One GREAT thing about getting old!

agnespuffinJanuary 30, 2012

It's the styles. I can make do with the clothes that I have had for the last 20 years.

I have skipped the skinny-low rise-ultra tight jeans and now, I get to skip this.

Let's hear a cheer for old and tired, but with a closet full of clothes that fit.

This latest is just too, too, much for me to take.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rush out and buy!

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I'm with you, Agnes. While most of the clothes in my closet should be updated, I haven't liked the *fashions* for several years, so have bought very little. Of course, that's b/c of a generation gap--or three--in my sense of style and whatever the current fashion is. However, this "drop crotch" jean look makes "droopy drawers" almost a reality. Not attractive at all, IMO.

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I'm not only old, I am rural, so have not paid attention to fashion for so many years. These jeans are about as ugly as one can get, and then with the spike heels! My GGD will likely have some, her wardrobe now consists of the ripped look in jeans.
I sort of live in fleece in winter, jeans or pull-on drawers and Tshirts in summer, nice new ones for going out, old raggy ones for gardening, it fits right in with all the old hippies who populate my area.

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One advantage this style would have for me, I would not have to shop around, any regular pair of jeans would do, LOL.
Have not paid much attention to styles either. I have buttondown shirts and polos which are 30 years old and I am not hard on my clothes, size has not changed and turtlenecks have not gone out of fashion either.

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I have actually liked some of the fashions coming out in the last few years, but this one doesn't even look comfortable combined with the tight legs. It's like a hobble skirt and I'll betcha you couldn't even climb a ladder with a pair of them on. Yes, having had children in the age of the cloth diaper, it looks like they're all walking around with a load in their britches. I've never seen an era where one intentionally tried to make their legs look short and stubby. Kinda makes you wonder what designers are smoking.

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There really are not any new fashions, just recycled styles every few decades. Really I don't think there has been an actual new piece of clothing designed in my lifetime. When I see glimpse of the "runway designer collections" All I can think is it is ridiculous and just like I said recycled. I think that out of pure desperation to do something different is where these pants came from or just a joke. Nothing beats a good fit no matter what the clothing or style these pants wouldn't fit or flatter anyone :( -:)

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That's just awful, hadn't seen it yet.How many people will accept such a thing?

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Saggy pants. Sags in the worst place. Yea, I wish I could wear those. Actually, I'd be likely to fill them out.


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I never was "into" the latest fashion: something that changes every year seems wasteful not stylish. Okay, back -way back- when skirts were a must for the working lady, I followed the style until it got well above the knee. Not because I didn't have 'good' legs back then, but because a scrap of cloth that showed my undies if I sat or knelt down offended my sense of self-respect ~ that's also about the time I learned the difference between classic style and the latest fad. Not too long after that pantsuits became acceptable in most offices, and I took immediate advantage of the leniency. It's been a good many years since a skirt or dress hung in my closet and many more years since I wore either. OTOH, a properly fitted pantsuit in a good fabric and color is a world away from the 'loaded diaper' jeans look that pre-and early-adolescents occasionally adopt. I say occasionally since that fad has already passed through this area and the only ones who wear them are the misfits. I wonder if there is a correlation: societal misfits choosing to wear misfit attire?

But I love retirement -- I gave away all the silk pantsuits (yeah, with a bit of a pang) and shirts and dressy sweaters; I wear [properly fitted] jeans year 'round with sweatshirts in winter and tees in the summer. In fact, recently I had to go buy a nice sober suit to wear at a funeral; it's stored in the closet now and hopefully won't be needed soon. Along with it are the dressy shoes and nylons; they won't be needed either.

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This is not so much about fashion, but realizing I am getting older!

I was at a garden center. It was a Tuesday and the teenager ringing up my order asked me if I wanted the 'Senior' discount that they offered on Tuesdays. Their senior discount started at age 60. I am 45! I know I don't look like I am 20 anymore, but I didn't think I looked 60! The look on my face must have been priceless since she quickly said with a red face "I have to ask that." I said, "Honey, that just makes it worse! Give me the damn discount."

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

When I was 20, I looked 30. When I was 30, I looked 40+. When I was 50, time must have slowed down. One of the reasons I let the silver hair stay silver is that (at close to 70) apparently I don't look old enough for senior discounts. A nearby garden center gives 25% off on Fridays to seniors over 55 and I had to show my driver's licence get the discount!

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"One GREAT thing about getting old!" Still here and with baggy pants, lost over 40 pounds in the last year. Will be digging out the 36" jeans soon.

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Congratulations, Don. Good for you! You were smart to keep those 36" jeans, weren't you?

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Just got too big for my britches and the smaller ones were still good so now I save a bit. Still going for the 34s and 170lb. Best I every felt.

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Don, congrats on the weight loss. Glad you feel great.(How did you do that)?. DH lost 35LB. He has kept his old size clothes for every day, but we did go out and buy him some new svelte clothes.

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I want to talk about age, not weight. One of the clerks at the market had sold alcohol to an investigator posing as under-age customer - a very bad thing for the store. So now she was required by management to ask every customer their birth-date and year if they purchased alcoholic beverages.
Now I am so obviously over the top, I don't even get carded for the Senior discount any more, and here she insisted on my birth-date and year and ID before letting me have some wine. I couldn't help it, I said "Good heavens, not only juveniles, but geezers can't buy booze any more? What is this world coming to?" Cracked everybody up.

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Just for seems that the cash registers at my favorite store are set up so that wine and beer can't be rung up unless a birthday is keyed in too. I suspect that happens in a lot of stores.

Anyway, our clerks just key in any old date and don't bother to ask us oldies any more.

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Omg Lilo, you had us both laughing hard! That's too funny.

Those who know me and have met me sure know I'm not into fashion. Anybody that can wear a cat night shirt in public obviously is either clueless, ignorant or both. Smiles. Now days I got lucky and they sell those long tshirts in plain colors so I wear them with shorts when it's warm and with pants when it's not. I have quite a few tshirt dresses I wear out and about too and some cheap sundresses for the yard. Once in a while I buy a new pair of black pants or something for a special occasion. Those low crotch pants...........Just can't imagine.

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I've rung up many folks who had beer/wine. Cashiers know, past a certain stage, just enter 01/01/19XX and keep going, rather than pester geezers. Of which you are NOT Lilo!!! Good for you to laugh at your situation though.

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What we tend to forget is that to young under twenty "kids" .
once you turn thirty you are "old", so they are not really able to tell just how old

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