The scammers are busy

meldy_nva(z6b VA)January 16, 2013

2 weeks ago: I'm loading birdseed into the car; guy comes up and gives a long hardship story and asks for money.
Last week (different store, 5 miles from above); guy comes up and gives a long hardship story and asks for money. Same guy. I don't think he recognized me.

Yesterday: Young female voice on phone says she is my granddaughter. I said, you don't sound like her; she says (cough, cough) she has caught a bad cold and is in Mexico City with friends who have abandoned her; needs funds to get back home. I said, Really? How did you get to Mexico City? She has long spiel about co-worker at office winning tickets for free trip to Mexico and invited her along, then departed after meeting up with a boyfriend, taking return tickets. So I ask, what is your husband's name? Husband?! gasps young voice. call disconnects. If she (or similar ilk) calls again, I'll give her the phone number to the local Police Dept's Fraud office.

I don't have a granddaughter :)

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They sure are brazen, are they not? I had a call from a young man, he said "Grandmother, I am in trouble and need help", of course, he asked for money.
I ask3ed him what did he call me? He replied it was Grandmother - well, my grands call me by the German Grandmother name. I told him I had no grandson

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Seems there is always a bunch of them out there

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I was called by my granddaughter while she was sitting accross from me in my living room. She took the phone and had some fun with that one. At another time I needed to send money to my non-existing grandson.

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Thanks for the heads up, meldy.

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Mine was, I was approached, practically accosted, on the way to my car after getting my morning coffee by a man who asked for money to "pay for his room at the Salvation Army". Huh?! From their site, so I think I was ok in saying, I'm sorry I can't do that today:

"We strive our best to help men to stay at the Centre. We provide a free bed and a meal until a client is able to see a worker at the Ministry of Social Services. In most cases the Ministry of Social Services provides enough assistance for the client to obtain a job and later permanent accomodations. In extreme weather conditions we do not turn away anyone and we provide a free bed to anyone who is at risk of freezing. There are those that do panhandle and contact other agencies looking for cash to stay at the Centre but in the vast majority of times that isn't needed and they can be referred to us and we will be able to help them. Sadly some have panhandled and asked for cash in our names in the past and have used it for other purposes. If in doubt on what to do, feel free to give us a call."

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This is one strange scam, it boggles the mind.

Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend, "Lennay Kekua."

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Ops, I forgot to post a link in the previous post. See below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scam

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