It is raining!

lilosophieJanuary 28, 2014

I had a lovely sight this morning: my deck was wet! I heard drips coming off the roof, filling a couple of buckets. It was still dark, but the evidence was there :).
It's a light, gentle rain and as much as I would like to get the creeks running and fill the pond and charge the aquifer, this is best for the dry, hard earth, it will soak in, not run off, taking soil with it.
I swear the pines are smiling - so am I, hoping the well is recovering.
More is promised for tomorrow and maybe Thursday.
I put in a request for maybe two sunny days after that to get the pasture grass started, then more light rain the get it growing, after that: the deluge.
Think it will happen? doubt it, but one can ask anyway.

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Lilo, that's wonderful news;, I'm very glad for you and the pine trees, too. :-)

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May it continue as a gentle, earth soaking rain.

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That is such great news. If I could, I would grant your request, because it sounds like a good plan.
We are still waiting for rain here.
We went out to the bay lands today and it was bone dry in the "seasonal wetlands". There was not a bird nor an animal to be seen.
Let it rain, Let it rain.

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I was wondering all day, thanks for letting us know. I keep my fingers crossed that you get more of the wet stuff.

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gandle(4 NE)

That's great Lilo, when you are done with it send some moisture this way. It has been bitterly cold but no snow at all this winter.

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Strange weather all around, isn't it? Either too much or nothing at all.
I am looking forward to another day of heavy rain , followed by showers, then the High pressure Ridge is going toreturn and block everything,
Te rain is a little reprieve, but the people with livestock fear that hay will go to $400.00 per ton by late summer, if there is any available.

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gmatx zone 6

Glad you received some moisture, Lilo. Sure hope we get some soon, also.

I can just see the pine trees "smile"!

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Lilo, I did a happy dance for you when I saw the news that you were getting some rain.
We've had snow and ice here in the south and I've been
inside for several days .
Tomorrow it will be back to normal.

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It rained some during the night, but today is sunny and bright.
Lol, in the anticipation of rain, I fixed a pot of green and yellow split pea soup. I celebrated one day of winter.

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Rain is a good thing. If it rained last night, you can expect a beautiful morning. You don't need to water the plants.

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I'm glad it rained and hope it does so again and again until the parched earth is singing:)

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