It's never been high on my list

gandle(4 NE)January 30, 2014

of things to do but now I'm positive I don't want to go on a cruise. Vomiting and diahrrea are something I can do without. Never could see the point of packing myself in a ship with a couple of thousand people no matter what the goal. A few hours in a plane is torture enough.

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gmatx zone 6

Amen! I definitely agree without a moment's hesitation.

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Id be bored to tears 5 mins out of port.

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I never could understand why somebody would want to live check to check with a whole town.

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I am another who doesn't care to cruise, at least not on these huge liners full of people.
There are smaller cruises that soud interesting, my sister went on one exploring Alaska, there were only about 100 passengers, but that venue is quite costly.
I used to think going cruising on a freighter might be interesting, only thing is you really have to be compatible with the handful or so fellow passengers.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

I recently completed my 25th cruise. it was 42-days. To my knowledge, only 4 people were seriously ill and none were gastrointestinal illness. This ship had only 1250 passengers. In 2013, we were on cruise ships for 70 days. We have never been sick with any illness such as you are mentioning.

If you live in a large city then the odds are higher that crime will affect you. The same analogy can be applied to being on a cruise. The more people on the ship, the greater the opportunity to have something go wrong.

This cruise we just completed had us in Canary Islands, Morocco, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Madeira, and the Caribbean. Places I would not be able to go because I don't fly. We were in Hawaii and French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Tahiti, etc.) in 2013.

When a person is on a cruise ship with others who have elected to be there, then the crowd mentality takes place. You want to have a good time, as do the others on the ship. Thus, you have a better opportunity to have a good time.

Some folks prefer to travel by car. Some don't want to travel at all. They are content to stay within a few hours of where they live. Just because you do not have the desire to cruise, then don't disparage the way others have elected to travel.

Do I want to spend days in my cabin vomiting? Of course not. But, as long as I am careful about what I do and where I go, then the odds of maintaining good health will be with me.


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DH and I have taken one cruise, and we found out that we were not cruise people. My neighbors just took their first cruise to
Alaska, and they loved it and are making plans for more.
DH and I have also found out that we are "hotel" people and not resort/club people.
Talking about getting sick on ships. When we came from
Sweden to the US on a combination freight/passenger ship, there were about 20 passengers. Mother Nature decided to have a huge storm fit. All of us got sick. I'll spare you the ugly details, but it was real bad.
Having said that we are "hotel" people, sigh, something or another could and have hit hotels also.
Just like anything else, we use our best judgement and go for it.

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What it all comes down to is "different strokes for different folks".

DH and I have been on only two cruises--it was only later in life that we could afford it--and now 'health issues' make it more sensible and comfortable to stay at or very near home.

Hey! It's 35.8 degrees in WV's Eastern Panhandle at 10.38 am., EST. It feels Islamist balmy!

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"Islamist balmy! " mwheel? Never seen that term before. What does it mean?

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Holy Smoke! I was punching in letters on my Kindle and obviously didn't 'preview' it, after I finished! It was supposed to be "almost balmy"!


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littlebug5(z5 MO)

DH and I have been on one cruise. We didn't like it.

Claustrophobia is right. Cabins are small, and on deck you can only go as far as the rail and then you have to stop. Seems counterintuitive when you can see for miles and miles - but it's not. On the cruise we were on, we docked quite a bit. And so every time we docked, DH and I were off the boat like a rocket.

And that's not even mentioning motion sickness, let alone the possibilities of catching one of the cruise line sicknesses in the news these days.

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