Finally, some good boiling beef.

gandle(4 NE)January 31, 2008

We really stocked up. Specialty meat market in North Platte buys swinging beef by the half and cuts there own after aging it. Its not aged like they do fine steaks but has some age on it.

The boiling beef all has the bone in it and we bought 12 pounds of beef shanks and a bunch of 7 bone roasts which can be turned into boiling beef or pot roasted. It is all local grass fed beef NOT from feed lots where they feed the animals unmentionable things just to get weight on them.

Yes, the price was perhaps one and a half times what we would pay in a supermarket but have had a couple of meaty shanks boiling for almost 2 hours and the aroma is wonderful.

It is getting almost impossible to buy beef on the bone anymore from a supermarket, everything is shipped in from who knows where and it is cheaper to ship without the bones. We even bought 6 pounds of beef bones which he cut up in 2 inch chunks for us.

Looking forward to lots of beef and noodles, pot roasts, beef stew and just plain boiled beef with lots of horseradish

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Funny,I was just talking to someone today about New England boiled dinner and thinking how good that sounded to me. Sometimes you just have to have a good hunk of beef,no two ways about it.

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The beef with horseradish sounds good to me and I would not say no to the New England Boiled Dinner either, even in the middle of the night.


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

A pot roast first. You're right, it's got to have the bone in, for best flavor although if bones aren't available pouring ¼ cup strong black coffee over the roast at the beginning does wonders. The next day, leftover bits get chopped fine, mixed with chopped onion and a tiny bit of shredded potato with enough peppery gravy to hold it together; and tucked into a pastie. It won't be nearly as good as Gandle's, but I guess I'll have to do a roast tomorrow.

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Oh thank God I am in a beef-raising county and there are little local abattoirs. Several of them show up at Farmer's Market on Saturdays, but in gotta drive there.

Your post got me to drooling. There is a richness to meat simmered with the bones in, and it comes from the marrowfat of the bone. I used to be able to identify how good a cut of meat was at a market by looking at the slice of bone in it. Now, if one goes to a supermarket, the evidence has been surgically removed! When I get the creatively cut roasts home I ask my dh the butcher and often as not, the store meat cutters have hedged a little moving down the muscles to include parts they shouldn't and leaving out parts they should have included.

He just got back from a visit with his 80 something year old uncle who also worked many years in the family abattoir. They both tilt over sideways in the same direction and they have come to the conclusion it was from decades of hoisting halves of beef carcasses over one shoulder in the days before cryovac and primal cuts.

Enjoy your booty.

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