250 Idylls (More or less)

vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)January 20, 2006

Carry on...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

So, Mary, you actually scored a couple of suits, huh? All of my bathing suits disintegrated this past year from lack of use. At first I tried the mail order route but that just isn't working for me at all. Tops are OK but whose behinds do those bottoms fit? It doesn't matter what size you get or if you go with "full" coverage, pardon my french but your a** hangs out. I dread the upcoming process.

Spring fever hit me today so I left work a couple of hours early and went for a nice long walk along my usual weekend routes. I figured the chances of getting another 55 F degree Friday afternoon in January are slim to none for at least the next 20 years so I might as well take advantage. I walked for over and hour and 20 minutes then came home and went through a stretching routine and a Pilates workout. A perfect day as far as I'm concerned and supposedly more of the same tomorrow. Even though the weather people are bemoaning a "turn back to winter" change for Sunday, IMO 40 F is still a gift here for January. What are these people, nuts? It's usually high of 25.

Welcome back, Marie. It sounds like you may need some rest after your current round of guests leave.

Gee, it's not even 9 and I feeli like I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow I can sleep a bit but Martie is cracking the whip on Sunday and I have to get up early to get to the Logee's tour. Logee's is an hour or so away and I need to get to the meeting spot by 9 AM.

"See" you all tomorrow.


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Hey Deanne, Do you know where Rajii is? (See link)

I took off early today too Sue. My new policy is that anyday over 50F in winter should not be a work day.

I got seeds in the mail today (from Patrick Studio and from Diane's Flower Seeds) and a Garden's North catalogue, so I should be soaking my sore neck in the tub while I read it. I already got my GN seeds this year, but I love reading the catalogue. Can always make my list for next year~

Not much to say - I have forgotten what I read, except that no I never made my own bathing suit. Mary too funny about yours sagging when it got wet!

Hope Kenzie's feeling better! Hi Bella ~

Here is a link that might be useful: Rajii Moves South

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OMG, I miss one day and it's like I missed a month! I can't possibly comment on everything but I have been nodding my head in agreement with everyone.

Janie - I loved your son's poem. I feel proud for him.

DD has been home for the past 5 weeks on Christmas/Semester
break. We convinced her to do a major weed out because we are out of room. We went thru boxes of school work. Did you know that anything made with beans, peas, seeds etc. will turn to fine powder and make a huge mess?

Deanne - I am in awe of your artistic talent. I took Decorative Painting for 2 semesters. It is a great creative outlet for me that I enjoy once in a while. Your style is something that I aspire to but I am so not in your league. LOL about hair leaving your head and moving to other parts of your body. Dh and his db have discussions about how little they have on top their head, but how much they have on their back and ...elsewhere.

Cynthia - We have had TJ's out here for most of my life. I
never go in there without a firm list or when I am hungry. Dangerous, very dangerous. Once in a while dh likes to check out the wine. They have some good buys, and I don't mean Two Buck Chuck. However, my sister, who is single and doesn't cook alot shops there almost exclusively.

I am a confirmed internet shopper. Coldwater Creek & Land's End are two of my favorites. Our mailman doesn't like me & never misses a chance to make a snide remark to dh about my needing to stay off the internet. Dh responds that he should be happy for the job security. (He should see what UPS and FedEx bring. He'd have a heart attack.)

GB - Thank you so much for the info on strokes. My mother is at high risk. Also, love your photos. You have such an artistic eye.

Mary - My heart aches for you and dd's recent losses. How nice that you are able to have such a special memento. That is so great that your whole family is going to Hawaii.
Dh used to travel about 50% of the time. My car used to know the way to all the airports. Just had to point it in the general direction. I have a different car now and it has an airport phobia. Those frequent flyer miles are nice though.

Yeona, so sorry about your sister. Sounds like she has alot of the same problems as my mother. But she is so young. If they can find the right combination of meds it can make a huge difference.

Honey - we live in the San Gabriel Valley which is east of LA. We live in a flat area, no burning, flooding or sliding. Just the occasional earthquake. And it is true, it never rains in California - IT POURS!

T - I feel so bad for you. I used to be able to plan on every January being like that. I have been much better the last few years.

Michelle - Poor Kenzie, hope the antibiotics are kicking in. I've cleaned up my share of barf.

Babs - how great that you are getting paid! I've done a lot of volunteering but never managed to get paid. I used to come home so tired I had to take a quick nap before time to go back and pick up.

So glad that everyone in the NE made it thru those awful winds without too much damage. I hate wind. There was a layer of ice on the windshield of dd's car when I went to move it this A.M. That means it got down below 32 deg for a little while last night. BRRR!

OK, I'm leaving, stop throwing things! Ouch!


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Another day in the low 60's here and this is supposed to be the coldest day of the year..statistically speaking. Tonight went to a local restaurant and met some college friends for dinner. We get together every few months...I taped DateLine and wondered if any of you saw it. It was about a murder which happened here a few years ago. Two men murdered one's wife and my son in law hired both guys when he worked at Blue Cross. These guys were computer nerds and were making a movie like Blair Witch Project when they ran out of money. , so they planned and plotted and one of them killed the other's lovely wife by stabbing her 27 times. Husband was at a Friday's in Lancaster but the whole office thought he did it or had it done..It was interesting seeing our D.A. and all the local places a few miles away. These were upper middleclass college educated guys and now they're locked up for life. The poor woman's mother only had the one child..
Deanne...Isn't swim bladder disease odd? I've had others w/ it and it doesn't seem to bother them. Can you make your existing pond deeper before you put the fish back? I'd hate that job bringing them in every year. I'm just hopeing I can keep these guys alive for 2 more months. Hey ,if it stays this warm , it may be sooner...
Yeona..Sorry about your sister. She's so young to have this happen.
Brenda..Salvation Army has a rack of jeans a mile long. Husband got two pair for work..Lee's.. for 99 cents each. This store is arranged by color which is weird. Long sleeve shirts the sign says and there are pinks, reds , greens, blues..etc....Only bad when you see something you like and it's the wrong size..
Babs..Lol about the squirrels decorating for Xmas. Mine are fat little guys and as much grief as they cause me, I still love them and feed them corn..
Do you guys want to know what's in and what's out according to the garden editor of our local paper..IN~~..Lived in gardens,Simple elegance, Small space gardening, Pot scaping, Boom without Bloom, Living color indoors, Fountains, and Home grown edibles..
OUT~~~Showplace gardens, Fussy gardens, Collosal landscapes, One dimensional containers, Just flowers, Plantless houses, and Ponds!!!Geeze just when I have two.. suddenly they're passe...Sylvia

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

The popularity of idylls must be dropping-the puppy pics I posted on the last thread only received about 530 page views each. Maybe we should resurrect the bum shots.

On the hair waxing...I keep forgetting to tell you all this but just before my office Christmas party I had my hairdresser wax my upper lip. For days after I had a very visible rash. A couple of weeks ago I had it done again and immediately afterwards I made a pin hole in a Vitamin E capsule and dabbed the oil on my lip. Just before bed I did it again and voila, no red area or rash. It works great dabbed around your eye area instead of eye cream too.

Grace, I think the mailman is starting to hate me too but he'd best get over it. Our UPS driver is a woman who enjoys gardening. She also enjoys gabbing on the rare occasion she comes when I'm home-nice woman. One of the local malls has a Coldwater Creek store that is fun to poke around in but the deals are better on line. In fact I need to go there today and return something to Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor loft. Maybe I should wait though until after the latest Coldwater Creek order gets delivered today...hehehe...fedex though so I don't have to bother with the cranky mailman.

Phew, Sylvia it's a good thing I never got around to putting in a pond...lol.

Believe it or not I plan to do a little gardening today-probably cleanup. Should I call it catching up with fall cleanup or getting an early start on spring cleanup? You should see all the sticks that are down around the yard. Don't ever plant a Sycamore. They must be the pigpens of the tree world-branches, bark, anthracnose covered leaves, little hard balls...eeesh!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning everyone, just a quick post here for now. The day is beautiful and I can get outside and do a bit more cleanup and pick up from the wind storm last week. I cant believe it is already in the 50Âs and the sun is out. Be still my heart!

IÂve got to confess that IÂve purchased a few things from the Coldwater Creek outlet in the last several days. Winter things that I can wear the rest of this season. I found these gorgeous velvet poetÂs shirts with gathered cuffs. Very nice and so cheap. I think they are practically giving some of this stuff away.

Anyway, Sue, my UPS guy knows me by name and is a hoot. He always has some commentary when he delivers stuff. I order most of my business supplies on line as well so there are always deliveries here. ~~ Thanks for the tip on the vitamin E. IÂm going to give that a try.

Mary, great about the bathing suits. You guys are going to have such a wonderful time.

Cynthia, as you probably have found out, I found the pseudo Rahjii over there.

Grace, how neat that you paint. It really can be a lot of fun when it isnÂt your job! LOL I have to force myself to pick up my brushes these days. ~~ To neat you are a fellow internet shopper. I also love Lands End and Coldwater Creek.

Sylvia, that is a terrible story about that murder. Unbelievable. ~~ Nope, we canÂt make the pond any deeper. It is made with one of those hard plastic forms and underneath it is immovable ledge. We got down as deep as we were able to go without dynamite! LOL

OK time to get off this computer. WeÂve got to take the Âboys into the vets for shots today. And have a whole other list of things to accomplish so to that end IÂm Âoutta hereÂ.


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Here's me ready to crack the Logee's whip tomorrow!! It isn't as bad as Sue makes it seem :-) Our tour is being conducted by no other than Byron Martin himself (third generation owner of Logees and ex-husband of Tova [the writer] if anyone keeps up with gardener gossip). HE set the time so that there'd be plenty of touring before the greenhouses open to the public at 11a. Like Sue, I'm as much looking forward to lunch.

Everyone Check the Last-Minute Flight Info and send Sue and me your arrival times!!!!!

Here, what's in with Gardening is the "old basics." The actual headline in the local daily rag read: "Don't Get Caught in up Garden Snobbery." Well????? Marigolds are nice, but ..... I have a feeling sometimes that the writer has stock in the local bedding plant wholesalers.

Am glad everyone seems to be doing well, and am thinking about the DS's and DD's and DH's who are not up to par. Also thinking of your friend, Marie, and what a jolt that announcement must have been to her. I hope she can come to terms with her DD in a comfortable way.

Rich has started drum practice so I'm off for a bit of food shopping and a quick look for something to wear tonight. I have a backup dress but I've worn it several times already (not around the same people) and it would be fun to find something new. Bathing suits I gave up on years ago and only get them when I'm visiting Florida.

Best to all --


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I've already been outdoors, mid fifties here so far, and I don't know what it was when I got up at 7AM, but I left the inside door open while the dogs were on morning inspection and there was no cold emanating through the storm!! Yes, I see Rahjii has met his friend in NC :)

Eden (and other seed people)I transplanted seeds this morning (!) even my mixed agave from Chiltern's have started to germinate now. I'm worrying over the JL Hudson agave which have been xplanted for several weeks. I fear not given them enough moisture and I fear giving them too little moisture. My mature ones are in a mix of chicken grit, sand and potting soil and do well with that, but the baby one's scare me. I have them in several different mixes and continuing to give them heat.

A couple who met foster Rippie this fall sent me an email this morning. They were one of three couples who were/are interested, but all could not adopt until/after January. One is traveling, another has behaviour problems with first dog, and this couple's dog had serious medical problem dx'd. Their female is now doing well and they want to meet Rippie again this week-end. Of course, this was the woman who thought he was too big for her house. We'll see. We have 12 dogs coming in in the next two weeks, and right now Rippie is one of the few males. His competition will grow by February. Still, he is special and would be such any easy dog for anyone who could deal with his small dog and kid issues.

Maybe I'll have my upper lip waxed on next trip to hairdresser too. But the hair is so light there, I don't think it needs it. I should ask a friend, or the 'wax lady' to get an honest opinion. Heck, she was honest about my eyebrows, but even I had noticed that!

Sylvia, tell the newspaper columnist that in/out lists are 'out.' :-)

Janie, I keep forgetting to send Kudos on your son's poem! He, and you, should be very proud.

Grace, I'm a picky eater, so I buy whatever I want at TJ's. If I go to a regular grocery, all I buy is frozen oj ;-) I'm fortunate not to have to feed anyone else unless they're guests. And then they eat what I have!

I dumped all of the 'cat linens' that protect the lr furniture into the wash this morning, and I need to get back down cellar and do some shifting of laundry! Then a nice long walk, and I too have lots of sticks in the yard. Sycamores may be bad Sue, but Tulip poplars must be close competition. An exhale or a fast passing car, and a few branches will drop. I have to park my car carefully.

Enjoy this fabulous weather! Cynthia

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

There is absolutely no peace in this house on weekend mornings! Im usually the first to get up. However, if Bullet deems Im sleeping in too long, he starts the pressure. First, licking my hand. So I pull him in and cuddle instead of getting up. Then he pulls on my thumbnail with his teeth and I push him off the bed and hide my hands. I cant stand it when he pulls my thumbnail! Not to be deterred, he sneaks under the pillow or covers finds my hand and again pulls my thumbnail. Im now awake and I get up. Hes happy and leads me downstairs to his bowl and meows sweetly at me until I put it down. He only takes a bite or two to take the tinge off and then goes back upstairs.

Since hes such a pest and wakes DH by either licking his bald head or pulling his eyebrows with his teeth to get him up, DH asked me to close the door so he could sleep in. So this am, when Bullet confronted the door, the meowing started. First sweetly, then more insistent, then mad. The tones are very recognizable. If DH sleeps thru that, Bullet moves onto the next phase. He puts his paw under the door and the next thing you hear is, "rattle, rattle, rattle." About the 3rd round of the rattling technique, I can hear DH swearing. Finally he gets up. When he opens the door, the meowing changes to the sweetest yipping meow you ever heard and he "leads" DH down the stairs.

Why all this ruckus? This is a tuna day, thats why. DH started it awhile ago and there is no living in this house unless this mouthy kitty gets his lil bit of tuna on weekend mornings.

Today, after weve both settled down to enjoy our coffee and read the paper, the meowing starts up again. Bullet is standing by his water bowl. I get the message that its not fresh enough and get up and clean out the Drinkwell. The meowing continues and gets more insistent until I put it down for him. So youd think wed finally get some peace and can enjoy the paper? Not so fast.

After a nice cool drink, Bullet comes over and paws at DHs legs. No harm done b/c he has no front claws. But the pawing and meowing pressure escalates until we cant stand it. Finally, DH gives in and goes upstairs lead by Bullet, who yips the whole way up. He wants his face washed! Are we trained or what?!

I posted again on the other thread yesterday but dont know what happened to it. I know I commented to Michelle, that I was glad McKenzie was feeling better.

Cynthia, thankis for the link. Cute pet pix. Deanne, I particularly loved the pic of you on that thread. My, youre looking skinny!

Hope all the NE idyllers enjoy Logees today, she says waiting patiently for pix and tales.

Bug, sounds like you have your plate full this week. Altho we really enjoy having company, the get ready, entertaining and cleanup is draining.

T, hope your "down mood" improves soon. Im sure it must be influenced by all the rain in the NE. Youre usually so chipper.

Sylvia, we have the most fabu mailman. He even comes to our subdivision picnics. Once, when our mortgage co. send important documents to our old address (???!!!), he worked with our old carrier, made a special trip for it and brot them to us. He also gives me extra fliers when there are discount coupons in it and always stops to chat when I'm outside. We're really lucky. The UPS guys here is really gruff and won't be flagged down. GRRRRR.

Sue, there's a new Coldwater Creek at the mall one mile away where the Idyllers stayed. I'm trying to hold off checking it out, but it's a toughie.

Im sure I missed commenting on something, but gotta get into the shower. It has stopped snowing we only got an inch or so and the sun is out. Yeah! Later, friends.


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Hi guys!

Welcome Grace! You have my dream job! Glad you joined us.

Honey, how nice that Bullet is feeling well enough to pull your fingernails and Tom's eyebrows! That is one smart cat, and has you trained well. The visual made me giggle out loud!

On that link to the pets, is that within GardenWeb?
I noticed at the bottom of the page, it said content contained in this forum is the property of GardenWeb and the members of this forum or something like that. Did you guys know Yahoo and MSN both sponser groups, and you can post pictures there?

And the visual for Mary's bathing suit also gave me a laugh! Those school projects gone south are the ones we remember the best. You guys will have such a wonderful time in Hawaii..I hope you take lots of pictures. I have never been there.

GB, you have been getting about lately haven't you? You are taking some great pics lately.

Slyvia, I have a pond, and I think I will just keep it until they come back in vogue:)

Eden, have you decided which plants you are not going to pot up this year:)

It sounds like we all sort of have the same thoughts about yard cleanup, and getting outside. The sun is actually shining today and it peeked out another day this week too. Everything seems better when you can see the sun.

V. how was your tradeshow? Now if I had gotten that job with the nursery, I could have seen you there....

Yeona, I hope everything is okay with you

Cynthia, we got a Trader Joe's here a few months ago, and it is right on my way home from work. I got almond butter, cashew butter(don't like it as much as the almond), and some Lemon Curd (very yum.) I like the fact that they have small quantities, and you can try different things, without investing half your grocery budget. Oh I also got that David Glass Ultimate Chocolate truffle cake. Oh man... I only had a little snibble of it, but had to try it. Did you say where you got the agave seeds? Do you think I might be able to grow one from seed? I LOVE yours...

Janie, I am so happy for your son.. and his proud mom. Great poem.. and nice sentiments.

Hi T! How is it going out there?

Michelle, I hope Kenzie is over her ear infection, and other stuff. My Jenny had one right after the other when she was little. Her doctor said sometimes we don't even realize they have one. It wasn't bad enough for her to get tubes in her ears though, eventually she grew out of it or something.

Babs, how cool that you found a job that you can do with the kids...everything works out right doesn't it? Call me sometime so we can coordinate for idylls.

I am getting so organized, it is scary. I don't think I have been this good since before I had kids. This commute has been very good for me. I feel so much better. I knew I would have to get my act together to be out the door by 6AM, when I used to not even get up till 6:30. I got rid of my clutter..still have PLENTY more left...I put together 3 bags, Real Estate, Gym, and take to work/lunch. I have so much more freedom now. I have been going to gym most nights. Inches are coming off, but I don't know if I am losing weight. I think I have lost a total of 10 lbs since Idyllunion. I know I could do so much better... but I am enjoying the little 1/2 mile hike ot the train after work.. and don't want to stress about the poundage coming off. I think this might be the best way for me. Worrying about it obviously wasn't doing a thing:))) Another thing, I didn't realize how much all the scattered around stuff was dragging me down. It is Saturday, my house is clean (semi) I have time to write on idylls, and am enjoying my second cup of coffee. Usually, I would be running around ineffectually trying to do 45 things, and never getting finished. In a minute, I have to go do some paper work and stuff to get ready for the inspection of the house I sold last weekend, but I hope all of you who get to go to Logee's have so much fun! What a treat.

I know I missed someone, but want to say Hi if it was you!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good afternoon all,

Well Im supposed to be outside cleaning stuff up but for some reason Ive been sucked into my arm chair and messing around with my wireless laptop. Ive promised Doug that we will get outside in a bit so this will have to be short.

Honey!!! ROTFLOL I LOVED your Bullet story. I seriously giggled my way through the whole thing and what a treat to actually have met the fabulous feline in person. I love the mental image of Bullet biting Toms eyebrows.

Hi Drema! Congratulations on your getting to the gym on a regular basis and especially for your 10 pound weight loss. I sure wish I could say the same. Im so happy to hear that things are working out well for you with the new job. That is just great!

Cynthia, Ill be thinking of you when Im picking up the sticks in my yard. Seems winter brings us all the same debris. Kind of strange that the temps there are the same as up here.

Martie, but you really could use a bathing suit next month as weve got the hot tub for whoever wants a soak. I know you are all going to have a great time at Logees tomorrow. I cant wait to see all the pics.

Have a great day

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DD called this a.m. and Kenzie is now vomiting more. If DD isn't good at cleaning it up she will be ;o) She is watching her carefully to make sure she isnt getting dehydrated.

Funny about the homemade bathing suits. When we were growing up, my mom sewed almost all our clothes, so I did have several homemade suits. They were actually quite nice.

Last night we ripped out the old carpet, vinyl and exhaust fan in the bathroom. Of course now the underlayment needs work. The part where the carpet was is lower to compensate for the height of the carpet and pad. Thats what Rick hates is those unexpected surprises.

I have most of my orders delivered to our office since the UPS guy comes daily. He is a hoot. Also, I have had problems with our mailman leaving my plant orders at another person's house. Her name is Michelle too and has a similar last name as mine. Her address is nothing like mine and lives about 7 miles away. Fortunatly she goes to our church and brings them to me. I have left several pointed notes in my mailbox that he should be more careful. What if she was someone I didn't know and just decided to keep them?

Grace, great that you and DD went thru some things. I need to do that.

We have a bunch of good size branches down from the cottonwood tree. I told Rick to leave them. I see the rabbits are eating the bark off them. Maybe if they have that to nibble on they will leave the shrubs alone.

We now know who is boss at Honeys house LOL

It is very windy here today. I dont know the temp because our digital thermometer must need new batteries, it says it is 122 degrees.

Drema, my DS had many ear infections and had tubes at age 5 and again at 6 because he retained so much fluid it was impairing his hearing. I hope that Kenzies doesnt amount to that.
It sounds like you are feeling pretty good about life these days. That is great.

I hope that all that are attending the Logees tour will have a fabulous time.

I notice that at home I don't have to log in anymore, but at work I do.

I really should get back to scraping old silicone caulk off the shower stall. We removed the door and frame because it didnt work well anymore. We will just put up a nice curtain and liner. First I think a little lunch of chicken and wild rice soup might be nice.


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Hi everyone

Mild temps still here, but gloomy and rainy, down below freezing again tonight. My outdoor activities have so far consisted of a poop pick-up and bringing in more firewood. The lack of sun is making me want to go back to bed. Wish I were in CT and joining the Logees trip.

Hi Drema - so nice to hear from you. Congratulations on your organization and weight loss.

Honey - I loved hearing about Bullett. What a character.

Today I got a couple of books out of the library on Hawaii and have been enjoying perusing them over coffee. I've helped Annie with violin practise. She has a Solfest exam next Saturday and will be playing a rather difficult Concerto by Seitz. She's worked very hard on it and at times sounds great, but its also an easy peice to get faster and faster, snowballing to the end completely out of control. I'll be glad when its behind us.

Our other activity has been turning the basement to a home exercise area. We've made room again for the treatmill, and inflated an Exercise/Cardio ball I got on sale ages ago. With a couple of sets of weights I'll be all set for indoor workouts. I've really missed X-country skiing this year and will try this instead. The kids love going on the treadmill - David did a mile yesterday and Annie is a good little jogger.

have a good Saturday


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

What a beautiful day today! It was 58 degrees this afternoon, unbelievable. Just had to share this, one lonely snowdrop showing up at least a month early

I guess the cold is moving in tonite, but it will be a nice day for Logees.

Michelle, poor Kenzie. It is awful when they are so sick. My sympathies to your DD.

Mary, your trip to Hawaii sounds great, glad you are able to take the whole family.

Drema, I wish I had the time to be as organized as you. My only good habit is always putting things (purse, keys, mail, etc.) in the same place when I come in the door.

Hi to everyone I missed. Have to run now, I have to finish my weekend chores so that I can go play tomorrow.


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YIPPEE ! ! !

Tomorrow I get to meet Idyllers for the first time! At Logee's! The !!!!!!!'s will stop something around 3-4pm tomorrow :-))

Wendy: Thank You!! Today we'll probably break a 103 year record for warmth.

No pics (no camera) but I swear Digitalis purpurea seeds are sprouting outside. North facing wall, sheltered by a large Japanese Maple whose botanical I'll figure out when it leafs. Really protected spot. Hmmmmmmm

I will never need another pet. Honey, your description was perfect. One can have pets vicariously, can't one???

Cynthia: I'm rooting for whatever ends up best for Rippie. If I were home more I'd put myself in the running and Rich would fall in love, too. He is just one cool dog.

Drema: Your tenacity is admirable! When I get started with clutter piles it seems like all I do is start another. How do you get over being 'afraid' to toss stuff like seven year old electric bills? (Really need help, here ...)

Everyone else. I can't sit still any longer so will go bug Rich until we leave tomorrow morning. Wish I were kidding ..... LOL


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Martie, you are too funny. I just told Tom when I get up with the dogs tomorrow at 5 AM I'm staying up so I can go get my coffee (Dunkin Donuts addict) then relax with it for an hour or so before I have to get in the shower and get ready for the Logee's day. I'm a compulsive pre-planner in case you haven't noticed...lol. Don't read this part I shred my electric bills and for the most part all other bills after I pay them.

I guess we broke a 103 year record in CT today-61 F at the airport where they record the official temperatures. It didn't get that warm here-maybe a measly 59...lol. We did go to the outdoor mall this morning to return some stuff. Most of the stores have full priced spring merchandise now. I tried on some stuff at Eddie Bauer for size references when the prices start to tumble again but bought nothing. Then I came home and putzed around outside for a few hours before going on my walk. While I was walking the wind whipped up and spit some rain at me but with temps in the 50s it felt so much like spring. If it had poured I couldn't have cared. Part of my walk route is through Wethersfield Cove, part of the CT river. It's closed right now because the water is so high the parking lot has vanished. Although this happens normally in the spring and fall, I doubt it happens much in January. Last weekend, birds were lounging on the ice.

Wendy I can't believe you have a snowdrop. The downside to this weather is it may bring plants out of dormancy only to have them get whacked later by cold.

Drema, you don't have to lose much weight to lose inches if you're exercising. As I've mentioned, I've only lost about 5 pounds but have slacks that are hanging on me that I just bought 3 or 4 months ago. Yesterday my boss told me I looked like I needed to gain some weight and I told him I really hadn't lost any. Good for you for making time for the gym and finding that organization is the key.

Honey we have a canine Bullet here. Nick's motto is "I'm up, everybody's up." Sometimes the tactic is just to go downstairs and bark at squirrels. Sometimes he comes up and lays on your face or just sits and the floor and growls intermittedly. When I was single and living in Maine I had a cat that would absolutely torture me when I tried to sleep in on weekends. I lived in a mobile home and he could squeeze under the door to get into my room. If I stuffed clothes under it he would go into the bathroom and unravel the toilet paper and knock things off the sink. If he got into my room he would try to climb the drapes or knock stuff off the bureau-activities he never engaged in at any other time. Gotta love the pets...

Consider registering at the new garden site in Cynthia's Rajii link. A bunch of us have already. It could turn out to be a GW backup for idylls or just another place to chat gardens with a new group of people.

Happy wine night!


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Extremely warm here as well w/ temps around 63. I have bushes greening up and that's not good. The pond water is 45 and rising and it can't go higher or the fish will get active and their big pond is empty..On my walk I saw four robins sitting on a branch singing.
Honey..Aren't cats crazy? I bar mine from the bedroom or they would drive me nuts. Last night I had three on my lap as I watched TV and two were the biggest ones..18 pounds each. Thankfully Lily only weighs 7. Your Bullet sounds like a character. My Phoebe goes nuts if I whistle. She runs up to my face and gently nips my chin.
Saw two wonderful movies this week..two of the best I've seen all year and I go quite often as I have a huge new cinema just 2 minutes away. Saw Brokeback Mountain Thursday and tonight saw Match Point..Both were excellent! Super Woody Allen movie...Sylvia

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning all! Yesterdays snow melted and everything froze overnight. Not good for plants!

Glad you liked the Bullet story. It was a repeat this am. Weve ruined a perfectly good animal! Just how does he know what buttons to push? DH just gave up and went upstairs to shower and wash Bullets eyes. Because his eyes are so deep set, Bullet cant get clean the corners himself. Hes funny to watch when he sticks his head up and blinks his eyes really fast.

We enjoyed yesterdays dog show. We got to see and admire several breeds and talk to their breeders. We found that we both like most breeds in the "working dog" class. We loved our Sheltie b/c he was so smart. He was too big for show, and we liked his size 40 lbs. He also wasnt yippy like many in the breed. When we brot him home at 10 wks., I showed him his basket/bed in the utility room and he obeyed the first command to go to his basket. He was trained potty outside in a day. DH took the lawn deposit and put it in the woods and showed the dog. From then on, he never deposited on the lawn. He warned us of a fire, protected the house from a burglar and growled at my X. So whatever dog we do get, will have big shoes to fill.

We liked the Australian Shepherds the most. Theyre the right size, temperament, and intelligence. When the time comes, well probably look into rescue first. Theyre not hyper like Border Collies. I know cats will usually adjust to a dog over time, but I cant imagine Bullet liking being herded around. Well see.

Drema, I nodded my head when I read how organized youve become. The same is happening here its only taken me 3 yrs to do it! I just have to be careful about accumulating stuff again. I still have papers to go thru, but Im getting there. How great that youve lost 10 lbs. and congrats on selling the house!

Deanne, Cynthia, Ive been outside picking up twigs and limbs, too. Im outside at every opportunity.

Cynthia, I hope you find the perfect home for Rippie. Hes really a cool dog, Im sure thanks to your loving care.

Michelle, oh poor Kenzie. What has the pediatrician been telling your DD? Ill be following your bathroom remodel closely. All of ours need remodeling. Nothing is holding us up but the $. Im sure well have surprises, too. Meanwhile, one of my projects this spring will be to recaulk the shower, Yuk.

Mary, Im sure perusing the books on Hawaii will be fun. I always like to research a trip and figure out things to do and see. I cant imagine whats not to like about any part of your trip! Glad you found suits you like. Perhaps when youre on your trip youll find where the locals go for bargains and come back with a few more. They probably have quite an extensive selection there. When we used to go to Fla. In the spring, I always found a lot there. I particularly liked the tanks with matching shorts, my coverup of choice.

Wow, do you play the violin? Annie sounds like shes quite an accomplished student, Im sure thanks to you. I, too, am finding I like using the treadmill in my own basement. DD has been coming over and using it, too. Its great to get to see her so often.

Ditto Marties comment on the snowdrops! Great break from the winter blahs.

Sue, I enjoyed your account of pet antics, too. Just how do they know what will annoy you the most to get you outta bed?! Hmmmm, Ill have to go back and look at that alternative site again. Thanks for the info.

Sylvia, Bullet is becoming more of a character every day. Since we had to put the other one down last yr, he is becoming more outgoing, even with strangers. I recently found treats he likes, so Im encouraging the social behavior. Since retiring, Im spending more time with him and Im sure thats a factor. He follows me around like a dog instead of being a couch potato 22 hrs. a day. Thanks for the info on the movies, too. I might take in a matinee during the week with all the other thousand retirees!

Well, I have to tackle a couple folders of paperwork I need to weed thru. I need to find something Im sure is in the pile. Hope to hear about Logees soon! TTYL, Honey

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI guys, just a quick post, I've been playing on another site lately and having fun with it.

Can't wait to hear and see pics from the Logees trip. They surely have gotten a great day for it.

We no sooner had all the branches picked up yesterday afternoon and the wind started gusting 35 - 40MPH again. Lost power for an hour or so and now it doesn't look like we did a thing. What's with this wind? Jeesh!

Sylvia,if I had three cats sleeping on me when watching television I'd have to turn the AC on! They are like little electric blankets. How can you stand it? LOL

Honey, keep those Bullet stories coming. He is such a card. I really believe the more interaction they get the more personable they get. One of the things I so love about kitties is that they so think they rule the world! LOL

OK Doug just asked me if I wanted to go to Tilton to go outlet shopping this afternoon so I'm 'outta' here.

Have a good afternoon all,

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Hi All, Busy, busy here. Just checking in to see how the Logee's trip went. Did Martie wear you out and you're now home napping? What did you all come home with? Any pictures?


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Since I last posted...was vacuuming basement stairs (vacuuming is my life you all know). The vacuum fell down a couple of steps on my head, kinda hard. Put hand to head and...blood. Come upstairs, Brad is playing his guitar and singing. I show him my bloody hand and tell him my head is bleeding. He looks at me blankly and proceeds to take a sip of beer. Then he has to find his glasses because he can't see anything up close without them these days. Long story short, thank goodness it was just a small cut. I could have bled to death before he had it figured out. My head hurts. And last night I fell on a patch of ice walking into a restaurant. I think I'll just go sit in a chair, after I wash my hair.


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Mary, we made an exercise area in our basement last year and added a TV with cable in front of the treadmill. It does make the time pass faster.
Annie sounds like quite the little musician. Thats so great.

Wendy, the snowdrop picture is great.

Honey, I assure you, we are definitely redoing this bathroom on a tight budget.

((Eden)) please be careful. It must have hit pretty hard to draw blood.


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Oh Eden! I hope you'll be okay!

I've been wondering how today's outing went also.

I've spent the morning vacuuming & cleaning. Now I'm watching the Steelers & Broncos game while I am sewing on some quilt blocks.

High excitement. :oP

Honey, I've loved hearing about Bullet and how he allows you & Tom to live with him in his house. ;oD He sounds like a perfect cat.

It has been a dry day today!! The sun is even shining!!! We've had over 24" of rain since October 1st.....I'm so sick of gray, dismal, overcast, rainy days! But right this minute there is a patch of sunlight on the entryway floor! Whoooo Hoooo! I should grab the camera and take a picture of it so I can hang it on the 'fridge and remember what sunshine looks like. ;oP

Hello to all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Eden! I'm so sorry! Maybe this is Merlot Night ...again? Lay off the vacuum for a while.

I'm back from my trip, my company has left, DH has practiced his singing and hockey and walked Charlotte. I've washed dishes for hours it seems but the kitchen is at last tidy. I've eaten WAY more than I have in weeks and will need to start all over I'm afraid. I won't look at the scales until I've used the treadmill for a few days. Tomorrow is voting day here...

I bought a really nifty crepe maker in Toronto and we had crepes for brunch. Crepe for lunch too. Maybe for dinner as well? Amazing recipes in the new cookbook too.

Plans for painting my kitchen have progressed. I have painted 3 sample boards. I am fussy about colour, but think I hit it right on the first try! Off-white cabinets and pale green wall and trim. Have to use oil paint...which is a big drawback as far as I am concerned.

Honey, DD's dog is part Australian Shepherd and I must say, that is a very special dog! So smart, willing to please, good with the cats because it is obedient. It needs a great deal of walking, which they love to do. It loves the canoe as well. Remember this? Indy is the one I'm referring to, on the far right.

Still forced to sign in each time I post. ugh

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hi all-

The trip to Logees was wonderful. It was high summer in the greenhouses, and I can't think of a better way to spend the morning. The color was such a welcome sight, not to mention the smells!

I'll post some pictures on a new thread so this one won't be tied up.

Eden, sorry about your head! I always knew that housework was bad for you; now I have more proof.


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Good evening

Hi T - 24 inches of rain - wow! Enjoy your sunshine while it lasts. We had the same here - a rare day of sun. I felt 10 times more energetic and ate far less.

Eden - ouch! I've never heard of anyone drawing blood vacuuming before. Hope your head feels better soon. A glass of wine sounds a good remedy to me.

GB - a crepe maker sounds wonderful. Is it like a heated frying pan? I've found that with care you can make very good crepes from rice flour. Its been a while since I've made a batch - you've inspired me to try again.

The day passed very pleasantly - I even managed a couple of hours in the garden doing more fall clean up. David spent the afternoon playing outside with a neighbor while Annie and I went to the library and grocery shopped. We had a fireside supper of baked sweet potatoes, blue cheese burgers and salad. I'm about to hed to bed to read. I've just finised "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri which was a very moving family drama that deals with the immigrant experience and culture clash. Tonight I'm choosing between a collection of garden writings titled "The Writer in the Garden" and a historical novel by Iain Pears. Has anyone else read anything good lately? GB - I introduced my Mum to the No 1 Detective Agency over the holidays and she loved the writing too. Did you live in Botswana when you were in Africa?

Nite all


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It's sleeting here now, and getting colder.I went to the new site and registered. It's a good back up. ..Deanne..It does get hot and when I have three cats, which doesn't happen all the time, my legs get numb. The little one sits on my shoulder, Izzy the huge one sits on my propped up legs and Nellie who hates Izzy but loves me more slips in behind and sits on my lap. She loves me to flatten her ears and brush her face w/ both my hands...On my walk today, I saw many bulbs coming thru about 2 or three inches..in Jan??!!Want to know where Dumb and Dumber live? Right here in my house. H told me that one frog sits on the bottom and never moves. Since he changes the filter on that pond, I don't bother the fish by hovering. I want to keep them calm in their close quarters. Yesterday I looked and there he was. Today he was there not moving and fish were swimming over him. I told H that he was dead and I was getting him out. H said he was hibernating and let him alone. I know there are two frogs in there because I dropped them in when the other pond leaked. While he was chopping wood, I nudged the frog w/ the skimmer..no movement. So I did it a little harder and nothing but he felt hard. I then realized it was an old concrete frog the exact size of my frogs which had fallen in the pond. Did I look stupid? But I was relieved that my frogs were still there. ..probably under the leaves.
GB..Your kitchen color scheme sounds like mine. We did a custom one three years ago at this exact time. I have two different style cupboards and two different colors..sage green and cream. I picked the green because that's the color of the original chair rail in there and Plain and Fancy custom matched the color and painted the maple cabinets. Did a super job duplicating the color. It's a calm look for a kitchen and the soapstone counters and sink give a nice balance....Sylvia

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Now you see, (((Eden)))? You should've flown out for Logee's!!! Hope your head feels better, soon. And, hope Brad feels good and guilty at some point. LOL

I may not have worn anyone else out but Rich and I were in bed at 8pm (sleeping). He was taken back by the friendlines of gardeners and the obvious feeling of passion. It was his very first gardener-get together and I think he'll be back. Life is good in the house.

Great day and if you want a blast of warm -- check out the pics thread.

Snowing here this morning but no serious travel planned. Will be busy finding places for new babies to grow on for containers tonight post food shopping.

Duh. Yawn. It's Monday.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello all, remember me? Its been a busy week here for me, and while I have read (um, skimmed) most of the posts I havent had enough of a brain to compose a post.

Our weather continues to be weird. On Thursday in Chicago, it was in the high 50s and I saw several folks eating their lunch outside on the lakefront. Friday night we got 8" of snow. Its getting downright ridiculous! This morning we had very heavy fog, and I had to call DD in late for her first class as there was an accident blocking the road. My drive was nerve-racking; too many silly doves sitting on the roadside and flying up in front of the car at the last second, scaring the bejeebers out of you.

The trade show was fun but not a lot of new and exciting stuff going on. I think Im getting jaded. The fun was in seeing a lot of old friends.

Hmm, I had all these important things I was going to say and now I cant remember any of them. :(

Eden, sorry to hear about your head. No more vacuuming for you, doctors orders!

Honey, I loved your description of Bullets torture tactics. The CIA may want him!

The Logees trip looks like it was a lot of fun. Great looking plants and a fun group of people. So surprised to see Monique with plants in a bag!

Sylvia, your dead frog story is a hoot!

Mary, I just finished reading "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd. It wasnt a bad read, but it wasnt as good as "The Secret Life of Bees". I couldnt get over feeling that the main character was a bit selfish and immature. I really enjoyed "My Sisters Keeper" by Jody Picoult, which I read over the holidays. Right now, Im reading a nonfiction book called "In Praise of Slowness." So far its been pretty interesting. And Ive just borrowed the Narnia Chronicles series from a friend. So I have a bit of reading to get on with!

T, does your dismal weather explain the two-handed eating? ;-)

Drema, it sounds like you are adjusting to the new job and the new schedule quite well. I need to get better about my time management; Ive let myself get too sloppy lately!

Ah! I knew there was something else! Is anyone here a fan of "The Antiques Roadshow"? On the last episode, there was a guy who had a copy of the first book published in Wyoming, and it appraised for big bucks. The guy who brought it in is my bell choir partner! It was fun to see him on TV and to see him happily surprised.

Okay, better get some work done here. Later!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Boy what a difference a day or two makes. It was 60 F on Saturday and today it's snowing. The snow is wet and packing and driving into work this morning was terrible-all ice. The upside is if this had been yesterday we would have had to cancel the Logee's gig.

Gotta get crackin' here. Happy manic Monday.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good snowy morning here,

No kidding about the really strange weather. It was warm enough to rake and clean up the yard two weekends in a row. We got those terrible winds last week and now the snow is piling up at an amazing clip. My car had four inches of snow on it from the time I was at the gym. Jeesh! Doug scared the heck out of me when he called about 40 minutes after leaving for Keene this AM. I instantly thought hed been in an accident but he just wanted to tell me that hed seen 15 accidents and wasnt even halfway there yet. I think I could have waited to get that information until hed arrived safely at his destination. My urban assault vehicle is a gem. I was able to drive right through a two foot snow bank the plow left in front of my driveway. His nibs, Rahjii, is all out of sorts because he wants to be outside but when he puts his little kitty paws in the snow he wants to come right back in and so it goes. This is going to be one of those days they drive me bonkers.

V, great to hear from you. That is pretty neat that a friend of yours was on Antiques Roadshow. I dont watch it too often but used to. I like the History Detectives show on PBS. They have looked into some very interesting things.

Eden, OUCH! I always knew that vacuuming was bad for your health. I think we both would have been in a lot of trouble if wed gone to Logees. My lights are already filled up and Ive not even started any seeds or taken any extra coleus cuttings yet. I told Doug that I needed another light stand and he just rolled his eyes at me. That means as of now he thinks Im kidding. If I mention it another few times hell begin to get the picture that Im serious.

Sylvia, ROTFLOL over the dead frog story. I occasionally will be blessed with having my two kitties on my lap at the same time so can identify with your legs going numb. We just had them at the vets office and Luke weighs in at 15.5 pounds now and Rahjii is 13.5. I got the Obese Cat Lecture from the vet about Lukes rotundity.

GB, nice to see you back. Those crepes sound divine. I should look into that as they do make a nice light dinner. Love the doggie pic. ~~ Youll have to show us pics of the updated color in the kitchen when youve got it done. Sounds nice.

T. glad to hear you finally got a bit of sunshine. Hope it lasts a while. ~~ What are you quilting?

OK time to get cracking and get some work done around here. Have a great day all. All those in the snow, be careful driving!


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Hoody Hoo!

I am way behind-I can't believe I haven't seen this place since Fri.

Michelle-that is terrible about Kenzie! I hope she's better by today. What a worry for her mom. Is she having fever too? Poor baby.

Mary -whoo hoo! Spectacular that you scored on the suits. In my book if you've got a great suit nothing else matters-you'll most likely live in them there. Right now I'm envisioning an umbrella drink,white sand and an inky blue sky~warm breezes,naturally lol. Hey if you need an 'officious' playground monitor to come along and keep David in line just give me a buzz lol. I think the kids at school are intrigued with me-they are quite impressed that I can finger whistle when it's time to call them in from the school yard...those other monitors have to rely on a plastic whistle: )
Hmm there are many things I could do with my playground earnings-'cept I don't make tons. Plants are backseat unfortunately this year; I need to budget all the other stuff carefully these days since this fall we'll have two tutions to pay. I'm going to make due by taking stem cuttings of plants I already have and of course seeds but I most likely won't be buying unusual specimen plants this season...maybe my mom will get me another nursery gift cert. for my bday,I have a couple months to lay the hints down; )

Eden!! Your poor head! Men ARE slow aren't they. I hope you are letting Brad take on some of the vacuuming for you. Personally I am afraid of my vac. It's a pretty heavy model and the handle falls easily(its latch is broken).I always worry it will maim me one day when I'm not looking. Do you have a smaller vac you can use for the stairs? Wow and you fell on ice! Your bio-rhythm must've been off. Did you happen to notice if your horoscope said to stay home and away from vacuums? lol I hope you are mended by now-do you have a lumpy head?

Well we've got some big windstorm coming for tomorrow or so they say-those of you in the east look for a flying readhead tomorrow,it just might be moi. Can you grab an ankle though? I'm not up to swimming the Altantic these days-I'm sure it's quite frigid.

Drema-yes we can try to coordinate things.
You sure sound together! Good for you getting so organized in the middle of acclimating to your new job. So do you like the change in jobs? I'd say you are so busy that it's helping you take pounds off-no time to overeat?

Need to see what Logees is all about...


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Good Morning!

The Santa Anas are really hammering away today. They are supposed to blow until Wednesday. They don't help dh allergies any. He is miserable. DD decided to drive back to school yesterday. I am so glad. It would have been horrible driving in this wind.

Cynthia - Hope all goes well for Rippie. Your animals are such cuties.

Honey - loved the Bullet and Sheltie stories. I can relate.

Drema - Congratulations on your organization. Glad you are feeling so good.

Sue - loved your pet stories. How do they know that one this that will get instant action?

Michelle - how is Kenzie doing? You are inspiring me with your home improvement projects.

Eden - So sorry about your head. My dh would have reacted the same way.

T - Glad you finally got some sun. Has there been any flooding near you. There has been so much with all the rain.

Well, I have to get going. I have a busy week, will try to check in later.


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Yesterday afternoon the elk came to visit...comfortable enough to lay down for a nap.

This morning (about 7 a.m) this is what I saw out the living room window.

Here is a cow & young male (see the antlers on the elk on the right?):

A cow (birdbath is setting on the septic tank cover):

Cow and spike again:

A cow elk and the calf:

See that darn thing munching at the base of my rose bush?! *&%^#$$%!!!!!!!!!!

The herd of 10 saw me and decided to head toward the pasture.

I hope having this many pics up doesn't mess up anyone's download time.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, they were all taken through the window and I desperately need/want a better digital camera.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

I have lots of posts and pics to catch up on but needed to rant! What a cra**y day. First the news conference by the co. I retired from. Many of my friends will be let go. Horrid news.

As I write, Bullet is at the vet and they're doing tests. Don't know if he's in heart or renal failure, or just not tolerating the antibiotics he's been on. I'm worried about him and preoccupied. They'll call after they finish testing him and I'll go pick him up. I can't lose this little stinker -- he's just now got us trained just right.

On my way home, I wasn't paying attention and was doing 30 in a 25 mph school zone and I got a ticket! GRRRRRRRRR. I was THE only car on the road and school had just let out. Luckily, he gave me a reduced citation for "impeding traffic" which is half the fine and no points on my license. But that's $130 we don't need to spend right now.

Hope your day is going better than mine. Later. Honey

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Kenzie is doing much better. DD said that she put chicken noodle soup in the blender and then gave it to her in her bottle. I thought that was the funniest thing. I would have never thought of it.

Sorry to hear that Sue, V and Doug had nasty drives this a.m. I hope you all stay safe.

Deanne, at least you are getting a snow cover for your garden.

V, how can we forget you.

Sylvia, Id love to see a picture of your kitchen, please ;o) Marie, yours too when you get done.

Mary, a fireside supper sounds like so much fun.

It looks like a good time was had at Logees.

Honey, sorry to hear that you are having a bad day. I hope all goes well for Bullet.

T, great pictures, but I especially like the last one with the fog.

Babs, LOL on being afraid of your vacuum.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Back to reality today after the brief visit to the tropics yesterday, 6+ inches of snow dumped on us. I was dreaming up tropical plant combos during my slow, icy crawl to work this AM. I think a trip back closer to spring is in order. Deanne, you have to get down there - the possible color combos would blow you away.

DH lost his house keys in the snow, at least I didn't lock him out when I left for work. He used DS's toy metal detector to find them, the thing really does work!

Michelle, glad to hear Kenzie is better. I wouldn't have thought of chicken soup in the blender either, but at that point whatever works is great.

Grace, are the Santa Ana's the winds that are supposed to make people crazy?

T, love the elk. I'd be taking pics through the window too though, I don't think I'd be out there among them - Marlin Perkins I am not.

Babs, I agree about the Atlantic being frigid - I hardly go in even in the summer. In Boston there is a group called the "L Street Brownies", and they are known for their New Year's Day plunge into the ocean. Insanity! BTW, I've been afraid of my vacuum for years.

Eden, I am going to try to post more pics of Logees on the other thread - some are not that great, but they'll give you an idea of what the place was like. You'd probably have to do 100 more containers if you went there.



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Honey, I hope that Bullet is okay! Keep us posted; it will be hard for me to type with all my fingers crossed.


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Honey - I too am keeping my fingers crossed for Bullet and sending good thoughts his/your way.

T - what cool elk pics! A herd of 10 must be something to see.

V - we must be reading twins as The Mermaid Chair was the other book I got from the library amd I'd just ordered David the entire Narnia set from his school bookclub. When I was little I read the Narnia books over and over in succession. I loved them as much as anything I ever read. I was delighted that the new movie was as true to the book as it is - some of the scenes were exactly the way I'd imagined it from the line drawings in the books.

It was a busy afternoon with the Dentist after work (tooth cleaning), then Cub Scouts for David. Annie had Ski Club and will arrive back at 9 PM but fortunately a friend is car pooling tonight to bring the girls home. I'm glad I don't have to go out again - its turned cold all of a sudden.

Our basement is still very neat and tidy, but smells rather bad, I'm thinking possibly a dead mouse - yuk. I have no idea how to locate it so will ponder that problem in bed.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Me again. Mary, I never read the Narnia books when I was younger, so I'm looking forward to it now. You'll have to tell me your opinion of The Mermaid Chair after you read it.

My DH just sent me an email about the site below. When you ahve a couple of minutes, watch the video called "Just Imagine". Very cool!

T, I forgot to mention your elk pictures. It's got to be amazing to see those big guys right in your yard, but probably a tad frightening also. How's your rose bush?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Honey, don't forget the Bullet updates. I'm very concerned as well.

T, I forgot to tell you I tried Elk when we went out for dinner for Tom's BD a week or so ago. He ordered some sort of mixed grill with filet, lamb chops and elk medallions. They were quite good but I'm sure it had alot to do with the preparation. Is there a hunting season for them? Maybe you could ivite some sharpshooters from the local high end restaurant over for a drink.

Our icy morning commute melted off by lunchtime and turned into a slush bowl. Tom did clear the driveway tonight because the weather is supposed to turn colder for midweek and we didn't want another skating rink fiasco. Tonight will be cold also.

For those of you looking for Hydrangea quercifolia 'Little Honey', I found it at Fairweather Gardens but only a 3" pot for like $15. I can't imagine a shrub in a 3" pot. How would you ever get it large enough to plant out in the garden? Oh well, I'll keep looking. Neither WFF or Klehm's has it again this year.

Time to work my way upstairs.


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V, just watched the Sand Fantasy.......WOW! Incredible and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link. I would have hated to have missed seeing that.

Honey, I hope Bullet is okay. Funny how these pets of others (Idylls) have become important to us.

Eden, how is your head feeling? I hope you've had a good day today.

Michelle, I hope Kenzie is feeling better soon. So scary when the little ones are sick. I wouldn't have thought of putting the soup in the blender...your daughter is a smart lady!

Babs, I smiled when reading that the kids think you are cool because you don't need a whistle to whistle (huh? lol). I worked for about 6 years as a teacher's aide (educational assistant is their label now) and the kids' respect for me grew when they found out that I could whistle really loud using my fingers. :oD Amazing what will make kids think you are cool.

Logee's trip looked like fun. It was good to get to see the great plants in the pictures, but also a treat to 'see' some of the Idylls' smiling faces too.

Grace, welcome!

Wendy, the elk leave when they see us outside. They aren't as spooked if I'm in the house and don't move fast. They were in the upper backyard later in the afternoon and I took a couple more pictures, again through glass (door this time). We don't see deer during the daytime hours, usually. They eat the roses and flowers during the night time hours, when the dog is inside. They are afraid of our dog.....the elk aren't afraid of the dog at all. They are capable of killing him if he ventured too close to them.

Cynthia, how wonderful that Rippie has a family. I hope they treasure him. I'm looking forward to meeting your next foster.....

I like this forum the best but have been looking in on a couple of others (that are very nice also). I feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to keep up on all of them. I do see some 'missing' Idylls busily chatting on the other forums, it is nice to know they are doing well and are happy in their new 'home'.

Guess I should stop yakking and refresh so I can see if there is a report on Bullet.

My best to all......


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Are any of you blasted by a loud South Beach video when you try to log on?? Very annoying...cold and dreary today but we didn't get the snow you guys did..just 3/4 inches of rain. ..V love your reading choices . Read both My Sisters Keeper and the Secret Lives of Bees. Never read the Narnia books but DGS and his mom loved the movie. BTW..Antiques Roadshow is one I never miss. I thought they still were in reruns, so I missed that episode.
Deanne..I know I'll get the obesity lecture from the vet too, but how do you handle seven cats and only three are fat. The other four maintain their weight well and two of them need to gain..Lily and ailing Louie. I have four bowls of dry food out all the time..mostly Purina One but vary their diet w/ different dry in the other bowl. I feed a little canned food in the morning.These fat cats' problem is that they were strays and starving when I found them and now think they can't pass the bowl w/o stopping.
Mary ..Your suits sound lovely. What a delightful trip it will be..
Honey....So sorry about your miserable day but I know that Bullet is your main concern and my thoughts are w/ you. Please let us know how the little stinker is. I've been going thru the same thing for a year now w/ elderly Louie who is 17 and a senile old man..
Michelle..I'll try to get a kitchen picture posted if I remember how to do it..
T What wonderful pictures of the elk. They are beautiful stately animals. I'll bet the calves are cute. Have you ever seen a really small one?....Sylvia

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well the good news is that the horizon had a glimmer of light when I got up at 6:00AM this morning. How cool is that? The days are getting longer and spring is on the way.

Sylvia, I only have two cats and I cant get the fat one to lose weight. With your gang Id say the situation is hopeless! LOL I have no clue how youd regulate the food for that many kitties. Rahjii is a very fussy, light eater. When I only put food down at certain times of the day Luke will start losing weight but then so will Rahjii and the little one cant afford to lose any weight. Hes already a skinny boy. If I put diet food down for Luke Rahjii eats it and starts losing weight. Ive not really figured this one out yet. If you do, please let me know. I really do have to do something because Luke is three and a half pounds overweight and that is a lot for a cat who should weigh 12 to 13 pounds.

HI T, great to see a nice long post from you and lotsa wonderful elk pix! As Ive said in the past, I simply cant imagine looking out my windows and seeing those lovelies in my yard. For that Im eternally grateful. Te he. I cant imagine trying to garden with those voracious creatures chowing down my perennials.

Wow, Sue, 15$ for a hydrangea in a 3" pot! I cant imagine. I think Ill wait until they have it over at The Mixed Border. I do have to tell you how pleased I am with the dwarf Picea and the Microbiota (Oh yes, youd enjoy this, Doug asked if I planted any more Miatas when I showed him the Microbiota in the Sundial Garden. LOL)I bought when we went shopping there last year. The Picea looks so great in that garden and really helps provide year round structure for the Driveway Garden. I did a lot of cleaning in that border this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how fantastic it looks for January. Do you remember the chartreuse heather I put in there last summer? Well, that is looking very good there and Im going to add more of it. Im so getting in gardening mode!

V, I just got the Narnia books and have finished the first one. It wasnt as good as Id remembered but then again I think I liked The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe the best and the first book sets up the situation for that second book.

Mary, eeeeuuuu. Dead mouse that cant be located! Hope you find it soon and I hope it isnt behind any walls. Your family must be getting excited to get going on your trip. I know Id be!

Wendy, I lol at your DH finding the keys with DSs toy metal detector. Too neat! ~~ Yes, Im going to have to get myself to Logees as soon as this next magazine article is finished. Ive got one deadline for Feb. 1 and another major article due on March 1. Somehow I have to get off this computer and back to work.

Honey, OMG, I cant believe Bullet is sick. Im worried sick too Please let us know when you get any news.~~ Oh no about the ticket!

OK Babs, let me know when youll be flying over so I can get out there to snag you. Too bad it wasnt closer to the party or we could keep you over for that. Sure is cheaper than airfare. Ar, ar, ar, ar

All right, time to get myself to the gym for my daily penance. Youd think Id learn to enjoy something that I spend so much time doing. LOL

Have a great day all,

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Mary-AJ recieved The Lion,The....Wardrobe for Xmas and he loves it and wants to read all the others too. I've read the book to Ryan at bedtime and I loved it too. Good to hear the movie follows the book closely. I want to find a video of an earlier version of the same movie to see what it's like but I'll have to order it from another library.

Sue one of the other lunch mom's assumed I had a bunch of brothers that taught me to whistle like that-actually my girlfriend in grade school taught me and I remember my sisters and I having contests to see who could make the shrillest whistle-it can be like nothing short of popping your eardrum out: ) Who taught you how to whistle?

Deanne it must be the calm before the storm-no wind yet...an Alberta clipper is coming in tonight though. I'll get out my Mary Poppins umbrella and hop on the first good gust lol.

((Honey))&((Bullet[if you promise not to hiss at me or scratch my eyes out lolol])) What a rough day you had! I've been hearing the news about Ford. I have such a bad feeling for all that are affected.

Michelle-you've got a smart DD! Hey whatever it takes sometimes! I've put gingerale or pop in ice cube trays to make slush cubes as a way to get liquids into the kids when they are tossing their cookies-dehydration is such a scary thing in a young child. I bet she had a virus that had to run its course. Sometimes a bacterial ear infection can weaken the sytem enough so a virus can set in. With all this warm/cold weather happening I'm surprised illness isn't hitting everyone hard-at least here,anyway.

T-How the elk are ya? Yes, weak humor I know; ) With all the deer around here(we get our very own herd too)I'm really not afraid of even the bucks but the horns on those elk you have look a bit pointy and more scary to me-as in I wouldn't want to be chased by an aggressive one during mating season!

Sorry to go but the grocery store calls...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Signing in is a major burden for me so I am reading only. Things are much easier at The Garden Forums and GardenBuddies. Although there are drawbacks to GB, I find the international contributions a huge plus there. Their strengths are their solid hellebore, cyclamen and clematis forums. GW certainly is America centred.

Very stressful days here on many fronts, so keep me entertained folks!

Bullet? It is hard to use the treadmill with my toes crossed.

I enjoyed The Wild Braid by Stanley Kunitz. A very different book, lovely!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, all. Im preoccupied and will just say ditto to all the comments on the posts since yesterday. Loved the link, V, and the pix and posts from Logees as well as Ts critters. I needed that. Yes, Marie, I remember your DDs part border collie dog. I was impressed with the breed. But all that is on hold for now. Yes, I did get that annoying South Beach ad yesterday, and a really annoying one this am to take a survey NOT.

Well, the vet is supposed to call at 9 am with test results. Thos of you with pets, especially cats, know how fast they can go downhill. Ive noticed Bullet not eating as much as usual since his teeth cleaning. Despite the pestering for food, hes only been eating a few bites and leaving the rest. Then over the weekend, there were no deposits in the litter box. Lots of fluids taken in and processed. Nothing else. Yesterday the vet said it could be: 1) his heart is not pumping enough blood to send toxins, etc., to his kidneys to process, and/or 2) the kidneys dont have enough function to process them; or 3) the antibiotics are binding him up or have killed his taste for food. From the xrays, she doesnt think the colon as atrophied there was some stuff in there and it didnt appear swollen. She saw one enlarged kidney on the xray. The other was very small and hiding behind his intestines and could be in failure. He possibly could be in pain from it, although he doesnt act it. She gave him a pain shot last nite, to see if thatd help. She also gave him sub-q fluids. She said to stop the antibiotics and do everything possible to encourage him to eat. He sampled a few bites from a wide selection I gave him last nite, but not a lot.

Well, this am he yipped and hollered for food, sniffed it, took a little bite and that was it. I gave him some laxitone this am as the vet and I discussed, hoping that might help move things along. Perhaps I should try Michelles DDs idea and give him some chicken soup. On the way home from the vet yesterday, he sneezed once. Hmmmm.

Its such a puzzle. Still waiting for the vet to call. Back later.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Honey, I hope you get some good answers on Bullet's health soon. I know exactly what you mean about how fast they can go downhill, having experienced that with Mystic last fall.

Maybe I'll get in trouble for this, but I want to let the idyllers know that happy hour has started. Check it out if you are interested.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hope Honey and Bullet get some good news this morning. Zak's kidney problems became evident as a result of teeth cleaning. I think the anesthesia triggers it. Kidney problems also contribute to buildup on the teeth-sort of a vicious circle.

Unless GW becomes a ghost town I will continue to post here as my main garden board-here in the Perennials areas, the New England forum, the shrub forum and a few others. The other boards are nice but I find them time consuming with too many thinly visited forums to navigate and still too much emphasis on the oohing and aahing over pictures and very little actual gardening discussion. Maybe as they gain membership that will change or maybe that's the way they want things. Time will tell. I do agree this new site, The Garden Forums has potential. Does anyone know how many registered members GW has? I'm guessing it's exponentially more than even Gardenbuddies, a site that's been around for years and only has about 1500 registered members. Also I keep running into people making these assumptions on the other boards that GW is dead. Far from it I think and everybody I spoke to in the NE group at Logees this weekend basically feels the same way.

So, there you have it, my take on things for the day, today anyway.


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Terrific Elk photos T! I think they are headed to Pennsylvania. Well, they are ...animals in the garden.


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It is a foggy, gray, dismal dreary morning. I can feel my energy and mood just lagging with the weather. Yesterday afternoon we had clear skies and some sunshine...it was heavenly. I went out and enjoyed being in the sunlight while I worked on lopping off briars. The blackberry vines are already showing new leaf buds. Of course those nasty brambles would show new growth first. I should have been outside for the past weeks working on cutting them back while they are denuded of vegetation. It becomes a much harder job when the new growth & leaves sprout.

I don't think GW is dead and I sure hope it isn't. I took down my photos a bit early because today was the day that the new TOS goes into effect. I don't understand all of what the TOS means/entails but the recent hysteria (using that term somewhat loosely) has me a bit bothered...but I probably will continue to share my ho-hum quality photos. I find this forum so much easier to use and the other forums difficult to keep abreast of. The other two mentioned (GBuddies & GForums) are very nice forums with a lot of information & eye candy.....check them out if you haven't already. Especially in winter it is good to have as much eye candy as possible along with getting ideas for plants and such.

Last week I ordered a book on plant propagation. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm hoping to become less of a hazard to plants when I try to get them started or divided. Time will tell.......

Honey, I sure hope that Bullet's report will show that he has just been feeling 'off' due to the antibiotics.

Guess I'd better get out of this chair and try to get myself motivated to do something. Sun is suppose to poke through the dreary fog by noon......I sure hope it does! Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow so I've got to get outside and suck up all of the sun that I can.

Hello to all!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

The vet finally called and Bullet is in the beginning stages of renal failure. His BUN is up as well as his Creatinen (SP?). I took him to spend the day at the vet where they'll give him sub-q's to try to flush out toxins among other things. After I posted, I found him upstairs in our room and he looked uncomfortable -- either in pain or nausceous. I could tell he wasn't well from the way he was laying there.

Sue, it's a catch 22 with the teeth cleaning, anesthesia vs. not. I'm hoping the treatment will help so we can keep him around awhile. He's such a love.

Hope Eden's Eve is doing well. I couldn't help think of her this am. Gotta run to an appt. TTYL.

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Hi Everyone,

I made it all the way through yesterday with no accidents so I'm hoping that phase is over. I only have a minute but wanted to tell Sue that I threw a Hydrangea quercifolia 'Little Honey' on my Avant Gardens order. $12.95 there and I think that's for a 4x7 quart size. I've heard that this plant isn't a very vigorous though. I hunted for it locally all of last year with no luck so we'lll see if Avant comes through.

T, very cool elk pics.

Honey, thinking of you and Bullet and hoping everything turns out ok. Hope today's a better day.

Gotta run, Eden

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O no Bullet Ill be thinking and praying along w/ everyone else for you, Honey. These kinds of worries dull the pain of that stupid ticket doesnt it?

Terrific elk photos, T and really good for "thru the window"

Another Narnia fan here I loved those books when I was young.

I confess to being an un whistler never could master it only by "sucking in" makes a whistle sound, but its probably only my lungs complaining gets a laugh but not a sign of respect!

Thanks, Sue, for the confirmation re the Indigofera I thought it would be okay but then I made the mistake of googling it again for more info and had found the one reference about hating humidity totally confused me. I have the same issue re Cimicifuga conflicting reports about whether it will stand humidity and long hot summers or not (Tony Avent of PD actually says its NOT good in humidity so Ive restrained from buying it but would love to have a purple foliage plant of that type for late summer but has to be smaller). . . .. drives me nuts when you get the conflicting plant info from nurseries.

Im not having a problem signing in any more maybe those here who are should email on the suggestions forum that "webmaster" I saw that some other GW folks had done that and she fixed it worth giving it a try...? I do get the annoying pop-ups from time to time that slide over when I first pull up a forum but they go away eventually.

This is a stupid question probably, Honey, but could Bullets teeth just be hurting him so that he doesnt want to eat? is there some way to just get him to lick something pureed that might "slide" down... and get him started? I think with all pets, its a scary proposition to have teeth cleaning done I definitely do not have it done on Chloe on an annual basis but just every several years when really needed I know cats are different... I hope you get Bullet nursed to health well all be worried.

Sue, I agree with you to a great extent about GW and hope to stay here I find the "tgf" most promising as far as ease to navigate, etc., is concerned but will hope GW stays as it has been and that most of the upset has been premature I too like to get advice and see plant combos Ive seen some "testy" GW chatters on some of the other forums but generally its been a well-behaved amazing crowd and Ive enjoyed the international people who pop in wish there were more of them.

Ive missed a lot I know here I have been really busy at work and worked a lot of o.t. in the last week no time for personal living or reflections I need a day off!! Im trying to diet at the same time and always find that excuse of work stress to be a real challenge to sticking to any diet but Im trying!

Hope all the bad weather is over for everyone too.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)


Thinking good thoughts for you and your Bullet.

Babs, DD got the Narnia set of books and she didn't like them. They are probably still upstairs, mostly unread. I'll send them to you if you like. (DS won't read them I don't think, he asked me to stop reading Harry Potter to him last year when the unicorn died in the forest).

I read The Mermaid Chair too, I didn't care for the main character either. I read "Five People You Meet in Heaven" recently, that was pretty good. A different perspective on what happens next, an interesting read.

Sue, LOL on the sharp-shooters for the elk. The butcher should be invited too, that middle step between the back yard and the stove may be tricky.

I love my DH for doing the food shopping, but he bought pot roast instead of roast beef. Now I have to figure out how to cook pot roast! I'm sure it will require a trip to the store, so off I go.


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janie_on(z6a Ontario)

((((((Honey)))))) Thinking good thoughts for you and your sweet Bullet.

Just trying to catch up on my reading!!

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

((Honey)) - I really enjoyed the Bullet story from a few days ago and hope he hangs in for a while longer for you. We lost our Baby Oui - our last cat - to kidney failure. It's such a tough thing to watch happen.

T - those elk pictures always remind me of my SIL and Banff where the elk wander through the town. Japanese tourists, in particular, like to take their photos and occasionally endanger themselves!

I have posted a suggestion on The GF site suggesting they allow for conversations like these and GB chimed in to second the suggestion. It might be useful for a few others to suggest it too as it does seem to be a fairly easy to use place as an alternative if need-be.

Re pictures - I've started to make sure that when I upload a picture to an album on Picturetrail, I click the box that activates preventing right-clicking on pictures to copy them. I'm not sure how much protection it really gives but at least I'm trying... Here's a picture of Misty in one of her favorite poses - she is so cat-like at times....

I think I mentioned previously that I was concerned re the garden tour and having to label plants because I hate the 'mouse graveyard' look of white labels. In reading a book by Beth Chatto, I noticed she mentioned that she uses black labels in her Chelsea display gardens because they are less visible. So I went searching for some. The only ones I could find were on English sites so I ordered some last week, with silver pens for writing on them. They came today and here is what one looks like stuck in a (rather sad-looking!) pot on the kitchen windowsill. Black definitely is the way to go for labelling I think!

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Good evening

Bullet - we're still thinking of you. Hope you can get comfy tonight.

Woody - the black labels are very stylish. I love the Misty shot.

I too will keep on posting here so let me know if a departure is afoot. There is no way I have time for more than one forum - I enjoy this one too much to consider leaving unless I'm the only one left. I hope the new terms do not drive others away. I still struggle with iVillage's right to make money off photos though mine are very unlikely to bring anyone revenue. DH has been dealing a lot with this issue in his professional work and recommends everyone using the lowest res. to prevent theft or others profiting.

Supper calls - its rice and beans tonight.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Honey, when Zak was in renal failure he responded best to a day at the vet on IVs. We did do the subqs at home too. I also used to give him a phosphorous absorber before meals (amphogel I think it was called-hard to find) and did home cooked food of easily digested proteins like poached fish, chicken and eggs. Unfortunately for him, his symptoms didn't start to show until he only had 20% kidney function left so our options were limited. Hopefully Bullet will respond to treatment and be around to wake you up for many weekend mornings to come. You do you I'm thinking about you tonight. (((Honey)))

Cindy, I still think you should be OK with the Indigofera. As far as Cimicifuga goes, I have a gorgeous specimen of 'Brunette' and a 'Hillside Black Beauty' that struggles. Cool, reasonably moist soil may be the key here. In your area I would go with afternoon shade too.

Eden I think I'll hold out for a Little Honey that I can see. These teeny pots of shrubs aren't encouraging-especially when a plant is of questionable vigor. I have quite a few Hydrangea quercifolia varieties here now and all do quite well so I'm hoping this one will too-provided I can get one.

Wendy, toss the pot roast in a slow cooker with vegetables. I think my mom used to make them in those oven bags with carrots, potatos, onions and cream of mushroom soup. It was always yummy.

It's been weeks since I've had trouble signing in here or have seen any sort of ad. I wonder why some people have these issues and some don't.

Aw, Misty, you're so cute. My mutts were supposed to have spa night last night but my groomer rescheduled them to next Tuesday. Too much longer and I'll be able to mop the floor with them.

I prefer the black labels. At one time I tried the copper variety that you imprinted and they looked OK but didn't hold up to the weather very well. Unfortunately I've lost track of a few things-mostly hosta. I have a list of all the varieties I have but am not quite sure where they all are anymore.

More pesky snow tonight. Hopefully I won't slide to work again tomorrow.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Woody- your Misty has assumed one of the favorite positions of all dogs -- usually looking for that "tummy rub" right? Made me laugh when I saw it. And I have to tell you the black labels reminded me of a "post" I saw Helen Dillon make in this month's issue of "English Gardens" -- a short column she runs there now -- it mentioned that during this slow time of the year, she usually works on painting all her bamboo stalks black !!!! so they disappear into the blackground -- the woman or her helpers have too much time on their hands -- or that's a bit too "detail" minded for me!! Can you imagine - painting your bamboo (& finding the time to do it)? Does that qualify as "faux fargesia nigra" do you think? LOL
I do like those labels -- but not enough to send away to England for.. Are they painted? how long will they hold that color I wonder? or anodized or something like cooking pots? But for your special event, I imagine they'd be worth it.

Thanks, Sue, for the cimcifuga advice - guess I'll have to pass on that one and try to find a substitute for the area I was thinking of - but Im gonna get the indigofera - it looks a neat little shrublette.

Mary, Im with you -- 1 forum is more than I can keep up with -- so I'll be sticking here until/unless it becomes a ghost "village". And I really have a hard time believing iVillage is gonna waste money & effort glombing onto photos here -- for what purpose...? So I do encourage people w/ the log-in probs to check w/ the webmeister (Tara i think her name is - on suggestions forum -- to get the problem worked out).

Here's hoping Bullet is improving. g'nite all.

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Jan 24th is suppposed to be the most depressing day of the year according to Health magazine and it was for me. Walked in the middle of the afternoon w/ husband because we were having guests for dinner around the time we normally walk. As we returned down the alley, we ran into my good friend w/ her brown lab and her son and his dog. I made small talk as I came up to them and she said that this was a very sad day. I asked what happened and she said her husband just died a few hours ago. She's my age and lives in a similar house as mine on the other end of town.She is a avid gardener especially roses. I was just thrown by the news and hugged her. He had been battling colon cancer for a few years, but I thought all was going as well as could be expected. I've known them for 24 years and I am so incredibly sad for her since they were very close. They have three sons and thankfully one lives next door w/ his family. I am thankful for that
Honey..So sorry to hear of Bullet's condition. Last March, my beautiful grey tiger Emma who was a rescued feral developed it over night and I mean over night. She was eating on Sat. and not on Sunday. I took her in on Monday and they kept her but on Wed. we put her to sleep because she had very little function left. First cat I ever had w/ that condition. Hopefully w/ Bullet you will be able to maintain him for awhile. Cats bring us so much joy and heartache as well....
Deanne ..The company we had for dinner tonight do not like animals at all. The husbands carpooled years ago when we lived at the old house and my DD babysat their kids who are both married w/ kids now. As the two of them sat on the sofa, Izzy, the fattest cat in the world by now, took a flying leap and landed on the woman's lap. Not a good thing as Martha would say....Sylvia

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Good icy morning.

Everyone's down-in-the-dumps pets are sent good thoughts.

Deanne: I totally balked at paying Logees prices until I realized that they were the plants that did very best being grown on. Yes, $15 for a Hibiscus or Brug cutting in a 4" pot sounds like a lot, but they live! LOL I can't tell you how many indoor plants I've sent to the compost pile in my time and now look at it as $$$ wasted because I didn't hold out for the "best." As Cynthia, Veronica and Sue know even better than me, it all comes down to Return On Investment :-)

Am planning a trip back to Logee's in March to pick up long day length plants that I don't have the right conditions for, now -- some Passiflora in particular. Anyone want to join me for an INFORMAL trip? And, of course, lunch at the Vanilla Bean?

Someone a bit back was talking about shrubs in small pots. Was it Sue?????? Anyway, I have 12 ordered from Bluestone for a grand total of $73. In my case it absolutely works since we're not digging any new ground except for nursery space this year, and I don't know where they'll end up until after some more bones are in. Saving the money .... Callicarpia 'Profusion' was the winner with three starts ordered.

Wendy: Great idea to use the metal detector! I can just hear your kids saying "See, Dad!!!! It was Worth it."

Eden: Glad for your no-calamity day. Offer is still open to send you some Logee's stuff. Our retail person on Sunday said that if we came in and picked specific plants for out-of-state friends, they'd arrange to have them shipped by their 400-500 order/day staff who has a 98% success rate.

Sue: You've got Rich hooked on the idea of growing banannas. I envision a large stand taking over the back yard. Not one cell of "hold back" in that man :-)

Must run to water everything and then head to the hills. Hope the ice melts, though it is gorgeous on the trees. BTW: At exactly 5:48pm yesterday afternoon, the last vestige of sun could be seen driving home. YIPPEE!


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Good Morning, I'm very confused about what to do. Seems some people will keep posting here and others will be mostly posting at the other site. Wonder how that will all turn out? I don't know if I have time to keep up with both or even want to. At this point I'm used to the way things work here and this feels like "home" though I really like the other site too. I suppose it will all work out in the end.

Martie, I ordered quite a few sub-shrubs from Bluestone last year and they all grew really well. I've ordered small shrub pots from Klehms too in the past and have had no problem. I almost think they adapt better and grow much faster and have probably had more of the larger more expensive shrubs that I've bought locally up and die on me. Another added bonus is you can keep them pruned to a nice shape as they grow. Thanks for the Logees offer. I will definitely keep it in mind as I plan which new tropical goodies I want to try out this year.

I'm wondering how my banana is doing? I can't wait until spring to take off the covering and see if it lives.

Sylvia, sorry for your bad day yesterday and for your friend too. You asked a while back if I still have my squirrel and the answer is yes. Tim's still hanging around. He is much more self sufficient this winter than last though and sometimes we don't see him for days at a time. Guess he just grew up, he'll be 3 come summer.

Woody, I like the black labels too. I'm always trying to figure out a way to label my plants without them being so noticeable. I've used the white t labels like your black ones in the past and the trouble I had with them was that the tops snap off easily if you or the dogs happen to step on them. I've went to using the heavy duty 6" straight white plastic stick ones (wish they came in black) with a laminated label made on my Brother p-touch label maker. I can stick those further into the ground and then pull them up if I need to see what they say and they don't stand out so much that way. And the laminated label stays looking like new for years. I was really lax on my labeling last year and fear I'll be paying for it come spring when I'm trying to figure out what's where.

I just did a search on black plant labels and I found exactly what I was looking for. Imagine that! The Essentials Company. Is that where you ordered from?

Honey, I'm hoping you and Bullet are doing well today and thinking of you both.

For those of you with Home Goods they have a great selection of pots at great prices now. I bought a few for some new indoor plants a couple of days ago.

Times run out and I have to get going. Later all, Eden

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Eden - that where I got mine from! Labels plus a package of three silver pens for writing on them.... It only took a week from order date until I received them.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

OK, heres an edited post from the other site, then Ill comment on stuff here.

"Hi, all. Bullet is doing better. He spent the day at the vet on fluids and his BUN is back in normal range but creatinines are still a little high. The vet got him to eat, as did I last nite and this am after trying 3 cans of food. We're awaiting the results. At least we're a couple steps forward. I was afraid of "turning off" his appetite, so didn't give him meds this am. I'm awaiting a call back from the vet.

Eden I'm glad Eve is doing better. I hope the teeth cleaning doesn't send Eve back into crisis. I know it's a judgment call, weighing pros and cons. I knew there was a reason I wasn't using the vacuum. I avoid it whenever possible!

Woody, I like your plant tags. I label my plants on a clear plastic knife with a black Sharpie and several folks commented on it on my garden tour. It fades into the background and is cheap. I read somewhere to double label -- one buried with the plant among it's roots so you always know what variety the plant is. I'm waiting to see how the indelible sharpie stands up over time.

Deanne, this is the 3rd warmest January on record here. Strange. Bad for the local international ice carving festival this weekend tho. Hey you, get crackin' on that painting! (Thot you needed a Mom's "encouragement")."

Cindy, at first we thot that Bullet wasnt eating b/c of pain from the cleaning but its been 14 days since he had it done. Were guessing it's nausea, a bellyache or kidney pain from the way he was curled up and wincing. Its sooooo hard to guess w/animals.

Wendy thanks for the hugs. We do love our babies and theyre family. BTW, the author of the "Five People" is local here. Hes a great guy. Did you read his first, "Tuesdays with Morrie?" Good read.

For the record, Id prefer to continue posting here if theyd undo the obnoxious popups and restart the auto login.

Woody, thanks for the heads-up on PT upload. I wonder if I can protect the ones already there? Misty is soooo cute.

Sue, I read and the vet concurred that renal failure symptoms usually dont show up until cats/dogs have lost 70-75% function, which is where Bullet is. Whats concerning me is that unlike dogs, cats remember. Although Bullet isnt anywhere near as sharp as Patches, I dont want him running from me and cowering in fear of treatment. I want him to have the best quality of life he can have for as long as possible. To me, Bullet is as precious as Zak was to you. Hes the first animal thats bonded w/me alone and "our" devotion is fierce. Its a toughie facing reality.

((((Sylvia))))). So sorry to hear about your friends loss. How awful for her and those who love the family.

Martie, Sues plant police would show up at my house if I bot any tropicals, no matter what size or condition wHen I get them. (Pointsettas droop the minute they cross my threshold, lol Its the family joke). The tropicals Ive tried to over-winter all succumbed to my extraordinary care. Silk does best for me! But I love success stories from you guys.

Bullet is sleeping in the chair next to me. He's probably exhausted from being kennelled at the vet yesterday. I'm sure he has to rest his vocal cords. The vet noted on his chart that he was docile but quite "vocal". I'll bet.

I need breakfast and to get my day rolling. Hi to all. TTYL. Honey

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Honey, I wonder why you're still getting pop-ups and having to log in because I haven't been for a while now. Hmmmmm.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a quick pop-in. I haven't caught up reading, but want to send a hug to Sylvia and to Honey.
I've been running like a chicken with my head off the last several days. My oldest sister is in the hospital, with a possible heart attack. I'm not sure after three days how they don't know if she had one or not. My DB had two, and he said they do a blood test for an enzyme that tells them for sure whether you had one or not. She is quite heavy. I had sent her a copy of the book I read about insulin resistance, and how much better I felt since I changed my eating habits. I'm pretty sure she's got the same problem that I do. Anyway, she skimmed the book, and said it didn't sound like anything she was interested in. Now this :( I would almost BET that her DH said it sounded like a crock of baloney to him, and that's why she didn't try it. Hopefully, she will get to talk to a nutritionist at the hospital, and they will get her on an eating plan that works for her.
This coming weekend, Diane and I take off for our get-away. I've gotten 20 meals cooked and frozen for her, so this afternoon, Jim and I are going to take her new luggage and the food over to her house. Had meant to make her some individual apple pies, but haven't gotten around to that just yet. Not likely to happen this week :)
Anyway, I probably won't be around for a little while, but will catch up reading as I can. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is up to, even if I don't have time to post.
Take care, everyone, and I'll catch up to ya all later!

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I am in the group that will stay here. Im not too worried about ivillage profiting from my mediocre pictures. I too dont have time to keep up. I have done some posting over there just for fun, but doubt that I will be as faithful.

Sylvia, sorry to hear about your friends husband.

Very few plant labels in my garden. I have tried the copper ones but wasnt happy with them.

Wendy, I read "Five People You Meet in Heaven" because someone gave it to me. Interesting idea. I dont get much reading done these days.
Ive never read the Narnia books. When I was younger I loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.

V, the sand site is cool.

Tonight I am the hostess at our Bible study. I made a raspberry trifle. It looks good, I hope it tastes as good.

Honey, my thoughts are with you and Bullet. I know this must be terribly difficult.

Brenda, sending good thoughts to your sis. I hope you and your friend have a great weekend.


Meanie sending best wishes to Bullet:

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Drive by post...

Pet Haiku

I lie belly-up
In the sun, happier than
You ever will be.

Today I did sniff
Many dog butts - I rejoice
By kissing your face.

Mailman Fiend
I sound the alarm!
Mailman - come to kill us all -
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

Count the Ways
How do I love thee?
The ways are numberless as
My hairs on the rug.

Finally Home
My human is home!
I am so ecstatic I
Have made a puddle.

Sleeping here, my chin
On your foot - no greater bliss
Well, maybe eating.

My Eyes
Look in my eyes and
Admit it. No human could
Love you as I do.

I am your best friend,
Now. Always. Especially
When you are eating.

Essence of the Mood
My owners' mood is
Romantic - I lie near their
Feet. I pass loud gas.

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I'm back, Bella's still sleeping so thought I'd grab a little Idyll time. I just finished transplanting some houseplants into different/bigger pots. There's nothing like that smell of soil. I was really breathing it in, lol. You Logees people got me into a houseplant tending mood. Wonder how long that will last?

Jerri, love the haikus. I'm going to save them. Especially like Kissing and Essence of the Mood. Thanks for the smiles!

Michelle, your kitty has the sweetest profile with that little upturned nose. I love trifles, if you have time share your recipe? I have a trifle recipe I make that I'll look for and share too. Hope your bible study group goes well.

V, meant to tell you how much I enjoyed the sand site too. I sent it on to some of my friends. Thanks.

Brenda, so sorry about your sister. Maybe this will be the wakeup call she needs to start taking better care of herself. I'll be thinking good thoughts for her. Diane's one lucky lady to get all those meals. Have fun on your weekend.

I haven't read the Narnia books either, though my kids did. We still have them on the book shelf, maybe I'll try them out.

Time to wake Bella and fix her some lunch...Eden

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Jerri - those haikus are hilarious -- and sweet - I particularly like "Kisses" - hehehe.

Honey, great to hear Bullet is better for the time -- I too am finding it exhausting to keep up w/ 2 sites -- the other one is nice w/ its ease of movement but I dont think I can be a regular there -- too much else in life to do.

Michelle - I like your "get better" card from Meanie -- so much for "mediocre" photo! and I cannot imagine a raspberry trifle NOT tasting terrific - you've made me verrrrry hungry.

I am not going to join the tropical crowd for present -- I have no place at all to overwinter pots, etc. - as it is my space challenged for gardening equipment...

Thanks for that link on the black labels - they are cool - I was really bad last year about labelling things too & w/ the short-term memory getting worse, it's going to be "interesting" this spring to figure out what is where -- my own personal "mystery plant" contest - can hardly wait. I had good intentions but....

And on the category of the "little pots" subject -- I look at little pots/little plants as -- way easier -- smaller hole is needed and less effort to dig - fantastic. (I know that does not always work as they can get crowded over/shaded over, but generally it works pretty well).

Sylvia -- I am soooo sorry to hear about your friend's husband - that's hard no matter how expected or unexpected it was. I hope your week gets better.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi friends,

I am sure that this site will survive just fine. I will not be here though most likely because it is such a pain to log in every time and because of the photo policy.

I am in crisis mode on several fronts and will no doubt keep up with Deanne, Babs, Cynthia, V, Sue, Honey, Eden and others as time allows on the new site.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Just a quickie...

Honey, glad to hear Bullet is feeling better. Zak never minded the treatments-he used to stand very still. It's Zoe who was bothered by it-she wouldn't come into the kitchen while we were treating Zak but would stand on the other side of the threshold and watch. Although I think she was hoping for his early demise...lol...because she never missed him, not one day and fully enjoyed the few months of being an only dog before the Nickster arrived on the scene.

Michelle, great name for a cat, Meanie...lol.

Brenda, sorry to hear about your sister. It's tough to change your habits-eating, drinking, smoking, whatever your vice happens to be. Most people wait for the wake up call, many hit snooze.

I'm also having a tough time keeping up with two sites. What will end up happening is alot of reading and not alot of posting, at least for me.

OK, time is up. Gotta run.


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Hi everyone

Honey - glad Bullet has a reprieve.

Brenda, do hope your sister is doing better. Very scary.

Sylvia - how sad to hear of your friend's loss.

So I guess there is a lot of chat going on at the other sites? I'll really miss those who move over, especially GB - are you sure the Web Master couldn't fix the log in problem? I enjoy the people here so much, and having met many know they are the very best. At this point in time I certainly don't feel up to sharing private details with people I don't know.

Feeling rather low......


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cheer up, Mary. It won't be long now before we're looking at scenes like this again...

Stuff has a way of working itself out. I'm at a loss to explain why some people are seeing ads and having log in problems and some are not. From what I gather that seems to be the reason for the disenchantment with this forum. Fortunately I remain totally ad and hassle free here but if that wasn't the case I'd probably be more motivated to look elsewhere too.

Anyway, I have a confession to make. Tonight I dumped a full bottle of wine down the drain. Yup, I did. Before you recoil in horror let me just say it was a bottle someone gave me as a gift and it was just horrible! Yuck! People shouldn't be allowed to make wine that bad. Anyway I found a decent bottle and the night was salvaged.

This week is flying and a week from today is February 1st.


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Hi there.

I was gone all day today so no posting time for me.

Mary, thinking of you and sending warm thoughts your way. You ever need someone---please send me an email.

Sue what a beautiful photo. I'd love to have an area like that one. I realize you have the big trees for shade, but is that a partial shade area? A predominately shaded area or ?

GB, you will be in my thoughts...I hope all the stresses will be lessened or worked out soon.

DH just got home (worked over), I'd better go throw a steak on the broiler.

Honey good news that Bullet is feeling a bit perkier!

Hi Eden! Hi to Michelle and HIIIIII to all of the Idylls!!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Busy here and yes, its pretty difficult to keep up with two sites. Things will probably iron themselves out with a bit of time.

Mary, Im still having to log in every time I come in here. Ive also still been getting huge animated ads that are more than irritating. I sure wish theyd fix this. I sent an email to them about the log in thing and have never heard back. So sorry you are feeling low. Must be the weather or something. Hugs to you and everyone.

Michelle, love that Meanie pic. What are those luscious white iris in the photo?

Brenda, so sorry about your sister. That must be so difficult for you to see her health issues and know she wont change her eating habits.

Honey, so glad to hear that Bullet is doing better. Sending positive thoughts your way. ~~ Thanks for the kick in the pants about getting to that painting. Pretty difficult for me to work lately. I think I need a brain transplant. LOL

Eden, sure hope that banana makes it through the winter. Im so happy to hear you are enjoying playing in the dirt! I wish you could see the fuchsias I have under the lights now. Several of them are blooming and it is so delightful to see those wonderful flowers right now.

Martie, I think I might have to meet you at Logees in March. LOL I have a couple seminars in March though, so as long as Im not out of town.

Sylvia, that always seems to be the way with the kitties. They LOVE to find the one person in the crowd who isnt overly fond of cats. LOL ~~ Well it wasnt the 24th for me but the 25th. Bad day here.

Woody that pic of Misty is priceless!

Hi Wendy, Ill email you in the AM. Please forgive me for not getting back sooner.

OK time to get some sleep,

Have a great evening all!

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Deanne, the iris is a miniature. It was a pass along plant so I dont know the name.

Mary, I hope Sues picture gave you a lift. It sure did me. Arent those some healthy looking hostas?

Eden, the trifle was a success. Everyone thought it was pretty and refreshing. Actually, the recipe that I had ended up being the exact same recipe that is on the back of the Betty Crocker Angel Food cake box. Hows this for the lazy way to pass on a recipe? I finally got a scanner that works.


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To see the future after your membership expires, log out of your username. Even logged in, the full screen ads are there if you use hortiplex or a search function. I don't chose to spend limited free time dealing with ads for men's underwear, 99 cent hamburgers or surveys geared to 20 year olds. Happy to pay for an ad-free, or ad-limited site. It's not the site that's important anyway, it's the gardeners and plenty have already migrated. I just have low tolerance for bombardment and distraction when I'm trying to read or think or look at photos. That's why I don't do TV. (Maybe if I did this wouldn't bother me so much.) We are not the target market here anymore, and the ads will just get worse. I'm also concerned about the lack of monitoring and responsiveness to requests to delete inappropriate posts. The goal is page views folks, not a clean site. And that's not a criticism of ivillage. They're in business to generate ad revenue, not make middle aged gardeners happy. I don't enjoy this site anymore, but I do enjoy all of you, so hope to see you around.

See ya, Cynthia

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WARNING: I'm here to stay :-) Have barely enough time to keep up with one site.

Like Sue, I haven't had any problem with ads or popups but I think it's because I don't go through the Home Page. The forum is bookmarked and logging takes less than a second. Hmmmmmmmmmm, why some but not others?

Deanne: Let me know when in March you're free and we're at Logees for sure!! We can blame Eden after she sends us her inevitable list of gottahaves :-) Did you get in touch with my friend who had surgery?

As far as sharing private stuff .... The number of lurkers here is unknown but according to hit counts on pictures, probably numbers in the 100's. Any forum with membership or not is open to the public as long as they conform to the rules. The only way to be absolutely sure that information isn't shared with people you don't know is to start an email Round Robin. I'm in one that has lasted 14 years and was started for that very reason.

Good thoughts flying out of Connecticut to everyone's friends, family and animal-family who aren't up to par.

Go need to bundle up and hit the road. The sun is just breaching the horizon!!!!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Just a quick post to say that my paid membership expired in Dec. and I still get no ads if I am logged in. I don't have to sign in every time, but I did for a week or so around the time the screen names went to lower case letters. The ads would probably drive me away too, I stopped using weather.com because of them; but I didn't know the people there like I know this group!

It will be hard to keep up with 2 forums, but it is fun to watch the new one grow, and be part of that. I love the Idylls, you guys have made me feel like family, and I'm not going away.

No time for comment, breakfast to be made...back later!

Good thoughts to all...enjoy the day!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well, my paid membership doesn't expire til next October so I guess you're all stuck with me for a while.

The garden in my picture is on the east side of my house. Sun/shade patterns vary greatly depending on the time of year due to shadows from trees and my neighbor's house. Right now it's in more or less total shade but in June the far end gets sun from sunrise til 1 or 2 PM. When we took the 80 foot Hemlock out a few years ago some of the more shade loving plants started frying in the heat of summer because the sun started coming in from 11-1. I need to do some major shuffling out there this year.

Today is supposedly our token day of January cold here for the week and it's still anemic on the cold scale-26 F this morning and a high in the mid 30s. Now winters like these I could live with on a regular basis.

Somehow I appear to have gotten into poison ivy. More likely the dogs have probably been the culprits because I know I haven't been near any but I have scattered little PI like rashes on my side, my shoulder and my face. Annoying but yet another reminder of things to come.

Speaking of things to come, I hear my boss scurrying about and it's only a matter of time before he scurries in here.

Enjoy the day!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Word for the day: bifurcate - To separate into two parts or branches; fork. V. will bifurcate herself and post on both forums. I'd rather bifurcate than be forked!

For about two weeks now I have been able to stay logged in and for the last several days the ads seem to be a bit calmer. I was never a contributing member; it was one of the many things that I procrastinated about until it was no longer an option.

Speaking of procrastination, I have declared that today is "Stop Procrastinating Day". I need to tie up a few loose ends here and on the home front and today is the day to do it! If I tell myself that enough, maybe it will come true.

So in that vein, I will get on with things, but I will check in later and let you know if it worked!


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Good Morning, It's cold but the sun's shining brightly this morning. Amazing what a little sunshine will do for your mood. Nothing much going on around my house today, just another day in paradise, lol. I have been perusing the catalogs, mostly looking at tropical stuff, don't need much in the perennial department as I've said before. I'm working on orders to Digging Dog and Singing Springs and will order some tropical hibiscus from somewhere. I've got to get on the Logees site and check them out too. I'm hopng to start seed sowing in earnest this weekend too.

Mary, sorry to hear you're down. Just think about that dream trip that's coming up for you and by the time you get back from that Spring will be right around the corner. I hope today's a better day for you.

Deanne, sorry to hear your day wasn't great yesterday either. Some days are just like that. Like Honey said, get to work on your assignment and you'll feel so much better when it's done. I know I hate having deadlines hanging over my head. How about some pictures of those fuschias? I'd love to see them. You're last pictures of your light garden were such a pick-me-up for me.

Michelle, your trifle recipe looks delish. It would be a great Valentines Day dessert. I posted my trifle recipe over on the recipe thread.

Hi T, so do you have an area where you can start a shade garden? They are my favorites. All those shades of green and leaf textures, sizes and shapes to work with.

Sue, thanks for the picture. Just beautiful and greatly appreciated on this January day. Oh No! on the poison ivy. I've never had it. I don't think there's alot of it to get into in the city, lol.

Hi Martie, be careful out there on the roads.

Hi Wendy, you're making breakfast on a weekday? I could use something about now. May be time to pull out the egg toaster.

Thinking of you Marie.

Honey, check in with a Bullet report when you get time. Hope he's doing good.

So Cynthia, I'll see you on the other site but will miss you here on the Idylls. It won't be the same without you...

Gotta go now. I smell coffee. Have a good day everyone.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

((V))...thanks for the laugh--you kill me :) Being forked isn't so bad, assuming it's done properly, lol! I'm going to have to work "bifurcate" into conversation, on accounta I like the way it sounds ;)
Sounds like they've decided DS has an ulcerated esophagus. No idea what they do about it, she has another Dr. appt.
Gotta run, (I only meant to read) have some shopping to do, then meeting Mom at the hospital to hang out while she has an MRI. Is it 5:00 P.M. Friday yet???

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Another fabulous day here. I believe its supposed to get to 54, mostly sunny but windy. You can't ask for much more in Jan.

I just love the longer days. I now leave for work and get home in the light.

Eden, I'll have to check out your trifle. Yes this does look alot like a Valentines dessert. I also had some Valentine M & M's that were red, white and pink. So nicely coordinated;o)

I'm kind of bummed out here. It seems like the Idylls are falling apart :(

I had been noticing that I didn't have to log in at home but I did at work. At home I have the main conversation page bookmarked, but at work I had the main GW page bookmarked. I then logged in and requested it to save my password and bookmarked the main conversation page and now I don't have to log in at work either.

I hope that today looks up for those that are struggling with problems or just grayness.

Sue, bummer about the PI. I have never seen it here on the farm.


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Good morning!

I've decided to act like it is sunny until I know otherwise (it is still black outside). :o) This morning I'm in wintertime denial and I'm staying that way as long as possible! I found that during those 2 days that we saw the sun, I felt happier, I felt like I stood taller, I had more energy and I wasn't feeling as depressed as I have been. This is a good thing ;o)! Then the fog, rain and gray dreariness came back and I got shorter, sadder and more lethargic. Amazing! So this morning, before I know better, I'm going to pretend it is sunny, warm and BRIGHT. :o) I wonder how long I can keep up this little bit of craziness? lol

It has been a wonderful morning so far! I am bound and determined to be happy, darn it all anyway!

I never thought the Idylls would fracture and be spread out, but that seems to be the feeling conveyed. I'm guessing that it won't turn out to be that way......but this is just a transitional time and change is always a bit difficult. This is Idyll home and whether the Idylls keep this spot or migrate elsewhere, I do think that the friendships will keep us tied together. At least I hope that will be the case. So for those who are feeling a bit lost and lonely.......don't give up on the group! Don't Worry......Be Happy! ;o) UGH!

I'm having my own little dilemma......I have some huge news and want to share it with my Idyll friends....but it seems like so many Idyllers aren't here and the other forums aren't the Idylls.....I'm about ready to stomp my foot in frustration. LOL Obviously I'm not one who does well with change ;o).

Anyway, the sun is coming up and I guess it is time to face reality (reality is that it is raining----again).

My best to all!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Sunny, cold morning here too -- I decided to "give in" and took a mental/physical health day and try to fight the cold(?) germ that is fighting to win my body for a while -- so Im home and, it's amazing what a solid 8-9 hours sleep and no work does for one - Im feeling better - altho the germ hasn't succumbed. I may venture out to try that zicam Deanne is always recommending - but that would mean getting out of the jammies and venturing into the cold.

Thanks, Sue, for the great pic-me-up photo. And Eden, I tell you - hearing about the orders you're placing is making me get itchy-twitchy fingers -- I think i've already reached my "promised" limit on order amount this year -- but keep thinking of a "few" more things I'd really like to try. For the first time in several years, I have NOT placed an order w/ Bluestone Perennials (altho there were a few things I was contemplating)... decisions, decisions. I guess I'll chill out some more today, pick up the debris around the house and work on kicking this germ -- and think uninterrupted about the orders I would like to place.

I wonder what the problem for a few people is to still be getting ads/popups/sign ins? Im not having the problem either at work or office -- & at home it's an old computer altho DSL... as you say, perhaps it will all sort itself out eventually. But it does appear to be very quiet on the gardenweb itself.

Brenda - I hope that means good news for your sister re the esophagus -- Im afraid most of us need that "wake up" call -- is it human nature to deny our physical fragility I guess? But maybe this will be one for her.

T - some of the best recipes are on the backs of those boxes!! No shame involved -- yum, yum!

Well, I as usual dont have much worthwhile to input -- the brain is definitely on "off" today = frizzled out. Guess I'll work on "relaxing" those germs away!

However, I was sooo excited last nite to find that when I left work it was still day-light -- o my! Like seeing a rainbow. Spring IS coming.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cindy, tomorrow night sunset here hits 5 PM-sort of a milestone for me. At the height of darkness the sunset was 4:20 so we've gained 40 minutes in a little over a month. It is nice to get home from work and still have some daylight left even if it's only a few minutes.

So T, what's the news? You caught me out of the office.

Gotta go out and scare up some lunch. I'd better check the wallet first though because I don't remember seeing much green left in there after I paid for coffee this morning. It just may be slice of pizza here I come.


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Cindy, glad to hear you're feeling better. Amazing how a day of r&r will boost you. I miss ordering from Bluestone too but I'm trying not to this year. So many interesting things there but so little room here. Nothing boosts my spirits like placing plant orders and starting seeds at this time of year though.

A sign of spring...we have the tiny white lights on the dwarf fruit trees in the garden and they're set on a timer. Brad had to go out and adjust it, last time he did it was late November and he had the lights coming on just before 5pm. Now days it's still full daylight at that time and for quite a while after. So the days are really getting longer now.

Brenda, glad to hear it wasn't your sister's heart. You'll be an inspiration to her now with all the changes you've made.

V, stop procrastination day, huh. I think I need stop procrastination month.

I don't think I'm very bifurcatic (don't think that's a word, lol). Keeping straight what's said in two different places is too confusing for me and posting the same thing twice seems a bit redundant. I'll read the garden forums on the other site but will stick with the conversations here for now.

T has huge news!!! Hmmmmm...


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Brenda glad your DS didn't have a heart attack! I read about GERD and found that it mimics heart attack, so no wonder they mistook it for one. I guess depending on the severity of the symptoms they step up the treatment. This info is from the site I've linked below. GERD Lifestyle Modifications and Treatment, The page says:

"Symptoms two days per week or less (mild to moderate symptoms):

Antacids, like Maalox®, Mylanta® or Gaviscon®, remain the drugs of choice for quick relief of symptoms associated with GERD. Although antacids are effective in relieving symptoms, they are not recommended as sole agents for treating GERD because of the high dosage requirements. They are commonly used in combination with over-the-counter H2-receptor blockers, like Zantac®, Pepcid®, Axid®, or Tagamet®. These agents do not act as rapidly as antacids but they provide longer relief of symptoms. Because of their slower onset of action, H2-receptor blockers can be used to prevent GERD symptoms (before that meal that you think will cause GERD).

Symptoms more than two days per week (moderate to severe symptoms):

Symptoms that continue at this frequency and intensity puts one at higher risk for complications even if medications are currently being used. This problem should be evaluated and treated by a physician. Diagnostic studies may be indicated to evaluate for esophageal erosions or other complications of GERD. Medications of higher potency are available by prescription and are often used continuously for 8-12 weeks. If symptoms are well controlled after this time, and no erosions were documented or suspected, the medications might be reduced to an "as needed" basis. A modification in treatment, and possible further evaluation, will be indicated in those who remain symptomatic after 8-12 weeks of continuous therapy.

Maintenance Therapy:

GERD has a high recurrence rate because no currently available medication is able to correct the underlying cause or causes of the disease. The need for maintenance therapy depends largely on the severity of the disease and the persistence of symptoms after the withdrawal of initial medical therapy.


Surgery should be considered in patients who fail medical therapy or develop complications from GERD. Surgical intervention has been shown to provide long-term relief of symptoms. The Nissen fundoplication procedure has a cure rate of up to 90 percent. This operation can now be performed laparoscopically in about 2 hours (usually followed by an overnight stay in the hospital). The purpose of the fundoplication procedures is to reduce a hiatal hernia and restore the competence of the gastroesophageal junction by constructing a valve mechanism."

I hope she makes a full recovery. It sounds as though the chances are very good if she follows the prescribed treatment. It still means changing her eating habits from what I read.

My sister has to stop eating many of the same things for her pre diabetes condition, let alone for her heart problems. Hopefully I've started to change my chances of heart problems by reintroducing exercise into my life. I just hope I can get there more often. Right now the insomnia is really causing me to be too tired to do much of anything.

I'm with Sue and Michelle. I plan to stay here and feel badly about things splintering. 250 plus threads is certainly a good record and I'm glad we've lasted this long, though. Hi everyone.

Some of this stuff is from way before, but here goes anyway

Thanks for the commiserations re my DS, Honey, Cindy Deanne, Brenda, Michelle, Grace and Sylvia. And the saga continues. We're waiting to hear from the cardiologist, and are watching Dorthe closely. We're all afraid to have her be home alone after the TIA, (mini stroke) so she's staying in Hope with our youngest DS. The drug symptoms are going strong and so the Dr will try to change drugs soon. That has to be done carefully and slowly, as going off attenalol and beta blocking friends can trigger a heart attack! Very frustrating. Hopefully the new group of drugs will do the trick. I was talking to a fitness instructor at the Y and she told me that theyve known for years that flu and exercise dont mix. Dorthe had been over the flu for a week when she went back to the Y with me, but the Dr says that she could have had enough of it still in her body to attack the heart. The instructor says it has to do with the body heat rising and feeding the flu bug. Its recommended to wait for 2 weeks after the flu before slowly increasing exercise over several weeks. What we dont know that could hurt us is astonishing. I had no idea that the flu was that dangerous! Of course its harder on youngsters, and oldsters like me. Apparently flu shots do help against flu related heart damage.

About Bietta, my DS with bipolar, thanks for asking Deanne, she is not doing very well at all. She complains that the drugs make her not feel or think much of anything. The chemical taste in her mouth makes all food taste horrid and she is losing too much weight. She has rallied for Dorthe, though, so hopefully this will turn the eating thing around. Otherwise we'll have to get the psychiatrist involved quickly. She's too skinny already, to not eat. Right now Im holding my breath, it seems, waiting for the next problem to come up. They do seem to come in threes. I hate illness, but am, like you Deanne, a testament to the fact that with the right lifestyle changes, an illness can be controlled and sometimes reversed.

Deanne I was kind of glad for you that you had a bit of time off from painting. Oh well I hope it goes smoothly. I know it will look wonderful as always. Glad you didnt get blown over with the birdhouses, BTW.

Mary congrats to your DH on the award. Nice to see his naturally positive attitude about noticing the beauty where ever he is gave him an edge. Also wonderful that youre off to Hawaii with your family. Say hi to Pele for me, when you go. :)

Sorry about Kenzie, Michelle. I hope shes better soon. I still hate seeing my kids sick, and theyre adults now.

Cynthia Im still nervous about the internet shopping, but my kids jump in with both feet without a thought. Right now theyre kind of perturbed though. They ordered Richeas gifts on line for Christmas, well in advance and the stuff never came, and then they were informed that the computer was being reconfigured so their order was wiped out. Theyve decided to give the gift to him for his birthday in July, lol, and give him movie tickets for now.

I loved seeing the pics of all of your pets, btw. Is that where we have to go to get a pic fix from now on?

I'm way behind in everything so won't post more until I've read more. I am very glad that some of are still here, and will miss very much those who won't be back.

Hi to everyone else. I hope you have a great day!


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And that thought goes out pretty much to anyone feeling down too. It's very sunny here-just wish it were as warm as summer lol.

Busy last two days. Yesterday was teacher luncheon planning/meeting day and today was lunch/playground duty. EEEgads I watched the k-garten today;it is their teacher's bday and were they WOUND up! Every time one child needed assistance the place was in an uproar while I helped them. I know they are testing me...I REALLY appreciate that teacher more than I already did lol.

I see I need to read and play catch up here...


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Yeah! No popups and automatic login!

I think we may have rounded the corner with Bullet. He finally made contributions to the litter box. I made him a chicken breast last nite, and gave him some of my lunch -- rotisserie chicken. Now, the trick will be to keep him eating. The vet says to give him anything he'll eat for now.

We almost lost him to a virus in 2002. We found that once his appetite is turned off, it's really difficult to get him eating again. He's still not grooming himself well, so I know he's not up to snuff. I did get one purr this am. So I'm thrilled with that.

I'm with you guys. I'll read over at the other site from time to time, but will continue to post here. I can't keep up with 2 sites, I barely am able to keep up with this one!

So, T, what' sthe big news? Oh, you're pregnant?! With twins?! (That should bring a response, lol).

Hi to all, I've gotta get back to my chores here. Later, friends.

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I'm pregnant.........with twins!!!! LOL Honey you did make me laugh out loud with that one....thank you!

My big news is that little Jamie will be having some cousins to play with. Our youngest daughter is pregnant.........with twins!!! If all goes well, the babies will be born mid-summer. :oD She & her hubby have been dealing with fertility issues for years and these babies are very much an answer to prayer.

That's my huge news!


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Congratulations Grandma! Twins - twice the fun! How wonderful especially with the infertility issues that they have been dealing with.


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Hello everyone

Congratulations T, Congratulations T on the most wonderful, exciting news! What a fabulous summer you will have. Are you thinking in twos already?

Thank you everyone for the photos and wishes that brightened my day more than you can imagine. With the recent losses we are still coming to terms with at home, the splintering of the Idylls and departure of some I regarded as friends has been hard. I guess I'm feeling rather vulnerable right now. However, I was cheered today by a phone call that brought tears to my eyes (of gratitude) and wise counsel.

Babs - the boys under the mulberry is adorable. I too have the most enormous respect for teachers of young children. I work well one on one, or with small groups but it takes a very special person to manage a class full of excited kindergarteners.

Yeona - nice to hear from you. Insomnia can be rottern and quite debilitating. You have a lot on your plate with family matters - I hope things take a turn for the better.

Honey - that is truely great news about Bullet. He must have heard us rooting for him! Hope you can find some other tid-bits to tempt his appetite.

Sue - your gorgeous yard is a great reminder that spring will come again. I'd forgotten just how lovely your foliage combinations are.

While V is bifurcating, I'm testing David on his 3rd Grade spellings. Don't let his teacher hear that one or she'll add it to their list. This week includes mediator and interdependent.


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Congratulations to Grandma T!!! I'm so happy for you all.

Honey, that was pretty good guessing. You had the news right, just the wrong generation, lol. So glad to hear Bullet's doing better. I sure hope that trend continues.

Hi Babs, sounds like you're really busy. Those little one's can be quite the handful. When David was in preschool I helped out and I always needed a nap by the time it was over. I agree that teachers deserve all the credit and pay they can get. Love the picture of the boys, what I can see of them that is, lol.

Yeona, I'm so sorry that both of your sisters are having such a hard time of it. That's got to be so rough on you too. I hope things improve with them both really soon.

So V, how much of that anti-procrastination list did you get through?

I'm spending too much time here today. Procrastinating? My big accomplishment for today was doing the dishes.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Eden -- you stole the words right out of my mouth - that was going to be my line!LOL... Congratulations,T -- that's very joyful news - what excitement to your households!

Michelle - sorry I confused you & the trifle w/ T - I tell you I need to write down notes - my brain doesnt hold much without mushing it all up immediately. I could blame it on the cold/flu but am afraid that wont work after a week, right? in any case, the trifle & box recipe sound yummy.

I guess the next Idyll should be the Bifurcated One.... to whip back and forth! V - I am a STAR procrastinator - it's in my genes - let me know if you managed to accomplish those 6 things today and I'll feel encouraged.

Babs - what a clever photo (& the one over on TGF/banner is neat too) & how thoughtful of you. These photos make me hopeful that things will work out just fine as Sue suggests -- As has been noted, the sun is coming up earlier and earlier and we should all be very hopeful w/ Spring around the corner. Babs, teachers and anyone who volunteers at schools are all to be heartily commended - what great tolerance and patience one needs to do that.

I didnt manage to do anything but veg -- looked at 1 clematis book and it made me sleepy so off to nap it was! Hope I don't get insomnia now -- Yeona, I do get a touch of that from time to time (but more of a waking after every 2 hours and not going back to sleep kind) -- do you surf the net when you're really suffering insomnia? That would just wake me up more.

Well, Im kind of blathering - I do hear that it's to be winter (in the 20s) tomorrow but then warming up - these crazy temps -- wish it would freeze and thaw the fat off my body - it's the only useful thing I could think of for the up/down craziness. Hmm, wonder how I could arrange for that to work?
G'nite all.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

T! What wonderful news! I hope that all goes well for Jamie over the next few months and I will keep Jamie and the babes in my prayers. How exciting!!!

Honey, I'm glad to hear that Bullet is turning the corner.

Mary, I'm thinking of you also and hoping that some brighter days are headed your way.

Well, I got 5 of the 6 things accomplished - not too bad overall. Now if I can just string together 2 good days, I might really make a dent in things.

So I stayed at the office just a little longer than usual so that I could wrap up one project and handle one long personal email (commenting on our church landscape plans). I was just about ready to close up when my cell phone rang, and it was DD in total hysterics. I will save you the details, but suffice it to say that Mystic the Wonder Dog managed to pierce his own tongue this afternoon. I drove home at 70+ MPH, got Mystic and drove him to the vet's office. I had called DH and asked him to phone ahead to the vet's for me; they have a slightly annoying voicemail system that I didn't think I could work through while driving dangerously fast. The upshot is that the silly dog is just fine. He didn't even need stitches because they don't stitch the tongue unless it's really bad, and he didn't do any other damage. I still need to give him a good bath, but first I must finish dosing myself with mass quantities of Dove dark chocolate. I'm anticipating that I will crash hard in about 90 minutes.

So I guess it was my turn for a bad day, huh?

Hey T, are you my watcher again?

Okay, better finish decompressing so that I crash in a proper spot later on.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Congratulations T! But I already told you that in person today...My friend at work, Bryan, is a twin. His brother lives in FL but comes up to visit occasionally so I've met him. Even in their late 40s, they still look freakily alike.

Mary, so glad you're feeling better today. Support from good friends never fails to lift the spirits.

So how many of you have eaten brown bread in a can? The reason I ask is it came up at work today. The IT manager and I are both from the Boston area-home of franks and beans for Saturday night supper(at least in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up). One of Rob's(IT guy) memories is having brown bread in a can. All the CT people thought we were nuts so someone ran out the grocery store at lunch and bought some. It wasn't as good as the memory but it wasn't bad either. Not everyone shared that opinion though. I think brownies in a can would have gone over better...lol.

I'm really looking forward to Deanne's party next month. Between now and then I have to come up with something creative to make that goes with the island theme. I keep thinking I have all this time but the weeks are flying and I never seem to get to everything I want to do. We'll be in Park City, UT on vacation from March 11-19. Before you know it time in the garden will be mandatory again. In a way I'm somewhat panicked about it because I've been spending between an hour and a half and two hours most nights working out since late October. I really don't want to give that up but with only so many hours in the day I'm going to have to pick and choose. Something will have to give.

The online deals continue. Tonight I scored a pair of 100% wool dress slacks from Ann Taylor loft for over 60% off. Sizes are getting harder to find but it's worth a gander if you're looking for something.

Allrighty then, time for my yogurt. Nite all!


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Thanks guys! We're just amazed and excited at this point.

V, nope not me as your watcher...hmmmm...but I'll check it out so I can see what I should watch. ;o) (eBay for those of you who are wondering).


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Wow, is this the last in this 250 idylls? Just checking in and I am maybe at the end. Would it be unheard of for a man to start the next idyll thread? Well, I have a question, so maybe I will......

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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

will it go to 103? I never checked.............

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yep,and it will go to 104: )

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LOL and it will go to 105.....

David, you'd better start the new Idyll or this one will keep growing. ;o)


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