewartia. ALSO: Bluestone has Callicarpia in the shrub section! If you haven't "done" Bluestone shrubs before, give it a try (WENDY: pay attention). They are small and need to be nurseryed, but the real advantage is that you can prune them and grow them on and know what happened to them. They are also very inexpensive and worth every penny.

Can no longer see the woods (30' away) for the rain. Glad food shopping is accomplished.


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Rick did want to go out to eat last night for his birthday. We went to Minervas. Its a very nice place and great food.

Brenda, bummer about having to load out in the rain. Ive never done it but I hear it isnt a fun job. Great news on the weight loss.

Honey, the 2 posts are because Martie and started a new post at the exact same minute. Can you believe that? We probably couldnt do it again if we tried.

Babs, I meant to tell you that I really was going to try the Vicks on my feet but found out that we no longer had any. Maybe next time ;o)

Deanne, DD has danced since she was 5 thru high school. She has done jazz, tap, ballet and gymnastics. She was always extremely limber and able to contort herself into what I would call impossible positions.
What fun to be able to wear the skirt that you have had and not been able to wear.

Eden, I hope Eve starts feeling better. I can tell that you are quite concerned.

We are going to have Ricks kids over for a birthday party tomorrow, so I have to make another angel food cake. I also plan to paint the bathroom, take Jaden for a 4 wheeler ride, hit the treadmill, clean, oh man Id better go.


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Wow, Michelle, you must be feeling better if you're up to tackling that list. Happy Birthday to Rick.

Latest on Eve is that all the major things that could have been wrong weren't. So that's good news. Her BUN numbers were high which indicates problems with the kidneys but they could be up because she is dehydrated. The plan is I'll take her in everyday until Fri for Sub Q fluids plus keep pumping in the antibiotics twice a day and then she'll have another blood test. The vet thinks this is likely tooth related and wants to do some dental work in a few weeks when she's stronger. The trick now is trying to get her to eat with a stuffed up nose. So I'm off to find some canned food that's nice and stinky.

Doesn't it seem strange that when something happens to one of us here, it seems that similar things then happen to others in the group. Honey just went through this same dental thing with Bullet last week. And remember when we all had the water problems one after the other?

Forgot to mention before, congrats to Brenda on the BIG weight loss and to Deanne for fitting into her pretty little skirt.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon everyone,

Well its still pouring rain and Doug and I are going to try to rake up a pile of leaves that never got picked up in the fall before the weather turns to a blizzard later tonight.

Eden, glad to hear the Eve should be fine, and yes it is strange that things seem to run in cycles here. I hope you dont have to pay a fortune to get Eves dental work done. I know I about had a coronary when I found out how much it was going to cost. I think it has to do with the fact that they have to anesthetize them to do the procedure. Whatever it is I hope the Science Diet kitty food keeps Lukes teeth clean from now on.

Michelle, you really must be feeling better to tackle that huge list today. Im very impressed. I just went to the gym and am sitting like a blob in Moniques favorite chair contemplating some yard cleanup. Glad to hear you did go for dinner for Ricks BDay. ~~ Sounds like your DD must be really great at yoga.

Martie, have you done yoga on your own or with an instructor? Ive found that a good instructor works with everyones physical limitations. I know I couldnt do one of the poses on Thursday and when I asked for an alternative position she was terrific about making recommendations. When I began my back was in pretty bad shape but over the last four years things have improved dramatically. In a yoga class everyone only takes the poses as far as is comfortable for each individual. I think if you found the right instructor youd benefit from it.

Honey, it is SO terrific to have you posting regularly again. I thought of you when T said they were going to get the boat ready to sell. ~~ Im with you on hoping we get some snow. The temps are now predicted to go into the single digits, maybe even down to zero tonight. The perennials are going to go into shock after the 60 degree temps today. Heck, Im going to do into temperature shock after the 60 degree temps today.

OK time to motivate if Im going to get anything done today.


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I'm pretty busy so I haven't had time to be here as much as I want. I do want to let Mary know I"ve been thinking of her family today and the last couple days. Hopefully the support here will help sustain you a little. I hope everything goes as well as it can.

OK I know I am a little airheaded but I've always wanted to know this secret alternative place for displaced idylls. What is that all about and WHERE is this place that we would be going to? T,V,or Jerri can you let me know? Do we have a secret handshake too?; )

Michelle glad you are improving...and good that Rick could celebrate afterall. Lol about the Vicks-but at least that rumor hasn't been dispelled. AJ's sore throat never turned into a cough-which is great but I need a guinnea pig lol.

We got blasted by the frigid air and some snow overnight...gee,it's 28F right now wind speed has been up to 40MPH. I do hope we get a blanket of snow that stays. I was checking out my hydrangeas yesterday and they have been getting new sprouts from their bases and the buds were starting to swell!! I just wonder what all this bizarre weather has done to the coming season's buds.

Sue while I am very happy for your successful exercise program I am trying to imagine you with a waist one size smaller-it doesn't seem possible lol! That's great though about your back too-I'm pretty sure all the exercise is a direct reason you're not having back problems now. So are you foregoing skiing completely this year? I bet once you are in perfect shape your back would be strong enough,or will you ask your doctor about whether it's OK?

[Eden: "Doesn't it seem strange that when something happens to one of us here, it seems that similar things then happen to others in the group? Honey just went through this same dental thing with Bullet last week"]...LOL and *I* had my root canal too-see? Meeeeeoooow; )
You know I'm just being(trying to be)funny but I do hope Eve gets better quickly.

Gotta go have some science fair project fun....


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Babs, it's not my waist where I lost the size, it's my hips. My waist is actually out of proportion with the rest of me based on normal size charts. One of the reasons I dropped the first size is pants now ride lower and I no longer have to fit my waist at the expense of my hips and butt. And to think, for years I resisted the low waist pants. Now I can't wear the older styles-they are just too uncomfortable.

Yes, we plan to ski this year but so far the weather and schedules have not been conducive. We do have our annual ski vacation booked this year to Utah from March 11-18. Park City here we come.

OK, since we last "spoke", I drove downtown and walked an hour and 20 minutes in what turned out to be a very light delightful rain. Tom just bought a new gore tex rain suit so I used that and hardly needed the umbrella. Then I went through a stretching routine, did a Pilates workout, had lunch, showered, changed the bed and picked up the bedroom and prepared the paperwork for rescue surrender. Now it's time to hop in the car and drive over 3 hours. By the time I get home tonight I'm sure I'll be asking where the day went.

Martie, I'll split Deanne's bust inches with you. Unfortunately I lost an inch or so myself in that area in the past couple of months along with the hip inches. Now I'm technically a negative cup size...lol.

Eden, hope the kitty is felling better. Yes, BUN can be elevated by dehydration. After losing an 8 year old dog to kidney failure almost 6 years ago I learned more than I ever want to know about that stuff. We used to administer the sub-qs at home-not a fun time in our lives losing our boy.

Well, I'd better grab the camera and hit the road. No, Honey, no new additions here. I have a two dog limit.


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The short answer to Deanne's question is yes, I have had some wonderful yoga instructors but really really dislike (as close to hate as I can get) admitting I have any kind of disability to anyone. So, I do what I can on my own and occasionally check in with a good girlfriend who teaches Yoga for a living. She cheers me up, reminds me that's OKAY that I can't get backwards, and gives me some poses to help me get over the stress of needing to call her. So it turned into a long answer, sorry!

Really really dislike this as well but we need all the good thoughts that can be mustered today. This afternoon received a call from my brother's hospital that he has become non-verbal and has regressed to the point of needing 24/7 one-on-one care. For a while he appeared to be getting more lucid (he told me he "left" when the voices started arguing a few weeks back) so this is really disheartening. One step forward, two steps back. No one expects healing, here, but the ability for him to do watercolors again or recognize his own dog or at this point even talk would be good. The nurse who called is one I have gotten to know and she was almost in tears. I haven't yet called my parents. Rich offered to do that and for the first time I think I'll take him up on his caring suggestion.

Logee's next weekend, Logee's next weekend, Logee's next weekend ........


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Thank you everyone, your good thoughts and wishes helped me today. There is much comfort in knowing others care. The memorial service was beautiful and I'm feeling drained but far more at peace. Annie had the hardest time - she burst into tears on entering the church, then locked herself in the restroom for half an hour. Fortunately we had arrived very early. Annie's lovely Fifth Grade teacher was also there, and she helped talk Annie through coming out and sitting between us for the service. With the help of a box of tissues and hugs from many of her friends she/we made it through. The music was just beautiful. Both girls had played the cello and their two cello teachers played duets in tribute. Family and friends shared reminiscences and a slide show of photos brought back many memories. I admired the strength of the remaining families members and the number of lives Susan and her daughters had touched. It had been grey and raining when we drove in to the service, but as we left everywhere was glittering in fresh white snow, as beautiful a winter landscape as you can imagine.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Martie, this is for your brother. Print it out for him if he'd like it. Hugs to all- and a big WOOF too.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

(((Kisses for Charlotte))) :)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cuteness alert-also for Martie's brother...

How many puppies do you see in this picture?

They had just had a bath and were napping under a heat lamp when I arrived so we couldn't get much in the way of action out of them...lol. This little girl knows how to get comfortable...

I believe Wanda is calling this guy Thor. Five weeks old.

Here's a wide angle view of their current living conditions.

Gotta run-it's time to eat. Mary I'm so sorry Annie had such a tough day. Many years ago my current boss lost his 10 year old daughter to cystic fibrosis and to this day I remember seeing adults trying to comfort her numerous classmates outside the church. Hugs to all of you.


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Hugs to Annie and Mary, and Hi to Martie's brother from Monty & Rippie.

Eden, Thinking of you and Eve. It's so hard when they don't feel well. I've done the fluids thing here for a couple of kitties. But since it's just for a week think it's good the vet office is doing it, cause then they can check her progress every day!

Good thing we don't have to buy film anymore. I just took about 15 pictures in the kitchen. The ones with flash gave the critters glowing evil eyes. The ones without the flash were too dark and no amount of lightening could recover them. So that's that.

What a pile of fuzzy pups Sue! I guess 6, and can't separate them all out. What fun.

Hi Charlotte! You can keep that snow, we don't need it here. But it was spitting something frozen out there when Katie and I went to Petsmart tonight.

A pleasant day. Yes. I cleaned out a drawer. Made cranberry banana bread to get rid of those left overs. Made chicken a la king and didn't have peas, so put in Trader Joe's frozen french green beans, and it was yummy! It's a three day week-end and one of the other volunteers offered to take Rippie to an open house today so I had the whole day for me. It was so nice walking just two dogs and Katie was all excited about it :)

Rippie gave me a mini face lift yesterday. We were all in a huddle in my office and I reached under Rippie (he was standing) to retrieve a toy Katie was playing with (she was reclining, so needed a slave.) Just as my head came up, his went down to greet me and his concrete skull hit my granite skull right at the edge where the eyebrow is. Half an inch lower and he would have bashed my glasses into my eye. But wow did it hurt! I was making moany noises and wondering if one or both of us had a concussion. Today it's nicely swollen giving me a much younger look in the eye area :) If it would last, I'd have the other side 'done.'

High winds out there and I swear I heard the news say up to 60MPH. It's back in the 30F range again.... But! We're half way through January!

Take care everyone - especially you weight and inch loosers. I found bras on sale at Land's End a few weeks ago for $5 in my size (A if I hold my breath in). They were a great buy, and too big.

Ciao, Cynthia

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Martie, I'm so sorry to hear your brother's not doing well. Even though big old Bud isn't crazy about following Cynthia's boys with their slim physiques he'd like to say "Hi" too. A picture from the warmer days of last summer...

Mary, what can I say. Your post brought tears to my eyes. To go through such a sad day and to have to see your child suffering as well must have been so hard. My heart goes out to you and Annie tonight.

A quick report on Eve. She seems to be feeling better tonight and I did get her to eat a little. The vet did offer to let me give her the sub q fluids at home but since it was just for the week I decided to take her in so she could keep closer watch of how Eve's doing. She had wanted to me to leave her overnight to start with but with Eve having been a feral I knew how much that would stress her and felt she would do better at home. Thanks for all of your good thoughts for her.

Sue, what cuddly little balls of fur. And I loved seeing Charlotte, Rippie and Monty too.

Cynthia, glad you have a 3 day weekend to relax but please be careful frolicking with those pooches! To quote my mother, "It's always fun till someone puts an eye out." We have a Trader Joes now and I haven't been yet but will check it out soon since you're always mentioning all the yummy things you find there.

Just realized it's Saturday nite and I haven't even cracked open a bottle of wine. Maybe tomorrow nite.

Time for bed now, so goodnight Dear Idylls. Eden

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Mary what a kind,sensitive teacher Annie has. I am sorry Annie had an understandibly hard time. My heart breaks for her loss. I hope you are faring well enough.

Martie that must be so difficult to see your DB regress so. I'm imagining the call to your folks will be tough. I'm sending positive thoughts that something sparks his responsiveness to a better sense of reality. Amazing to hear him verbalize what happens in his brain and his reaction(coping)-that must make it that much harder for you because you know he's in there but don't know how to get him back out. How do they treat his situation? Has this happened before? I don't want to sound confused but is he bi-polar?

Sue I know what you mean-I rejected low riding jeans for so long but when I finally took the 'plunge' high waisted feels terrible! I also think flared legs look so much better too. Then the styles change...will we? lol
Sorry to be crass but anyone who wants extra boobage may gladly have some of mine...I miss pre-kids perky ones: )
I love those puppy pics!!!!!

Sorry about your eye Cynthia.

Deanne I meant to say that's great about Doug losing the cast soon. He must be excited-does he miss the dancing?

~Babs....off to watch 'The Constant Gardener'...I wonder what it's about.

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Hi Everyone!
I just got back from showing the houses, and I have hopes to write the contract tommorrow:) We looked at some really cool houses. This is one part of being in real estate that I like. I get to see so many neat places. On my way home, I got a speeding ticket. I was sort of bummed out, because my kids always laugh at how slow I drive, so I ruined my record. I knew I should have stuck to the highway instead of backroads. I wasn't quite sure the best way to get home, and made the wrong choice. Saturday night in tiny towns, they hide behind the bushes. Even so I was only going about 8 miles over. It cost $73....yuck. Oh well, done now....but I could have bought plants, seeds, dirt, mulch..

Sue, GB and Cynthia, thanks for the adorable doggie pictures. Sue, how will you give all of those puppies away? I don't think I could..I bet I would end up with a houseful. That is one reason I got Maggie spayed, because I knew that I would have to keep at least one, they are so sweet!

Martie, I hope your brother does better soon. I know what you mean sort of, because my brother has some problems like that too, and it makes me feel bad when he gets scared. Just didn't want you to feel like you were alone out there. They were able to get hime some medication that sort of works, not perfectly, but he is much better now than he was a year ago. He still has problems, and is trying to work through it. My husband got him a job about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and he has actually been able to work for the first time in about 5 years. I think he feels safe because my son has been working on the same job with him, and they share a hotel room and the first week my husband went with him. He isn't considered qualified for disabled, eventhough there is no way he could go out and enter the regular work force. He came back home and has been staying with my mom for a while. Prayers for your brother from me.

Mary, you have a wonderfully calm way about you that I am sure is very comforting to Annie. I hope you are okay, and my heart goes out to you all....

Eden, hope your kitty is okay.

Happy Anniversary and birthdays to those of you celebrating!

Have any of you seen either msn or yahoo groups? I know they can post pictures, havent' read the small print on copyrights, etc, but I do know people use them for posting.

Deanne, I don't know if I mentioned it, but after your suggestion on shoes, I found a pair of Borns at TJMAXX. I liked them so well, I got another pair on sale at Dillards. My toe..in case anyone remembers or is interested..didn't respond to the Lamisil.Well, the toe might have, but I had allergic reaction to something in it. My ears started ringing, face itched, I was getting dizzy without wine, so I quit taking it. Half my foot is sore when I walk, I am painting it with Penlac, it works 12% of the time according to instructions. I have hopes. Otherwise I am having it permanently removed next spring. I have to use this for X number of months.

I ran out of scintillating thoughts...and ..I don't want to end on a complaining note,

Here comes Suzy Snowflake .....(with I knew how to make a musical note:))


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Just a quick post as I'm completely toasted. It is very late but OMG did we ever have an incredible and fabu dinner at Silks tonight. The fois gras is beyond belief there and I had rack of lamb for my main course. I can't describe what a treat it was to have such unbelievably beautifully prepared and presented food. MJ and the boys along with DD were a delight to share out anniversary dinner with. I'll have to do three or four hours of cardio to pay for my dinner tonight but it will be worth every bit of sweat and discomfort.

Sue and Martie, you are both welcome to at least another three or four inches off my bustline along with the three I lost last year. Then my top and bottom would be the same size. It is a bear to wear two different sizes.Dresses just never fit right.

Mary I'm so incredibly sorry for your terribly sad day. Poor Annie. I wish I could give her such a hug and make all the pain go away. She is so very young to be dealing with such a terrible loss. Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

Martie, So sorry, I totally where you are coming from with our DB. My youngest brother is 41 and has never been able to work. He is incapable of working because of his illness and it will never get better. Mental illness is a hideous tragedy for everyone. Sending lots of hugs your way tonight too.

OK it is almost 3AM and I really really need to get to bed.

Take care everyone,

PS Sue the puppy pics are almost too cute and should have some kind of warning about being off the cuteness scale.

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Thanks for the pics, posts and thoughts. I've forwarded all the pics to the nurse who will show them to my brother. She (even this early in the morning) sends huge thanks, as well.

Babs: My brother has five different diagnosed diseases, all of which affect his ability to do much of anything. Schizophrenia, bi-polar, IQ of 72 (borderline retardation), paranoia and Kleinfelter's Syndrome (which affects hormonal balance -- imagine being PMSx20 all the time with no relief). As a result he is one of only 200 people in our state who have a 'permanent' hospital bed in a psychiatric facility. I am his conservator after he was becoming alarmingly abusive toward my parents and they were incapable of of bringing themselves to "do" anything. They were his 24/7 care for his entire life and I volunteered primarily so that they could have any life of their own at all.

Mary: It's obvious that many people adored Susan and her family, and it's wonderful that Annie has such a caring mentor in her life. My thoughts will remain with you for as long as it takes to find some comfort.

Sue: I guess 7. You gotta love how unhibited that little girl is!!

Windy, snowy and cold here. The roses had started to green up and I was out last night at about 1am (couldn't sleep, anyway) mounding them up a little more to deal with the 30deg temp swing. Today get to start Marie Antoinette and look a little deeper into the Forest Farm catalog.

ANNOUNCEMENT ON A MUCH LIGHTER NOTE: We have done the outdoors budget for 2006. We will not exceed that budget and will get only what's on the list. We will not buy expensive temperennial plants for containers. We will not put in any plant that is not an absolute certainty for survival. We will do only what is absolutely necessary to the walkways to avoid lawsuits and be able to snow blow next winter. We will strictly adhere to the line items appearing for mail order and local nurseries. We will seed start no fewer than 3 flats to cut down on the amount of lawn that needs to be dug up for nurserying. This is our agreement. Yeah, right :-)

Thanks, again, for everyone just being who you are.


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Martie, I feel so bad for your DB. It must be incredibly difficult for your family to see him like this. What a wonderful gift you have given your parents by taking the responsibility.

Mary, sorry to hear that Annie had such a difficult time. Her teacher sounds like she is very supportive. Did these girls go to Annies school?

Adorable dogs of all sizes. Although I can see why so many people get sucked into a puppy. Id guess 6 puppies.

Deanne, it sounds like a good time was had by all. 3 a.m. wow!

Drema, I hope you make the sale, but too bad about the ticket.

Eden, good to hear that Eve is getting the treatment she needs. I had to laugh about your comment about what your mom used to say.

Cynthia, have you tried to remove red eye with your picture software? It works well on Kenzies pictures.

I am really feeling a lot better and did get most of my list done yesterday. I usually plan more than I can get done.
Im up early as I slept poorly an couldnt get back to sleep. 6:50 on a Sunday morning is ridiculous.

It looks like the NE is pretty wintery today. Stay warm.


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Good Morning,

Deanne are you up yet? That was a late night. I'm so glad you had a good time. Happy Anniversary to a great couple! Here's a container garden for you...

Michelle I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Martie, those garden budgets are sure hard to stick to aren't they? Let me know if you figure out how to do it.

Hi Drema, sounds like you're getting good at selling those houses. Good to hear from you.

Gotta run, I'm soft boiling eggs in the egg toaster for breakfast. Then off to the vet for Eve's sub q. Have a good day everyone. The sun's shining here.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

A gold star to those of you who guessed six puppies-two girls and 4 boys. For miniature schnauzers six is a good sized litter. Wanda is keeping one of the boys and the rest are spoken for except one boy. Wanda breeds primarily for temperment. In 20 years of breeding she has never advertised. People find her by word of mouth then often wait months since she only breeds two or three litters a year. Her dogs don't do much in the show ring but you could probably hang them by their toes and not get as much as a growl (not that I'm advocating that of course). The mother of these puppies sits on my lap the whole time I'm there. If I stop patting her she takes her paw and puts it on my hand. Wanda calls her a woman of the 90s. She nursed and took care of the puppies beautifully but once they started developing teeth she immediately started regurgitating and forcing them to learn to eat on their own...lol.

Deanne, I was thinking last night when I left Wanda's that I should have just kept going up I-290 and joined you for dinner as I was probably less than an hour away. Silks sounds like my kind of place. Tom could have spent the night trying to figure out where I was because our home phone is out. You can call out but no one can call us. Actually the phone company should offer that as an option for phone averse people like us...lol.

Martie, I'm still laughing over your 2006 outdoor budget. Most of my garden spending this year will probably be for tender annuals and container plants and small shrubs. So far I haven't seen much in the way of new perennials that float my boat. The bulk of the hardscaping is done here. Last summer one of my neighbors replaced his front walk and we grapped a bunch of the old pavers with the plan of making a little patio in front of the shed. Prettying up the shed area has been on my list for a couple of years now.

Deanne, my top and bottom have never been the same size. I can't buy anything two piece unless you can buy it as separates. Fitted tops are the hardest because I have wide shoulders and long arms.

Winter has returned. This morning we have an inch or two of swow, temps in the mid 20's and gusting winds. My outdoor walk may be in jeopardy, not because of the weather but because the ground is freezing and footing on most sidewalks will be shaky at best. The blast will be shortlived though-by Tuesday it's supposed to be back in the 40s.



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Yep, all next week will be heading to the 50s! I can't wait to see my January heating bill. I may have to frame it. There's a new commercial (and like all great commercials, I have no idea what product it's advertising) where the family sits around saying 'not me' and 'nope I won't touch it' and it turns out they're all afraid to open the utility bill, lol. I've been known to avoid opening mine for a couple of days, but then my need to be orderly overcomes my need to avoid pain. I did turn the heat back on last night as it was supposed to go into the twenties, and kitties are all lounging on radiators this morning.

Deanne, that must have been quite a dinner! What fun to share it with friends and make a longggg night of it. Hope you're sleeping in this morning.

Eden, wow your vet is open on Sunday! Hope Eve continues to improve. Beautiful container, and I see one of my favorites I think - the variegated Breynia disticha Roseopicta (spelling is probably all messed up there.) I have 8 baby agaves in the basement. Do you me to send you some of the agave seeds when I send the e.coelestium? They need 80F to germinate, so right on the heating pad in a plastic bag with damp vermiculite or coffee filter and they pop up in a few days. Also, can you email me your address? I have a padded envelope ready to go.

Michelle I just have the free irfanview, and don't think that has a red-eye remover. Something free came with my camera, but I didn't like it and removed it to get the space back.

Drema, "Otherwise I am having it permanently removed next spring. " The toe!? Hope your new treatment works! Can't imagine having foot problems with all the walking you have to do - I'm assuming your still using public transportation to get to work?

Martie, good luck restricting seed grown to 3 flats. Do you have fluorescent lights? You end up adding more and more lights until you need a house with bigger basement. I would be in good shape if I could restrict myself to growing '3 flats.' And for those of us who are seed sluts, what are you planning to grow???

Babs, I was so bummed when I found out that 'The Constant Gardener' wasn't a hort film.

Okey dokey. Time to bundle up and take a flight with the dawgs. It's warmed up to 30F, but the wind advisory is on until 4PM.

Have a good one! Cynthia

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning, Ummm well it is probably going to be good afternoon by the time I get this posted. I simply could not believe the weather yesterday. Doug and I went outside and raked the entire back yard wearing shirt sleeves it was so warm. The rain melted any of the ice that would have kept us from getting those leaves off the lawn. So the fall cleanup is finally done. LOL! The down side to the warm weather was I put my full length, wool, plaid, hostess skirt on and figured out that I probably would have died of heat exhaustion if I wore it to dinner. So I dragged out a lovely summer weight silk dress I got on sale at Coldwater Creek and wore that instead. I told Doug hed have to take me out to dinner again when it was cold so I could wear my skirt. LOL

So the winter express has returned and the winds are howling here today with a couple inches of snow. I cant believe we were outside without coats yesterday. Tonight it is supposed to go down to 8 degrees and I dont have a good feeling about all the buds that were greening up on the shrubs. They probably arent going to survive the temp extremes. Oh well, gardening in NE one has to expect these things.

Sue, I so wish youd been able to join us for dinner. Ive thought of asking you guys to come up to Silks for dinner with us sometime but it is extremely expensive but in my mind worth the price. I know Les and Monique would adore it also. One thing I love about it is the portions are reasonable to small. You dont get served a half a cow if you order a filtet mignon. I wish I could have taken photos of the presentation. Oh la la! The fois gras probably was only about a 2 oz serving, but it came with this gorgeous black currant and mango chutney and decorated with a wafer thin apple chip. I have no idea how they did the apples like that but it was delightful. We had a fabu 1996 bottle of Groth Cabernet Sauvignon. Oh my, perfect with the rack of lamb. DD ordered quail and MJs oldest DS ordered elk steaks. They really have an unusual menu and everything is prepared perfectly. Ill dream about this dinner for a long time.

Cynthia, LOL about framing your Jan heating bill. Im sure it will be some kind of record. We were headed there ourselves until this cold snap. ~~ I actually did sleep in until 9:30 this morning, unheard of for me.

Martie, thank you for the comedic interlude. Your budget is remarkable and I cant wait to see how that works out. ~~ So incredibly sorry your DB is in such bad shape. My DB is able to live on his own as long as he is good about taking his meds. Every once in a while hes had to be hospitalized when he has paranoid episodes. Hes been violent in the past and it is critical for him to take his meds.

Eden, thank you! Your container is just lovely. It makes me so anxious for spring. What is the tall plant in the back of the arrangement? That combination is gorgeous. ~~ Hope Eve continues to do OK. ~~ Ive been meaning to ask you if you winter over your caladium corms? Ive tried for two years now and they are currently mush in the basement and Ive got to run them out to the compost pile. Id like to be able to winter them over but havent had any success with it.

Michelle, I need some of your motivation today. I still havent gotten myself out of my easy chair. I think it is time to make another pot of coffee or run out to Starbucks for a black eye.

Hi Drema, great to hear from you. It sounds like you are getting pretty successful with selling houses. Hope you can write that contract today. Bummer about the speeding ticket. ~~ Glad to hear you like the Borns. I absolutely love mine and they wear like iron and only get more comfortable over time. ~~ Bummer about that toenail. Doug had a fungus in one of his and he read about using white vinegar on it. I laughed at him but much to my surprise it worked and the toenail is growing out clean now. It did take a few months of doing it twice a day, but it did work.

Hi Babs, yes, Doug actually does miss our dancing lessons. We are both hoping he can lose the cast this week and get clearance to start dancing again.

Cynhthia, LOL about you and Rippie butting heads and the resulting face lift. So who do you think has the hardest head? Hope you dont wind up with a black eye out of it.

OK Ive been writing this for way too long and must water the plants under the lights today as well as do some laundry, run the vacuum around and clean the fish tank. Doug wants to run out to the mall for a bit so Id better motivate.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Finished my morning treadmill stint while DH is off at hockey. I asked him on his way home to bring me a second pair of the running shoes like the ones that I bought last Thursday. I figure if they fit and are comfortable that it will save me shopping agony later on.

I imagine Deanne is crawling out of bed by now. I'm so glad that you ate a wonderful meal for your special occasion. Lamb is a favourite of mine too. Good to hear Doug's foot is making progress. I hope your dance partner returns soon!

Sue, the reason there are so many stray dogs must be that people can't resist bringing home puppies. Then they find out they are a responsibilty. My DD rescued two of them and I fear she'd rescue 10 more if they appeared on her doorstep. Not to mention her 3 cats... She and her partner are extraordinarily good pet owners. They brush all the pets' teeth nightly and stuff I never do. The dogs are walked many many times each day even though they work far from home. And when I say walked, I mean long walks in the woods and ravines no matter how cold the temperature.

I think we will need to start posting on the other thread when we reach 75...to be fair to all!

Babs, you sure are learning a lot of science these days! Hope AJ is too! Those were really fun times at our house. The Science Fair was a huge event at our kids' school and DH had a ball working with them. It was always a trick knowing how far to help and when to leave them alone. But I must say, those lessons they learned help them now in their jobs! They both give fine presentations, know how to make graphs and posters etc. and are confident about it too. I felt sorry for the kids who had no one at home to guide them in exploring ideas.

Mary, although my heart breaks for Annie, my guess is that the funeral helped her with some sort of acceptance and closure. If only locking yourself in the bathroom helped I'd spend lots of time there too!

I have not bought any new seeds this year. I have so many leftovers that I will dig into that pile when the time comes. For me, that will be far down the road, maybe April. Nothing can go outdoors until June 1st usually. But then I will start hollyhocks and sunflowers and lots of colourful stuff for near the barn. I may have to learn to deal with clematis in containers...a real pain of a job. But I have so many...and more on order! What a disease!

I too was amazed that Eden's Vet would help her on a Sunday! KEEP THAT VET! A friend sent a photo of her friend's baby today: Bella! She's an adorable blonde.

Off to deal with lunch before the man returns.

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Cynthia: Right now I'm down to three sets of florescents. I don't bother with anything fancy -- Home Depot regular 4' fixtures with one hot and one cold bulb replaced annually is perfect for me. I haven't started seeds in several years, perhaps because the last time I did I was in my apartment (downstairs of an old Victorian house) and was visited by the almost-embarassed-at-the-end police because a neighbor was sure I was growing something not so legal in these parts. They left with a few Wave petunias each to bring to the suspicious neighbor.

So, this year I am starting (in no particular order): three kinds of Shasta daisies, alpine strawberries, angel roses (thanks, again, Woody if you are out there), Companulas (3 varieties), Digitalis, Cerastium, Penstemon, two kinds of Thyme (one I'm trialing for trueness), three kinds of Lavandula (of course), rosemary 'cause I always kill the plants and this will be my "I started it from seed and I'm keeping it alive" challenge, a few Dianthus, and five or six annuals including the infamous Waves. In three flats. I've convinced Rich it can be done ;-) A half flat will also be devoted to Coleus (his favorite and it's always a trip to see what comes up). While some women will go to great lengths to sneek clothes into the house, I'll be the one with the light fixtures. LOL

My brother is stabilizing and for the first time in 4 days asked to go out and smoke. The best news, yet. He has been in this situation before and getting him out of it is a matter of absolute patience and the hope that he doesn't realize how much attention he's getting to play it out. This is NOT a diss, but a very real part of any mental illness. Sometimes it's a much easier life to be sick and waited on hand and foot.

Deanne: Your dinner sounds SO good. Heck, everyone's dinner sounds doable! I would've ordered what you did. A client told me about a great seafood place on the main street of Nashua. Do you know it?

Eden: I've called everyone I know and told them to Brush Their Pet's Teeth to decrease the likelihood of this adverse event spreading throughout the forum. Your vet must like you very much, and I'm glad that you're able to help your Eve at home rather than dragging her to an office.

GB: I'm looking for a replacement digital camera and figure that if I start with something like what you have my pics MAY look better than in the past. What do you recommend for someone who has little artistic "eye" but likes to shoot?

Cynthia: Now that I know you're okay, had to laugh about your "facelift." Looking at the pics, there aren't many soft spots on Greyhounds, are there? Hope all will be well with your eye before you need to explain twice that it really was your dog ....

Grilled pork in a thrown-together marinade, tonight. Got rid of a lot of Holiday leftovers: cranberry sauce, orange syrup, the last 1/4" of Balsamic vinegar, the last sprigs of fresh herbs taken out of the freezer, you all know the drill. It smells like I better write this concoction down.

To anyone I haven't "talked" to today, hope yours has been great! I miss Chelone -- any word from her to anyone?


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Ah yes the perpetual science project. MArie this project seems so involved because I have to work in baby steps with AJ-he loves learning from the books so much but when it comes to the mechanics of putting together the reports(WRITING) he's a pain to push along. I worry that he'll be a procrastinator like his dear 'mum' lol. So far his report is DONE and now he is making the poster which is more fun for him(and me!). I think AJ has learned from this but I know I have. The science fair starts in two weeks so we'll be practicing his presentation next. He never gets nervous about presentations-go figure(it's good though).

Drema-sorry about your toenail-must be frustrating-hey I know it is! Maybe you should try Vicks(Michelle I heard that snicker!lol) No REALLY Vicks did work for me. I had half a toenail this past summer after losing it in late spring. Now my nail is completely grown in with no pain or any noticeable differences compared to my other toenails. I put Vicks on the nail and surrounding skin twice a day and it really has helped. I still do a maintanence application now to make sure this works. Take it or leave it but it worked for me. I agree that the vinegar is supposed to work too(I tend to think Vicks smells better). I also am an advocate for well fitting shoes-those make a big difference in the healing process.

Cynthia-while I figured the title of The Constant Gardener most likely wasn't literally about gardening in the the sense we all enjoy I really found it to be a compelling movie! I was glued to the set till the end. Very thought provoking.

Martie-I had no idea your DB had so *many* difficuties. How thoughtful you are to look out for your parents in all this and your DB-I admire you. I know of families where the parents are the main custodians for their disabled child throughout adulthood but there's the dilemma of what happens when the parents are too old or are suddenly gone. It's good that you had the foresight to handle the situation as you have. I can't even imagine the impact of caring for a sibling/child with so many problems-I suppose when one is faced with it there's no choice but you've gone about it in an admirable way. I appreciate even more your DB's comments about what he goes through. I hope too that he can paint his watercolors again soon. Thanks for sharing his situation-I hope I wasn't too nosy(!).

Deanne-I'm glad you had a good celebration!

Drema-sorry about that ticket-such a bummer! Maybe that house will sell and you'll not even give the ticket another thought.

Eden thanks for that pic-a very warm relaxing mood to that one and did I say warm? ; )


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

It's cold here...brrrr. The wind seems to have died down but it's only 11 F. I didn't leave the house all day. Just a reminder as to why I dislike January so much. On the upside, I did work out and clean my desk. We were supposed to go out to my MIL's for dinner this afternoon but northwestern CT got 8-10 inches of snow so we decided to go tomorrow night. Going out on weeknights isn't high on my list but Tom is lucky to still have a mother around who can cook him dinner and she prefers to celebrate birthdays "on the day" anyway. I'll look at it as a night off for me.

All this food talk and I've had the hungry horrors all day. In trying to keep up my healthy eating plan I've been snacking on fruit, nuts and cheese but I've made quite the dent in what we have(had) in the house...lol. Tonight I dug a container of lobster meat out of the freezer and made little casseroles that I served over rice with a side of steamed broccoli and a salad. It was yummy but time for me to stop thinking about food today.

Martie, so glad to hear your brother has made some progress.

Marie, the reason there are so many stray pets in general is because too many people breed who have no interest in the continuing welfare of the puppies and kittens they produce. All the breeders I know are extremely selective about who they sell puppies to. All puppies are sold with contracts that contain "take back" clauses meaning that at any time in the life of the dog, if the owner can no longer keep it, it goes back to the breeder. When we got Zak back in 1992 I spent hours on the phone being "interviewed" by his breeder. On numerous occasions she reminded me of the "take back" clause. One of the first questions we ask someone who is trying to surrender a dog to us in rescue is where did they get it. If it's from a breeder we know, we call them. On an aside though, the discriminating breeders must do a really good job screening people because we rarely, if ever get a well bred dog into rescue-not even from shelters. The majority of them were originally purchased from pet stores who sell to anyone who has money.

Another weekend bites the dust. My boss is back from vacation tomorrow and the auditors start coming in on Wednesday so it looks to be another whirlwind week. At least it's less than a week til Martie's Logees get together-something to look forward to.


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I like 'take back' clauses. If I die, Katie goes back to the group I volunteer for, and Monty goes back to the group I adopted him from. Although I need to put them in my will as property (that's how the law defines pets), I can still leave specific dollars for their interim or perpetual care. It's tricky to enforce, but most people are afraid of me and think I'll be back haunting them so I'm not too worried. Kitties each have named guardians. I know some of you think I'm insane, but fortunately I have friends who put up with me :)

Sue, sorry you don't have tomorrow off! I've been carrying on about the 3 day week-end and forgot that there will be exceptions. You probably get Patriot's day off though, that's a big New England thing :)

Martie, that is way more than a three flat list, unless you're only planting 2 seeds of each and expect the mouse to eat half of them. I've been using natural pest control methods in the cellar this year. Audreyhepburn sneaks down there every chance she gets and leaves her harvest on the steps. Good girl.

I painted the Adirondack chairs in the kitchen today. They were getting a little scuffed up, and since I always have 12 varieties of white paint around, I decided they'd get a fresh coat. What a ton of work. Too many slat edges to paint. This would have been much easier in summer with a can of spray paint outdoors. One coat wasn't enough, but it wasn't getting dark and I need the natural light to see well, so second coat will happen tomorrow. Michelle inspired me. Figured if she can paint the whole bathroom, I should be able to knock off a couple of chairs. The cats live in those chairs (lots of natural sunlight there) and there were 5 years of little scratchy marks from cats waking up in them and stretching.

Sauly showing shiny teeth and dinged up chair:

Wow! 9:30 already!?

Night all, Cynthia

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Good shivering morning. Even the birds are hunched up.

Eden: I've been meaning to tell you this for a loooong time .... I, too, am a table lover and have found my camelot for interesting, good quality pieces at Bombay. They almost always have a sale going and for the money, it's as good as you're going to find. Their selection of round pieces is outstanding. Check it out! (If you can't find a store, they're on the web.)

Babs: IMHO, no one can ever be too nosy about my DB. I am anxious and very willing to share my family's story with the hope that "the system" will recognize eventually that families cannot be counted on to take care of very sick people. I liken it to a family trying to take care of a heart attack victim. Unheard of, right?

Cynthia: Trust me, more than two seeds each will be planted as once I get going there will obviously be more than three flats :-) Being the wonderful husband he is, once I get going it'll be Rich saying "why don't you try That???!!!" Because he's a newbie to a gardener with a blank slate, we're taking baby steps so the poor guy doesn't get totally overwhelmed. LOL

My hat off to all of you who can pick up a brush, put paint on it, and make something look good. It is one skill I simply don't have the genes to do. I can tape like a demon, though!!!!

This week I'm getting my traction and visiting several of my inherited accounts. No ice in the forecast is a huge plus. Funny thing, today I'm going to two nurseries (I like businesses to have the opportunity Plan Early). Hmmm, wonder how That happened. LOL

Everyone Stay Warm!!!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idylls,

Mighty quiet around here this morning. Mighty freaking cold here this morning. Eight degrees. As Sue said Brrrrrr It must be below zero at Bugs in the frozen north.

The kitties are going to drive me crazy today. They arent allowed outside when its this cold. Rahjii exercises his vocal chords with amazing results at times. Youd think someone was killing him and he is just expressing his displeasure with me because I wont open the door. OK must get another cup of coffee..OK. coffee is now in hand Ahhhhh. What an amazing and wonderful beverage.

Today I get to go to my PCP and have a discussion with her about my TSH levels. Every time I get the blood test it comes back normal but Ive been reading about it and as it turns out normal can be up to 5 and that is normal for middle age white men and they are finding out that women usually do better if their TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is between 1 and 3. Anyway, Im also going to print out my Fit Day results and show her the calorie deficit I live with and ask why the heck I never lose any weight. It amazes me how little help there is from the medical community with weight reduction other than sew your stomach in half.

Martie, the place on Main St. in Nashua is indeed a fantastic seafood restaurant called Surf. The people who own our favorite restaurant Michael Timothys, which is across the street from Surf, opened the seafood place a few years ago and it is a big hit. Michael is actually now planning on opening a steak house in Merrimack sometime soon. Anyway Surf is only open for dinner and they do not take reservations so we normally go for early dinner so we can get seated right away. Maybe sometime we can get the group up here to go for dinner there. ~~ BTW I LOL at the story about the neighbors who thought you were growing illegal substances under your plant lights. Too funny that you sent the police off with wave petunias. Ill bet the police were embarrassed by it all.

Babs, you are such a terrific Mom to get so involved with AJs science project. I love it that you are going to help him practice his presentation. Neat!

GB, good plan to buy two pairs of exercise shoes when you find something that works. I should be so smart. I bought a pair a year ago that I absolutely love and they need to be replaced now and I wish I had that extra pair. ~~ BTW speaking of seeds, did you still want some of those leftover Linde Armstrong seeds from 04? I dont know if they are still viable but I do have a few left.

OK Ive got too get my day started here. I wasnt anywhere near as productive as Michelle yesterday so I still have to vacuum and clean the fish tank as well as mail out a couple orders, make a bank deposit, print the FitDay pages and get to the doctors office by 2:45PM.


Sue, bummer about the hungry horrors. Ive found that the fitter I get the worse that gets. All those lovely muscles youve picked up with your fitness routine are demanding more calories.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This signing in to post is losing its charm....

OK Sue and Deanne. Miracle Soup is the answer. When you are dying for something to munch, this is what you should have on hand: Miracle Soup.

Miracle soup is 50 calories a cup and helps you through those awful times, for me usually between 4-5pm.
6 cups tomato juice
2 cups beef bouillon
1 package frozen California vegetables
Simmer it all for 20 minutes.

I have lost 10 pounds since January second by following my own advice and using the treadmill for 1 week.

Now off to get my hair cut. Later.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hello all. We are off work today. :)
GB, I had to log in and say I'm trying your miracle soup. I lost 15 pounds and stalled. I hope this will be a jump-start!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Just a "fly by" from me today while waiting for the shower. DH is home and wants to go to the movies to see "Munich". Think we'll catch the Matinee.

I lied to Marie when I said I wasn't going back to the basement this weekend. After completing two small projects -- you know the kind that take more time to set up, clean up and put away than actually doing -- I reorganized DH's workshop area, swept and scrubbed the floor. I also cleaned yrs. of dust off the treadmill, lol. Now it's cleaned, in position and ready to use. Tried it out yesterday and broke in my new walking shoes. Marie, thanks for the inspiration.

Off the top of my head, good luck Deanne at the Dr's today. You really are an inspiration to stick with stuch a grueling regimen in spite of the small losses.

Cynthia, I'm stuck by what a responsible pet owner you are. If only everyone took those steps to make sure their animals live out their days, loved, cared and provided for. I love your "natural" pest control. Good girl, Audreyhepburn.

Oops, my turn in the shower. Hope everyone has a great day! TTYL


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

MLK day is a basically a government holiday around here. I've never had it off at any place I've ever worked. Patriot's Day (ie: Boston marathon day)is a Boston area holiday. In CT they wouldn't even know what you were talking about. However, in CT alot of places close on Good Friday and I had never heard of that until I moved here. Besides vacation, the next holiday for me won't be til Memorial Day.

Marie, I don't think the miracle soup would do it for me as I'm not fond of frozen vegetables but I can see how it would be filling. I do eat snacks both in mid morning and mid afternoon-usually protein based-either yogurt or fruit and cheese. Every so often I hit a stretch of a few days where the usual food intake doesn't hack it. I think it may be hormonal. Since weight loss is not my goal and I slipped another pound or so in the past couple of weeks I need to make sure I eat enough but I'm trying to not satisfy the calorie deficit with junk food. Tonight I'll be sure to have a slice of Tom's BD cake though :).

On the pet take back clauses, I forgot to mention my rescue group has one in our adoption contract also.

Another chilly day here. I haven't been out but it was only 8 or 9 F when I came into work this morning with a high of 29 F predicted. Blue skies from what I can see. The odd part is by Friday we're supposed to be 50 F again.

Good luck with the doctor, Deanne. You're right about the advice on weight and other issues. The solution to just about everything these days is a prescription. I can't even tell you how many people I know on cholesterol and various blood pressure meds-young people in their 40s and 50s. I understand that sometimes it's not weight related but so far I haven't come across one person on these meds who doesn't need to lose weight and/or increase their activity level. Why isn't that prescribed? The general consensus seems to be to grap a handful of Lipitor and belly up to the buffet.


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Hah! I've decide the best way to be organized is to have long week-ends more often. Anything is possible given the time. The sun was pouring into the kitchen this morning and I was pleased that the first coat put on chairs yesterday looked really good this morning. I'm 3/4 of the way through the second coat and decided to pause because I was getting too hasty with the little in-between sections between all the slats. Plus Rippie came over and laid down on the drop clothes way too close to the paint. I had visions of what could happen if I asked him to move and he took the wrong route :-) This was not a good time to say 'back-up' and have him get confused.

GB, your soup sounds quite good! Tomato juice is always a good way to fill up your stomach. It's what I drink on planes if I'm hungry. OJ is filling too. I think I'm up to almost a gallon a day of OJ. When I shop I buy the frozen cans 15 at a time. There wouldn't be enough room in my fridge to buy it pre-made in bottles. I get the kind with calcium, so there are all sorts of benefits. Also think the vitamin C may be especially useful in winter.

Deanne, your losses have been huge. There has to be a point where your body says 'enough already.' I thought that when you got the new trainer you were going to eat more to offset your workouts. Do you really need to lose more weight? I think you look fantastic. Remember, you have a real figure and aren't supposed to be a stick :)

GB, did you mention before that you hadn't had a hair cut since the Idyllunion? Or am I confusing things. Well, if it's been that long, can't wait to see what you have done! I must have bad hair. I can't go more than 5 weeks without looking awful. Strike that, I can look awful fresh from the hairdresser.

Martie, I didn't say I was a good painter. I actually prefer wallpapering, but fresh paint anywhere just feels like an accomplishment, and I am adept at using a razor blade to clean up my drips,runs and errors.

Honey, I'm a control freak, that's all it is :) There are pros and cons to that as I bet you know?

Jerri, what are you doing on your day off?

Ok, where's the weekly warm-up that was predicted. It's well past noon and only 35F. But the wind has stopped, so maybe it's safe to go outside again.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm back with hair that is in much better control. Doing it myself last week was a big mistake. Yes, it is true, wasn't cut since last July.

Cynthia, the Miracle soup is good for me because it is not sweet. It keeps my mind off of sugar which, I'm only guessing, I think is addictive and totally unnecessary. Orange juice would get me going again. A single orange would be better for me than juice. Sue, I'm with you on the frozen veggies, but at least they add texture. If I cook it less, then they actually are chewy. If I were smarter, I'd use real broccoli and carrots, but I can't spend time in the kitchen or I'll start grazing. I even am shifting phone time out of there and into my study. The drawback is my calendar. Having 2 of them means I forget to write things down on both. Guess who has two sets of weekend visitors coming this week by mistake? Should be interesting. I think we'll go out to eat so that I don't have to think about food. I know they'll bring a dessert too. Sigh....

Yes Deanne, I'm game to try your old Linde Armstrong. I hope your PCP is beginning to listen to you and guide to the next stage. If you told her exactly what you told us, I would think she would step to it!

And this for Martie. About camera advice, I really hesitate to be the one to offer it! First off, I'll tell you I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ20 Last year after Christmas along with a tripod, batteries, etc. I am very happy with it but have not mastered it yet. I am a slow learner and need someone to hold my hand as I progress. But I am happy with the progress I've made over my old cheaper camera, the Canon Power Shot A50.
Basically my advice is to get out there and take pictures EVERY DAY. You will learn so much by keeping at it, and not only your technique will improve, but your composition will too. It costs nothing for the film, so no excuses. I have not done this, but there are also courses at community colleges and at our arts centre to help. I'm sure there must be some in your area too, and it is good for you, a person with such a busy life and responsibilities, to do something rewarding for yourself!

Although it is sunny here, the wind is bitter cold. It is about 16-17F, but it sure feels colder. On the weekend the wind knocked down yet another 85 year old spruce from our windbreak. It is sitting in a black walnut tree at the moment. These things make me sad. I hate to see old trees struck down, old barns fall into disrepair, old farms abandoned.

Off to launder sheets...for those two sets of company.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sigh...Why do things have to get so complicated and legalistic?

Geriatric-related surveillance for their safety is going to become more common. People with certain medical conditions, such as Alzheimers, are a "Captive audience" for RFID, video surveillance, etc.
Although people with Alzheimer's lack the legal say in the monitoring, their family member who house and care for them can have a say. But they may soon face practical and legal pressures to get Dad or Mum fitted with a bracelet.
As the article shows, there can be questions of the caregiver's responsibility if the person with Alzheimer's wanders off. Currently, most caregivers are deemed not responsible for the wanderings. But as the active RFID bracelets are more widely deployed and used, a caregiver could be held legally culpable if Granny wanders off.
J.D. Abolins

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Eden, what a very pretty container.

Babs, how much stock do you have in Vicks?

Im glad Im inspiring so many to do projects.

Martie, I love the police story.

Sue, the Dr. wanted my mom to go on medication for high cholesterol. She told him that she wanted to try changing her diet. He was amazed how much she dropped it and recommended to continue her way.

I guess the roads have gotten slick and we had a little snow since I got here this a.m. Hopefully, they will be adequately salted by the time I go home.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good afternoon all,

Well, GB I agree 100% - logging in to post every time has gotten old.

GB and Jerri, congratulations on your weight loss! That is fantastic!

So, Ive just gotten back from the PCP and Im done crying. Almost. The news is that my TSH levels are exactly where they should be and there is no help there. Im going to see an endocrinologist the end of the month and see if there is anything else I can do but probably not. The doc reviewed all my information. I printed out my activity logs, food logs etc. from the FitDay software and she was most impressed. She could make no recommendations to improve on what Im doing. Her opinion is that I have very little actual body fat left and what Im seeing as fat is actually skin and tissue that will NOT go away regardless of how much more weight I lost. Her recommendation was to stop trying to lose any more weight and work on maintaining my current weight and fitness level. She felt that after a year at this weight I should consider plastic surgery. Apparently all those years when I weighed in over 300 pounds I was generating more and more fat cells and those NEVER go away. They shrink but dont disappear and that is part of this whole excess tissue thing. This just isnt the answer I was looking for but I guess Id better suck it up and deal with it. Sorry for going on and on about this but I'm having difficulties believing that this is as good as it gets.

Sue, I know you dont like to eat too much at any one time but you might try eating about 4 additional ounces of whatever protein you are having for dinner. Also, have you ever had PowerBars? They pack a healthy 220 calories and are nutritionally balanced. (My PCP told me today that I knew more about nutrition and the science of weight loss than most physicians she knows including herself.)Oh yes, I forgot, my BP was 122/80. Way too cool because I normally have a much higher blood pressure at the doctors office than when Im at home. Like so many I was on BP medicine for 20 years and now with the diet and exercise dont need it. I agree that meds for elevated cholesterol and BP are prescribed instead of making recommendations for weight loss and exercise. And it seems when the weight loss becomes such an issue that the person will die unless they lose the weight they prescribe gastric bypass surgery instead of counting calories and increasing your activity level.

Holy cow, Cynthia, if I drank that much OJ Id have a sugar high. ~~ I love your description of the sun pouring into your kitchen. Cant you just feel the sun getting stronger and the days getting longer? Im sitting here at 5:00 and there is still light on the horizon! Woohoo! Bring on springtime! ~~ Turns out you are 100% correct in that my old body has said enough already re the weight loss thing. As you might have noticed Im a bit stubborn. The truth is I really, really, really wanted to be svelte like you and Sue and kept thinking if I could only just lose another 20 pounds I could get there. Well, Ive now gotten the same answer from Steve the trainer and my doctor. I just cant wrap my head around the fact that I cant get any smaller than I already am unless I have plastic surgery.

Michelle, have a safe drive home.

OK I think Im going to go shopping at the Coldwater Creek site. They are having another great sale and that always perks me up.

Have a great evening all,

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Deanne, as others have said you look great. Not everyone is meant to be the same size. Look at all the height differences in people. I can understand your frustration though. Having spent the last year and a half getting to know you, I really admire your determination to change your lifestyle. I have come to realize that you are a beautiful woman both inside and outside. You know that the inside is what really counts. (Lots of beautiful people with rotten personalities) None here of course;o) Great news on your BP.

The drive home was just fine. It seems that it was all south of the direction I was going.

Yesterday we had such a nice day. It got in the 50's. The sun was streaming in our south kitchen windows. It got so warm that it started to melt some pillar candles that I had in an arrangement on the table. I couldn't believe it.

I must run. We are going to Rick's GS basketball game tonight. He is a freshman in HS. Thursday night we will go to the Y and watch Kenzie have swimming lessons. Those grandchildren sure make you busy ;o)


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If Deanne's getting plastic surgery, I'm getting plastic surgery. It's the contagious thing. I'm going to have a chin and cheek bones added and then they can pull all the skin on my face back and tie it behind my ears so that I get that wind tunnel/caught in the headlights look. Maybe we can get group rates in 2007.

So it's the sugar in the oj that makes me happy? I thought it was the vitamin C! I'm not changing.

See ya, Cynthia

PS: GB, the Granny link doesn't work. Can you provide the key words?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cynthia, the link timed out I'm afraid. I cannot get it anymore. Sorry.

Can I get plastic surgery for youth? I'd pick....well actually, this is the best time right now! Can you imagine being 13 again???? Or 20 even? Why when I was at the doctor's the other day they asked the date of my last period and it was so long ago I had no idea and just told her I was grateful it was ages ago. She laughed and agreed. So Deanne my dear, do not feel sad. Don't confuse your worth with body shape, age or income. Continue to feel joy for what is good, and happy shopping and dancing! Enjoy that gorgeous wool skirt too! You are loved by one and all, so love yourself.

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Deanne-sorry about your disappointment. As I read I couldn't help noticing all the wonderful results of your transformation. You have made yourself HEALTHIER! No matter how much weight you lose your skeleton will always be larger than Sue's or Cynthia's but your proportion of body mass to your own skeleton is very likely to be similar(or maybe better!)than the other girls. I wish you could see the greatness in that. I guess you have to do whatever makes you happiest though. I hope you cheer up-I am proud of you!

Michelle; )You're cracking me up...I guess I should have that stock in Vick's though....better research it... lol.

Yeah I agree that orange juice is loaded with sugar even if it's unsweetened. It's amazing how much weight you can put on with drinks that have some sugar-even if it's natural sugar. So why IS Cynthia so skinny?

Today Aj had a friend over-it's neat AJ and he have been friends since they were two and even though they see each other less often since they are in different schools and live 30 min. away they have remained good friends and still have common interests. Anyway,Aj's friend and our family took a hike,got drenched trying to cross a creek with slippery and not enough stepping stones, had a snowball fight, and wound things up with hot chocolate. A fun time and a very sunny day here-I think we got the beginnings of a warming trend-I think it was near 40F. I hope it drifts eastward for some of you! NOt that I want tundratic conditions but I do wish we could have steady snowcover so the plants aren't damaged by this freeze/thaw stuff for the next few months. I believe the farmer's almanac said winter would be long this year with colder temps into May. Sorry I shouldn't tell you guys that; )

Better go before I get slapped!


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I second Sue's bbbbbrrrrrr (or third after Deanne?)

Anyway, good morning. Yesterday did an appt with a nursery owner in northern MA. When I got there (announced) he was potting up overgrown greenhouse plants and was getting ready to stop. "NOT!!!", said I. "Give me an apron and some good soap and I'll help!" Astonished look on the other side of the bench. Helper got requisite potting-up-while-in-business-clothes items. We went to town and not only did I get a second appointment to "seriously consider" advertising, I walked out with a 3' Eucalyptus and the healthiest greenhouse Rosemary I've seen in a long time for a Whopping $7.00!!!! I have a new favorite client!

BTW: I've been known to hold appts while shoveling sidewalks, standing in 18" of mud, being leaped on by small children and large dogs, and in kitchens that can only be described as H%LL hot. Anything for the client and my sense of humor :-)

Logee's is coming up and the trip is taking on a life of its own. Sure wish those of you from outside of New England could come. We need a Designated Photographer!!!! Sue? Monique? Wendy?


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Good Morning, I'm noticing that we are getting more daylight hours. Come on Spring! I've got Bella all day and I had Brad all day yesterday due to the MLK holiday so I need to get a few things accomplished this morning before she gets her. So this will be a driveby post.

Deanne, I didn't try to overwinter my caladiums this year. I've been marginally successful in the past but last year they all turned to dust. BTW, I think you look great. More importantly you feel great, that's the important thing.

Martie, thanks for the mention of Bombay Co. I had forgotten about them and we do have a store here.

Cynthia, lol on having your skin tied behind your ears. I can just picture that. You asked what seeds everyone's sowing, so here's my top ten that I'm most excited about,

adlumnia fungosa, arisarum proboscideum, begonia grandis ssp. evansiana, cyclamen coum silver leaf, digitalis parviflora, gentiana scabra, inula magnifica, nepeta nervosa pink cat, patrinia scabiosifolia, rhodochiton atrosanguineum, and tricyrtis latifolia.

Oops that's 11.

OK, a cute story then I gotta go. Yesterday when I had Eve at the vet, these two tiny little elderly ladies came in with their dog, Winston. He was a 170+ lb. elderly great dane. While the one lady went up to the desk the other sat with the dog. I could here her talking to him, "Winston, now you're just being silly. You're worrying about nothing." And so on. It was one of the cutest and funniest things I've seen there. All three of them were adorable. Eve, by the way is doing great. Your vets aren't open on Sundays huh? It is a short day for mine, 10-2.

That's it from me. Megan's got to start working more hours which means Bella will be here more and that translates to less Idyll time for me. So if I'm not around quite as much don't worry, just hanging out with Bella.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Martie, I'll bring my camera on Sunday. I've met most all of the CT people who are coming but I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Boston area folks who have been regular contributors on the New England forum for many years.

Count me in on the group plastic surgery-don't want to get too greedy so all I want is a B cup. Deanne, personally I think if the extra skin and whatnot is bothering you that much you should seriously consider the surgery. There are days when I wish I'd done the boob surgery 20 years ago because I hate, hate, hate how I look in most tops but at this point everything else is going south so I figure why bother...lol.

As Martie said, cold again this morning. We neglected to shovel our walkways on Sunday because we thought it would melt off the next day. Now I have sheets of ice to skittle across on my way to the garage. You should have seen me teetering across the patio to fill the bird feeders this morning-love winter, just love it. Rain and low 30s today is only going to make it worse but supposedly 45 F tomorrow so there is still hope.

I have OJ for breakfast every morning with my vitamins.

We had a nice dinner at my MIL's last night. Unfortunately she's visibly failing. At 82 she still maintains a house that she shares with her 79 year old sister-cooks, cleans, even shovels. Recently she was diagnosed with early Parkinson's. She seems very unsteady on her feet and her hearing has deteriorated. Both she and her sister are still driving which makes me a bit nervous but my BIL lives 5 minutes away and is retired so he spends alot of time at her house and can keep an eye on things. Aunt Lou, the sister is in much better shape so the living arrangement works well. Tough to get old...

OK, the salt mines are calling.


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janie_on(z6a Ontario)

Morning! Trying to keep up with my reading I havent had much time lately to post thoughand this is a drive-by.

Group rates for surgery Im inLOL. Ill give Cynthia one of my chins and Sue, you can have a cup of minehehehe. I need a little help for my belly and behind pleasenothing that lipo wouldnt fix.

Where are Taryn and Marian?

My moms yearly saga of pneumonia is in full swing. She has been in the hospital for a week and her team of doctors are concerned as she is not responding to any treatments. My childish father wants her to get home to take care of him.grr. Thankfully she is in the hospital just down the street from me so I can pop in when she needs me. My brother is having to deal with my dad (a good thing cause I would tell him that he is a spoiled brat!!)Oh, and to top this all off, her room-mate passed away on the weekend. Mom said I had just walked out of the room...glad I wasn't there...not too sure how I would handle that.

Freezing rain warnings out for the provinceI feel like hibernating!

Hi to all! I miss you guys!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

This may have to be a quick one, also. I'm out of the office for two days starting tomorrow, so I'm trying to do 5 days work in 3. So of course that's when the payroll service messes up the payroll and you have to recalculate all the reports. And the more you try to shortcut that process, the more you mess up...

We had a very nice weekend. First, the sun was shining for most of the weekend! Second, my son came home for the weekend and did a slide show on his trip to Guatemala for the entire family. He had a very good time, learned a lot about the area he was in and is very eager to return.

Okay, it's now about two hours later from when i started this post. I think it's time to say hello to everyone and you probably won't hear much from me for the rest of the week! I'll try to keep reading.

But one quick word to Deanne - I really, really think you look great the way you are!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

In the spirit of togetherness that IS the Idylls, I will sacrifice my chicken neck in the Idylls Group Surgery!
While I'm there I need a tummy tuck and eyelid lift. LOL
V, I thought fitting this week in 4 days was tough. Good luck!

Janie, I hope your Mom recovers quickly.

I spent my day off cleaning up in my home office. I threw away 3 trash bags full of junk. I'm so happy!
I'm still in 'declutter' mode. It will help with stress. :)

Speaking of stress - back to work...


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

I just got off the treadmill so thot Id take a break. This cold, damp, dreary day is really affecting me. Im trying to stay busy so I dont get into food I dont need to be eating. Im going to reward myself for staying good by watching a tv show I recorded this weekend while Dh was watching football. Love that DVR.

I saw a curio cabinet at Costco Id love to buy. Took DH to see it and am hoping hell agree its worth stretching the budget for. I even measured the van and itll fit! Well see.

Eden, Im so glad Eve is doing well and I hope that continues. Im a little concerned about Bullet. He is now 9 lbs., down from 12 thats quite a weight loss in 2 yrs. As instructed, Ive been watching his eating, drinking, etc.,habits. He didnt eat much over the weekend. Since he deposited a fur ball this am, so Im hoping that is what the problem was. He just seems older and slower to me since his surgery. Im hoping its just effects from the anesthetic.

Janie, it was good to hear from you. Hope your Mom continues to do well and recovers quickly.

Marlene, don't work too hard. Those trade shows are killers. I always needed at least 2 wks. to recover -- one from the pace, the second to catch on stuff that accumulated back in the office.

Deanne, I agree w/Marlene. I think you look wonderful. Why dont you give it a rest and see of you just need to let your body catch up. I truly think that might be what's happening.

Cynthia, count me in for the group rate on a plastic surgeon. I need a full body lift, pulling everything up by my scalp, lol. I, too, love the picture I got of you and the kitties basking in the sun coming in the kitchen windows. And I know what you mean about kitties and paint. I was doing some staining touchup Sun. and a really nosy kitty was doing his best to get into it. I dont think "walnut stain" would improve his appearance at all! It's not his color. When he was a kitten, he fell into the wallpaper paste bucket. Now, that was a real mess! Yep, I know the pros and cons to the control freaky thing. As Da would say, Le Sigh!

Martie, thats great about your new "favorite client". It sounds like you make your job interesting. Cant wait to hear how the Logees get together goes. Wish I could come.

Thanks for sharing the info on your DB. I feel very badly for you having to take on that responsibility. But it has to be a huge relief to your parents. Mental illness is just so sad for everyone concerned and I wish more research was being done on it.

Babs, now why did you have to tell us that!!! Hopefully, the almanac is WRONG! Yuk to colder temps in May. I prefer to go gently into the seasons but thats not been the trend these last few yrs.

Sue, Happy Birthday to Tom! Sorry you didnt get a day off Monday.

Hi to all. Dont want to bring anyone down, so Im going to go do something for me under full spectrum light to help with this funk. TTYL, friends.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I just went out to this little ethnic market down the street called Veggie World and picked up a bunch of fruit for snacks in the office. The strawberries I passed out are almost gone and my popularity has increased. Maybe I'll wait another hour or so before going around with the clementines. At least I'm spreading health along with my good cheer today.


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Hi everyone

Hope I'm in time to add my wish for the plastic surgeon. At the weekend as I was getting into the hot tub 9 year old David commented that my thighs were looking very "plumpish". I must have looked rather crest fallen as he added that that was OK, it happens when you get old. So there we are, I'm old with fat thighs LOL! Honesty is a good thing, yes?

Deanne - I so agree, you are great just the way you are. Don't feel you need to change any more than you have done so wonderfully already. I bet Doug feels the same way.

Nice to see so many posters today. We just need a few missing like Marian, Ei and Woody to check in. Hope everything is well with all. GW is sctually recognizing me these days and I don't ahve to log in - yippee

Hi Honey - hope your funk lifts. I know what you mean about the weather lowering spirits - we're having the same.

Janie - do hope you Mother makes a speedy recovery.

Eden - enjoy your extra time with Bella! Glad Eve is doing well. I enjoyed your vet story.

Jerri - congratulations on decluttering. It sounds as if you are making great strides in many areas of your life. Good for you!

Babs - isn't it great when children maintain those sort of friendships! Sounds like a fun afternoon.

Martie - I don't think I had the chance to say how sorry I was to hear about the difficult time your brother is ahving. It must be a heart wrenching situation for you all. I do hope some small gains are made. You sound a wonderful support for both him and your parents. Have a fabulous trip to Logees - wish I was close enough to join you.

Hi Sue - could you pass a clementine?

On Sunday I found out that my dear friend Susan's mother had wanted me to have something of hers from the house. At first it was hard to even think about. Susan had a series of beautiful Chinese brush paintings of tree peonies I'd always admired and I realized I'd love one of those. It will be a very special as we both adored peonies, and would bring each other blossoms as soon as the tree peonies bloomed - I had pink, Susan, pale yellow. The paintings, which were done by Susan's aunt, had hung in her dining room where we shared many meals and to be able to have one above our dining table would mean so much.

Have a good afternoon and evening


PS If anyone is interested, here is Hubbie on the web, with his Award.

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I haven't read anything, yet, but couldn't resist being 100.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OMG is anybody else watching American Idol? Holy cow, most of these poor people sing worse than me and they're hanging it all out there on national TV only to be cut off at the knees. Some have been so bad I can't even watch. Why would you do that to yourself? That Simon character is one cruel dude too. He told one guy he reminds him of a wasp and just told some kid he sings line an "auntie". Egads! lol

Mary, lol on David's comment. How thoughtful of Susan's mother to give you something of hers. It sounds like you chose the perfect item. I gather Susan was Chinese and her mother not from the US? If so, what a nightmare for the poor woman. Cool hub on the web. Were you able to get flights for the kids?

OK, that's it from me for today. As I head upstairs I'm tossing you all virtual clementines. Eat them now or save them for a shot of virtual sunshine when you need it most.


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Talk about TV being too hard to watch - not American Idol in my case but the family favorite, Science Channel's "Dirtiest Jobs". Tonight they were replacing a pump in a sewage treatment facility - say no more! It seemed to have gross-out appeal to the males. David stopped down for a few minutes unable to sleep, and was mesmerised. He and DH enjoyed a few choice moments while I retreated.

Sue, Susan's parents had retired to Taiwan. Her Mother flew over with her sister for the funeral and Memorial service. I cannot imagine making a journey like that under such conditions, but she is made of strong stuff.

I'm turning in for the night too.


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