update on my mom~ plus a bit of ranting

Lamora(4)January 9, 2013

Hi, I hope you don't mind me using this forum to "cry" on. I just need to tell someone what is going on.

The last post was for mom's eye operation, went well, but I don't think I told you that that night, she fell, hit her head on the entertainment center pretty hard. That was the begining of a horrible nightmare for us all. She went from stage 4 Azlthimer (sp?) to stage 6 in a matter of one week. She sees people that are not there, torturing my dad.

Everyone is in on it too, even the dog and cats. She has been crying a lot more, but today it is non stop! the senseless talking, hyperventaling, it is endless! The crying and not being able to breath is turned on and off like a light switch, no tears at all, just sobbing to the point that she can't breath, until she wants to say something mean to us.

My dad finally had to get out of the house today, she just won't leave him alone! and to get "those people" off of him, she dumped coke all over him.

She has a Dr.'s appt in a few hours, hope he can tell us what to do. Other than that, she will most likely go to a hospital and tested to see if something will help her at least function better. I hate the thought of that, it would be weeks and she still needs her eye drops, (from the sounds of it, the drops are going to be for the rest of her life, not sure I trust anyone else to do it) But we have no choice at this point. Only question I have is "why?" and not getting any answers.

A nursing home for this kind of person is hard to find close by.

Sorry this is longer than I wanted it to be, I just had to cry on someone... forgive me?

I would not wish this on my worst hated enemy in the world!

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(((((Marjie)))) I am so sorry you have to go through this, it is heartbreaking to see someone you love change into someone you don't know, you would not want to know.
Don't worry about the eye-drops, hospital or Nursing home, they know what the patient needs and are usually well on top of that.
Your doctor may prescribe medication to keep your Mom sedated and calm her a bit. She has gone through a lot of changes and is confused and unhappy, something understandable, hard on those around her.
Please keep us posted and rant all you like, we shall be listening and sending good thoughts your way.

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My mother also had Altzheimer's.As much as I went through with her it's ironic that I can't spell it. It is a horrible illness and I pray that some day there will be a preventive.I've been through similar experiences as you mention,all I can say is you have my sympathy.

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Marjie, I am so sorry for your situation. Your Dad must be heartsick, as I know you are. You and your family are in my prayers for strength and courage in the days ahead.

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Lamora , so sorry to hear about your situation. Glad you posted an update. I have been wondering how you all are doing.

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Sorry for your troubled situation. Know that there are still some things to relate to usually at the most unexpected times. Hope there is a help.

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Thank you all. :) sometimes it helps just talking about it to someone that is "outside the box" to say.

and yes, daddy is sick about this. His mom had it, keeps saying, "now I know what dad went through" I guess you don't really 'know' till you do go through it. Scares me, it runs in the family on both sides~~ guess who is up next?? I just pray that by then, something can be done for it.

But anyway,the doctor perscribed a seditive for her, he said we should see results in at least 24 hrs. I have to wonder if it will help with the halusinations (can't spell at all!! I hate this!!) getting real tired of her blaming us for stealing things, taking money and torturing my dad, gets real old real fast. Guess we will find out...

Thanks again for the prayers, good thoughts and hugs. :)

Marjie~ hoping this will skip a generation somewhere along the line~~

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You and your Dad have my sympathies on this. Can you find some in home care for her to give Dad a break?

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ok, pills knock her out cold!! at least she is sleeping, but we hate to see her drugged up too.. it is a lose-lose situation. :(

Daddy and I are going to try just half dose, see what that does for a day or 2, see how she handles that. But it sure got quiet here all of a sudden.
pkramer~ We haven't really looked into it, not for this anyway. I am the main caregiver for her. So it isn't all on daddy. Just very emotional is all.
And the eye drops?? shoot- now it 3x a day for 2 different drops and somethng like vasiline to put in her eyes~~ BOTH EYES NOW!! She is going again tomorrow and get another pressure check. Watch it be normal range and back to one drop a day... this is so not fair to her!! Idiot doctors anyway, they don't have a clue of what to do for her eyes. Makes me so pissed I could spit!!

But I really can't put all the blame on them for this, daddy waited too long to have anything done for them. At the time it started, she was having operations on her elbow that she shattered, 5 operations in all. So for my mom, these past 2 yrs have not been too good to her, and it looks like it won't get any better.

It just isn't fair. If she was a dog/cat, she would be put down, die peacefully and with some diginity. But people? NOOOOO! they have to suffer a long painful life till they die, no diginity, no humanity, no sence, IMO of course. It just isn't fair.

Yes, more ranting. The drops situation is what blew me up today. Was down to only one drop per day. Getting her to take them is hard enough w/out doing it 3x.

I wish I knew the answer as to my question~~ why?


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We all need once in a while an outlet for our frustrations. Come here any time you feel you need a sounding board.
This is the one disease I am afraid to get. The doctors say the patient don't know what is going on around them and what they, do but just the thought that some day I might be the one who inflicts this on my family scares me.

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Please make sure her Dr. hears of and reacts to her display of symptoms.

There are meds that can forestall the inevitable...meds for the combativeness/belligerence, meds to keep her happy and

And...if there is a word you don't remember how to spell when you're upset, its ok by us... we've been reading shorthand, and I have been typing it, for years. But any time you want to spell it properly, highlight it, and the correct spelling will come up....and you can click on it.

Sadly, though you - like many of us - are watching someone be alive, but not living, there is nothing you can do except get her in a nursing home ASAP - save your strength for yourself and your dad.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Marjie, I haven't been in here in a while, so just noticing this. You have my sympathy as well, and a virtual hug!

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