mwoodsJanuary 25, 2012

I have been in and out of the hospital a couple of times since Christmas and because of a GI procedure,am not supposed to drink anymore coffee.Tea has always been my 2nd choice of hot beverage but that's ok. The few times I've been in the mood for tea,I've had Stash or Red Rose. For those of you who are tea drinkers,what brands and types do you drink? There are so many choices and I know no two are exactly the same.

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Marda, I am sorry to hear you were in and out of the hospital recently, hope the treatments and procedures are having beneficial results.
I drink tea in the afternoon and have pretty well settled on two kinds: Twining English Breakfast tea, a pretty hearty black tea and Good Earth Green Tea, which has lemongrass in it, I love the flavor and it's good for you, so it says.
Hope this helps and you may try a few others recommended ones and settle on some you really enjoy.

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Hi Marda, nice to see you posting. I have been told to cut back or give up coffee too although I just repaired my Bialetti. Was not completely awake one morning nd forgot to put water in it, the handle melted off and the gasket turned to mush, the smell was awful. Thanks to JB weld I fixed the handle and now sneak a cup once a week.

So tea is now my usual morning wake up. Have a tea strainer spoon and get twinings earl grey loose tea in a can. Earl grey has been my favorite for a long time with bigelow constant comment coming in second.

Tried lots of different herbal teas including medicinal ones over the years but always come back to those. Some one gave me a can of black tea that had no english writing on it that was very good but have no idea where to find it again.

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Why can't you have tea? I was hoping this was a virtual tea party. Can we meet back here in another three hours and have a tea party? I'll bring the clotted cream and scones. I gave up coffee, begrudgingly, years ago. When I was about to have surgery and I didn't want any drugs of any sort (illicit or legal) to interfer with my anesthesia (I've actually almost died in the hospital because of it), and just stayed off of it. I love a good cup of coffee. I replaced it with decaf, which still has caffeine, but not as much. And certainly less than most non-herbal teas.

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I believe Marda is saying she can have tea but not coffee. I am not to have green tea since it will mess up the coumadin.

Was going to mention English breakfast tea also as a third pick. Bigelow, Twinings, Stash and Good earth are all good brands. I like the individually wrapped or loose in a can that seals well.

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gandle(4 NE)

another tea drinker, had to quit coffee almost 30 years ago. Am partial to Stash green and white fusion tea in bags. Quite hearty for a blend.

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PG Tips - strong, English tea, often referred to at home as "builders' tea".

I'm another fan of Earl Grey, with lemon. Himself drinks Assam, which we bring back from the UK as I can't find it here.

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Sara, try faeriesfinest.com---they carry the Assam tea. They have quite a variety--.

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Another PG Tips fan. Red Rose is easier to get, however, and is a tea drinker's tea. Tetley British Blend is decent as well and third down the line of my choices. Yeah, I also keep a couple tins of specialty teas like Earl Grey and a box of Constant Comment when I want something sweet and spicy.

I suppose teas are like wines. One gravitates to certain blends and sources. A good tea also has a bouquet. I believe much more so than coffee and it doesn't have to be hideously expensive to be good. Ditto on the stash teas. Nice.

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mwoods, sorry to see that you've had problems, I hope all will go well. Coffee is also my first choice for a wake-up drink.
But I do enjoy a good cup of tea.
There a multitude of "green" teas on the market. They promise all kinds of benefits, but I don't know. Check it out and see what you think.
There is "white" tea, it's mellow and it does not stain your teeth.
Japanese green tea is IMO very strong and dark, but it is good.
A mixture of white and green tea is mellow with a kick.
DD gave a couple of boxes of organic teas, they were packed in bags with unbleached paper.
Very good but I think they were expensive.
When I want a traditional tea, I pick one of my favorites,
Bigelow's "English Teatime".

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I'm partial to Stash's Premium green tea for green. Then I'm going to duck and run after saying good old Lipton black tea is my choice -- always the loose kind instead of bags. When my stomach is upset, I like Stash's ginger and black -- it does help.

Where does one find "Red Rose"? I do try other brands ever so often.

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Marda, I like Red Rose too, but Christy often buys Tetley and that's fine for me as long as I don't steep it long. I like my black teas rather weak. Twinnings Earl Grey is still one of my best choices too.

Two of my very favorite teas are health food store choices or grow your own. Rose hips I just love but one of my very favorites is raspberry leaf tea. I also like lemon grass and chamomile too. A browse through the loose tea section of a nice health food store might suggest more that suit your fancy. I usually like to buy those by the ounce rather than as tea bags.

Btw, I've gone crazy for clementines this year. It's been an exceptional year for the ones I've had. I like a hunk of peel in my black teas so I've dried and saved tons of it. It should easily last until next clementine season.

Hi Nora. Waves. Around here Red Rose is sold in several of the regular grocers, like Acme. I did a quick check and in your area they say Meijer carries it. I thought maybe it was an East Coast product. Apparently it's Canadian. St. John, New Brunswick, so... East Coast, but a bit north. Smiles. I find it a fairly mellow tea and it's loved by some for a good southern sweet tea.

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Lilo, I tried green tea years ago and thought it was pretty awful so never had it again. The one you mentioned interested me so yesterday I went online and ordered some. How can anything be bad if it has lemongrass in it? I can't believe the tea is already here and I'm drinking it as we speak.It's just wonderful and I think has started working on the nausea..

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I am right now sitting here and drinking a green/white tea mixture from Celestial Seasoning. I am a big time tea drinker, starting in the morning with Twinning Irish Breakfast Tea, my second cup is usually a Gunpowder Green, during the day 2 or more cups of either and if I want to treat myself, a cup of Lapsong Souchong, all interspersed, depending on how I feel, with various herbal teas since I don't do any soft drinks.

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Marda, I am happy Good Earth is good for you, I tried ordinary green tea and did not like it much, but Good Earth with Lemon Grass is great, actually Joann got me started on that.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

I have always been a tea fan, drink coffee just cause it's there. Bought a Keurig about a year ago and now i do enjoy a good cup of coffee but i always still lean to tea, my favorites are Constant Comment, brings me back to my childhood when my Grandma always had loose orange tea from Canada and that it the closest to what she bought. Any Earl Grey, but there is a tea company called Revolution that has a great lavender Earl Grey. I think there are so many options with tea and the flavors that just experiment and find what you like best.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Another example of my plebian tastes. I like Lipton steeped really long (put mug and bag and water in micro for 2.3 minutes. Forget about it, heat it up again) with milk and sugar. I like what ever they serve in chinese restaurants black. Green tea makes my mouth feel funny. And they will have to pry my coffee mug from my cold dead fingers. I just read where women who are moderate to heavey coffee drinkers have less chance of getting Alhei.(dementia, can't spell the other word).

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