No Strings Attached

PidgeJanuary 22, 2011

After having seen as many of the "serious" films as we could, including The Kings Speech, 127 Hours, True Grit, Inception, Black Swan, among other, daughter Nancy and I figured that a pure fluff rom-com was in order. So we decided to see No Strings Attached if no other reason that we were sure we'd get a good look at Aston Kuthcer's butt. We were right. And it's a great butt.

The film itself has about as much substance as a cream puff. Yet it's hilariously funny, Kutcher and Portman have sex in just about any place they can actually fit, including the back of Prius (who would have thought?), and they have a great time doing it. And each has a family with lots of complications--Kutcher's dad is played by Kevin Kline who is his usual slightly off-kilter self, interesting foil to his much more grounded son.

Which is not to say that said son is grounded all the time. The twists and turns of the plot and the characters who pop in and out of it allow us to see the complexities of two things: sex on the run is great fun and in many ways good enough for many folks; sex on the run leaves love in the dust unless you decide to stop running--and spoon (see the movie to see what I mean, lol).

Portman is terrific as usual even if this film is just a side step for her in terms of her acting talents. I've never seen Kutcher before in a film and all I could think throughout the film was how BIG he is--not just tall but a man who fills the screen no matter how many other people are in the frame. Okay, he's mostly just a pretty face (and butt) but watching that is not a bad way to spend a cold afternoon.

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I might have to see this one for several reasons. Ashton is a cutie and when he reaches 60 is still probably going to look like a kid. Cream puffs are just plain good once in awhile.

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There is no question that I'm a "butt" person. DH has the cutest butt in the world.

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Back in the nineties, us girls used to watch Jean Claude Van Damme flicks just to see his cheeks. I had forgotten all about him until I read this. sigh.
The next movie on my go see list is, don't laugh, Gnomeo & Juliet. I don't know why, I feel I MUST see it.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I saw that add for Gnomeo and Juliet. As gardeners I think it is mandatory that we see a movie that is about garden gnomes. One of my favorite little things in the Harry Potter books is that they had real garden gnomes in the Weasley garden, that were destructive had to be tossed over the hedge. Tha would have been way more fun as a kid than being sent out to weed. "Honey, I see a garden gnome lurking, would you please go give him a pitch."

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Yes, Jean Claude Van Damme had a great body. DH was a smimmer and he has a totally different body. Slim waist, strong upper arms and a well formed butt from all the "flipper" actions.

Talking about Gnomeo and Juliet. I saw the trailers and they looked interesting.

We don't go to the movie theaters any more, but we're still interested in what's happening. I bought this video from the net and find it very interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dante

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I love the gnomes in Harry Potter--one of many details that Rowling employs to embellish her wonderful tales.

There were also a lot of gnomes in The Full Monty that became like characters in the film. Very funny and also poignant.

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