Sorry kitty, you can't go out

gandle(4 NE)January 7, 2012

she wants tp but there is a huge snowy owl sitting on the power pole on the alley. Don't know if it could harm the cat or not but it sure looks big enough to. Usually we don't see snowy owls unless the weather is atrocious north but I think not this year. The Game and Parks spokeswoman was on TV the other evening and telling about an influx of snowy owls in the area. They hunt both night and day according to her. So far their food of choice seems to be squirrels, we have plenty of them. Just as soon keep cat of the menu.

What a beautiful bird, pure shiny white, great camoflauge in the snow. Not much of that here so they stand out like a beacon.

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George, I'm with you; why take a chance on having your kitty be a meal for the owl? Our cat Maggie, is having an off day. She's hissed at me twice in the space of a few hours, once when I was petting her b/c she asked for affection! Cats definitely have minds of their own, don't they?

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Keep kitty in !! a good target against that snow !!

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Wish I could see the owl. We never had snow owls here, but we lost all our owls, have not heard one in years. Keep the kitty in.
Seems to be grouch-day for cats. Mine is mad too because I petted one of the strays.

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I've just watched the first half hour of "The Cat From Hell" on the Animal Planet, and suddenly, Maggie seems like a very sweet girl! Good Heavens! I don't think I'd want to deal with a cat like the one shown.

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We get coyotes here so ours are all indoors but they have a run thirty feet long and six feet wide off the back porch. It is made out of heavy aviary wire and has shelves where they can lay in the sun and watch the birds and wildlife. Used to have a great horned owl that hung around but haven't heard any hoot for a few years. There is a Coopers hawk that attempts to get at our aviary but not big enough to scare the squirrels away.

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A neighbor sent a couple of letters to all the houses on our street, saying that his two cats (brothers) had gotten into some rat poison somewhere. One died but the other made it after a lot of care. He is afraid to let the kitty out.
According to him, the surviving kitty keeps looking for his brother and keeps asking to go out.
The neighbor asks us not use poison and to remove any poisoned rat, so he can let his kitty go out again.

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