Orchid Seedlings?

vickeeelMarch 27, 2013

So this is what I have growing a month after planting around 7 seeds that I bought. They are supposed to be orchid seeds. It looks to me I have two different kinds of plant growing here. The taller ones don't look like orchid seedlings. The shorter ones seem to be orchid seedlings. So what's the name of the taller one? Do the shorter ones look like orchid seedlings?

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Here's a photo of the shorter plants.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Whatever they are they appear to be swamped in water and lacking light. The tall ones are definitely not orchids.

What did the seeds look like? Orchid seeds are so tiny that to count out seven you'd need a microscope. If you really have got some to germinate you have done extremely well.

What kind of orchid were they supposed to be? And what was your source?

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Ohh! I thought they don't look so healthy too, but I thought they were lacking water, so I added some more water to them just before taking the picture. I'll make sure I give them more light then. When I took the picture they were under a plant light, is plant light alone not sufficient for them?

When I got the pack of seeds, they just look like a couple of tiny blobs of things. Maybe there's soil with them? These are supposed to be blue orchids, and I got them from an eBay seller. The seller put on the listing it's supposed to be easy to grow. So I went and bought these seeds. XD

Thanks for the reply!

The following picture is what the grown up plant should look like:

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Well, I'm pretty sure that there is no such thing as a blue orchid. And no orchid is easy to grow from seed. But I hope you get something from your experiment. I'd be interested to see more pictures if anything comes of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'blue orchids'

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That's a Phalaenopsis. If it comes up and blooms again, the blooms will very probably be white. Check the orchid forum to see how long they take to germinate. I have heard that orchids can take a very long time.

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You were taken in by one of those e-bay scammers. There's no such thing as a blue orchid of any kind, and especially not a phalenopsis. Orchids don't have the genes for blue, most plants don't. I'm sure it will be white, since a lot of different kinds of white flowers are dyed, and I've seen those dyed phals at Home Depot, too.

The seeds are just about microscopic, as someone else said. You'd think they were dust, and they need to be be grown in sterile conditions, on a medium such as agar. Without a hood (used in chemistry to keep air clean) and sterilized flasks and medium, your chance of growing orchids from seed are zero, even if these were really orchid seeds, and I'm sure they aren't. It can take 7-10 years for an orchid to bloom if it's grown from seed, and they are very susceptible to dying from bacteria or mold when young, and need to be flasked for a year or longer in a sterile medium. See why you didn't really get orchid seeds?

Don't fall for that black rose scam, either, or the rainbow rose, or blue rose; there's no such thing.

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0_0 Good to know! I saw those orchids at Home Depot too, so I thought they're real. I'll keep growing them anyway, and see what I get. Thanks everyone!
Let's hope in about 7 years I get a white orchid plant. haha

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Good luck with whatever it is that you've got sprouting in that pot. It won't take you 7 years or so to find out what it is, more like a few months.

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That's why I don't buy plants at Home Depot. I would get something as beautiful and as precious as an orchid from a reputable garden ctr or grower.
(There are some Vandas that approach blue.)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it would be a lot faster.. to buy the blue plant.. enjoy the heck out of it, while in flower .....

and then you would have the white flowered one next year ... lol ..

i dont know if i would be willing to invest 7 to 10 years to find out.. lol ...


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

I had one of the phals that was a beautiful shade of blue, this year the true color came through, it's a pretty pale yellow. Here it is, blooming like crazy. I have quite a few orchids but I definitely didn't start any from seed.

I hope you didn't pay much for the seeds.

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Wow that looks beautiful, ravencajun! It's sort of cool to see it "change colors." I only paid about 2 dollars for it, so it's no big deal.

ken_adrian: Yes, it is definitely much quicker and probably less hassle if I just went and bought the adult plant. But then I'm bored with lots of free time, so I might as well grow something from seed... It's sort of like having a pet at the windowsill. XD

eahamel: Now I'm not even sure if I will ever find out what those seedlings actually are! Two of them are sort of wilting away! D: I have one that's still looking good though.

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Vick, growing things from seed is fun, why don't you get some seeds for flowers that you like and get them started? Much easier than orchids, anyway!

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