Two days at Uncle Brian's Ranch

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)January 4, 2010

We were very lucky to be able to collect our step grandson for a two day outing to his uncle's place. We piled into two cars and drove for over two hours to reach this wonderland.

Mommy and Ivy pile out of the car.

We gather indoors for chatter...

Several pieces of artwork were painted by DSIL. Here's his favorite, three bison painted on the skull.

I also enjoyed the dining table made by Brian:

Later the big excitement for Skyler was to ride behind the snowmobile with his cousin Billy-Jean.

Indy dog loved the out of doors and the exercise. She ran about 10km with the other dogs, chasing the snowmobile. Here she is with Oscar the barn cat. (I think Oscar is a very spoiled barn cat...)

While the kids were entertained, adults went walking.

DSIL (in his Peruvian hat) with Ivy.

Big excitement for me was to see the horses. Here we see the newest foal, born on May 31st. His mother broke her leg in two places three weeks later, no one knows how. She had to be destroyed. Little guy is doing very well.

Here are some of the others:

And then the others hear it is time for breakfast, so here they come!

We enjoy watching them eat.

After, Brian teaches Skyler a trick. This horse is Isabella.

Everyone is watching!

Well DD just has to try too!

Skyler watches her closely.

Up she goes!

Indoors again, there's nothing but food! Goodness me.... Skyler enjoys music with his grandfather and uncle.

I walk the line...Johnny Cash-

DSIL on the maraca-

Learning Jingle Bells with DD-

Ivy checks messages on her cousin's pink cellphone...

Lots of remote toys, a beautiful helicopter like a hummingbird, and this truck:

Needless to say, it was a wonderful visit for all!

Bye Bye!

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

What a spectacular place! Looks like all of you had an grand time, but I missed the pics of you on the horse!!! That colt is almost as cute as Ivy and so sad about his mom. I hope the others 'adopted' him. Love those hats. I would need about ten layers to survive the cold-pretty, but brrr.

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Bug, thanks for sharing these. This would be right up my alley. Looks to have been a great time by all.
I would love to see this place in the summertime as well.
Sad that the the foal lost its mother. The horses are all good looking even in their winter coats. I can't imagine being agile enough to stand up on the horses back. Was I ever? LOL
The snowmobile looks like fun too. Its been a long time since I did that.

DSILs painting on the skull is pretty impressive too.

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Wonderful photos as usual, 'bug! The scenery is outstanding and I can see everyone was having a great time visiting the ranch. Their outer wear makes my down coat look like a sweatshirt in comparison, lol.

How do you manage to take photos in such cold weather? Do you remove your gloves?! Also curious...what breed of horse is Isabella?

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,bug, really great pics, I can't imagine the climate though! I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe. I 'm glad to see Ms Ivy is toughing it out. I agree with Norma, I hope DD can furnish us with summer pics .

Kathy in Napa, 50 degrees.

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I can almost feel the thick soft fur of beautiful Oscar and the horses. And smell the warm, hay and manurefilled air of the bahn. If I ever have another equine ownership experience it will be of a draft sort... driving horses, for certain. Also noted the bit on the side of the door... and wondered if it was a spade bit; a most misunderstood tool in the world of horsmanship!

Beautiful shots, and wonderful memories, I'm sure. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lots of the decor is simply stuff picked up at I imagine the bit by the door was never used by uncle Brian. I could be wrong though.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Ok, Kathy, quit bragging...LOL. 50 degrees would feel SO nice right now.

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Outstanding photos 'bug. It looks like a beautiful place to visit and lots of fun too. What a wonderful way to spend a few days, kids, horses, beautiful scenery, good food and a cozy house. Oh, and we can't forget dogs and a cat.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh Marie, I LOVED this! It looks like a fairy tale Christmas, good old fashioned family time and wonderful outdoor fun!

One thing that really caught my eye is Skyler's hat - especially in the photo of him and his cousin behind the skidoo. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing these....



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It looks like a fabulous house and property, and a fun time by all - but tooooo cold for my tastes! I particularly liked the horse photos - by the looks of the fences though, there are some serious cribbers in that herd :-)

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Bug, it looks like something out of a movie! I love the Ivy's little coat with bear ears, the horses, the acrobatics, the rustic background. Just gorgeous. Eventhough I am sick of snow, when you are surrounded by that much of it, it takes on a different feel. Thanks so much for sharing.


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What an incredible place. And so nice to see Indy again. I clearly remember the remote control vehicle age Skyler is in too. That little foal is going to be seriously bonded to the humans. I can see how someone living here would choose the gift he did for Skyler, something to him that's essential.

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