These don't look like begonia seedlings...

tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))February 14, 2013

These are supposed to be begonia seedlings, but they don't really look like anything just yet. They look like clover instead, but I want to be certain before I tell the seller of these seeds.

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No, something from the leguminacea family.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Do you have any seeds left? I'd love to see a picture.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

did you sterilize the media before use???

was that media outdoors last year ... ???

how many days from planting to germination???? has that time expired???

and finally.. what kind of begonia ... not that these look anything like such... but full ID would help to understand germination time ....


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

And the medium is really, really wet. You shouldn't have green algae on your seedling pots. Quite possibly the Begonia seed (which is tiny) has rotted away. The seedlings look like Alfalfa or a similar legume. As Ken asked - did you use a sterile medium?

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))

Yeah, I'm trying to dry them out more- still trying to get the balance between 'wet' and 'dry' down. XD

I used oasis grow blocks in the beginning to ensure they were sterile, then transplanted them into soil when the seedlings got big enough. So it's nothing from the soil, and only the seeds that were planted would have had a chance to grow.

I don't have the seeds anymore, but the seeds were black in color, and bigger than what I now realize begonia seeds to be.

I planted these back in late December. I don't have the scientific name of the begonias, but they're probably the same that's pretty standard for what you find in commercial nurseries. I was avoiding anything too exotic since this was my first year planting begonias.

Also, I bought these off of Ebay, hence why I was quick to assume it was a mistake on their part.

Thank you for all your questions and answers! I'm glad to hear that they're possibly alfalfa as opposed to clover. I'll keep growing them and perhaps post new pictures when they get bigger to help some.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

"... then transplanted them into soil ..." Can I ask what the 'soil' was? Out of a bag? Out of the garden?

I Googled Pepper Drop Begonia, which is what is on your label, and I could only find it on Ebay, etc, not on any nursery or growers' site. Sounds a bit suspect.

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))

The soil was out of a bag, mixed with some of last year's that I didn't use. The algae probably came from that, or the fact that I overwater.

It was only used when I transplanted the seedlings, so nothing in the soil could've grown in place of that seed.

It probably is suspect- I used google image search on the photo used for the pepper drop begonia, and they all lead to the same seller on different sites.

Again, thank you for your questions! I hope my answers are helping.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

to avoid the algae ...

you need a greenhouse setup ...

you need to keep your media damp.. but not wet.. but provide ambient humidity to the babes ...

i see all the towels.. i see plastic shelves??? ...

but can you rig up some plastic sheeting.. to make a little greenhouse.. i would put the lights inside the tenting ... [you do have them under lights???]

cant go any further w/out some pix of your setup ...

when i used to do seeds.. i sterilized EVERYTHING.. all hardware in 10% bleach.. and all media per the link ...

i just put a gob of media in a baggie.. dampened.. and nuked it until the baggie generated steam.. then set it aside.. until i used it.. i also used a dollar store turkey pan.. filled it with damp media.. and covered with alum foil.. like a giant jiffy pop .. and poked two holes.. and when it steamed.. or i smelled it.. i took it out.. and left it covered to cool for a few days ...

there are tuberous begonia.. which would be insane to start from seed ...

and there are the annual begonia.. which root in 15 mins.. if you can find an early stock of plants ... just buy a cell pack.. and make one inch cuttings.. and stick them in damp soil.. tented.. and they will root inside a few days/week ...

sometimes.. buying one or two.. and making 100 out of them.. is a lot easier.. than messing with seeds for 45 days.. getting a plant to the size to get them outdoors ... i did such with impatiens, coleus, begonia ... and saved seed starting for the exotic stuff ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I was curious so looked around a little and found the same (mirror image) pic the ebay seller used: follow the link, scroll down to 'Double Trumpet' Improved Roseform Begonias and click on picotee white/red. This name is trademarked, so anyone who reproduces it for sale has to change the name.
Begonia seeds are dust-like unless pelleted. I've never seen black pelleted seeds, but I suppose it's possible. I'd question the seller if I was you.

Here is a link that might be useful: double trumpet picotee white/red

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))

I questioned the seller about it. Don't know if there's anything I can do at this point, but thankfully I haven't lost a lot of money on this.

ken_adrian: Indeed, it's a shelving unit with lights. I've seen so many setups that don't use covers so I didn't use them with mine. Thanks for the tips! I've been bathing things I've been using in 10% bleach from now on.

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PS If you want to you can scrape off the green goo and add fresh medium.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

those are tuberous begonia... [first two words at your link]

i would guess.. 3 to 5 years .. from seed to tuber ... big enough to bloom ... not to mention the genetics of actually getting that flower from seed ....

it would be like starting tulips from seed.. yes.. it can be done.. but it is quite an investment in time ... and useless space ...

in fact.. i would bet.. that particular flower.. is ONLY reproducible vegetatively ... like TC or something.. that is usually why a trademark or patent actually pays off ....

you are really on the DIFFICULT side of the seedling equation ... fooling with stuff like this .... all the power to ya.. if that is where you want to be.. but most of us wouldnt bother with the challenge [the time investment]


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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

Burr medic/black medic burr clover.
Yellow flowers later. then little seed like burr balls

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))


I was wondering that after seeing a picture of bur clover. The only thing was that the seeds weren't spikey.

I let the seller know about it; she hadn't realized, since they were through a supplier.


Thank you for the information! I was inspired to grow begonias from seed after seeing my uncle do the same. He may have done it from tubers, now that I think about it.

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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

The seeds in my garden aren't really spikey- they are kind of sticky. like baby velcro.

I didn't take that image- it's from here:

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yeah.. we all have crazy old relatives.. who garden ...

he probably also didnt tell you the the tubers are not winter hardy in z5 ... and that he had to unpot them.. dry them.. and store them in the basement all winter ... oops.. forgot to tell you that.. lol ..

my dad actually used to collect them.. just buying one or two every summer.. and maintaining them over the years ...

frankly.. tubers are best bought ... especially these.. as they really dont multiply that fast for us up here in cold country ... who knows how vigorous they are in warmer climes ...


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