I've certainly had worse ear worms

gandle(4 NE)January 29, 2012

Friday night the drama club at the high school put on 2 one act plays. There was a 15 minute break between plays and a pianist played both before the plays and between them.

Before he played a couple of Beatles tunes and a couple I didn't know the name of but they were pleasant.

The plays were good but what we really remember was the unlikely group with Fur Elise.

Between plays he began playing "Fur Elise", I have always loved this but after a few bars a girl came out beside the piano with a flute. I kind of groaned inwardly thought it would probably be slaughtered then after a few bars with them together a boy with an oboe began playing with them and a few bars later a girl with a guitar joined in. About as unlikely bunch for Fur Elise as you could imagine.

But we and the audience were absolutely enchanted the music was beautiful. The girl with the flute was definetly the lead with all others accompanyment.

The group of instrument sounds unlikely but it was wonderful..Mr. Beethoven would have loved it too.

Wonder who Elise was? Now I'm still hearing that music constantly.

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Elise, I believe, is German for niece.

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Michael, may I correct you, Elise is a name, niece is "Nichte"
Fur - actually the u has a couple of dots on just means for
So the piece was written for a girl or woman named Elise

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I guess someone told me wrong.

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Since I got nosey too, I checked a couple of dissertataions on that subject on the German internet. Nobody seems to know. Several women in Beethoven's circle of friends and family had names which could have been changed to Elise, a very fashionable name at that time, but there is no proof.

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