Coffee time.

don_socalJanuary 30, 2011

Did this a few years ago, what is your favorite coffee, tea or other morning ritual when surfing the web. Also coffee makers and implements and things to go with it are interesting.

For me Trader Joe whole bean French roast, grind and fix in a Barista, Bialetti or french press. I also like Bigelow Constant Comment or Earl Grey tea. Biscotti from the local bakery is a treat or a nice Apple fritter occasionally.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I am such a commoner in my tea and coffee drinking. Morning ritual is good ol' Lipton teabag and cold tapwater in a big mug in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes and then I let it sit and steep a good long time, usualy have to nuke it again. Lots of milk and sugar. ( I think this is a substitute for the hot chocolate I had every morning growing up.) In the winter on the couch with legs up, local paper and one cat on lap, one beside me. In the summer it is outside with the outdoor cat on the lap.

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DH has the morning hours on the computer at our house, but he doesn't bring anything to drink. When I sign in after lunch, I usually bring a big glass of water filled with ice. I find that that's the way I'll get some of my daily liquid quota. I still don't get enough, but that's enough to make me have several "potty" runs!

Our coffee tastes are very plebeian, mainly Columbian, made in a Hamilton Beach "Brew Station". After my first cup in the morning, I rarely have any more, except on Sunday when I get home from church. Then, the "go with" is as important as the coffee! I especially like the big muffins made at our local grocery bake shop. It's a good thing I don't indulge in them more than once a week.

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My kids just bought me a small blender thingie for my birthday so now I can make my own Smoothies and coffee specials. So I can make my own Starbucks, etc. Usually I have just plain Folgers coffee for breakfast. Now, I'll need to experiment with some blends.

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I'm a tea drinker, but this winter I have been indulging in one cuppa coffee each morning just to kick me in the behind. Since it's not my beverage of choice, I really don't care what it is and buy whatever is on sale. If it's dark, warm and made from grounds it'll do.

Tea, on the other hand, I get pickier about. I like an orange pekoe/black blend. The best I can afford, preferably an English brand. If I can't get it then Red Rose or Tetley will do.

My idea of a great way to greet the day? A stoneware pot of good tea, homemade toasted crumpets and homemade orange marmalade. We have this b'fast on Sundays occasionally. Here I am whipping up some now on the cast iron griddle.

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Coffee??? You mean that brown stuff that's used to add a little flavor to a cup of cream and sugar? Anything will do as long as it's hot. In the morning, I'm more than half asleep.

I will admit to trying out a local Starbucks a couple of times for lunch. I really don't know what it's supposed to taste like, but I am sure that "burnt" is not the Flavor of The Day. It was awful!

I don't think I would be up to listening to a coffee grinder the first thing in the morning.

But, to each his own. Whatever you like, drink and enjoy.

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Every morning must begin with a very large cup of dark-roast coffee or...well, I'm pretty sure the world would come to an end. lol

I rotate between Trader Joe's beans, Caribou Coffee beans, and Starbucks. This morning it was the last remnants of Starbucks Christmas blend. I'm a big-time fan of anything "Sumatra" or "Indonesia." Hearty, smoky, a hint of licorice. It's ground in a regular grinder then poured through a brown paper filter; a French Press is just too strong for this girl's palate. One freshly-ground cup with a healthy splash of cream. Gotta have that each morning when I sit down with my lap for the next 2-3 hours.

Don, have you tried TJ's Joe beans, the dark version? It's $3.99 in the Midwest, probably cheaper where you are (like 2-buck Chuck is actually $2.99 in the Midwest).


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I am tea drinker. Twining's Irish is my usual choice and if I can get it, Lapsang Souchong, but none gets near my computer. Way back when I used to drink coffee, dark roast and made with either a Melitta Filter or a French Press.
Later in the day I switch to green tea, preverable Gunpowder Green and in the late afternoon and evening to herbal teas.

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Thanksgiving coffee, roasted right in this county, so it's local, I buy it in bulk at my market and make my own blend - one part each of the house-blend (Central American), Mocha Java and Kona. I grind about a weeks worth, use a 4-cup Mr. Coffee drip pot - don't eat until a bit later. Morning coffee and afternoon tea - Good earth Green tea or Earl Gray - evening wine -

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DH and I drink about 1-1/2 cups of coffee each in the morning. We are not picky about what kind of coffee, whatever is on sale is fine with us.
However, we are picky about what we eat for breakfast, and
calliope, your breakfast pic and descriptions looks so good.

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gandle(4 NE)

Like coffee but can't tolerate it, so, I drink tea. Usually oolong and let it steep about 5 minutes.

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I'm sad that we haven't been able to find the Papua New Guinea beans at Trader Joe's for a while. I don't drink coffee (or tea) every day, but when I do, I generally prefer a darker roast, and we grind. My other thing is that I like chicory coffee, with milk and sweetener or sugar. I'll drink tea later in the day. I've always liked Twinings Earl Grey, and I'm currently working my way through some coconut-ginger chai thing that's been growing on me.

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LOL i had a GP flashback moment when i read this thread. I remember a similar thread years ago and Ruthann saying she was so dopey in the morning she would like to forgo the cup and just stick her head under the Mr Coffe drip.I can certainly understand the not good with mornings. Have a mill but cant stand the noise 1st thing in the morning either

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Whenever I get tired, I need a coffee. My favorite coffee flavors are grind and fix in a Barista, Bialetti or french press.

Here is a link that might be useful: Griddles

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phasv2(Zone 7)

When I'm having coffee in the morning I stick with a New Orleans style coffee and Chicory mix, and when I want tea I brew up a couple of bags of Good Earth original Tea. Incredible stuff, both of them, but possibly only if you like strong flavors and spicy flavors.

Kind of off the morning subject, but I also add a couple of Good Earth tea bags to my Regular Iced tea mix. It has a natural sweet and spicy taste that you can't really get any other way.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I still love the smell of good coffee brewing, and I still dislike the taste of any coffee. Tea is okay anytime if it's mild, icy cold and slightly sweetened. Hot tea or hot chocolate are chilly evening drinks; I never got the knack of enjoying a hot drink on a hot day.

Morning starts with a glass of iced tea or cola (that's where I get my caffeine); later I have a light breakfast and a tall glass of juice. I try to drink water the rest of the day although if it's a hot day and I'm mowing the lawn or something similarly sweaty, I want a regular cola or lemonade or iced tea more than water.

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KJ was our coffee drinker. Coffee and doughnuts.
Where is she anyway?

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Honeychild if you don't know where KJ is... NO ONE does. Tell her I miss her if you talk with her.

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