Sprawling Heart Shaped Leaf Plant - Florida

amghostFebruary 18, 2009


We were recently in Florida and brought home the pictured plant from a location we want to remember. However, we have no idea what it is and would like to know how to care for it.

Does anyone know what this is? Help is appreciated.


Image link:

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hello. it looks to me like it's an elephant ear plant (Colocasia).
instructions how to grow it.

or... a yam plant / taro ???
could be. as in your pic, i see the leaf has a blueish hue.


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I second your choice as a Colocasia, possibly as you mention C. esculenta especially if the stem attaches about an inch down from the top of the leaf.
I grow many different varieties of Colocasias and love the nearly black ones.

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