Weather in the West

anneliese_32(6)January 19, 2012

Are all you Westcoasters ok? Am worried about Lilo, has anybody hear from her?

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Hi anneliese, everything is fine here in Silicone Valley. Thanks for asking. It is cold and dry. We live at sea level, but I think lilo lives at higher altitude, so I checked on other weather reports but I did not see any big problems anywhere.
I hope all is well with her

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I just posted a message "Finally Winter"
We had 2"of rain by this afternoon. As long as we don't have to go anywhere, it is just fine, we enjoy the wet weather.
Hoping the power stays on. Cats are not so delighted, they are wusses :)
There is always the probability it could get worse, but so far, so good

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